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  1. Sep 15, 2010
    This game is painfully mediocre. The graphics are ok, but pretty far away from what you get from the Modern Warfare games (even the first part); the gameplay is lacking. Don't get me wrong, you most likely will finish tte game, you'll even enjoy it more often than not. But the fact remains that when compared to Return to Castle Wolfenstein this game seems to lack ambition. I also really missed the feel and atmosphere of the previous installment. Expand
  2. Feb 19, 2012
    This game is pure old school gaming with new graphics, it does it well and it works, it is set in WWII to expect to be killing tons of Nazi's, nice old WWII weapons with some Sci-fi built in which also works well, this game may not be worth $19.99 but if you can get it for 10 or less go for it.
  3. Feb 19, 2012
    Targeting and movement is smooth which I liked the most about this game. The story doesn't make sense. But overall a solid FPS. Ideal for casual gamers.
  4. s60
    Dec 23, 2010
    To start off with the DRM is very picky about whether it will run or not, took a while to get it to just be able to run, this game was not nearly as fun as the original wolfenstein, the missions were ok but to get to each you have to go through the main town killing the enemies there which I am certain exist solely for the purpose of making the game take longer so they could say the game length was longer, it does not add anything to the gameplay, if the town section was removed it would be a pretty decent game Expand
  5. May 20, 2014
    Fun enough shooter, but nothing special really. If you just want to blast some Nazis you're going to have a good time. But it lacks a bit of the character the other games had.
  6. Apr 23, 2011
    The graphics are better than the last, but the game play lacks something, yet I can't describe it, but it's just not as good as the original RTCW.... I believe game designers simply do not put enough time and quality into games anymore, so what tends to happen is that the graphics/features are 'taking-over' the overall 'fun-ness' of games.
  7. Oct 12, 2011
    This game was OK. I really liked the physics and especially the attention to detail with level design which was very good. It's worth a run through and should keep you busy for quite some time.

    I could see this as much much more though, I didn't all like the supernatural side of things but it was alright I guess.. I like the fact that it was different... I hadn't played anything similar
    I finished it on hard.... there were only a few parts that actually challenged me... the storyline was average but unique.. overall it's still worth playing. the end.
  8. Jun 17, 2011
    Probably the dopest game i know of. Every damn thing in it is so satisfying. The guns and violence are unbelievably stunning. It's amazing how many games call themselves shooters but forgot to make shooting the best part of it. Finding hidden items is ACTUALLY fun in this game because they are required for upgrades and they're cleverly hidden. The dynamic between the medallion powers, the guns themselves, and the epic brutality of the game will knock you out of your chair. I'll tell you this, once you have the particle cannon, the tesla gun, and the leichenfaust, you will crap yourself in amazement while you tear through challenging but ultimately helpless groups of enemies. Oh ya, and there are boss battles. Dope. OH YA, make sure you play on "I am death incarnate" difficulty. It's the most fun. Expand
  9. May 13, 2012
    Wolfenstein takes the gamer back to the 1940's to shoot the same Germans over and over using over-powered firearms while listening overly poorly acted English-German accents. However, they've added a twist this time around; you get special "veil" powers which can slow down time, make you move slightly faster, give you a headache when turning them off and on (There's no real point in turning the powers off except to conserve veil power energy. The game is simply easier with the powers turned on and the only price you pay is that your entire gaming experience is surprisngly similar to looking through your grandpa's negative film collection.) and make you feel awkward when playing with the powers off. You are also able to walk around a town which acts as a sort of "hub" between missions. As the player progresses, he can travel to more parts of town and purchase upgrades for weapons by finding gold to pay for them and veil powers by finding tomes that are hidden in walls. You will also find gold and tomes during missions and I often found myself having spent far more time on trying to find all the gold and tomes in a level than I did killing Germans. I am a huge FPS buff but this game was too repetitive even for me, combined with the horrible veil-power effects I quit playing about three-fourth through and haven't picked it up ever since. Expand
  10. Aug 11, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing; the first level, your thinking: whats so special about this, I'm just shooting people with boring old normal guns. Then suddenly, holy crap. The game goes nuts. You get particle cannons. Tesla cannons. Flame throwers that shoot like 30m. Rocket launchers. And the dogs bollocks, the leichenfaust 44, which shoots a high energy wave of death at your foes with disintegrates them on contact.

