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  1. 100
    A triumph for Massive Entertainment. The developers have managed to take a quirky "action game" take on the real-time strategy genre and wrap it in an instantly appealing, accessible and highly polished package.
  2. World in Conflict is definitely going to be a contender for game of the year. Don't wait another minute. Join this War of the Century as soon as you can.
  3. Real-time strategy gamers have become accustomed to things being done a certain way, and while World in Conflict makes massive and sweeping changes to the tried-and-true formula of RTS titles, it does so in such a way that makes other genre offerings pale in comparison.
  4. All in all, World In Conflict offers an awesome amount of bang for your Buck (or Quid if you’re like myself, or perhaps you’ll be spending Euros or Australian Dollars), features plenty of Kablammo! Kicks an awful lot of ass, shows the strategy genre a slightly alternative route and offers hours of intense, cringe inducing (in a good way – only because you’re imagining that poor sod you just nerve gassed) entertainment, suitable for fans of all branches of strategy, and is a fantastic ambassador for bringing in those who wish to start playing strategy games!
  5. Developer Massive Entertainment has been making real-time strategy games for almost a decade now, but World in Conflict is undoubtedly the studio's masterwork. Everything about this game is top-notch, from the addicting gameplay to the amazing visuals. More importantly, World in Conflict offers up a refreshingly new approach to strategy gaming.
  6. It’s a fun, addictive, fast paced, and fresh take on a very stale genre. This is not only one of the PC’s best this year, it’s one of the best games in the genre, period; and we’re talking in the infinite sense.
  7. 93
    It’s not very often that a real-time strategy title comes along and changes the way you think about the genre. World in Conflict is one of those, not because all of the ideas are totally new, but because they’re all put together in such a successful way.
  8. PC Gamer
    With its combination of dazzling graphics and fast, tactical gameplay, I can easily see World in Conflict becoming a favorite of competitive clans and LAN parties everywhere. [Nov 2007, p.72]
  9. You had better get to know the offensive and defensive capabilities of every unit at your disposal – not to mention how they deal with different types of terrain – because no economic wizardry is going to save you here. Lightning-fast tactical combat is all World in Conflict does, and it does it amazingly well.
  10. Simply put, World in Conflict is a blockbuster of almost epic proportions.
  11. With the graphics, the online play, and the engrossing singleplayer campaign, this game is definitely worth your gaming dollar.
  12. It's a stunning achievement and one that puts it firmly at the head of RTS titles for the year...A tactical nuke of a game.
  13. In all, World in Conflict is one of the more enjoyable strategy games in recent memory.
  14. The range of units and a vast number of air support that can be called in, makes for some exciting and well-balanced multiplayer battles. Also, it's easy to coordinate attacks with players via the built-in VOIP chat system.
  15. World in Conflict is a game very much worth purchasing. You don’t even need to be a Ground Control buff to truly enjoy it, as the helpful tutorials and gradual difficulty curve will help ramp you right into the campaign, just in time to get deep into the thick of things in the versatile multiplayer engine. This one is a certified winner.
  16. PC Format
    Another masterpiece from the folks at Massive, and one of the most beautiful visions of warfare you're ever likely to see. [Oct 2007, p.30]
  17. The game's intensity grows overwhelming sometimes, especially when timed secondary objectives get piled on top of trying to hold ground against unending waves of Soviet armor. But the amazing graphics and engaging single-player campaign, which deals with the brutality of war, will keep players coming back to keep up the fight.
  18. It's an instantly appealing refinement of smart ideas, served up with gorgeous production values and back-to-basics strategic muscle. It's intelligently structured, so you can lose yourself for hours or indulge in a quick twenty minute skirmish, while the multiplayer mode is an absolute monster if you're willing to submit to its co-operative style.
  19. 90
    The most imaginative RTS since last year's "Company of Heroes," World of Conflict arrives with one hell of a bang, offering up some of the most explosive real-time experiences I've ever seen.
  20. Experts will tear through the campaign quickly enough, but it's just the starter, whetting the palette for the main course, a hugely engaging multiplayer extravaganza. World In Conflict is brilliant RTS fun for experts and newcomers alike.
  21. It's the immediacy of World in Conflict that drives it beyond anything else in the genre. The constantly fast pace, the race to accumulate Tactical Aid points, the relentless explosions and surges make for one of the most exhilarating experiences you'll have from a strategy title.
    On so many counts Massive Entertainment have delivered on the "easy to learn, difficult to master" mantra, a strategy game that can be enjoyed by anybody.
  22. AceGamez
    World in Conflict isn't about revolutionising the genre - what it does do is reinvigorate it. Combining its fast paced almost action game style single player campaign with a multiplayer component that does actually manage to be sufficiently different from the norm, what you have isn't just a damn good strategy game, but one of the best strategy games of the year.
  23. For strategy fans, World In Conflict is an absolute must. It delivers pure action, but on a level that forces players to make intelligent decisions on the go.
