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  1. May 11, 2011
    At first it's fun but then it's constant struggle and frustration. I played closed beta for 4 months then stopped. Now I started again and after two weeks I must say that it still has many flaws. Sure, it's free but playing without premium account is a pain. Additionally, developers are trying desperately to encourage players to spend some money by forcing you to fight against higher tier tanks. Believe me, after playing countless battles in which you can't damage anything you will hate this game. Some may say that it's a challenge but I think that fun factor is important and this game lacks it.
    Next con are maps. There are too few of them and some are really badly designed. Another important flaw is imbalance. Some tanks are much better then others of the same tier, eg. infamous Russian T-54. Avoid this game, not fun.
  2. May 14, 2011
    Update. We now have the situation where community feedback is not only being ignored by the DEVs but moderators of the forums are now being policed by the minute to stamp out as they call it threads that create unrest. In effect any posting discussing the failings of the game, the broken mechanics, the falling server populations is being met with a forum ban and removal of the thread. Never before in my life have I seen a community forum for a game being repressed in this way. So in short this is one to avoid. The DEVs are now only interested in scrambling as much gold sales before the game dies completely. This week has already seen a 25% drop in server population. Expand
  3. Feb 4, 2011
    You will have an awesome time with this shooter up until you start trying to work up and over tier 4 tanks. You will hit a big roadblock where things cost tens of thousands of experience points to buy but you only get 50-100 per match because your weapon cannot hurt the other tanks you will be matched up with (which is the main source of experience points in this game, dealing damage to enemy tanks.) The matchmaker is horrific. My friends and I call this game Rage of Tanks because it is difficult to get through two concurrent matches with swearing out-loud. If you have an awesome time getting mauled to death every match while you slowly build up experience points to buy the next gun upgrade or turret upgrade so that you can buy a gun upgrade to be able to get a better amount of points out of matches then you should have an awesome time playing this game and I highly recommend it. This is the most horrific grind-fest I have ever played, a game only for hardcore masochists. Expand
  4. Apr 16, 2011
    First of all, I am a freak for WW2 tanks, and armor, and because of that, when I heard for this game, I knew I had to play it. I said "No matter how bad it may suck, I am going to like it, because it is ww2 armor". Oh, how wrong was I.
    By the shallowness of the reviews of the people who gave this game high scores, you can tell what kind of people are impressed by this game. Kids. This is a
    grindfest. It is NOT free. Sure, you can play for free, but only if you are a masochistic freak, and if you want to play XXX battles with a tank, just to get to the new one and start over. Horrible.
    Next, there are no game modes except for random battles. If you pay for free you wont be able to take your friend to battle with you, so that much for multiplay, and fun with friends.
    That said, the balancer that makes these random matches sucks SO BAD, that on the loading screen, where you see the tanks, you already know what team is going to win. There are many OP tanks, idiot noobs that make you lose a game, in game credits, and prolong the already hellish grindfest.

    Lastly, I played this from the time of the closed beta stage, back in 2010, and the game is the very same now, in the release version. The version is obviously half of a game. There are supposed to be 3 nations, Germany, USSR and USA. The USA tank destroyer tree is missing, level 8 SPG are missing for all nations. Tons of bugs and imbalances are being reported all over the official forums, no one is doing ANYTHING. Calling this a free MMO is a lie. It is a single player game unless you pay for it. But dont bother. Just lots of frustration and anger here.
  5. May 1, 2011
    Game may be fun at first when you build up your hangar up to lvl 4 tanks, but then it gets absolutely tedious and imbalanced, with soviet models ruling the battlefield. To play past lvl 7 tanks you must donate. The most disappointing downside is that this game has only one game mode - 15v15 random deathmatch on a dozen of maps. And trust me - it gets old very very soon. And the most frustrating bug is when you cant see an artillery piece hiding in the bushes 15 meters away from you.

