Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. If you are a fan of the franchise that started the genre of FPS then you have to play Wolfenstein. The MP is not perfect but the SP is well worth it. Pick this title up while you can. You won’t regret it.
  2. Solid old school action, fast paced and entertaining - but far from being a genre revolution. Nevertheless it’s worth the money!
  3. A colourful, campy and unfrustrating caper. [Oct 2009, p.84]
  4. If you’re looking for a different way to blast those same Nazis you’ve been battling for years, look no further than this fun and exciting shooter.
  5. Wolfenstein is not going to set the world on fire with anything new but what it has done is reaffirm my faith in the fact that old ideas can still be brought up to speed and used to create a fun experience that is well worth the money spent on it.
  6. Spot-on Wolfenstein atmosphere combines with gleefully vicious weaponry to serve up a tasty smoothie of good old-fashioned Nazi-frying. It lacks in the new idea department, but it has fun aplenty.
  7. Although the Wolfenstein series has an excellent reputation, we were a bit skeptical before the review. But Wolfenstein offers brilliant, intense action with B.J. Blazkowicz, the Nazi Terminator. So the skepticism quickly turned into a hell-ride of fun.
  8. Wolfenstein doesn’t revolutionize the genre but it does offer a competent and highly entertaining FPS experience. It’s easy to get sucked into the Indiana Jones inspired story - especially when you have hordes of nazis to kill. It’s not a revolution, but damn it’s fun!
  9. The single-player campaign is a lot of fun, though rather short. Multiplayer and lots of hidden objects help to extend the fun. Still, you'll be done with the game after a few weeks.
  10. Because of its historical incorrectness, this game brings a fresh breeze into the WWII games. A must have for fans.
  11. 80
    If you're into WWII shooters -- and judging by the sales of every single Call of Duty title ever, you are -- but you're looking for something with a little twist to it -- which, judging by the sales of twisty straws, you are -- and you don't mind the color green -- and judging by the number of Irish people in the world, you don't -- you should get yourself a copy of Wolfenstein.
  12. The singleplayer part of Wolfenstein is rather well done, but the multiplayer is alas rather lacking luster.
  13. Wolfenstein might not hold up to Call of Duty in terms of sales, but Activision’s other WWII shooter still has plenty of interesting ideas to please any fan. With powerful weapons at your disposal, supernatural powers with the help of The Veil, and plenty of eerie Nazi soldiers to kill, the fun never stops.
  14. Wolfenstein is entertainment. It isn’t a revolutionary experience, and there are a lot of games out there which are better looking, but it doesn’t have any big flaws either.
  15. Despite the few complaints I have about Wolfenstein, particularly the dated graphics and terrible A.I., when it comes right down to core gameplay it is a fun, solid and satisfying FPS that will appeal to those looking for a straight up shooter with few bells and whistles.
  16. Wolfenstein offers tons of enemies, weapons, places and fun, but is too linear and has some graphic issues that compromise the final result.
  17. Nobody will be surprised with the new chapter in the Wolfenstein’s series, but its classic gameplay is funny.
  18. Nazis and necromancy mix once again in this flawed but fun sequel.
  19. I am back and forth on this one; while it is an entertaining and good-looking game, there isn't anything new or ground breaking, and the multiplayer stinks.
  20. I love Wolfenstein, if only for the brilliant single-player segment, which swishes together 1940s pulp-action sci-fi and straightforward gunplay with atmospheric adventure.
  21. Rejoice that Wolfenstein has more to offer than the simple serious shooter, oversaturated with wars and consequences.
  22. 75
    The action is about as tight as in World at War, but the hub town kills the momentum.
  23. While there's definitely fun to be had in the new game, everything—the story, the environments, the level design, the enemies—feels recycled. Ultimately, even though the new Wolfie is polished, professionally done and has some interesting new elements, it fails to deliver any surprises.
  24. It is hands down a good game, providing in every aspect and it is very enjoyable, but it has too many superior rivals, which to be fair is not its fault.
  25. Basically, don't pick up Wolfenstein for the multiplayer, especially if you're hoping for some type of Return to Castle Wolfenstein experience out of it. It's fun, and worth checking out, but hardly competitive or well polished. Instead, you'll be buying this game primarily for the single player experience, which isn't without it's own set of faults, but still manages to be fun despite that.
  26. 73
    It's admirable that Raven Software recognized this with Wolfenstein, but you can't help but wish that they developed the kernel of the ideas in this game into something more. As it is, this new Wolfenstein comes off as an engaging, though otherwise forgettable, shooter.
