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  1. Oct 20, 2014
    Ok, this will be my second review, after giving an extended second try at this game. To their credit, Wargaming has changed the awful matchmaking that threw tier 4 light tanks against tier 8 heavies. They have also nerfed some tanks heavily ( not any Russian ones though, surprise!). These nerfs are contentious at best, but not the worst thing about the game. To be fair, the worst thing about the game is not actually the devs fault - the players are the worst thing about this game. It's like the devs have crafted a mecca for morons, the cognitive abilities of the majority of players is such that you are surprised they manage to cross the road without getting killed.
    There is a lot of tunnel vision, with most players ploughing forward regardless of whether there is a friendly tank in front of them, desperately trying to backtrack to cover after getting hammered. They don't stop going forward, they just don't. Whole flanks are ignored, it's like the left (or right) doesn't exist - how they walk without going round in circles is a matter for science to investigate.
    Teamkilling is frequent, often at the end of the battle when there are no more enemies and you sit back with pride at how you played the round - BOOM!, dead by teammate.
    Others will push you out of your carefully chosen hiding place and into the firing line of the tank you have almost killed and need one more shot on - BOOM!, dead.
    The zombie apocalypse has arrived, and they are all playing World Of Tanks.
  2. Oct 15, 2014
    Played since close beta and quitting the game, currently at ASIA server. i just list things wrong with WOT: still borked matchmaker, gold sink tanks (tanks that difficult to play to make you pay), accuracy buff and armor buff that favors russian tanks much, fantasy tanks, bots, racist players, cheating mods (modifications not moderators lol).
  3. Oct 15, 2014
    WoT can be a fun game with friends... so what justifies this note of 4/10 ? 1/ It comes with several design flaws. Some very basic game mechanics are dead wrong. How the artillery works, how the different "classes" of tanks are supposed to interact with each others, how the map stimulate tactics, how risks vs rewards is managed, all these are wrong. I would go as far as to say that the very low level of actual thoughts, and care, devoted to such critical elements of gameplay, is a real testimony to the low level of education and interest of the designers.

    2/ Breach the most basic rule of gaming

    Every player meeting on a gaming field must abides by the same rules. Only him and how he evolves in-b
    etween a specific set of rules must determine victory.

    In World of tanks, a player is *punished* for doing good. Game is rigged to alter matchmaking and random number generator to actually lower your odds, the more you improve.

    This is the total, complete and utter dumbest system ever, as it actually favor playing badly. Really... Duh ?!

    3/ The developers are... special

    Yes, Wargaming is a bad company, not EA level of bad, but close.

    They are *extremely* greedy even by "F2P" standards
    They use tax haven in Cyprus
    One of their lead developper is the infamous SerB
    They may joke on that but they show a constant love for stalinism
    They have a complete disdain for european customers (and people from EU in general)

    You should think about these things before giving these people your money.

    So all in all, 4/10, and do not give gold (€€) to them.
  4. Oct 14, 2014
    I enjoyed the game and spent real money on premium items and time, then had a customer service issue that was handled incredibly poorly. I abandoned my premium content and will not support any company with such abysmal customer "service"
  5. Oct 14, 2014
    The Worst mmo i have ever played.! Period. Non existing matchmaking or the worst, Premium ammo & Prem Tanks Op vehicles, terrible support " i mean terrible". Constantly nerf not op vehicles. WORST RNG EVER.!!! Its seriously nerve racking, if u value your time stay the hell away from it.! Seriously Wargamming couldnt have screw this game more.! i am amazed.!This game would be terrible even if some1 payed y to play it! If u think i am wrong yr welcome to try it! Expand
  6. Oct 13, 2014
    World of Tanks is a game that takes time, the player must expect to spend days and days on end to play this game. Long grinds encounter into endless hours of fun, from the smallest of tanks at tier 1 to the big derp guns on top.
    The graphics are always improving as the updates come, and the gameplay is good.
    This is an extremely fun and addictive game, but do be prepared to spend a lot
    of money and time on this game
    8/10 - Ben Hazelden
  7. Oct 6, 2014
    This game has a ton of issues. The lack customer service. They rely on a automated system that continually tags people that do nothing wrong, and customer service dose nothing to fix the issues WHEN you have one. It is a fail game .
  8. Oct 3, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I like the game in general but it's ALOT of issues still example if you new don't count of being but whit newbies you will probably end up whit the best players in the game and lose.
    The only good I have to say about this is the look nothing more, the looks of the game and the canon fire but other then that this score should be at 0.
    This game is just about grinding.

    Ps. if you are like me willing to play for stats and win-rate and so on DON'T play this game.
  9. Sep 29, 2014
    realy boring and grindy game, take ages to get new tanks that then are junk and not much different from each other, i would recomend playing battlefield 3-4 instead those are much beter and good looking games and beter engine, wot uses only single core, and it is pay to win
  10. Sep 29, 2014
    Its a brilliant game if you understand the mechanics of how it actually works. If however you understand nothing apart from the ins and outs of Hello Kitty Adventure world this game is not for you. Although people seem to think that its pay to win it isnt. Its a massive grind if you are a welfare warrior but this pays off with patience because you learn so much about the individual roles of the game. I Beta tested this game. Sometimes its completely infuriating. Other times its amazing. For me it gets 10/10 Expand
  11. Sep 12, 2014
    World of Tanks is an arcade armored warfare game. With main battle tanks fighting each other along with tank destroyers, light tanks, artillery, and medium tanks. Progression is reasonably fast and fun in the lower tiers. After tier 5 the excitement and progression slows. It is a FREE TO PLAY game and with this comes several game breaking features. Including the "premium tanks" or buying into higher tiers with free experience along with the ability to buy premium time. The graphics and maps are decent and almost and PC can run this game. The tanks themselves are good with each tank having its own strengths and weaknesses. The main problem with World of Tanks is the community. As more and more people play this game the community has devolved into constant arguments in chat and rage. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves armored warfare or tanks in general. Just turn the chat off and don't look at the forums. Expand
  12. Aug 31, 2014
    The game itself wouldn't be too bad, but the retarded automatic suspension system completely ruins it. It only takes into consideration the amount of reports you have. If enough butthurt noobs report you because you owned them, you're automatically banned for a day. No investigation, nothing, just instant ban.
  13. Aug 23, 2014
    Review Vaild For World of Tanks version 9.3 Reviewer time spent in game: 10200 battles. Background:- World of Tanks was the first tank based arcade style shooter game of it's type produced and developed by Belarusian Game developers War Gaming. World of tanks focuses on tank warfare from 1925 to early Cold War period. Review:- Let me first start with the positives about World of Tanks (WOT). The game has huge variety of historic and prototype light, medium & heavy tanks as well as SPG's, TD's. all these tanks are customizable to varying extents. further more extra equipment can be mounted to tip your tanks to the players preferred play style. The majority of tank mdeols can be obtained through grinding. there are also usually regular updates every 1.5 months.

    I'm afraid as i sit here scratching my head these are the only good points i can think of for this game...

    So onto the disappointing aspects of the game of which there are many so I shall bullet point but elaborate where I feel necessary.

    ~ Very old game engine. WoT uses the Big World game engine which was developed 1999. Yes that's right WoT is using a game engine that is nearly 15 years old (all be it heavily modified).

    This is WOT main problem and many of my point will come back to this. There is only so much you can flog an exhausted horse and teach it new tricks. Even a small amount of time spent in the game will make it apparent the cracks are really starting to appear as this old game engine struggles to manage everything it is being asked to do. Havok physics engine will be put into the game soon however this will be equivilent of giving a nackered car a paint job.

    ~ Poor optimization. This is strongly linked with the above point. WoT is only optimized to utilize one CPU. Also with the game engine being so old it doesn't produce graphics as efficiently as newer engines do.

    ~Premium/Gold/P2W Ammo. In WoT you have the option to buy ammo that gives the player a significant boost in armour penetration and can be obtained for Premium gold currency or a large amount of in-game credits.

    The only option a player has to consistently be able to use this ammo is to buy it with gold or buy a premium account so they get a credit boost to be able to afford it. A regular F2P player would never be able to use this for long without going broke. In my book this constitutes giving a player a large advantage over another and is only really a viable option for players willing to spend real money which adds the element of P2W to WoT

    ~Poor Matchmaking. The MM can and regularly will put players against much superior vehicles .This is linked to premium ammo as War Gaming know if player are matched these vehicles they can either 1. be cannon fodder and die or premium ammo so the player at least has a small chance. This inevitable leads to a lot of player furstartion at being effecivly pointless in a match.

    ~Corridor maps and generally poor map design due to poor game mechanics as explained below. Maps have recently been scrubbed of most of their vegetation leading to very boring uninterrupted bare solid 3D free formed maps. Its a shame WG are so scared of opening up to the community as there are some incredible map designers out there, But from posts ive seen WG are worried they will in some way lose out financially by letting the community contribute to the game.

    ~Poor game mechanics and Random Number Generator. Again this is linked with an old out of date game engine that physically cannot achieve what players and developers want to do resulting in tanks being invisible in open fields, large calibre guns bouncing off paper thing armour, supposedly inaccurate guns having laser precisions and accurate guns being the opposite.

