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  1. CD-Action
    Jul 25, 2014
    The only thing in the new Wolfenstein that turned out really well is music. Shooting is decent and some weapons give proper sense of power, but developers failed to build an interesting game on these foundations. It has some good moments but none of them lasts long enough to be satisfying. Plus the writing is terrible and the way the game constantly forces all that ‘war is evil!’ preaching and Blazkowicz’s moral dilemmas down your throat is ridiculous. I actually couldn’t decide whether the game is being serious or not. [07/2014, p.56]
  2. May 28, 2014
    Wolfenstein 3D changed how we looked at first person games in 1992 and The New Order, while not as big of a step, may be just as important of one for the future of the genre.
  3. Jun 8, 2014
    Wolfenstein: The New Order is an electric veg-o-matic of FPS gaming bits and pieces set thrown into the hopper and set for puree. It lacks some stuff that we’re sort of gotten used to seeing in our FPS games these days and adds, a thousand collectable widgets aside, not much that we haven’t seen elsewhere before.
  4. May 19, 2014
    The game is both a celebration of the Wolfenstein series and what feels like a fitting send-off for it. The New Order could be the last hurrah of William "BJ" Blazkowicz, an outing which, for all its excess and bombast, is far from mindless.
  5. May 20, 2014
    The best Wolfenstein so far. Interesting places, remarkable characters, drama, humor and a story that should make some Hollywood blockbusters feel ashamed.
  6. May 27, 2014
    Small nitpicks aside, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a fantastic game.
  7. Jun 6, 2014
    Ultimately, Wolfenstein: The New Order is at once a triumph of storytelling while a failure of story structure.
  8. Jul 2, 2014
    Overall, a solid action shooter by MachineGames.
  9. May 26, 2014
    To put it briefly: The New Order deserves a sequel. And to make sure this dream comes true, I can do only one thing: convince you to buy the new Wolfensten game. Perhaps great trailers boosted expectations too high, perhaps fanatical Return to Castle Wolfenstein players won't be as amazed, as I am, but I'm sure of this: all FPS fans will have a great time and after finishing the game they'll want more.
  10. Jun 9, 2014
    While the story never reaches the level of Bioshock or Portal 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a great experience both narratively and gameplay-wise, and has way more heart than it has any right to.
  11. May 19, 2014
    With an essential early-game choice that makes it worth playing through twice, the story at the center of Wolfenstein: The New Order props up its competent -- but mostly unremarkable -- shooting.
  12. May 22, 2014
    Who was expecting such a big Wolfenstein return four years after the previous title? Not many, but MachineGames has developed a very good shooter with mixed gameplay (shoot&stealth), an interesting plot and great characters.
  13. May 23, 2014
    A solid and surprising well-written shooter that should easily please fans of the genre. It doesn't do too much more than that, but that's not really a complaint.
  14. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jul 8, 2014
    If you've enjoyed shooters of old, you'll love how freshly packaged this one is.
  15. May 26, 2014
    The New Order is a lackluster shooter with detrimental game mechanics. If it wasn't for its focus in storytelling, it would be just another classic that failed to return.
  16. May 23, 2014
    This is still the most fun I've had with a singleplayer shooter since Bulletstorm, and the most substantially well-realised setting for a shooter campaign since Metro 2033. Its writing, music and environmental art all achieve far more than you might expect from the game about a preternaturally durable testicle with a revenge fetish and a gun in each hand. In a genre that is often overtaken by derivative or exploitative games, it's a pleasant surprise—a reminder of a time when a shooter's singleplayer campaign was the main event. A time when these games were made with attention to detail, care, and a bit of love.
  17. May 22, 2014
    A well-made shooter that successfully reinvents the Wolfenstein formula with bloody action, lots of atmosphere and surprisingly solid stealth mechanics. The story features interesting characters and a high quality presentation, but the game becomes too erratic and ridiculous towards the end.
  18. PC PowerPlay
    Jun 29, 2014
    An incredibly tight, good looking single player experience, the anti-CoD if you will. [July 2014, p.50]
  19. May 30, 2014
    Wolfenstein is a masterpiece of its genre. It does good shooting men. But it's more than that, it's an effortlessly melancholy adventure that doesn't drown in its own bombast. It's like finding out that a superstar footballer is a poet, or finding your dog pressing flowers. It's a game with hidden depths that you're invited to explore, but ones that never overshadow the thing it's best at...Which is shooting all the men so that all their blood comes out.
  20. Pelit (Finland)
    Jun 12, 2014
    A bizarre mix of serious topics and Tarantino-esque ultra-violence. For the first half the fast and furious shoot-outs are about as entertaining as first person shooters can get. Unfortunately, once the nazi-ranks start to fill up with bullet-sponge-y robots and cyborgs, the game quickly starts to lose it's appeal. Wolfenstein goes from being as fun as Doom to being as tedious as Doom 3. What a shame! [June 2014]
  21. May 23, 2014
    Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the most enjoyable shooters you can find these days. It is not groundbreaking, it does not reinvent the wheel, but it successfully combines "old-school" gameplay with elements from modern-day shooters.
  22. Jun 5, 2014
    Wolfenstein: The New Order is not as good as previous works of these ex-Starbreeze devs, and it is not as good as No One Lives Forever, which it clearly draws a lot of inspiration from. While not an instant classic, it is still a fun, almost nostalgic romp.
  23. Aug 6, 2014
    A great reimagining of the series, delivering a fun experience to shooter fans, while bringing a good story and some solid mechanics that feel fresh but still know the roots of the franchise.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 1689 Ratings

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  1. May 20, 2014
    Although not bringing masses to the fps market, Wolfenstein is propped up by successful writing, plot and graphics. The characters areAlthough not bringing masses to the fps market, Wolfenstein is propped up by successful writing, plot and graphics. The characters are relatable and Wolfenstein is an overall very good game. Full Review »
  2. May 21, 2014
    We were promised 20 hours of play to complete, it only takes 9. We were promised high resolution textures, they are below sub-par. We wereWe were promised 20 hours of play to complete, it only takes 9. We were promised high resolution textures, they are below sub-par. We were promised an epic tale, we get an average bland story. This makes the previous installment of the series look like platinum. Gone are the upgrades, gone is the sandbox free roaming. The gun play is boring and uninspiring and the weapons try way too hard to copy from F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin and F.E.A.R. 3. Many gameplay elements are almost a 1:1 copy from F.E.A.R. 3 (mainly the mech ride.) The enemies are not stylish in a Nazi way, more like the same regularly armored steel soldier we've seen in post-apocalyptic games. The levels are painfully small and offer no exploration. The pace is like a snail, only the snail is dead and being dragged by a string. Not worth a $25 price never mind a $60 one. Also warning for German, Swiss and Austrian users, your governments have blocked the game in your region because of the use of Swastikas. Full Review »
  3. May 20, 2014
    A very poor offering indeed. The texture quality is very poor, even on the highest settings. The game requires you to perform fingerA very poor offering indeed. The texture quality is very poor, even on the highest settings. The game requires you to perform finger gymnastics to get past certain scenes which is awkward. The game feels laggy with the mouse, no matter what settings I use. Finally, I had to manually set SLI. It seems the game prefers non-SLI? WTF? ... not impressed at all. Full Review »