    Then the enemies! You get Plasma warriors, (carry Particle Cannons). Flame Warriors, (carry Flammenwerfers - Flame Throwers). You get women with their **** showing who do like martial arts. You get women with green energy whips. you get demented possessed skeletons. and the Boss a hunk with two mini guns, (one in each hand).

    The graphics are alright but not as good as other games like dead space 2. It is a fairly old game now though, ( for PS3).

    If you don't buy it your insane.

    Warning: very boring after first playthrough, but if you leave it for about 4-6 months then play it again you kinda forget what happens so its more interesting
  11. Jul 26, 2012
    Love it! Superbly crafted and great fun. Games don't need to be revolutionary to be good and this game is proof positive that by pushing tried and tested gameplay mechanics you can still get a good game. I regret missing this game when it was first released and have only just got around to playing it all the way through. The crazy comic book genre mash up concept of Wolfenstein is well realised with some very stylish and cool design throughout. The graphics are excellent overall and Raven have achieved a great atmosphere from good use of soft HDR lighting to embellish the period, special effects and superb sound. Special mention must go out to Bill Browns music which really contributes to Wolfensteins barn storming WW2 set pieces. There are some great action and suspense orchestral beats. As you would expect from ID and Raven the weapons are amazing. I never get tired of spinning up the particle gun and hosing down an entire platoon of Nazis. Animations are nice and the way enemies react to getting shot makes the combat very satisfying with the addition of special powers adding good variety and tactics. It has a more exploration driven game structure after the strictly linear Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Overall, this is an FSP I can highly recommend to anyone who loves the genre. I can't understand the mediocre reviews at all. Great stuff! Expand
  12. Sep 5, 2011
    I'm going to be honest here. Wolfenstein isn't perfect, but for fans of the original games and gamers who want a break from the standard shooters, Wolfenstein is the game to buy. The multiplayer is alright, but singleplayer is where the action is.
  13. IRT
    Oct 13, 2011
    System Specs:
    GFX: HD6970
    CPU: i52500
    Audio: X-fi Titanium
    Game : Wolfenstein................................. Graphics: Great, good level design and attention to detail................................. Storyline: Average, didn't follow the storyline at times................................. Game-play: Very good, lots of
    re-play................................. Difficulty: Easy, game was finished on hard though only some parts were challenging................................. Sound: Good, guns sound great................................. This game was OK. I really liked the physics and especially the attention to detail with level design which was very good. It's still worth a run through and should keep you busy for quite some time. I could see this as much much more though, I didn't all like the supernatural side of things but it was different to most other fps titles. Expand
  14. Oct 23, 2011
    This game is almost perfect. I don't know why did people rated so low this master piece. It has magic, action and nice graphics. It's nice, buddies.
  15. Mar 25, 2012