    ~ Lack of tutorial. WoT from some reason has the largest base of inept players I have ever seen in an MMO. I personally don't think is game is difficult to grasp, even the poor game mechanics which are all nicely explained in videos and on the WoT wiki. However it is clear a much more in-depth tutorial is needed inside the game.

    ~ Lacking graphics. Yet again this is due to old game engine and optimization. Although I don't think a game requires state of the art graphics to be good. For the amount of system power this game requires to run on maximum settings vs the outputted result it is very poor.

    ~Bots,AFK'ers and hackers/ cheaters. Yes WoT does have them although regardless of what WG says. WG refuse to do anything about Bot and AFK'er as WG maks a large amount of income from them while also keeping sever player count high. There are also a large amount of client side manipulation hacks ... sorry mods as they are called in WoT and its virtually impossible to tell if a player is hacking with the poor game mechanics as they are.

    Conclusion WoT WAS a great game, 4 years ago, but is now looking old and outdated with competitors finally appearing I wouldn't recommend investing your time or money grinding in this game.
  14. Aug 20, 2014
    The more I played, the worse it feels. Also with many of its newer versions, WOT becomes worse. After spending tons of time & money in it, I deleted the whole thing together with my account.

    It's getting worse, not because the developers are stupid, but they're too smart - they simply try to get more $ out of players' pocket, & don't care the rest. Some of the worst problems I can't
    stand: 1. It keeps on pushing out new s/w versions, which one has to upload or won't be able to play. In these new versions, many times some of the most fun tanks got nerfed, i.e. not playable any more. So you have to spend more $ & time to buy premium tanks & train crews. 2. Premium tanks get too much advantage over other players. Not fair. 3. Some of the players are just a_holes, AFK the whole game, or so stupid. But the game won't do anything about it. There are "reports" that one can file during the game. But it's totally useless. Also, the game gives one the ability to add another player on a personal black list. But that list is so short that it's a joke. Any way, now I have much better things to do than playing the stupid WOT. Expand
  15. Aug 20, 2014
    Game is actually fun at the beginning, but

    1) It's DAMN expensive, you're going nowhere without a premium account and gold, and grinding is long and horrible

    2) The real turnoff is the player base. If you pay attention to the chat, 95% of messages are insults coming from players frustrated by the horrible grinding (read above) and thinking everyone other than themselves are
    responsible for the current defeat. And not talking about trolls that kill some team mates just because they're bored. Then there are the bots, but at least they're polite and don't kill or insult anyone of the mates :)

    3) There is a "complain" button that is totally useless, as you can see the same bots and the same trolls always around.
  16. Aug 19, 2014
    This game is made of unrighteous randomness which is a point most awful to me. Random game means you enter the game by senseless match maker and there is a large chance you will be suffered by your own team. Like 5 games in a row you played the best in your team but congrats you loose all 5 games! Why should this ever happen in a game that you played best but mostly lose? well, this is called RANDOM.

    There are even more randoms that can piss people off like tanks randomly disappear right in front of empty lands from your eyes and kills you just because this freaking mechanics of spotting range so in certain tanks you are blind in like 300 meters and the other tanks can be invisible to kill you.

    That was two points of insanity in the freaking game. Many mores like ghost shots you shoot and your shots disappear in 50 meters and can't see even a shell trace, others like over calculated angled armor that generally give bonus to Soviet weak armored but large angled tanks. Seriously angling bug. Like 17cm E100 shots 299mm AP penetration can't go through freaking is8 100 mm angled armor in many times. Wtf has the angle added to the armor? And many more like instant move, tanks jump at long range when at 50 ms ping.

    Its a completely senseless game of Randomness, and many Russian bias. Only if you don't mind getting killed and lose by all those stupid mechanics this game might be for you.
  17. Aug 14, 2014
    (WoT veteran wright this to us)! Score 6. Mixed.
    If you look reality of this game, is free to install and download from internet..,but then..
    The developers makes this game before it relased 2.years ago,and did it smart...against you.
    the game has 10 tier stage tanks in technology three-for all nations about 70 vehicles.
    first 5 stage tanks are for free basicly other 5 your game
    economy can't support you with silver
    the game has economy that does not support you with silver for rapair your destroyed tank in battle so current long story short,-you need to buy gold!the golden word., with real you must constantly have premium account and atleast 1 premium tier VIII. tank..witch cost about 100$ to play this game against economy that is puts on russian way on you die or pay.
    in my personal opinion i dont like to play this game at all but a played a lot. for one reason that they going for, i like collect stuf special tanks we all natural like!we are human so they goes on that weak point.i like only their look of tanks and look of garage explosions and sound of real tanks you seek else where or you will be in circle of death.
  18. Aug 9, 2014
    World of Tanks have Issues. The concept and trailers of the game look like its an awesome tank-em up. However, its not. I got the game because I wanted to fight in a WW2 era tank as Russians against some real German tanks from WW2. But, that NEVER happened as I had to grind my way up Half the tiers just to get the iconic tanks such as T-34s and KV-1's, and then I was playing against other tanks from all the nations, and some tanks were never even developed from blue prints. Also, im constantly put up against higher tiers and its just not fun. The mechanics are awful, The tanks feel like there on wheels and none of them have any weight. The hit point system is off, and the worst feature about the game is line of sight. It took me 1 year of Solid game play (over 150 hours) to get to a tier 5. One time, on YouTube, I saw the closed beta for war thunder ground forces, and I was hyped for that. When it came open beta, world of tanks looked like a 'just a released early access' for a arcade tank game. I realized how bad world of tanks is. There are a few good points, however. You can play world of tanks on very poor PC, and the Penetration system is also quite accurate, although the 'lower glaciers' week spot on most tanks is un-realistic. The HD on tanks world of tanks look gorgeous, and the wheels moving on the HD tanks are perfect. However, I don't recommend this game, get war thunder instead. Expand
  19. Aug 4, 2014
    fun to play for a bit until about tier 5 (out of 10/11/12 depending on the type of tank) after that unless you pay your going no where fast as the XP and money gain doesn't increase as you level up like every good game does I.e. it does what a pay to play is expected to do; it gets you hooked then makes it impossible to carry on and have fun without forking out.
  20. Jul 31, 2014
    you cant advance in the game when people hack to go invisible and get free gold, and they get free experience by hacking too. the honest person is spending hard earned money only to have it dissolved by cheaters and hackers that don't spend a dime, how can you go into battle and fight someone that is invisible and can shoot through walls. you can be sitting in one spot and not see anything on the radar , then get blew up by an enemy tank that was sitting beside you and you couldn't see him. its not fair and its dishonest to the ones who pay only to have it taken away by hackers. the designers of this game should take affirmative action against these hackers, and ban them. people like myself that enjoy this game need to group together and try to fix these problems so we can play an honest game. when you go into a real war you cant go invisible. a war is based on strategy and knowledge not cheating. this game could be awesome if it weren't for cheaters. take this from a disabled vet , i should know I've been there. i was a commanding officer of an M1 Abrams. Expand
  21. Jul 29, 2014
    Nice game!!! A realistic war II tank game!!
    Every language can be transformed in the game.
    Tanks included in T1 to T10 bring different fun for me . Love it!!!
  22. Jul 27, 2014
    This game has so much potential but they're just not willing to make it the epic game it could be. The claim is it isn't a pay to win game but the "Match Maker" does seem to favor certain players. Users are allowed to alter the client package so essentially, if you're not cheating you're not trying. I do recommend you download and try it for free; but spend real money to upgrade your account? Not a farthing. Expand
  23. Jul 26, 2014
    About 95% of your time spent in World of Tanks will be grinding away to unlock your next tank, unless you want to invest your life's savings into one of many premium options to achieve an edge over your opponents. In addition to this obvious pay-to-win game structure, the game play itself can be insanely frustrating if you aren't very experienced. I can safely say that the community is one of the worst I have ever run into, and that the developers don't really seem to care about the opinions of the players at all.
    Additionally, be prepared to be branded as a trashy player by your teammates, as some among them will have installed XVM, which allows them to view your average win ratio. It is not uncommon to see an XVM user abandon the match before it even starts due to his mod predicting a low chance of his winning the match.

    Yet despite all this, I have (on occasion) really enjoyed myself playing World of Tanks, and not necessarily when I'm winning. Certain aspects of the game can be very rewarding, and the in-game models and terrain are surprisingly pretty. Some of the tanks, especially the Russian ones (I wonder why...) are especially fun to play, even for new players.

    Despite it's many (obvious) negatives, I can tentatively recommend World of Tanks. Just don't waste any money on it; trust me when I say, it is NOT worth it.
  24. Jul 22, 2014
    World of tanks is on patch 9.1 and they still have not figured out the basic mechanics of the game. Their servers are total crap causing lag spikes, complete freezes to the game, and frequent disconnects. Their chat moderators are petty, allowing friends to violate the EULA but severely punishing players outside their circle for doing the same. The mechanics of the game are ruled by RNG which not only influences hitting, but also damage, spotting, splash, etc, making the game far more about luck than about skill. There are too many ways to cheat the system, and finally, with the reduction in credit earning has made a "free to play" game all but impossible to play for free. Expand
  25. Jul 13, 2014
    Well, I dont know where to start, in this game there are too many dumb noobs who dont know how to play and the chance of winning is very low. Only if you play with the greatest players. The developer of this game sucks aswell. It makes promisses of bonus codes if you watch a dumb stream of them. You only get a few codes with 50-100 gold.