    All those people giving it 10s - probably just played for fun for a couple of hours. You will really hate it after a month or two.
  6. Oct 1, 2011
    Judging this game as a free game is wrong, the basic concept of the game is that you grind your way to the highest tier of each type of tank to help your clan fight for provinces in their tournaments. The only way to get there is by spending money on a premium account since basicly grinding your way to the max tier without it would just take way to long. Now since we know then that this is not a free game lets review it accordingly. Gameplay : The gameplay isnt bad, its unique in the current genre with a little bit of a mmo features. However after you spend some time playing the game and grinding your way to the max tier and learning the game you can get very bored of it. To give you a small idea of how boring it might be, to get from the tier 7 to tier 8 artillery which is the highest tier artillery. You will around 330.000 experience, this is not counting the huge amount of experience points you need to get the upgrades on your tier 7. These would take around 150.000. Now since you probably get around 800-1000 experience points on average with a premium account you can then see why its considered a boring grind. The developer. The developer of this game is wargaming , a russian company which is noticed by the unbalanced russian tanks in the game. The developers in this game are basicly one of the worst you can come across, they are clearly nationalist russians which is shown by how they bend historic facts in their events they host. This alone makes me want to give them a 1 for this review, simply claiming that Stalin liberated eastern europe is just unforgiveable. Overall : The game can be fun if you dont play it to much as in 1 time a week, do this and the game can be something to kill time with. However since the game unbalancing is caused by biased developers towards russian armor the game can not become a serious online game. So if you are looking for a serious game you want to play at a high level, go look somewhere else. If you want a game you can download for free and have a few minutes of fun then go ahead and download, just make sure you dont get draged into buying premium accounts and tanks. The score im giving is a 1 as i said basicly out of protest towards the developers. Expand
  7. Dec 14, 2012
    This is a long review, but I've played the game for so long and I'm honest enough about the entire thing to give a useful opinion without being a fanboy or bashing the game completely, so please keep this in mind as you read.

    This game is a very mixed bag. First off, the core gameplay can be entertaining if you're willing to learn how it works and operate within those boundaries.
    There's a lot of satisfaction to gain from this, which is why as a person who detests this game, I actually do still play it. The game is all about grinding. Tier 1-3 goes fast, 3-4 is a little longer, 4-5 is very long, then after that it doesn't seem to be long before tier 6, and then 7, but 8, 9 and 10 are very long grinds. I've played since June 2011 basically EVERY day and I have two tier 10 tanks unlocked, a couple of tier 9 tanks, half a dozen tier 8's, many tier 7's. So you can see it takes a long time to get tanks. I play to get one win a day in each tank I care about, never grinding because that's too tedious and it takes me this kind of time.

    The game heavily rewards money spending via premium tanks that are poorly balanced and with premium shells (Though these can now be bought with in-game currency - which has caused some chaos and imbalance). The premium tanks are frequently overpowered when introduced, causing much anger among players who face them - which of course means lots of players run out and buy these tanks. They're not cheap either. The game's in-game currency is gold, you can buy 1250 gold for about $8. Most of the tier 7-8 premium tanks which are the most powerful and fun to use are about 8000-12000 gold which comes out to about $35-50. That's $35-50 for ONE tank. The next step, Wargaming nerfs the tank so the normal playerbase stops complaining, but then they buff it again and it goes on and on. All these tanks do is return more in-game credits than a normal tiered equivalent. Lots of normal tanks are poorly balanced so the problem becomes that to get a fun to use tank you may have to go through a few badly balanced and unfun tanks. Despite these tanks being unbalanced negatively, players who complain in the forums trying to get these tanks improved are ridiculed and told they're just bad at the game. Wargaming NEVER listens to player feedback, as the game is most popular in Russia and that is truly the only playerbase they care about. The Russian developers ignore American feedback, they just allow us to pretend we matter to silence us - this may sound conspiracy theorist but it really is true in this game.

    The community is also one of the worst I've ever seen. Players are very bad at the game even at higher tiers, and they just keep playing which ruins the fun for a normal/good player. Battles are 15 players vs 15 players and the matchmaker is notoriously bad. Using an external mod which shows player's skill ratings and win rates during a match, I've observed the game frequently stacks one team full of very good players and the other team is full of bad players. This game is NOTORIOUS for losing streaks, worse than any game I've ever seen. You can be good (which not to brag, I am pretty good at the game) and still be shafted by bad matchmaking, poor player skills, and random number generation - which is how the game determines damage, penetration, and basically everything.