    I originally didn't know if I should purchase this game or not due to mixed reviews. If you like FPS games, then you should pick up this one. The story is far-fetched, but remember this is Wolfenstein. It's really fun to play and I played through the game 3 times after first purchasing it from Steam. This game doesn't try to be anything other than what it is, so stop trying to compare it to other games .. many of which have their own drawbacks. The variety of the bosses will make you think (especially during the first playthrough) and there are many different stages to break the monotony of other FPS' (fight in hospitals, farms, streets, and of course castles). I also like how the maps sort of meld together making it feel like you're in one big overall map. Thank you ID for putting together a fun game for us traditional FPS fans. Collapse
  16. Jan 6, 2012
    Sometime I don't understand the (user) ratings on metacritic at all. I would say Wolfenstein is every bit as much as fun as it predecessor (Return to Castle Wolfenstein). It improved in some areas: graphics might not be amazing, but they're good enough to be atmospheric (especially the visuals of the "veil", the ominous dimension the Nazis discovered), and the gameplay has actually improved due to the "magic" powers (slowing time, activating a short term shield) with the occult amulet. It play like a mixture between a traditional FPS and Deus Ex. What got worse, perhaps, is the level design: RTCW had amazing (single player) maps, and Wolfenstein only has "meh" maps so far. But taken together, I have as much fun in single player as I had with RTCW. I'm torn between rating it 8 or 9, but since the game is underrated IMO, I'll go with 9. Expand
  17. Aug 14, 2013
    I actually bought this game when it first came out, but only just got round to playing it properly (inspired by the forthcoming sequel). When I started it up I remembered why I didn't get very far the first time round. The movement is clunky, the FOV too low, the speed too slow, the hints are annoying as are the objective markers. Fortunately, since a long time has passed since its debut a few mods have been released in the meantime, one of which is called NeuroWolf and addresses all the issues I had with the core gameplay mechanics.
    With NeuroWolf installed the game becomes FUN. Although, having said that, it still takes a while to get moving and it only really hits its stride about halfway through.
    The best parts of the game are the assaults on the Nazi bases, rather than the parts set in Isenstadt, and once you have all the Thule crystals you can really play around with your attacks. The additional weapons are ok, but I stuck to the MP40 for most of the game, barely touching the rocket launcher or Tesla gun, and saved most of the other weapons for the bosses.
    Overall, a fun game, mired by poor console mechanics on the PC. If this game had originally been developed for the PC, like the original Wolfenstein games, instead of being an obvious console-port, it would have been far superior.
  18. Mar 23, 2014
    This simply is one of the best FPS i've ever played, all weapons and powers are really cool with upgrades that affects the look of your weapons,Bossfights are all challenging and soundtracks were good too.
    the only problem with this game is that it's just too easy even if you played it at the hardest difficulty you won't die from enemies a lot and you won't run out of ammo at any point of
    the game.
    Overall it's one of the best first person games i've ever played and i completed it 6 times and it takes about 10 hours if you tried collecting everything.
  19. Dec 19, 2013
    After playing through the game (and I didn't have to force myself to beat it like some modern day sequels that end in 3), I can say that this game is getting really unfairly bashed by many people, and I honestly am unsure why. It's not the best, but it was by no means a bad game.