    When I played this game for the first time it was
    great, you had a few countries with enough tanks and each tank class had his own tier what makes it fun. Now, you have a few stupid tanks who can kill a tank with a single shot. Then you have another dumb german tank and that's a autoloader who can shot you to zero with a couple hits. Months later they decided to change the damage of the tanks.

    This game is not fun anymore because there are too many countries with their own tanks, tanks will be nerfed and removed. (like T-50-2) Graphics will be **** up after a few patches. War gaming promisses a lot of things like HD models and other stuff. No we are a few updates further and still we have a couple HD models tanks. They plan was to make all tanks HD.

    In my opinion don't play this game because you lose almost every game and the developer sucks.
    My English is not so well, I made this comment fast.
  26. Jul 7, 2014
    The good: imagery, motion graphics...very realistic.
    Why I'm deleting this waste of 7 GB memory from my hard drive: Very first battle, my vehicle is lightly shaded. Different color vehicle races by. Different color on planet earth means "the other side," aka, enemy. WOT never got that memo. I aim, fire. WOT says, "You hit it!" Round 2 hits home. WOT says, "You pierced the armor!" (or
    whatever). Both comments intoned with a laudatory sense. Feeling pretty good about my marksmanship, line up round 3 and shoot. "You killed a friendly! Your account suspended for one day!"

    If it's tank warfare, fine. If it's Nanny-care for people without a life who are full of mommy issues and play from mommy's basement, then call it that. I'm done. There simply will not come a day when some piece of garbage program has that level of control over my life or my spare time.
  27. Jun 27, 2014
    World of Tanks is one of those games that is novel and fun to play for a while but you quickly begin to ask yourself why you keep at it. Sure, driving history's most renowned tanks around and blowing things up is fun. The shooting system of the game is incredibly well done with believable gun dispersion and inclusion of details like the fact that armor effectiveness increases with angle. This allows for fun little tricks like angling the hull of your vehicle to turn ordinarily tough armor to invincible. Shot leading also factors in on moving targets and you had better stop or at least slow down to take a shot because there isn't any run and gun in this game. The tank armor models are also well-refined allowing for the little guy to pin the bullies up if he knows what he is doing.

    But that aside, the variation of the game is incredibly limited with its few game types and virtual lack of meta games. This isn't even mentioning the time requirement for each game which often is often lengthy with its hurry up and wait style of gameplay. This can be attributed to many factors but most of all (and sadly) the game's core mechanics like the ultra-long range mega-damage artillery, chance-based spotting rather than continual sight of targets, and camouflage system, all of which strongly encourage camping. That all i can actually stomach.

    What I principally took issue with was how World of Tanks seems to think its players want to spend literally months getting those big bully tanks. The level of grinding is game isn't even rivaled by World of Warcraft if that is believable. Managing your bankroll is also a huge chore which forces you to play tanks you would rather not just because they make money. Tanks also start in virtually unplayable configurations that leave you out the money for at least the first 50 or so games in it until you can upgrade them. Anything past the mid-level tanks will always leave you out the money which significantly saps the fun out of playing them. And good luck ever getting a max level tank. You'll be spending $50 minimum on the premium tanks to keep your expenses in the black and you'll have to drop out of school and/or quit work if you want to get one in under 6 months.

    Of course if you like that kind of slow progression and those extended management exercises, World of Tanks has plenty of that. What ultimately ferreted my resignation from its servers was the bugs, the glitches, and the downright unpolished, unfinished hackwork that was the game's patching system. Tanks get added on a such a regular basis its dizzying. You lose track of which one is which. Meanwhile, the matchmaker still makes no record of player ability resulting in many landslide games; one side of a map is heavily favored resulting in more forgone conclusions; and preexisting tanks fall into disuse because they are inappropriately tiered or because the new ones do everything better anyways.

    Furthermore I've had shots literally pass through tanks without incident; I've been hurled out of the map; I've had client crashes that cost me the game; and these all occurred with a frequency that makes counting inane. The most grievous of all the sins of this game though - the patcher didn't even work. Every time I downloaded a patch, it would corrupt my install and force me to redownload the entire 10 gb game - NOT OKAY!
  28. Jun 20, 2014
    good game good graphics after 9.0 update!
    but match making should be fixed
    team mates are very bad out of 15 only 5 are cooperative rest all are noobs! and they dont even support or listen to you
    and pay to win
    match making is very bad most of times after match making gets fixed it will be better game
  29. Jun 13, 2014
    This game ends up being at the top of the charts because of its base mechanics - driving the tank works, it's fun, intuitive and interesting. Yes, there are flaws; the match-making will drive you crazy and Putin (or someone else) has forced WarGaming into making some of the Russian tanks ridiculously strong and downgrade the German tanks from the strength they should have had. However, today the game is somewhat balanced and most of the time you can play a role in all battles as long as you choose the right one. It's not a free game if you want to really enjoy yourself (but games shouldn't be free) but you can't simply pay to win - that accusation is inaccurate. You can pay to have an advantage but it's not enough to replace skill.

    If you like tanks or think it would be fun to drive one around and shoot at things, this is a great game to play. Whether you'll just mess around for a while and reach a casual middle tier game or if you'll work your way all the way up, hey, that's up to you. The tactical aspect and understanding of your vehicle adds for a very deep experience and even though your team will occasionally annoy you (welcome to playing online...), you'll generally enjoy yourself. Disregard stats and just focus on driving your tank, that's what the game is about.
  30. Jun 7, 2014
    Good fictional gameplay, nice selection of tanks, upgrades, decent graphics and sound. The game is ridden with bugs and glitches, which developers don't seem in a hurry to fix. many parts of mechanics are just pure fiction, and some tanks are completely taken out of the historical fiction area.
    But it's not the worst. The community is absolutely bunch of kids. You'll experience nothing
    but disappointment with strong language comments, blames, and hipocrisy in game and on the forums. The devs made it hard to complain, to keep the player numbers high.
    The matchmaking is bugged as well, you'll be shooting targets which you can't penetrate, not even in their weakest point, yet they can kill you in one shot. Yep, the Tier 10 tanks are so powerful, and all other tiers matched together with them, are just there to keep them happy.
  31. Jun 6, 2014
    Free to play - Pay2win game, poorly balanced tanks, bad optimized, full of bugs, devs dont listen players, endless grind.
    This is one of the most greedy "Free to play" games around.
  32. May 24, 2014
    That game is a good game, the problem are the players...
    There are too many nooobs playing that game nit knowing what the word tactic means....
    Very sad!!!
  33. May 21, 2014
    I've been playing WOT since the 5.6 update and i know this much:
    it has surprised me how difficult and demanding this game is to play but in a good way,grinding a tank can be slow but unlocking the new shiny beast can give a sense of accomplishment, killing opposing tanks is often difficult making it quite satisfying to bring down their monster with your tiny tank, you might also be
    surprised by how enjoyable setting someone else tank alight or hitting their ammo rack is and the maps and tanks are constantly changing and flowing always being tweaked to improve gameplay soo the same map may not be the same over multiple updates.

    Thats the end of the pros anyway some of the cons include nut are not limited to
    VERY VERY hard learning curve---most tanks have a unique playstyle and usually wont perform well outside said style unless piloted by a skilled player.
    No respawn----with limited tanks on field any mistake is quite costly and other player will insult you for your mistakes.
    Community----some players are just tools, either your not as 'perfect' as them (while they die in the first minute its all your fault still)or make a mistake they do feel at home degrading other players.
    Battle tiers----great idea and they have really worked on this one too, soo currently they are slightly unfair but not terrible like some of the mainline FPS your tank is no longer pitted against impossible foes but ones you need to think about before engaging.

    Overall this is a fantastic game that gets a bad rap sometimes because of poor player capability or general understanding of the game.
    After my 11k battles and the collective 800k battles of my peers(who asked me to review) this game CAN be tedious but it can also be awesome fun too
  34. May 21, 2014
    There is one thing you have to keep in mind when reading all the reviews: the game changes. Years ago there was a type of ammo that could hurt others more easyly, it was only avaivable for the real-money "gold". now on the other hand its actually avaivable for the normal in-game currency. it is expensive as heck though, so everyone has like 2 or 3 shots for bad situations with him but usually doesnt use them because he would lose money like crazy. the "historical accuracy" isnt there, so what? how is it supposed to make fun when you cant kill a german tank no matter what you do? when stuff is completely OP and out of control? WOT is in a permanent process of buffing and nerfing so things that are to good get worse and things to bad get better. the onlya thing avaivable for real currency only is a premium account that just givey you some extra XP and money, as well as some tanks. those tanks though arent better than others. they are usually a lot worse. they are only good for making money because they make a lot more of that. of course some premium tanks are good, but then again so are the other tanks of their level. for those who want historical accuracy there is actually a mode called "historical battles". there the germans are actually really a lot stronger than the other tanks, but they have less players in their team. so its like 9 americans against 4 strong germans. now what are the downsides? first of all the players. it is annoying as hell to read the chat if you actually do that because of spamming, cursing and noob here and noob there. also: this game is no-respawn. this means, that if your team has no idea what it does and just goes to die you are screwed. the second point is the matchmaking system. there are 10 tiers in the game with 10 being the highest with the huge tanks. most tanks from tier 3 on can have to battle tanks tier 5 though if they are unlucky. this has made absolutely no sense to me even after all the hours I played this. these tanks often dont have a chance in that situation. the final con is, that grinds can be very very long to get to the next tank. and from tier 8 on you start losing money due to repair and ammo cost rather then gaining any. all in all I can only say: only look at reviews seriously that arent older than half a month because this game changes quickly. to me its been a hell lotta fun for hundreds of hours. Expand
  35. May 12, 2014
    This games absolutely a 10/10, and it's totally addicting. I've spent well over 1000 hours on this game. I consider it more of a sport because of all the talent it takes to actually be good in this game. There's so much skill to it.