  24. games(TM)
    In a genre that is so flooded with poor Command & Conquer wannabes and a lack of fresh ideas, World In Conflict is one of the few titles that will appeal to many gamers that aren’t typically real-time strategy fans. [Nov 2007, p.132]
  25. Smart and thrill a minute really can go hand in hand and strategy fans used to more hardcore options should try World in Conflict.
  26. Following the new real-time strategy model, World in Conflict eschews raw material resource management for strictly military resource management: land, sea, and air units.
  27. I expected no less than greatness from World in Conflict. Sierra doesn't do dud games and Massive Entertainment has really lived up to its name. Play this game, and know firsthand what games can be: no longer an emulation of brilliance, but brilliance to be emulated.
  28. World in Conflict might have the facade of an all-out action game but there’s clearly a well-thought strategy game in there.
  29. Whereas CoH can be lacking in immediacy, WiC never lets up on the fast action pacing.
  30. It combines a terrific single-player campaign with brilliant multi-player battles. The result: the best tatical strategy game of the year with well designed missions and great handling.
  31. Pelit (Finland)
    A very enjoyable RTS. Graphics, especially fireworks, are simply fantastic. The unit AI, however, seems to be lifted straight from the first Command & Conquer. [Oct 2007]
  32. PC Gamer UK
    It's entirely its own creature and brilliant. [Nov 2007, p.74]
  33. World in Conflict's single-player campaign has plenty of polish, but it won't tax most players' tactical abilities or attention spans: its fourteen missions can be completed in well under an hour each.
  34. If you're a lone wolf base-builder you're going to hate it, but if you're looking for the sort of coordinated effort usually reserved for tactical shooters then you'll love it.
  35. Games Master UK
    Awesome, adrenaline-packed action that puts some first-person shooters to shame. [Nov 2007, p.86]
  36. Multiplayer is far better. It is almost a cross between a strategy and an arcade game in that clearly some strategy will take you a long way, but you welcome to just jump into a game and blow some stuff up and then jump out without a big commitment of either time or brain power on your part. I found it quite addictive.
  37. netjak
    Let us get this straight; multiplayer will never excuse a short single player experience, no matter how exciting those short hours are. It is especially insulting when the game is just so well balanced, so well designed and so fun to play.
  38. 80
    It's disappointing that the three sides -- the USA, the USSR, and NATO -- are the same except for their accents and artwork. Also, there's a lot of nuance among the tactical powers that will be overwhelming to new players.
  39. 80
    World in Conflict packs a dizzying learning curve. Even with a dozen or so games under my sexy cummerbund, I felt like my choices were far too random. Multiplayer is especially exacting, requiring impeccable teamwork and constant communication to keep matches from capsizing into total pandemonium.
  40. 80
    Despite single-player quirks like the crap AI or the sameness of the three factions (the only differences between U.S., NATO, and Russian units are the visuals and the accents when selecting units), the pure focus on tactics plus the FPS-style pacing make WIC a standout. It doesn’t hurt that it has the best visuals of any RTS to date.
  41. Edge Magazine
    This is one of the finest tactical challenges of 2007 – but only if you play online. [Nov 2007, p.98]
  42. 80
    A truly refreshing change of pace. It takes a lot of the waiting out of RTS games, but does so without sacrificing sound tactical decision-making.
  43. 80
    A big, loud, highly polished game that's possibly a bit too smitten with its own good looks. As it is, World in Conflict is often more fun to watch than to actually play.
  44. Overall, World in Conflict is not bad, but if you've been keeping up to with other RTS titles, it will not come across as much other than a well-written single-player experience.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 328 Ratings

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  1. SamM.
    Jun 29, 2009
    Great game with very well detailed models, and the coolest part is the wire physics when they get cut. But the best part world in conflict is Great game with very well detailed models, and the coolest part is the wire physics when they get cut. But the best part world in conflict is i don't have to "Money Farm" anymore. Aka... i don't have to wait around 10 minutes to build up a base to just have it annihilated in the end, instead in wic, i pick a drop zone and get right into the action, get my ass kicked, then do it over again. Sure it has great graphics but the first time i played was on low detail on my older computer. So those no goes that say graphics make a game great (Which in most cases it dose) it doesn't in wic, So go shove it. Full Review »
  2. Sep 28, 2013
    I give it a 10/10 not because it's perfect, but because of the dedication made to this game. There are no bugs or glitches of any kind. It isI give it a 10/10 not because it's perfect, but because of the dedication made to this game. There are no bugs or glitches of any kind. It is a hidden gem. Anyone who is an RTS fan should buy this. Heck, EVERYONE should buy this, because you're really missing out if you don't. Sure there is no resource gathering, but don't think this makes the game any easier, the enemy doesn't need resources either, and you need tactics to defeat them. The story is really, really strong. Need I say more? Full Review »
  3. Feb 1, 2013
    If you are into strategy games, you have to try this game. Excellent Story, Graphics, Gameplay and Presentation. There is an overall polish toIf you are into strategy games, you have to try this game. Excellent Story, Graphics, Gameplay and Presentation. There is an overall polish to this game compared to the recent strategy games out there. Highly recommended to try it out. Full Review »