    Story: 6
    Just above average, many holes or "just roll with it" moments. Not the worst plot ever, though

    Graphics/Audio: 6-8
    Im honestly not sure how to rate this, as I cant vividly remember what other games of the time looked like, however even compared to today I don't find the graphics to be bad. Audio reached its pinnacle already, at least to people like me who aren't audiophiles, and this game has decent audio selection while being on par in recording quality.

    Gameplay: 8
    Other than the roller coaster of a difficulty curve, enemies with impenetrable shields in narrow hallways in the second mission when shield penetration is the last power you get, I actually somewhat enjoyed this aspect of the game.
    On the hardest difficulty, it takes about as many bullets to kill you as it takes to kill an enemy, so you don't feel like some god of a human, until you get powers that is, but that's good because it feels powerful then, not just like an added bonus to your gallery of over powered stuff.
    Nice reaction animations of enemies, neck shots actually have appropriate animations as opposed to head shots, however the ai for grunts as a whole is stupid, and only super powered enemies possess the self preservation needed to so much as evade a grenade at their feet they are fully aware of.

    Overall: 7
    If you ever find it on sale somewhere(I believe steam has pulled it down now due to some sort of multiplayer failure) it isn't a bad game to burn through in a weekend. Is it memorable or "required playing"? Not really, but its fun enough, and that's really all I ask of a FPS these days.
  20. Dec 10, 2011
    I am a Mac gamer and in 2011 I STILL play Return to Castle Wolfenstein and love it! Thus when I finally gave up waiting for a Mac version of Wolfenstein to be released, I bought the PC version and loaded it on BootCamp. First of all... the game plays great via BootCamp. As the game opened, I thought to myself that it was well on the way to being as much of a classic as RTCW. But alas the game never quite makes it. It looks good, and the play was smooth, but that is best I can say. Unlike RTCW, the storyline of Wolfenstein never "creeped me out". The side missions seemed a waste of BJ's time and effort. The NCPs were wooden and only served to point out how fake BJ's over all mission seemed to be. In my mind this game went a long way in convincing me that the old fashion "linear game" model has merit. Don't get me wrong... the game is challenging and I was happy to play all the way through (even though the last chapter is very silly), it was nothing more than a run of the mill FPS. The game never captured my imagination. I vacillated on what score to give the game. End the end, I had to give it a 7 (the edge of positive) simply for the sake of an old mutual friend... RTCW. 12 years after RTCW, it still holds up as a great came... I doubt I will be able to say the same about Wolfenstein in 12 years. Expand
  21. Apr 22, 2012
    Wolfenstein, while being different from the other games in the series, is still a satisfying FPS game. The cutscenes have pleasing visuals, and the in-game graphics are pleasing also. The story is fairly flimsy, but that doesn't really matter for this game, because we all know Wolfenstein is all about gunning down supernatural Nazis. Combat is fairl easy on Normal, as you never run out of ammo (ammo is plentiful) and the enemy AI isn't too smart, as they just sit behind cover and wait for you to kill them. Sound effects are also quite good, like if you melee hit a Nazi with your gun you will a squishy bone crunching effect (disturbingly realistic). The game is also realistic in that enemies respond quite differently if you shoot them in different parts of the body, e.g. Shoot a soldier in the throat, and they will fall down gurgling and sputtering. Wolfenstein is a satisfying FPS that will please Wolf 3D fans as well as fans of WWII shooters. Expand
  22. Mar 12, 2012
    i bought this game very cheap and thankfully didnt waste 60 dollars when it came out because this game isnt worth that much.the game starts of in call of duty fashion but after 20 minutes i realized that i was running in the same town.for few missions there is a truck which will carry you to mission location andafter job is done you will come back in town again.the gameplay is very unique and well done but there is a serious lack of variety in enemies.i bought this game finished it next day and sold it the same day.if you searching for endless shooting then buy this. Expand
  23. Mar 29, 2012
    If you loved rtcw and want pretty much the same game again this is for you. I personally get chills hearing the old wolfenstein music but this game does have some flaws. The AI hasn't improved much over rtcw, some of the textures are really muddy and poor while others are fantastic. The story and environment do not live up to the standard of rtcw but it does fit well into the universe and its a great Indiana Jones style adventure. The voice acting could have been better with enemies and I felt the ending was a bit abrupt, but the game is totally work picking up on sale. I just wouldn't pay full price for this one. Don't get me wrong though its fun, when is killing nazi's not. Expand
  24. Jul 21, 2012
    I have no idea why the same people that loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein don't like this game as much. In fact, I think I like Wolfenstein 2009 even a bit better. Here's why.


    First, play the game on 'hard' difficulty, please. Some people here complain the game is too easy, but on
    'hard', you'll have a challenge. The enemies act suprisingly smart: the human ones run for cover, the supernatural ones charge you, then retreat again. It all feels very natural. The best levels are, in my opinion, the late stages of the town Isenstad you discover. There's an area, where resistance fighters and Nazis battle for supremacy, around some castle entrance. Now, this is not a sandbox game, so the the dynamics are more or less predetermined, and the resistance never wins. But just walking into this scene looks marvelous, like a war movie, only with uber-engineered Nazi Super soldiers that looks like Battlemechs, and undead Nazi officers that radiate pure evil. This particular scene, I would often replay: walk into the area, join the fight, and once it's over, leave the area and re-enter, just to play it again (it changes a bit every time).


    There are two things I loved the most about this game. Number 1: it is relatively "non-linear", at least for an FPS. Not all areas are like the battle ground described above, some are more restrictive (only one way leads to the end), but in general, enemies emerge relatively naturally, so it doesn't feel too scripted, and how you defeat them is up to you: rushing into them, using all your powers to quickly overwhelm them, or cautiously kill them one by one. The game allows both playing styles, and I like that. ****************************************************************************************************