    Check it out, you definately won't regret it. This game is super popular for a reason.
  36. May 7, 2014
    Game play is okay and addicting. Horrible customer support and attitude towards customers. "Support" at WG means they support any ridiculous action by a moderator and refuse to actually help a player. Any criticism towards WG is sanctioned with bans.

    For instance, WG recently was blaming a routing issue where players in the U.S. trying to connect to the east coast server located in
    the D.C. area where being routed through Tokyo. WG tried to blame that on Comcast, yet Comcast had no knowledge of any of this happening and acted like people were crazy for bringing it up. When, during a discussion related to the issue, another player said, I understand that is being caused by Comcast, my response of "That's just WG passing the blame on elsewhere" was immediately removed as non-constructive with a ban placed on communication privileges. Expand
  37. May 5, 2014
    World of Tanks is a free-to-play, online PC arcade tank game featuring tanks and fabricated tanks from World War II. It has a good array of tanks to play. The game offers good customer service and average graphics. Poor match-making is a major weakness. There is high emphasis on rankings/stats. The community seems largely unhappy and unfriendly. The game has perhaps the most dyfunctional, impolite and angry game community I've ever encountered. Perhaps it is because of the excessive emphasis on PVP competition and the aforementioned match-making issues or the rankings/stats emphasis. Suspicious win or loss streaks may appear to be a manipulation of match outcomes. This too may be a cause of the unhappiness of many players. To the game's credit there is good avoidance of "pay-to-win" aspects but at the same time the game includes big grinds that promote the "need" to pay. While it is not a simulator immersion is hurt by some strange game system mechanics that make identifying "cause and effect" difficult. But then, as stated, it is arcade. Presently World of Tanks is the only modern PC WWII tank game available which accounts for some of its appeal. However, it is not a good gaming experience overall. Expand
  38. May 5, 2014
    The fact is that the game decide already if you will lose or win. That's why you wont see anyone with win% higher than 70. and those who have high % are because they've made clan war. You can load a program and they give you the win stats on the games you will play, and it'a a lot of 30-40% win probability. This game suck because the makers can't put the correct balance on teams
  39. May 2, 2014
    World of Tanks is a free first person/third person shooter with tanks, there are ways of paying for things to make it easier to advance, but the game can be played absolutely free, with lots of contests and festivities that will, or might, grant you "gold"(the most uses it gets is buying premium time, which gets you +50% more credits per battle and +50% crew experience, and buying garage slots and barracks enlargements). The game involves many skills: having reflexes like in any other popular FPS game, but it also involves a lot more tactic and planning. I think of it as a combination of chess and a shooting game would be the best way to describe it. The game offers tanks from many nations ranging from the 1930s to about the 1960s, with some model of tanks being totally speculative. The nations you can play, so far, are Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Great Britain, Japan, the United States of America and France, with more to be added in the following updates (and I'll note a part that I dislike: Nazi Germany, which of course doesn't get the historical flag, even got a ban on wartime German heroes, unlike the Soviet Union with Joseph Stalin and communist symbols). You start the game with tier 1 tanks, and progressively move up the technology tree(s) until you get to tier 10, and despite the name, there aren't only tanks(which can be light, medium or heavy), but also Tank Destroyers and (mobile) Artillery, each with a different role and purpose. The gameplay can differ dramatically from nation to nation, sometimes from tier to tier. It's not a newbie friendly game as it usually takes thousand of battles to form your battle "instincts", as I stated earlier, it's equally important to know how and when to shoot as it is to know where and how to go, positioning in this game can be the most important thing, depending on the role of your tank and the positions of your allies and enemies. The standard battles are 15 vs. 15(the game allows you to platoon with up to two friends if you so wish), with no nation versus nation, the match making only taking account of the battle tier of your specific tank(supposedly), this can lead up to teams being made up of vary bad players vs. teams with very good players, which is frustrating for most people(from personal experience the match making will also have "periods" of giving the player only bad teams, and it also "punishes" players that play a lot by giving them bad teams at one point, with the reason of not letting them "farm" win percentages(which doesn't make any sense to me as it punishes people that play their game). There are also many other single modes, and team modes(company battles, similar to random battles in size, but with handpicked teams; team battles, 7 vs. 7(where you can win as much credits as having a tier 8 premium tank, if you win of course, it's also the battle mode which is used in professional tournaments), and for people that want to belong in clans there are Clan Wars, also similar to team battles, but with tier 10(unless you want to give your team a disadvantage), and with a world map in which you can conquer provinces for gold and possibly other benefits. One should keep in mind that this is a game, and it's made to be balanced, tanks won't die from one hit, they have hit points, and lots of other factors to advantage people that use their brain for tactics and strategy. Overall this game is just "decent", neither bad or very good, so I can't give it more than 7 because the balance of the tanks isn't perfect(there always are some beasts that dominate the battlefield or 1 vs.1 encounters, such as the T18 for tier 2, KV-1S and Hellcat for tier 6, IS-3 and AMX 50 100 for tier 8, E-75 and ST-I for tier 9, WT auf E-100 for tier 10 etc.), the graphics aren't remarkable, the game doesn't support multicore computers(it just runs with a single core), the game modes aren't that enticing, except for team battles(which has a limitation to tier 8 max., no tanks above are seen unless it's a rare bug/exploit), the fact that it's not based on skill leads to the "balancing" of the tanks be set upon the mediocre/awful play of most players, which also leads to the teams being always more or less imbalanced, and the more imbalanced, the more frustration it generates to most of the players, it does however offer an interesting gameplay, the opportunity to use the brain on more than just reflex-type reactions and allows players to drive iconic tanks such as the Panzer IV, M4 Sherman, Tiger 1, T-34, IS etc. and for professional players it does end up giving them nice earnings, yet the developers still need to find a way to make said tournaments be attractive for larger audiences to watch AND understand what goes on the field of battle. Expand
  40. Apr 28, 2014
    The game is too much based on teamplay and there seems little effort for this within random matches. The graphics are not that stunning. The gameplay is slow, not a lot of action most of the time. As a tier 5 tank you get matched up against tier 8 tanks making you virtually useless. I honestly believe they can / could've made this game way better. If you like shooter games you should NOT play this game as it's not skill-based at all but favors tactical gameplay which gets lost in overpowered and imbalanced tanks and teams. Expand
  41. Apr 26, 2014
    I have played a number of online shooters and this is the most frustrating one of all and not a game that I will persist with any longer, despite the promise. I have tried to make this game work for over a year and 7000 matches, with a reasonable 52.2% win rate and WN7 and WN8 ratings of 'good' and tanks at all tiers and classes demonstrating that I can play this game with some competence (you will see the need to make this claim below, this being a game where stats seem to matter a lot, sadly). There are times when this game is amazing, but they are overshadowed by the frustration of this game. The game is seriously flawed in a number of ways, making it difficult to consistently enjoy this, most enjoyment deriving from taking advantage of other's mistakes and most defeats being a result of skill/own mistakes plus game mechanics, chance and the complex nature of the game leading to an element of ineptitude from many players. The game relies on significant teamwork but the game mechanics and in particular the lack of any reasonable tutorial severely limit team-work. The deliberate element of chance built into the game ref damage per shot, penetration etc and the complicated nature of differing hit zones further frustrate. Add to this the fact that despite claims to the contrary, the ability to pay for better penetrating shells, permanent camo, equipment that assists accuracy/reload etc means there is an element of play to win. Add to all of this a quite nasty community in-game and on the forums, assisted by an amusingly elitist group of modders creating XVM, WN and the like that show all of your stats in-game, leading to less able players being insulted or told that they have lost the game for the team before it starts and you have something not worth playing. The tank genre needs someone else to come along and top this, learning from what went right and the many things that are wrong. Expand
  42. Apr 17, 2014
    I don't mind the boring grinding system that forces you to play to win, I don't mind the personal preferences of the developers about some particular tanks, I don't mind that some enemies are 2 tiers above you and are able to one shot you sky high, I don't mind the occasional lag...WHAT I DO MIND IS THE HORRIBLE BUGS AND ERRORS THAT THIS STUPID GAME HAS MOST OF THE I was ready to kill my 7th target tank, the scope was on and perfect set...than the game crashed for no reason to desktop, no warning , no nothing. The updates only makes the game unplayable. Expand
  43. Apr 15, 2014
    I started playing World of Tanks soon after it came out. At that time it truly was Pay 2 Win and the grinding was much worse than it is today. Because of the long grinds I stopped playing it for more than a year. Fortunately I wanted some tank action after that long pause and installed the game again.