    Wargaming is also probably one of the worst game companies I've had the displeasure to play a game from. They give their moderators free realm to basically do whatever they want, and their "appeals" section if you get chat banned in the game is basically for show - they never repeal bans, no matter what. This game is so terrible about censorship, that despite allowing you to disable a profanity filter I personally have been banned for calling somone a noob before. Yes, they're THAT kind of moderators. If you insult the developers, other players, in ANY fashion even calling them stupid or dumb you'll get banned for a few days. They also frequently tell people to stop spamming or stop using caps when no one is doing either action. Wargaming is a very shallow company concerned only with squeezing profit out of the game while doing as little as possible to improve long standing issues. Users make great suggestions, and they're never listened to. The also ignore all test server player feedback, they just use hard stats like win rates, average damage and other things that do not reveal the full picture to determine what's balanced and what's not.

    The game can be fun when everything is alright, but too many times the game is just awful. Many maps are bad, many tanks are bad, and the community is awful, the developer/staff is terrible. There's a fun game buried underneath this mess, but it's not worth your time to find it if you ask me - I've played over 2k hours, I'd know...
  8. Mar 29, 2012
    Free to play - Pay to win. In a nutshell, that is WoT for you. Well, mind you, it's a given that F2P games somehow have to give you an "incentive" to spend some money on them, but aside of the even more horribly lopsided F2P Battlefield I've not seen anything like this in the F2P field. Let's even ignore for a moment the fact that as a F2P player you have to spend ridiculous amounts of time to actually "level up" because the amount of XP you get per battle is ridiculously low, as a "free" player you are, essentially, the target dummy for the paying community. You're not their player, you're essentially part of the product being sold, kinda-sorta like a bot with some brains, there to make those feel good that shelled out some dough for it. You get invariably dumped into games where you're on the lower end of the spectrum, which more often than not leads to you being pretty much unable to put even a dent into their armor. It gets old kinda fast if you keep shooting at an enemy from behind (where it should be "softer") countless times for exactly zero effect before he finally realizes you're there, turns his turret and blows you out of existence. More because you're an inconvenience rather than a threat. Sure, I could buy some "premium ammo" for real money, then I might get to score a hit from time to time. But you may think it's temporary, and all you have to do is to get to the next tier of tanks, then you'll be on top of the roster. You will not, because now you get tossed into a battle of the same **** combination as before, just one tier higher. But that's not even your problem. You're now again in a "stock" tank without any improvements, in other words, you're not only the runt of the litter, your crate now also sucks on top of it. So you improve it, you spend countless battles where you're little more than the target dummy for some paying player... the treadmill repeats itself until you're finally fed up and give up. I somehow wonder if there are any "free" players in the higher tiers at all... Or what do you shoot at when you spent a few hundred bucks on this game and managed to get to tier 10? Do you have to play against others who did the same? And keep spending to stay in the game? Sorry. I don't mind dropping a few bucks to a game I like, but when a F2P game starts to cost more than a premium title, without being anything close to premium, something's terribly wrong. Expand
  9. Apr 21, 2011
    Absolutely terrible game. it has officially launched and it's still a beta version. Basically all that you can do right now is start with a lowlie tier1 tank and get into 15 vs 15 PvP random battles. There is nothing more, only 15 vs 15 random battles in random maps and there are only about 12 maps). The matchmaking is extremely poor, just like in beta, as you progress you end up in battles against tanks that you can't even damage (where is the fun in that?) and they one-shot you. You can't create a group to play with your friends unless you pay a monthly premium subscription, which makes this game unable to compete with every other online multiplayer game. Tanks are completely unbalanced on all tiers, russian tanks are specially overpowered (because the developer company is Russian?). Artillery is absurdly designed and overpowered. Visibility is horrible, you often receive damage from invisible tanks, even at 10m from you. Avoid this beta game at all costs! Expand
  10. Jan 18, 2012
    First of all I have to say game is fun at the times, but it is also very frustrating so you can easily forget the fun part. I'm used to grinding games, I'm grind addict. I don't mind spending hours and hours to get to the next tank. I don't think tanks should be "skipped" just to get to the last tank possible asap. Every tank you play has its strengths and weaknesses, there isn't perfect tank. I wouldn't consider this game free 2 play, its more like a demo you get to play for free. If you want to advance in the game to the end tier you will need to pay for premium account. Although I have around 4000 matches played, I'm still not bored even though game lacks game modes badly. Maps are poorly designed in my opinion, maybe a bit too small too. Most of the maps are either fully open with hardly any cover, or you get 2-3 narrow passages, then it becomes stupid lemmings train match (everyone goes to one side). But all that isn't as bad as matchmaking system which kills ALL of the fun out of the game. Seems like it gets worse with every next patch they release. Now don't get me wrong, I know each tanks' role and what it is supposed to do. I don't mind being placed in tier 8-10 match in tier 4 light tank. Let me give you example of terrible matchmaking. You drive KV-3 (tier 6), very slow (so its not scout), and it gets you into tier 8-10 matches with more than half of the team being 9-10 tier. You really stand no chance in such game. I mean you can still win if your team is good enough, but then again where is the fun playing such match? You cant really damage anything, you can just hide and hope to get that last shot on someone. There are many examples like that you will 80% of your games be thrown into unfair matches. You will be on the bottom of the list, and that's when frustration comes in. Tank companies on the other hand have tier limits which is good, and I don't see any reasons why "standard" battle mode isn't using same rules. WG devs just want to force you to buy premium account so you can get to the tier X ASAP and then forget about lower tier tanks... What's the point... I want to enjoy playing every tank not just tier X. And do you know why? Because nothing really changes at that tier, sure tanks may be looking more cool. Have more ammo and firepower, but the gameplay stays exactly the same. It never evolves to something. And all this could be easily forgiven (long grinding, poor map designs, very rude community if I may add, lot of kids etc.) if it wasn't for that terrible matchmaking system which day refuse to improve just so you can spend your money on the game. It is fail Free 2 play title. Expand