    Number 2: the biggest strength of this game for me is the design, both of the world and of the enemies. The enemies look, sound and behave fantastic. The standard soldiers are nothing new, sure, but the power armor super soldier, or the undead Nazi officers look stunning. Are you old enough to remember the original Doom? Do you remember how your heart skipped a beat when you entered a room and suddenly heard the familiar "clank, clank" sound, the sound that gave away cyber demon? That feeling is back, for several foes. Here's the most scary one: you run into an open area. Suddenly seeing some faint green or red glow in the distance. Now you only have a breathless second to think, oh **** before the undead reincarnation of an SS officer stands in front of you, streams of menacing energy emanating from his body, and he splits you in half. The visual design of the world is equally amazing, maybe the best level: a giant Nazi Zeppelin. It all has the visually powerful, expensive feel of an Indiana Jones or Hellboy movie. This combiation of Diesel Punk and Nazi Occultism is not new, other games and movies have done it before, but it is pulled off brilliant in this game, and, in my opinion, is even more satisfying than in RTCW. ****************************************************************************************************

    That said, the game is not perfect: it is a bit too short. Also, it is missing some really big levels, with a wide area of engagement, like RTCW had. Finally, if you play it on 'hard', it's challenging, but not consistently so: you yourself die very easily on 'hard' difficulty (any attack of a stronger enemy kills you, which is good). But with the right "crystal powers" (slowing time, overcharging your attack, shield), even the strongest (non boss) enemy dies very quickly as well. I would have preferred if some extra strong enemies would have had more health, and it would take you a long time before you can destroy them. The way it is now, if you react fast, activate the right powers, you kill any enemy in a few seconds. If you make a mistake, you die. But there are no (non-boss) enemies that "put up a fight", i.e. that you have to work on for a minute before they go down. That makes the game play a bit too shallow sometimes.


    Summary: A great game, every bit as good as Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The "crystal powers" (like slowing time) work very well, the game is challening if played on 'hard', but the best part is the visual design of the world and the enemies: it feels just viscerally satisfying to fight those beautifully designed power-armor Nazis or the glowing undead officers that I can forgive the minor game play problems.
  25. Dec 13, 2012
    This game is a big big big FAILURE---A major other words---it a piece of TRASH !!!

    The AI SUX BALLS, the enemy just keep respawning ---endless respawning !!!, the gameplay is **** and the camera just keep shaking so intensely---this is a piece of **** that you will regret buying it---or you just like puking at your screen playing with this **** !!!
  26. May 28, 2014
    Wolfenstein does nothing new. Instead, it does something way better: It does everything old-school!
    Dual wielding, health meter, secret rooms and optional areas, the ability to stealth or go guns blazing at any time, collectibles, unlockable skills and more. It feels like a real GAME and not a chore most titles have become nowdays.

    Gameplay is simple yet gives you control and not
    'press that one key for everything' style. Too much effort has gone into this game and the little details are those who make it so good.

    Also, it reminds us of what storytelling in games is, despite not having such an interesting story. But it has emotion and makes you feel the cruelty of war.
  27. May 11, 2013
    The game is good,but there's no one mission in a castle Wolfenstein.Graphic are okey,but singleplayer should have a more main missions.But it's good that you can upgrade your weapons and the thule medallion powers.
  28. Oct 28, 2014
    Dobro grafika nije najbolja, ali sacuvana je atmosfera iz prvog dijela, doduse zvuk oruzja je slabiji,
    ali neprijatelji su vrhunski dizajnirani.
    Koristenje specijalnih moci i nije posebno zanimljivo, a od krucijalne su vaznosti za prelazak igre.
    Igra poprilicno traje i zanimljiva je...
  29. Aug 23, 2013
    1)Graphics- looks pretty good but not perfect. rank 9
    2)engine- game fly pretty good not crashing but some sections in game have low fps so you need some good comp. rank 8
    3)story- creative and some how interesting rank 9
    4) gameplay- you have 12 weapons and cool special powers.using this tools is pretty fun you can slow time see hidden doors increase damage and use shield. rank 10

    5)online -well the multiplayer isnt the best its lag alot,hard to find a you get money for killing other players and you can buy stuff to help you too kick if you can find none laggy server with like few peeps your gona have lots of fun. rank 6