    The first thing I recognized is how different the game is now. They have made the
    grinds much faster, removed the Pay 2 Win aspect as you can buy premium ammo with regular credits (not real money), you can participate in mission for gold (premium cash) or additional tanks, tank slot, free equipment etc. They have improved the graphics, added the physics and more importantly, they are constantly adding new stuff to the game. New tanks, new modes, new maps... they are not taking a break, but constantly improving the game. It's a true F2P game that is constantly being improved.

    This game is really fun if you play it alone, but it's even more fun if you play it in a team. Get into a clan and do battles for gold on the global map. This is why I am playing the game right now and intend to do so. I haven't bought 1 day of premium, yet have top tier tanks, use premium rounds and have plenty of money just from free playing. In fact, I made my first purchase with real money because of the changes they made in the game, that don't require constant money spending. I mostly bought new tanks slots.

    Being in a clan, fighting clan wars, having a strategy, winning and losing and being a part of the action is great fun especially after a hard day of work.
  44. Apr 1, 2014
    vamos primeiro aos pontos positivos, o jogo apresenta uma otima qualidade de gameplay, graficos, conexçao, etc, porem ele te joga contra pessoas realmente viciadas, do tipo, voce morre com um tiro, ou o cara simplesmente te mata sem voce sequer ter visto, por isso eu acho que deveria avaliar as habilidades do jogador e colocar players com o mesmo nivel de habiliadade
  45. Mar 26, 2014
    This is a review i hate to write, but it is needed. I first played this game on the Xbox 360. I enjoyed the game to the point of where I decided to download it on the PC as well. I was amazed at the selection of tanks and just all the different things this game has to offer on the PC compared to the console, but sadly, this is where the amazement and excitement ended. I constantly found myself playing against premium members, guys 3-4 levels above what i was, and so on. It doesn't matter if you are rolling in to battle with an upgraded medium tank, tank destroyer, light tank, and so on, if you are not a premium member with upgraded armor, ammunition, (and so on) then you will find yourself frustrated beyond anything has ever made you before. I have played for over an hour, not a single destroy and found myself most of the time on the one hit kill. It doesn't matter if you hide in the bushes and "snipe" or flank their position, if you plan on getting into this game drop quite a bit of cash on it. If you wanted to enjoy a free game with buying some upgrades later, move on. This game is not it. I can't give it a 0 as there is too much that is offered, but i can't give it anything higher than a 3 because of the obvious intention to make a free game not free. I can't knock the positive reviews either but to me, this has been a total let down. Expand
  46. Mar 13, 2014
    First of all it very hard to imagine **** such as world of tanks. I want to say only two words about this **** **** - TANKI GAVNO. In conclusion I must say - I'm gay.
  47. Mar 10, 2014
    Though the game has been improved over the patches and updates, The game is still severely lacking. Unless you spend the time to grind experience for the over priced max level gun, your tank is complete trash. The infamous Stock tank grind can be over with quickly, or it can carry on for an eternity. Wargaming doesn't listen to community feedback, and never will unless it means they earn some money. Almost every single map in this game is unbalanced, with one side having more advantage then the other side, Such as in Mines, Sacred Valley, Hidden village, etc, and often the maps are designed for one specific type of tank, leaving either Artillery, Tank destroyers, or Heavy tanks in the dust, as they serve no purpose, (Artillery on Himmelsdorf) (Heavy tanks on Malinovka) (Tank destroyers on Sand river).
    The main Problem with World of Tanks however, is the player base. You get many types of undesirable players, which there is no shortage of. You get the Ragers, The whiners, the Statistic Elitists, the butthurts, the annoying little children,the Dead player who orders players around like Field Marshal Rommel, The Bots, The wallet warriors, and the weekend players. All these players in one form or another ruin the atmosphere of the game, and take away any form of enjoyment. Often players will charge one side of the map, and die, leaving the surviving players to defend against the enemies (which usually outnumber them). With almost 5k battles, I can say this game is addicting, But if you don't spend money on it, it is a dull grind fest. Also I note the Russian tanks seem to have a Bias to them. This game is far from being historically accurate and the majority of the tanks in the game are from blueprints. Its a mediocre free game, But its better then a lot of the other crap we get for free games. Be prepared for frustration if you are planning on playing WOT.
  48. Mar 2, 2014
    There's a simple way to describe this game. If you don't pay, you will hate this game. In the beginning you can derp around in funny tanks and ones with troll guns too. This game may seem fun at first, but after tier 7 or 8, money is a HUGE issue. If you don't pay, you won't ever make a profit. The money issue can be solved with, you guessed it, real money to buy a $50 tank, which is ludicrous. So if you don't pay, you won't have fun. Expand
  49. Feb 28, 2014
    After playing WoT for 3.5 years (including Beta) I can say something awesome about this game, graphics are good-looking and gameplay is great. You have so many tanks to unlock that you can`t even count!
  50. Feb 2, 2014
    It COULD be a nice game but is unplayable. WoT forums a flooded for months with complains about lags - nothing happens. If you think you can play real-time FPS with 1sec lag/delay - feel free to try.

    And this is just the front page of the issue sub-forum...
  51. Feb 1, 2014
    -N00b Players
    -Do you hear about Team Work ?
    -No Target at all

    +Slavian Dev Team ?
  52. Jan 31, 2014
    I will rate this game 2 out of 10 For only the decisions of the company and their glorification of the most crimminal scam of history joseph stalin, ANDDDD of course the players on eu servers.....So the company after smoking their crack or whatever they decided to bring some optional names of stalin so you can buy them and put the in your tank like (For joseph stalin!) and more, and had the nerve to say *it's historically accurate* well some german tanks had some messages written in their tanks like (Heil hitler! or the swastigka) and WG doesn't put those as well and they describe stalin as a hero against the fascism. Now the players....they players are little kids or fat grown mans you don't know english and are complete as*holes. The gameplay is fun and the tanks are very well design but the balance and pay to win system ruins some parts and the irony is that the wg are russians and on purpose they made russians tanks overpowered and the germans the weaker of all. The history accuracy here is complete f*cked up cause german tanks were the most superior of them all. Expand
  53. Jan 25, 2014
    world of tanks it a great game! alot of people say it pay to win but it not true, every ww2 fan will love this game, there are moment the game is very annoying yes, but in 90% of the time it fun, with the fact that it free i thinck every gamer need to try it at least one time, it a great game.
  54. Jan 19, 2014
    Its fun for a short while but the more you tier up the less fun it is. As for claims for historical accuracy? That's a complete joke!
    1. 20mm gun is ridiculously more effective than historically - its the gun to have for the 1st 3 tiers.

    2. Almost everything German is MARKEDLY downgraded from historical. examples: German armour was only 1s that had face-hardened plate until 1943 which
    is why 20mm guns were redundant. Don;t expect to 1 or 2 shot anything in a Panther, more like 5-10 shots depending on the target. They've made it almost the worst tank in the game. Bias? Your call.

    3. Everything Russian is MARKEDLY upgraded. examples: almost all pre-1943 AFV's had hand-cranked turrets meaning slow traverse. In game they are among the fastest. Most of their models pre-1944 had room for only 2 in the turret meaning the Commander had to double as gunner, meaning slower aiming. In-game they are among the fastest. Bias? Your call.

    4. Becomes obvious the more you play that none of the examples above of the above are done for game balance it is simply the Devs agenda.

    5. Probably worst of all is their matchmaker system. Don't expect to get your favorite WWII tank (whether it be a Sherman, Tiger, T-34 etc) and enjoy it. The majority of the time you will be thrown into battles 2 tiers above yours and fighting post-war tanks that are faster, better gunned, lower silhouette & better armoured so that most of your shots will bounce.

    This game could have been great but the makers have let their prejudices & greed get in the way.
  55. Jan 19, 2014
    "Bait and Nerf" I used to like the game. Played over 12k games in total. There is and always was a horrible grind to the game. One of the worst ever I like to call the "WOT march of death". Besides the horrible grind WG ( just doesn't know how to balance a game period. Bad in WOT in also their newer Warplanes game as well. Also they just don't know how to treat their players. You play their games and you know you are going to get screwed at one point or the other. I'm talking about paying customers at least.
    It's all about what money can WG can make now, if you paid into the system already, even recently well then it's your tough luck.

    I picked the German line because I always thought they are the coolest ever.
    They just look cool and were deadly in WW2.
    Now but if you play the German side you are pretty screwed since for the most party Germany stopped making tanks in 1945 (yes with some exceptions like the modern Leopard 2).
    But then WOT continues on with coldwar tanks on up to at least the 1970's.
    So there I was at best playing a 1945 concept tank vs 1970 technology.
    The new tanks they give better developed rounded amour, and a lower profile, auto-loaders, better engine, etc.
    Somehow to WG developer logic that is somehow balanced..(?)

    The worst of it all to make me uninstall and not want to touch another WG game again is what they have been doing for the last year.
    It's a variation of the "bait and switch" scam, which I call "bait and nerf".