  11. Apr 19, 2011
    World of Tanks. 0 out of 10.
    1) I started as a closed BETA tester in October of 2010. With a free chunk of game gold given to each player everyday I could afford a premium account with my friends so that we could platoon and actually get into the same battle with each other and be on the same team. At first the game was a lot of fun. Low tier battles pitting small mostly equal tanks
    against one another were fun to play and led to only minor frustration on occation. However as the game goes on the ammount of grinding required becomes laughably stupid. The highest I got to was the tier 9 (there are 10 tiers) VK 4502 German heavy tank. The ammount of xp points to get the tier 10 Maus was close to 200 thousand. Since release, players who do not pay for their game gold dont have access to a premium account meaning high tier tanks are more or less out of reach. This is because a premium account gives you a 50% increase in xp after each battle. Players without this bonus are in for a long hard grind.
    2) As I said earlier you cannot play in the same game with your friends unless you have a premium account, which after release means you pay money. This means that if you don't feel like shoveling out dough for a broken game (more on this later) you will end up in battles with random people who are more than likely team killing trolls. WoT has more trolls than any online game I have ever played. From the typical chat box troll to people who team kill on purpose to selfish players who refuse to play as a team there is certainly a wide variety of dbags to help make this already frustrating game worse.
    3)The historical accuracy is so poor my friends and I have begun to call the game World of Russian Tanks. This is because by tier 5 the Russian tanks begin to display a huge advantage over their same tier counterparts from other nations. While nearly every historian or history buff will agree that German tanks were the best tanks of the war, the WoT devs don't seem to have gotten the memo. In fact the only advice I give to new players is play Russia... you'll die less that way.
    4) The game is broken and here is why. The entire spotting system is crap. Tanks in the distance have a habit of "jumping" across the map. Meaning that you think you have fired an accurate long range shot at a target only to realize seconds after firing that the game glitched out and you were shooting at his "ghost" when in reality your enemie's tank is many meters away from where it appeared to be on the map. Not only does this add to the frustration but it basically means WoT is like a house without a foundation. This also has nothing to do with computer strength as every player experiences it. There are also issues with "cloaked" tanks. Part of the game is camo and so some tanks or TDs will be able to fire while hidden. However the effect of camo is taken to a stupid level. There have been several times that I have had to nearly ram an enemy tank before it became visible on the map.
    All in all WoT was a great idea. But between the terrible spotting system, having to pay for a broken game just to play with friends, and the gross bias in favor of Russian tanks I have to give the game a 0. Ditch this crap... there are much better games out there.
  12. May 30, 2011
    Poorly balanced, full of bugs, devs dont listen, endless grind, its a free game that ends upp costing alot of you want to get to the end game. Devs should really sort out some of the glaring issues with sight system, ghost shoots etc before they bother implementing more tanks for real money.
  13. Apr 15, 2012
    I have been playing since open beta and agree with many of the other low reviews. This game while being genuinly free to play hence i awarded 1 point :) Is quite simply not fun, after playing the same gamemode on simular maps for over 1,000 times this game tires. The ideas as said in other reviews are awesome however just dont translate into a fun game, my main problem is the system for upgrading the tank and the teiring, with for example a Ferdinand, one of the best tank destroyers of world war 2 you come up against tanks from the 1950s and many prototypes and as the starting gun on this tank means u cannot kill tanks ur level it becomes tedious and frustrating, only after about 100 battles can you unlock the best gun and it becomes playable, this is very simular with other tanks also. Matchmaking is also a contrivertial issue as the battles are oftern heavily biased to one team. My second biggest fault after enjoyment is the lack of community, I myself am in a clan and have played clanwars however the developers of the game make little attempt to communicate with players other than tedious events, on the forums the "community team" only post to remove explicit content which I think says alot about their approach to the games community. I much prefer Blizzards approach of atleast getting involved in conversations which helpes players feel more part of the game. There are many ways to make this game great however in my opinion it is likly to be another of those games which could have been awesome which is however destined to be a flop, its lack of penetration itno the European market says its all. Another word of warning is to ignore most of the critic reviews as many are simply fantasy and quite irritating. Sorry if this has dissapointed you, just trying to stop people wasting as much time as I have :) Thanks for reading Expand
  14. Oct 14, 2011
    World of tanks is a wonderful idea done wrong. I've played it for a week and then gave up. The premise of having upgradable tanks is really neat, but the devs have their heads up their arses. Battles are fought from automatically matched teams and this is the killing point. After playing for a few days and upgrading your tank you will end up being outgunned 95% of the time. It's like playing CS with only a glock. You will spend your time speccing battles you cannot possibly influence. Expand
  15. Apr 20, 2011
    FPS in armored vehicles. I had mixed feelings when Ijoined up during their closed beta period in December 2010, but reckoned that it would be good enough to pass a couple of hours during the christmas holidays.