  27. Speaking of strategy, Wolfenstein is in dire need of a new one. Grinding through waves of predictable enemies in corridors is no way to pay homage to the franchise’s unquestioned legacy in the genre.
  28. Wolfenstein has two sides. Sometimes, there are an awful lot of Nazi’s and there’s bullets flying right past you all the time, immersing you in the game. Other times, you just wish you could blast a bullet through main character B.J. Blazkowicz’s own head after walking through another boring alley in Isenstadt. Nevertheless, the biggest part of Wolfenstein was played with a big grin on our face. It’s a decent addition to a classic franchise.
  29. Throw away your fears – this game is not “oldie and weirdie” as some can assume. It’s a smart fast shooter with a couple of great features. Pity some elements don’t work as intended. [Sept 2009]
  30. A schizophrenic shooter, equal parts entertaining and tedious. [Nov 2009, p.50]
  31. Wolfenstein is a mediocre title from a franchise known to be innovative and exceptional in their offerings.
  32. Not terrible. Not stellar. Just average. There’s quite a bit to like about this game, but there’s just as much that makes you say, “meh.”
  33. The singleplayer is an enjoyable run-and-gun through Wolfenstein’s Nazi-occult premise but the multiplayer is something of a disappointment.
  34. Raven Software developed this new Wolfenstein experience that is based on an epic PC series. Average visuals and gameplay. A funny Nazi killer experience without substance. Do not expect amazing innovation, just five or seven hours of gameplay in single player.
  35. Long-time fans will be pretty appalled by this effort. [Dec 2009, p.70]
  36. One of the most disputed game series is back and expectations are as big as the name. It turns out to be a decent game, but there are not enough innovation to make it a great game. The multi-player mode is entertaining, but not as good as it was.
  37. In the end this is a by the numbers shooter with slick graphics, and ample opportunity to shoot supercharged Nazis. It's not going to win any awards but it's worth checking out if you’re looking for a weekend to pass the time shooting everyone's favorite bad guys.
  38. Wolfenstein is an average FPS, with main drawbacks like an excessive linearity (partially hidden by the town meta-level, unsuccessfully), a general lack of polish, and poor A.I. A good level design and great scripted fights will please who is looking for some easy fun, but ultimately this is really milking an historical license.
  39. It's not by any means an awful first-person shooter, just a Wolfenstein on the series' reputation. [Issue#25, p.43]
  40. Neither disastrous nor memorable, which is certainly a disservice to a once-proud Nazi-bashing legacy. [Nov 2009, p.92]
  41. Dated look and tired “twists” of the barely noticeable story fail to impress. Wolfenstein is a true mediocrity in all regards – it has neither shameful slip-ups nor flashes of inspiration.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 195 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 66
  2. Negative: 14 out of 66
  1. s60
    Dec 23, 2010
    To start off with the DRM is very picky about whether it will run or not, took a while to get it to just be able to run, this game was not nearly as fun as the original wolfenstein, the missions were ok but to get to each you have to go through the main town killing the enemies there which I am certain exist solely for the purpose of making the game take longer so they could say the game length was longer, it does not add anything to the gameplay, if the town section was removed it would be a pretty decent game Full Review »
  2. May 13, 2012
    Wolfenstein takes the gamer back to the 1940's to shoot the same Germans over and over using over-powered firearms while listening overly poorly acted English-German accents. However, they've added a twist this time around; you get special "veil" powers which can slow down time, make you move slightly faster, give you a headache when turning them off and on (There's no real point in turning the powers off except to conserve veil power energy. The game is simply easier with the powers turned on and the only price you pay is that your entire gaming experience is surprisngly similar to looking through your grandpa's negative film collection.) and make you feel awkward when playing with the powers off. You are also able to walk around a town which acts as a sort of "hub" between missions. As the player progresses, he can travel to more parts of town and purchase upgrades for weapons by finding gold to pay for them and veil powers by finding tomes that are hidden in walls. You will also find gold and tomes during missions and I often found myself having spent far more time on trying to find all the gold and tomes in a level than I did killing Germans. I am a huge FPS buff but this game was too repetitive even for me, combined with the horrible veil-power effects I quit playing about three-fourth through and haven't picked it up ever since. Full Review »
  3. Jan 3, 2011
    The game was perfect in almost every way! I loved multi-player and the single player was amazing! Graphics are great and the game is fun with all you can do in the free world. I suggest this game! Full Review »