    What they do to keep people grinding (and thus paying money) is they keep coming out with new tanks.
    Mostly tanks that keep moving up in years with better technology thus they are stronger.
    Usually move faster, have bigger guns, and, or shoot faster or have auto-loaders.
    So this new tank comes out and it's pretty over powered and now everyone wants it.
    Users spend their money to push through to get it. All is good for a few months..then what they'll do is spring a bunch of nerfs on your shiny tank. They will do something(s) to make it much weaker now.
    Now your screwed, angry, frustrated, you don't even want to play it anymore.
    It's a cycle they do to try to get you to spend your money.
    And this is no mistake, it's obviously intentional. You can see they base a lot of their designs on math, in particular statistics. So they know damn well what they are doing.

    Avoid WG games at all. You will only end up getting frustrated, and screwed out of your money in the end.
  56. Jan 16, 2014
    I have been war gaming since Avalon Hills Tactics 2 and have rarely found a more boring game than World of Tanks. The grinds become progressively longer and more repetitive. The game is so a historical as to be more akin to fantasy rpgs than a wargame. The attempts to balance the vehicles of different nations have made WOT laughable. The idea is great the delivery quite poor.
  57. Jan 15, 2014
    I have nearly 5000 battles and at this point am leaving the game. It is fun initially while you are building up your tanks and crews capability, but when you develop proficiency you are either put in with very low experience players making it nearly impossible to win or placed in much higher tier battles where your tank is outgunned, armored, etc. The game is not realistic; tanks can be 100m away and disappear. It can be addicting and this I'm sure drives revenue and profits for the company which is their main goal, not making this a good experience. Yes, you can continue to learn after thousands of battles, but be prepared to have 10 or more consecutive losses in the same tank despite being a top scorer and outperforming the opponents top tanker. Also, your ability to log on and play with friends in random battles is non existent and should be changed. Bottom line, the kernel that matches player is seriously flawed and you will likely end up frustrated and feeling like you wasted time and money. Expand
  58. Jan 8, 2014
    World of Tanks has much problems which need to be solved to become a really good game. Such problems as balance in matchmaking, graphics and server optimization, some gameplay moments. When all this problems will be solved, World of Tanks can become a perfect online game, not earlier.
  59. Dec 29, 2013
    Honestly I think this is one of the best F2P game out there. Good graphics, detailed tanks and very fun to play!
    Having said that I must add that it does not come without its problems. No game is perfect and WOT has a serious problem that comes from being F2P! The biggest problem the F2P format is the incredible amount of "noobs" playing. I play WOT for 3 years now and is not the painfull
    XP/Moeny gathering, the artillery, OP tanks or the MM that often seems to be on crack that bothers me.

    My biggest problem with this game is that inexperienced players flood the servers making the game virtually unplayable. To be successful in this game is indispensable a platoon of at least two very experienced players.

    Play alone and get ready for 15 painful minutes of pathetic performace of players with less than 3k matches parading in their useless premium tanks, not doing anything to help the team and dying with only a few enemy shots.

    It's a fun game, but I must warn to not play fot a long time each day if you are a playing alone.

    Make friends and play in a platoon and try to have fun...which is very hard to do in this game!
  60. Dec 25, 2013
    I played WOT for 3 years. The game was great at first, but slowly but surely Wargaming ruined it's product. End tier content is broken and dumbed down. WG is non-responsive to it's player base. If you can have fun tolerating this game without spending any money, go for it. Most people aren't that patient or forgiving and would be best served to just skip this money grab.
  61. Dec 21, 2013
    It is fun for a little while, but eventually the flaws in this game and the greed of become glaringly obvious.

    -Ridiculous amounts of grinding. Grind for tanks, grind for modules to upgrade your tanks. Even if you cough up the ~$15 a month to keep a premium account going for the xp/credit bonus, the grind becomes very monotonous after a while. takes
    every available opportunity to nickel and dime you. I get the F2P model, but I have never played a game where it was so blatantly obvious I was being hustled. Pay for premium account, pay for better ammo, pay for tanks, pay for trained crew, pay to transfer trained crew to different tank, pay for consumables, pay to dismount dismount equipment from old tanks (when you already paid hundreds of thousands of credits to get the equipment in the first place).

    -Pay to win. If you expect to do well, you need the good ammo, a fully trained crew, all of your tank modules upgraded, good consumables. All of which is available for real money.

    -More based off RNG than skill: Your shots will simply fly off into bum**** Egypt sometimes and there's not a thing in the world you can do about it. Sometimes it's simply annoying, sometimes its extremely frustrating when you have somebody dead-to-rights, with a perfect shot at a weak spot and your shot flies off into the weeds somewhere and then the tank kills you.

    -Graphics unappealing: Everything is kind of cartoon looking. Poor detail on the tanks. Terrain is nothing special. Tank deaths are extremely disappointing. All dead tanks look about the same, there are no epic explosions or turrets flying off when a tank dies, it just stops moving and sits there.

    -Sound is very unappealing: Tank engines do not sound impressive, guns sounds are weak, and your crew spends the match repeating the same handful of lines to you.

    -Historical accuracy has really gone out the window in the name of profit. I find US tanks teamed up with Nazi tanks fighting British tanks and French tanks in some village in China to be ridiculous.

    Overall I would say do not waste your time with this game. There are much better F2P competitive games on the market which are much more tactful about acquiring your money. I give 2 stars because its a functioning game and interesting for a while.
  62. Dec 20, 2013
    What many do not realize is that buying the in-game currency, gold, is not at all required to advance in the game. The price of gold is a bit high, but playing for free, without gold, is just as rewarding. Gold simply helps you progress, it does not give the player any advantage over others.The game has had many major updates since the posting of the derogatory reviews; there is now a full fledged system for physics, including visibility/camouflage, movement (engine acceleration, terrain resistance, top speed, hull traverse/rotate speed), Aiming/accuracy (gun dispersion, gun accuracy, aiming times), penetration (impact angles/ricochets, armor thickness calculations, penetration loss over distance), damage (shell, gun, crew/module damage), and a complex, ultimately fair matchmaking system. The game has evolved into something much better since 2011 (the year many of the negative reviews were written. The game should have different ratings for each update, or at least be refreshed every few months. Expand
  63. Dec 20, 2013
    This game is in stagnation for almost 3 (three) years. At first it was fun, but then it was BORING. 15x15 battle in the couple of maps for three years. There is no future for this game.
  64. Dec 20, 2013
    Literally this game has changed the game scene. Lots of haters and clones only prove this. You want to play online in a mighty tank crashing everything around? Do that here!
  65. Dec 20, 2013
    Just another bad game that have nothing similar with actual tank warfare of WW2. Game engine is bugged. Game have very bad optimization, very simple gameplay, just like a generic shooter game. Developers are greedy and selfish people. Don`t play this game, don`t waste your money on it!
  66. Dec 20, 2013
    It was nice game. But times changed. If you want to play comfortable and not to be a food for other you have to spend a lot of time to gain good crew for favorite tanks. But than in 2 month comes new patch, old tanks are nerfed, new tanks are imbalanced, and you have either donate money and spend time for new better tanks or be beaten by kids who have a lot of time for grind. Also developers are inadequate when speaking with players. For 2 years they told that in game there is normal distribution but than they told that this normal distribution ended in 1.2 sigma, and 20% of shot were going in the edge of sight, instead of 0.01%. It drives me mad. Expand
  67. Dec 20, 2013
    Awful graphics and physics, which demand ultra-high-end computer to run with normal fps.
    absolutely nothing new in the game for a year or more, except new tanks and maps which is a poor game updating
  68. Dec 19, 2013
    This game is awful and since we play a game because we want to have fun, this game has nothing about fun. the FPS are awful especially in the bushes and if you don't pay, don't expect to perform or win any game. You need to pay to win and this game is more expensive than any other Multiplayer you'll find on the internet. Don't waste your time with this game.
  69. Dec 18, 2013
    You will have a great time with this game when you first start out playing for the first time and it will be evenly matched with other players write up until you start trying to work up to tier 3 and 4 tanks. You will then hit the big wall. It will cost tens of thousands of experience points to reach better upgrades but you will only gain marginally compered to higher tier tanks or premium players 50-100 per match, some times you will only receive that mount just to die several minute into the game. because your weapons cannot hurt the other tanks. Trying to gain experience becomes a real painful grind and the only source of experience points in this game is making a lot of damage to enemy tanks. Every game you play you will be matched up with their so called fair play matchmaker, this is the real cruncher it will suck the fun right out of you and grind you into the ground. The developers are really trying desperately to encourage players to spend lots money by forcing you to fight against higher tier tanks. what ever you do do not buy any premium tanks believe me they are all crap! the only one I personally have that dose make you some cash is the U.S.S.R Churchill 3 tank and that's it do not wast your money. After 6 months worth of game play in battles I have seen it all and have bean in countless games in witch you can't damage anything because you are the smallest tank or the lowest tier tank in the team and you will placed in matches like this no matter haw well you do in other games. You can have up to 5 to ten losses in a row and it will make no difference. You will learn to hate this game for this reason alone. For some people the fun is in the challenge progressing in the game but I think it is just as important to have a fair game balance in a game and where you are placed with other players of the same experience level or have in this case a tank you can at least compete with, for there is no fun in destroying tanks/players that cannot defend them selves fairly and I mean I have played up against tanks 4 to 5 tier less then my tank, so yes it truly only took one shot or just ramming them witch is a more cost efficient way to destroy them in a battle. The game developers will try to tell you in this situation the smaller lighter tanks job will be a spotter tank for the rest of the team witch is well and due but what if the tank you have is just to slow or just way to lightly armed? you will last just last a few minutes in play or as I have seen you will just hide for the hole game just to die in the end anyway or just urn nothing in points wheres the fun in that?
    Well to bring this to a conclusion I,m personally hanging out to see how will step up and take on W.O.T with a tank gaming format with out all the problems.
  70. Dec 17, 2013
    Fun for the first few games, this game is free for a reason, the team balance is completely non existant, you play tier based tanks where half or more of your games are against tanks 2-3 tiers higher than you and despite your best efforts theres nothing you can do when your shots "just bounce right off" (according to your radio man) and higher level players swat you off like flys, do not buy unless you want to spend 100$ on credits for the best vehicles. Expand
  71. Dec 14, 2013
    this is a very terrible game! especially annoying greedy developers and their swinish attitude to the fans of the game game for 4 years does not develop
  72. Dec 12, 2013
    The game continues going from strength to strength, as the constant updates and patches continually adjust the game for the most part pretty well balanced, bar a few examples.