    Boy was I wrong.. This game is addictive - severely. The developers have found a nice mix between pure arcade and historical simulation. The tanks are very nicely modelled
    graphically, including small details such as tool strapped to the outside, holes appearing from shell hits, and the landscape is absolutely amazing.

    The game itself is easy to get into, and hard to master. Even though you can use in-game gold currency and the ingame Credits to buy items for your tank, they don't guarantee you a victory. You'll still be hit, you'll still depend on the other members of your team to win, and you'll still die. The good thing about the gold currency, is that it enables you to purchase premium status, which increases the amount of experience and credits your tank earns in battles. That allows you to progress faster through the various tanks, even though it is stil very much possible to do so without ever spending a dime on gold.

    There are still some issues in the game, which the developers are working on, even if their patches isn't issued as frequently as in other games I've played. Now that the game has gone live, they will have to live up to their promises in the upcoming patch, which should fix a whole slew of issues reported in the beta. I don't doubt they will be able to do this, since they seem very dedicated to their game. I've even met and played against some of them, and been able to beat them in a regular competion called Killed The Mods.. Got in game gold for my victory as well.

    For a free to play game, World of Tanks is exceptional good value and fun. I'll be sticking to this game for quite a while, since they project it to run for at least 5 years, with content and new features added during the lifespan of the game. The next addition to the game, a global Clan Wars persistent world fighting for territories is going to be introduced this summer and sounds very interesting. Untill then I am playing with my clan mates in platoons and tank company battles, and thouroghly enjoying it.
  16. Feb 6, 2012
    Pay 2 win is very present in this game. Directly present with premium ammo and premium consumables. I don't encourage in any game, that if you pay more you have advantage over others. Indirectly present with free xp, credits, premium account and premium tanks which if you never buy them this game is a pain to play. It seems even with clan wars they created a system to gain money, because the clans that own a lot of lands doesn't need to invest money and the (new) clans that doesn't have lands must invest a lot to be equally equipped so it becomes a fair game. You can feel the makers of this game are greedy. The game is not to great, matchmaking is unbalanced and the game is very random with:
    Artillery, penetrations, aim from long range, the skill/tactics of your team sometimes you know you lose the game if you see lemming groups (this game is very team dependant), which map you get, engine fire, ammorack explosions... etc. These are all a gamble boxes.
  17. Mar 7, 2012
    The game simply does not provide positive emotions. Once you pass the initial excitement and start developing your tanks you find out that unless you've been playing the game for the last couple of years you gonna be a cannon fodder on the battle map. To avoid it you'd need to put in A LOT of money (say a hundred bucks per month) and A LOT of time (say 4-5 months of everyday play) to become a decent team member. But the game needs cannon fodder so they keep flocking in :) Expand
  18. Jun 3, 2011
    This is one of the most greedy "Free to play" games around. It's free if you wish to grind for 3 months to get to tier 8 tanks. I did in open beta, it's really boring. In the release, it's very EASY to spend 100$ a month on this game or more. The game recently introduced 2 tanks that are ~40$ each, and are ridiculously overpowered. So you either get those tanks to compete OR buy premium ammo to shoot at them at 2-4 cents per shot. Even those shots still bounce half the time. In terms of fun, the game has good moments, but those are rare. Most of the matches are predictable and newer players would have a terrible time playing low level tanks matched against 6+ month veteran ace tanks. Can you say R.A.P.E? This is what this game would feel to you, unless you spend a ton of money and buy premium account and one of the 40$ premium tanks.... Expand