    conclusion- i enjoy this game very fun sp online isnt bad the lag just kill it.i recommend you to buy it your gona have fun. final rank 8.5
  30. Oct 25, 2013
    Wolfenstein2009 is everything that Return to Castle Wolfenstein wasnt. We got an console port. That may have seen to many Rtcw players as an spit to the face. Gone were the different environments, gone was the superb A.I, gone was the music, gone was the artistic approach. Gone were the Germanic Knight Looking Super Soldiers and replaced with Japanese looking Power Rangers. Not to mention the terrible Atmosphere and the silly looking guns. One felt literally like shooting green toothpaste. I cant consider this as an sequel to the francise. Its just an console game. But deffently not a game itended for pc. Expand
  31. May 21, 2014
    Game begins pointing the player to point A to B, which almost immediately makes the player have flashbacks of Medal of Honor games. However the game does open up and delivers more than just a FPS, but an interesting alt reality from newspaper clippings too just a world controlled by an oppressive regime. There is a certain tone that follows the player throughout the game of being a symbol of justice and writing the wrongs for the many that suffered.

    Graphics may feel like a throw back to games such as Half Life 2, and other 2009 games, textures seem larger than today's standards but hardly worth noting.

    Enemy AI feels about perfect, enemies will try to flank you or get behind you they do seem to have times when AI pathing is interupted. I've only seen this a few times where the enemy will do kind of a strange dance or sit still until you kill a solder or get close to them, mostly on stairs or around corners.

    Weapons/Combat are kind of disappointing the selection available for a FPS doesn't seem adequate enough to really be a today's shooter, some feel completely copied and pasted from games like dead space and Half Life 2. A game title such as wolfenstien that pioneered FPS's it doesn't do anything to advance the genre and I would say Rage was far more innovative.

    System Stability had no issues running on a I5 2400 3.4ghz with a GTX 660 Nvidia card with settings set to high.

    Final thought on this game, only the player can decided if 60 dollars is worth it for them to buy, I was able to complete the game in less than 14 hours and I feel that I'm a pretty thoroughly player when it comes to checking every nook and cranny of the map. Game developers imo opened the door on the protagonists life in this alt universe but didn't do enough to make the player have an attachment and a lasting memory on the characters involved.
  32. Apr 28, 2014
    Disgusting piece of crap that truly disgraced Wolfenstein name.

    Gameplay has nothing to do with Wolfenstein, gameplay is directly copy paste of Call of Duty. You gotta hide behind cover, sprint and aimdownsights and stuff. Weaponlimit is also present.

    Good ****ing gosh..
  33. May 20, 2014
    I don't know why everyone **** all over this game. I just played through the campaign in preparation for 'The New Order', and I quite enjoyed it.

    The story was fine, albeit a bit weird (but it worked). The mechanics were solid: I liked the addition of the veil powers; they added flavor and complexity, separating the game from other mindless entries in the fps genre. I also really
    liked the addition of the black market/ upgrade system. Hidden treasure has always been a big part of the series and in this game we actually had something to do with the loot we spend so much time trying to find, really cool.

    So yea, if you like Wolfenstein you should check this game out.
  34. tkc
    May 27, 2014
    Played it because of an upcoming sequel...gotta say i haven't had this much fun in a while with an FPS...i cant exactly tell you why, its just something in there that makes it a very fun experience.
  35. Mar 25, 2012
    I originally didn't know if I should purchase this game or not due to mixed reviews. If you like FPS games, then you should pick up this one. The story is far-fetched, but remember this is Wolfenstein. It's really fun to play and I played through the game 3 times after first purchasing it from Steam. This game doesn't try to be anything other than what it is, so stop trying to compare it to other games .. many of which have their own drawbacks. The variety of the bosses will make you think (especially during the first playthrough) and there are many different stages to break the monotony of other FPS' (fight in hospitals, farms, streets, and of course castles). I also like how the maps sort of meld together making it feel like you're in one big overall map. Thank you ID for putting together a fun game for us traditional FPS fans. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. In the end this is a by the numbers shooter with slick graphics, and ample opportunity to shoot supercharged Nazis. It's not going to win any awards but it's worth checking out if you’re looking for a weekend to pass the time shooting everyone's favorite bad guys.
  2. Dated look and tired “twists” of the barely noticeable story fail to impress. Wolfenstein is a true mediocrity in all regards – it has neither shameful slip-ups nor flashes of inspiration.
  3. Throw away your fears – this game is not “oldie and weirdie” as some can assume. It’s a smart fast shooter with a couple of great features. Pity some elements don’t work as intended. [Sept 2009]