    The whinging about WoT being Pay2Win is utter rubbish. The only things not available are Premium tanks which for the most part are worse than the normal ones, or a Premium account which just ups your XP and
    credit earning rate. Along with the new mission system gaining extra credits is fairly easy.

    The game rewards skillful play, and rewards you using your tanks strengths and guarding it's weaknesses. It can take a while to learn but it can make very rewarding gameplay.
  73. Dec 6, 2013
    World of Tanks is fun if you are looking for a first person shooter where your character is a tank. After some time becomes a boring repetitive experience. Keep in mind that this is a free game and, for a free game is good.

    At first it looks like an amazing game, it looks very fun and dynamic, after a while you get to mid tier tanks, still fun enough but you start noticing some
    discrepancies and tank balance problems.
    With time, frustration starts to build up, some poor map design, huge unbalance, pay to win tanks, and so on, but, it's still a nice game to keep playing.
    When you get to higher tier tanks, the game suddenly becomes slow and boring and the randomness of the game starts to weight a lot. By the time I reached the top tier tanks I just couldn't play this game anymore.

    Something that really annoys me is that when you buy a new tank, the stock gear is really really bad, you can barely do anything, even against same tier tanks, it becomes a boring grinding until after many games where you have almost no influence, you get the points to get the best gear.

    The spotting mechanics are very odd, this game doesn't work by line of sight, instead the tank and crew "skills" define if you see or not targets, and, while this looks nice in paper, its really not in practice. Also, after you get spotted, even if you hide, the enemy can see where you are for a few seconds, this might sound like its not a big deal, but it is, if you play the game you will understand.

    Another very odd thing is artillery. Artillery is like the sniper role, but the difference is, it fires a very powerful round that can reach most of the map, it causes massive damage even if doesn't hit, it can kill with one hit if it hits, and this unit is safe behind enemy "lines" hidden away from danger, which is in my opinion the very definition of game unbalance, which is enhanced by the bad spotting mechanics.

    Considering that this is a free game, I recommend trying it out, if it wasn't free I would give it a much lower score.
  74. Nov 24, 2013
    Do not waste time with this game. Between the admin's power-hungry actions, the developer's lack of assistance, glaring latency and framerate issues, obvious bugs, twisted balancing problems and pay to win model, you will only find yourself on a path of frustration and annoyance.

    I have a top of the line machine, yet I cannot run this game on even the BASIC graphics settings without
    MASSIVE framerate issues. Latency on both servers constantly fluctuates and that is IF you can even connect and STAY connected. I constantly have problems with the in-game tanks as well, being right up against enemies and STILL missing (server problems)

    Include the fact that the developers ONLY show up to punish people badmouthing the game and it's creators and NOT to assist ANYONE well, it just goes downhill from there. The concept is amazing and well executed but the rest of the problems this game faces makes it not even worth playing.
  75. Nov 18, 2013
    I think it's fun, probably my favorite game out there right now (2013). I can play for about 1-2 hours a day tops though. Lotta variety in tanks, fairly friendly community (compared to warthunder), most maps are decent, but some maps are simply not fun and tend to ruin a match. Some people whine about pay-to-win nature of the game, I haven't paid for anything and I still find it fun and do well (can get top gun medal, which is 6+ kills per match). Expand
  76. Nov 16, 2013
    World of tanks Is a difficult game to learn and get better at the matches are unbalanced because if your new to the game half your opponents have maxed perks for there tank crews and people starting out do not also enemy vehicles vanish while you target them and you are always still visible to them Aiming for week spots take way to much time and all in all this is the worst game to play so right from the begining your at disadvantage WOT is an awful game period Expand
  77. Nov 14, 2013
    This game brings again all those metal monsters in reality. But after long gameplay, I lost motivation and clicked on uninstall.
    I found, game has terrible battle generator. From 10 battles you are fighting aproximately 6-7 battles with tanks, where you have no chance (example B1 tank against KV-1S, Churchill), because your tank has gun which don't scratch enemy tank and you need gold
    ammo or you have to find target good for you. But also after that you need to shoot 4 10 times to destroy enemy and he shoot only once (KV-1S) and you are out. This result in situation, where you have no fun in 6-7 games and you are trying to hide your tank and trying to shoot from cover on destroyable target Here is nice to see, creators are trying to get money from you to solve frustrations (gold ammo quick research).
    Another bad point is hitting system. For example, I was hit in front right track(small peace visible behind house) and my engine blow up I used this bug against many other opponents and it works. Few hits in track and tank was destroyed. Also I hit enemy turret ring few times, but no damage. Many times I hit enemy, but shell just went through tank and explode behind tank. And there are many other situations, when you are looking like bacteria in pharmacy.
    But yes in those game, where you are fighting against tanks within same Tier (+-1 one above/lower it's really nice game for relax and fun (is needed close one eye, when you see hitting model).
    Game is not consuming so much time, if you can control yourself.
  78. Nov 9, 2013
    This game WAS pretty fun for me having so many tanks battle in one map was really fun along with the great graphics but there is one big problem, the same problem that has been repeated game after game. To win you need overpower tanks with abnormal buffs, and to get these you need Balance is gone and I QUIT!

    This game had so much potential, sad to see it become like this
  79. Nov 6, 2013
    Gotta love the people ranting about how much they hate the game. To bad most of them are doing it because they lack complete skill. I suppose that is going to be a problem if your the Number 1 most played game in the world. Never has one game hooked me for so long.
    The gameplay balance is fantastic. And matches are short (at most 15 min) making this game perfect for those who want a
    study break before their mid terms, or job. The graphics are average, but because of that the game will run on almost any PC, which explains its world wide user base. And if cranked up tot he max, their not terrible. Some of the great features of this game are the lack of being able to hack the game due to all major computations being done on the server instead of the PC, only real usable cheats would be aimbots, and such, and the game doesn't reward reflex shooting so there is not much gained using a aimbot. The game is simple enough in terms of basic gameplay that my grandfather who has never played a videogame in his life was able to play. Yet the true strength of the game lies in those that hone their skills and play competitively, The game has grown into one of the largest E-Sports in the world with top prizes for tournaments, and the season running over a million dollars in prize money.
    Outside of the gameplay, there are several cool things about the game. The first being that this game has one of the best free to play setups I've yet seen, the game doesn't have a pay to win option, real-world money really only accelerates your progress in getting new and better tanks so out side of a few tanks that you have to pay money for (and they are not better than their peers, they only make more money) a player can unlock all but 20 out of the 300+ tanks in the game without dropping a penny. Also new game content is immediately given to everyone not just those with money, and new content comes out every month, which along with physics and graphics updates, keeps the game fresh and new feeling.
    Another good feature is that the games economy and real world persistent territory meta game (think risk for player made clans) are combined with other games released by the same company (world of warplanes, and soon world of warships)
    Also just playing the game players will learn alot about tank combat, history and the history of individual tanks, so the game even teaches you some history and makes it so you want to lean more about the tanks you are driving.
    Lastly the company that created this game, donates a lot to charities and has even funded expeditions to recover old and rare crashed planes, and wrecked tanks, these guys are devoted to history

    In short this is a game which will get you hooked, keep you reeled in, and is a blast to play with ever more layers of gameplay depth that are discovered as one improves. A must play game.
  80. Nov 5, 2013
    I have played this game since day one of the beta, while its far from prefect it is alot of fun and its more or less free. The servers where overloaded this weekend so it is popular and you will not be waiting for a game. This game is not really designed to be played solo you need to join a clan get a headset and roll into action, A clan be be easily found on the forums.
    The biggest
    issue at the moment to me is the balance in the game with the match making and it can be unfair its hit and miss sometimes. The other main gear grinding issue is the Devs over power Russian tanks and under power non-russian.

    Over all its worth trying and it is free but it might not be for everyone, but play with freinds and you will have fun.
  81. Oct 25, 2013
    Some games are hard. Sometimes you get unlucky. If you can't handle that, this is not the game for you.