  19. Sep 14, 2011
    This game is funny in the start, but after some battles you face the truth. Very unbalanced battles try to force you to buy a premium account or spend some RL money in them. Dont waste your time in this thing.
  20. Jul 21, 2012
    I give this game 0 score. Because there are developers of the game rating the game up on the user review. Personally, this game is pretty good, but the devs are not impartial, they are russian. Therefore the game is not as great as it could be. The users that are FAKE are: RedNord Dys88 reignoftanks check the similarity between dys88 and reignoftanks. Rakashin DutchDK (probably)

    The list goes on. The user reviews are not this high.. check the low reviews.
  21. May 5, 2011
    Novel idea is the main appeal of this game, but graphics look outdated and in general is looks and feel dodgy and unfinished. Tank balance is pretty bad and once you get in the higher levels it becomes even more apparent. On top fo this, their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced...even though i had a premium account they didn't give a damn and were about as helpful as a solar powered flashlight and downright rude. Expand
  22. Mar 7, 2012
    Good idea, terrible implementation. Let's wait till some team that has brains implement it.

    The idea of an easy to use, first person shooter with a wast online audience is immensely appealing. Just this particular case sucks. First of all the game producer does not put enough money into server capacity. When you just drive around you've got decent 30-50ms ping but in the heat of the
    battle when you need your game to be responsive above all you start getting network lags and the pings becomes 100-300ms. That means 3-10 frames per second. Just imagine playing a first person shooter with a slow motion camera. Expand
  23. Mar 7, 2012
    The game is very engaging for the first 2-3 hours but then turns into grindfest. Each new tank you get comes in a "stock" configuration and needs upgrading. "Stock" means cannon fodder even for a lower level tanks. Stocks are slow, have inferior guns and very limited visibility. And you need hundreds of games to research your stock tank into "top" so beware of topping up your game account with real money. Expand
  24. May 17, 2012
    Slow paced, unskilled, and worst of all just plain boring game play. The balance and matchmaking in the game is way off as well. The entire game has a decent core concept but they need to go back to the drawing board. They need to make the game feel more like a game and less of a driving in a parking lot simulation. The also need to find some way to encourage more team work and tank slection stratagy rather than putting everyone in a generic mold team. Expand
  25. Aug 12, 2012
    Pay to win game don't waste your time.

    The episode starts out with Android 18 about to fight with Mr. Satan (who is scared out of his mind) at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Mr. Satan imagines what will happen if he loses to Android 18: Android 18 laughing at him, Videl disowning him, and the entire crowd booing and throwing things at him. He then laughs and says "Watch out, you
    don't know what you're messing with!" while walking backwards. He then charges at Android 18 with his fists flying, but Android 18 dodges each one. She then puts him in a headlock and says she will throw the match for 20,000,000 Zeni. She lets go but the crowd thinks Mr. Satan kicked her away.
    18 putting Mr. Satan in a headlock
    BeadtmdcAdded by Beadtmdc

    At the tournament, Mr. Satan throws Android 18 across the ring and she tells him to do his most powerful attack. He performs his Dynamic Mess Em Up Punch. She stands there and says "That was your most powerful attack". She then jumps out of the ring and Mr. Satan is declared the winner. Android 18 then says "I will see you tomorrow and get my money and if you don't pay I will kill you".
  26. Aug 18, 2013
    I've decided to update my review, as some changes dramatically improved the game play over the past 2 years.

    First, the matchmaker spread was greatly reduced so the silly situations where you could not damage any part of enemy tank (including its rear) no longer happen for the most part. They improved the graphics and removed all pay to win advantages so that you can buy premium
    ammo/equipment with credits and all the premium tanks are much weaker than elited standard vehicles.

    At this point you can only speed up your grind with money. This applies mostly to credits, as you can only convert experience between tanks (with some limits) for money, you can't directly pay money to unlock a tank. Premium Account is a must if you are serious about the game, it's 10€ per month and it's the only thing you should buy.

    The major problem at this point is the player base. It's absolutely astonishing to watch this many braindead people playing this game, without grasping any concept of armor and cover whatsoever. It would literally take one day to implement a bot that would play smarter than at least 70% of players. This is mostly a problem because Wargaming refuses to implement any sort of skill-based match matching. Therefore, especially on weekends, the game turns into frustrating series of matches where you play 1 vs 29 simply because your team mates are retarded.

    And while this could be easily solved, it most likely won't ever be. I'm rating it 6 mostly because of the terrible experience this game brings at times. On the other hand there isn't any competition when it comes to tank shooters, so it's most certainly worth to at least give it a try.
  27. Dec 4, 2012
    This game is free but the way they have designed it pretty much forces you to spend lots of money to advance at all in the game. You will end up in tons of very unfair matches forcing you to have to spend real money to convert experience just to advance to the next tank. But you can always just not spend money and play a terrible tank that has a gun that won't even damage other tanks, Which is required to make a reasonable amount of experience. Avoid this game at all cost. Its just a scam. Expand
  28. Aug 5, 2012
    World of tanks has a lot of potential and is fun at times when it is balanced which rarely happens. WoT suffers from poor design. More often than not WoT is very dull, boring and lame. This game suffers a lot from imbalance! This game was outdated before it even left alpha. Very poor overall design of the game! The developers focus way too much on money making than actually making this game work properly. The game mechanics are broken and this game suffers from a lot of bugs and poor coding. The best way to describe this game is a bunch of high school kids made it. Just simply put a bunch of amateurs made this game who are greedy and just see dollars signs everywhere! Avoid this piece of Trash on less you are willing to spend money to have fun in this game. That is the only way WoT is worth playing and that is with gold account! This game gets a 0 out of 10 for the overall trash factor it offers! Expand
  29. Dec 29, 2012
    After a year of playing world of tanks to the test. I've come to my own conclusions that they are not at all the best. Once you start getting into tier 4 or higher tanks the experience rate dramatically drops and it could take you for ever to get any where. Aside from the high cost of higher tier tanks. Aside from the credits you make after a battle and the cost of repairs and restocking of ammo you practically make next to nothing same as the experience. You could be a good player and really end up getting screwed in free experience or experience alone. After a yr playing i have not been able to get past having a t1 heavy tank and it is not all that good as it would seem. The higher tier you are the more cost it is in repairs and restocking. So really not all the best as i thought it would be. Match making is very horrible and unbalanced. You could have low tier tanks with much higher tier tanks their suppose to scout, but to be honest you are not making credits or experience from this All these other reviews are coming from kids. What would you expect from that? World of tanks is a grind fest, and you really don't have much an mmorpg in this game. you can't even play in the same match with your friends if you wanted to. The matches are not randomly maps as they should be. At most you will get stuck to one or two maps. really boring doing the same maps over and over in a 1 hour period. Expand
  30. Aug 9, 2013
    NO for STALIN! NO for WG! Say No for Wargaming`s Stalin glorification!
    Wargaming give Josef Stalin vinyls in the tanks he was biggest mass murder in the world.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. Dec 18, 2012
    Bucketloads of depth and surprisingly simple to jump into. It's free, too! [Jan 2013, p.84]
  2. Dec 12, 2012
    World of Tanks is the ultimate tank battle game, and with a price tag of 0 whatever your currency is - there really isn't anything major to complain about.
  3. Apr 10, 2012
    It combines aspects of great RPG games and first person shooters, wraps them into a package that will appeal to the historian, and tosses in a dash of addiction to combine into one great final product.