    Some people say without gold and premium time, the game is unbearable. These people are used to CoD where you can kill people with the click of a mouse. In order to be successful, you need to be smart, know how to destroy each tank and how your own tank works. If you unable to
    comprehend such lunacy, please don't play. You will make it worse for us with a basic understanding of the game.

    Overall, this a big boy game, where 12 year olds will rage quit at tier 3
  82. Oct 23, 2013
    Funny how this game has so bad reviews. This game is a very indepth tactical tank shooter, and is far above an average game. It has enough diversity, complexity and endgame to give you fun for years. I think its a bit hard to get all the mechanics at first, especially the camoflage and sight mechanics. And you should know which tanklines are good, cause many are just a waste of time.
    If you are intelligent enough, and know what you do, you can have tons of fun in this game.

    It has a few flaws. The matchmaking system. And some tanks are a bit unbalanced.
    They get balanced, but normally this takes a few month.
    If you get that unbalanced tank as fast as you can, its an advantage. ;-)

    If you test it and want to continue, i suggest you get premium account (subscription fee like a normal mmo. its around 10 bucks and depends how much you buy. i suggest you buy it monthly until the first premium special [15% off normally], and then get half a year. thats how i do it),
    cause you are always short on credits in this game, and 50% more is a must in my eyes, although i know 2 ppl that play without it. Takes a s***load of time to compensate.

    Overall i enjoy this game since 2 years. Its a really good game.
  83. Oct 23, 2013
    On of the best free to play online games i have played ever. 1 person perspective, tons of vehicles, lot of missions and all this just for free. It's a must have!
  84. Oct 21, 2013
    -Lots and lots of grind
    -Pay to win
    -It gets boring very soon
    -Very repetitive
    -Agonizing Matchmaking
    One of the worst game I ever played
  85. Oct 15, 2013
    A great MMO-styled game. I'm not going to say much except that it is a great game since all of the reviews here seem to be extremely critical for no reason other than the fact that they have no idea how to play the game. It would seem that most of the negative reviews here have two causes:

    1. Reviewer is absoloutely brain dead and can't play well in any way whatsoever

    2. Supposed
    glorification of Stalin

    It would seem that the majority of the negative reviews here are about the glorification of Stalin. Are you serious? At least the mindless negative reviews for Company of Heroes 2 were somehow justifiable, but giving the game a 0/10 because a few employees supposedly decided to "glorify Stalin", something that I haven't even heard of them doing? None of you should even have the right to give the game a score.

    Now I'll take the time to evaluate some of the critiques of the game that I have read thus far.

    First of all, I haven't spent a single cent on this game. Yet, I always consistently do well in every match and I have above average statistics. My WoT account name is ChakLong on the Asia server in case you were wondering. You say the game is pay to win? You are wrong. Stop making excuses simply because you are not good at the game. I've played all the way up to Tier 7, and soon Tier 8 without buying gold or premium, and I never will. Why would you spend money for things that are free and easily attainable (unless you are simply a horrid player)?

    There are many, many strategies out there on how to play the game and do well without being "forced" to buy gold. Yes, stock tanks don't do well. They are stock tanks. Were you expecting something different? Play well and you'll be fully upgraded in only a few rounds. Save up on your free experience when you are "forced" to grind instead of wasting it on unlocking tanks, and you'll easily get the stock tank to have top modules. What, your tank gets destroyed because you are driving around in the open like an idiot and not angling your armour or side-scraping, and your stock gun can't do anything against an enemy heavy that that is angled? If you learned to pick your targets and shoot weak spots, maybe you wouldn't be complaining.

    Unbalanced tanks? There are only good tanks that you have no idea how to use. Apparently British heavy tanks aren't very good according to low-level players. But they are the only tanks I drive, and my stats beg to differ. Every tank has its merits, just because you don't know how to use a tank doesn't mean that it is underpowered. What, you are facing tanks that are of a higher tier, and you are oh so helpless? Just because you lack any knowledge of game mechanics or even common sense and are unable to use your brain does not mean the game itself is bad.

    Now I will also address a completely ridiculous criticism: that it takes actual time and effort to unlock higher tier tanks. Should you just start World of Warcraft with the best gear and stats? Should you start Battlefield 3 with all guns, tools, and perks unlocked?

    The simple fact is that higher tier tanks do not give you an advantage. They are simply new ways to play the game. A effortless way to differentiate an idiot or an ignorant player from someone with at least a small trace of intelligence is that an idiot would play the game just to unlock higher tier tanks because they are supposed to give you an edge in battle. It would appear you have no knowledge of how matchmaking works in this game. Additionally, if you play just to get higher tier tanks, you are completely missing the point of the game. You cannot complain about the game supposedly being a grindfest when you are playing the game with the purpose of grinding. Don't be hypocritical.

    Frame rate and connection issues? Just because you are using a computer from 1990 and a dial-up connection doesn't mean the game isn't good.

    I can't be bothered to continue to point out the ridiculous and overly-critical reviews on Metacritic for this game, and I also don't have the liberty to continue on due to the word limit for reviews. Once again, mindless mob-mentality destroys the credibility of "democratic" voting systems. "OMG some dudes glorified Stalin! THIS GAME R SUXORS! PAY2WIN OMG I CAN'T PLAY THIS GAME FOR BALLS SO IT IS BAD! OMG I'M BEING FORCED TO PAY TO PLAY!".

    Now you might ask, why 9/10? Simply because it is not a revolutionary game that completely blew my mind. Full score reviews are given out so carelessly these days that, combined with the senseless mob reviews mentioned above, makes community scores from review sites such as Metacritic absolutely worthless. This is a great game, but not a perfect game, or one that amazed me so much to the point that it changed my life.

    And remember, just because you can't play a game well because you are used to running around like an idiot in Call of Duty, doesn't make a game bad. It just means you are an idiot.
  86. Oct 15, 2013
    I had a very mixed feeling when i first touched this game. I was never really into tanks, and i doubted that this game would fit me thematically, but high praise of a friend brought me to give it a try nontheless.

    World of Tanks is a third- and first person shooter with tanks. If you have shooter experience already: imagine this game just like any other shooter, with the twist that
    everything is somehow slower (this is an over-simplification, but it gives you a basic idea if you never played this game). This does not make the game boring, it rather makes it highly tactical: positioning, and being at the right spot in the right time wins or looses you your games.

    The game features several nations (such as Germany, UDSSR and USA). The game devs are actively adding more nations, and add new tanks to existing nations. You do not have to decide for a nation, and can have tanks of all nations if you want to. Most nations feature a wide array of vehicles, most of them are pretty distinctive from each other.

    You start out with tier 1 vehicles. By playing the game, each vehicle individually gathers experience, which you can use to improve your vehicle through researching better guns and other upgrades. Once you unlocked specific upgrades and gathered enough experience, you can unlock tanks of the next tier. The starting vehicles feel very similar to each other, but as early as you reach Tier 2 (which is a matter of 1-2 hours of even less) you can already feel huge differences between the individual vehicles. The highest tier is 10, and takes lots of time to get to.

    The game features 5 tank "classes".
    -Self Propelled Guns (Artillery, their task is to bombard key enemy vehicles)
    -Light Tanks (their task is to reveal enemies and hunt for Self Propelled Guns)
    -Medium Tanks (varying tasks, good allrounders)
    -Heavey Tanks (heavily armoured, heavily armed vehicle with very low maneuverability)
    -Tank Destroyers (destroying priority targets with their ability to pierce through thick armor)

    Each tank has Crew members. These crew members gather experience in battle, which increases their performance. Once their performance reaches a peak, they can start to learn additional skills or perks, such as faster repair of damaged tank modules, increased camouflage, or better tank maneuverability.

    The matchmaking is very balanced overall. Vehicles that feature roughly the same tier are put together in a match, and all classes are distributed among both teems in an equally balanced fashion. Some games can be frustrating if you happen to be the tank with the lowest tier in the match, but as often you can be top of the tier. Overall, the matchmaking is good and fun most of the time.

    World of Tanks is free to play. By playing normal games, you earn "Credits". These Credits are used to buy new tanks or tank upgrades that have been researched. It is also used to repair damaged tanks, refill ammunition, and to buy certain "Modules" that allow you to further customize your tanks (such as camouflage-nets to hide more easily, or tank gun rammers that decrease your reload time). You can invest real money in order to purchase "Gold". Gold unlocks premium memberships (these increase your income and experience), certain Premium Tanks (which are not stronger than other tanks, but have the advantage to earn more credits) and garage slots for more tanks. Everything else can also be bought with Credits.

    Even though this should result in a low buying-pressure, the opposit thing is the case. The more you play, the higher the buying pressure becomes. Unlocking more tank slots is essential if you want some variety in your played tanks. On higher tiers (tier 7 and up), the repair cost get horrendous, and it becomes really hard to earn credits without Premium Membership or Premium Tanks, while the prices of the tanks get higher and higher. This gets frustrating after some time. The prices for Premium Memberships, however, are fair and not over-the-top. Even Premium-Tanks with a high price-tag pay out due to their vast credit-earning ability.

    Here have some more Pros and Cons to playing World of Tanks.

    + Controls in this game are good and responsive, providing a satisfying skill-to-power ratio
    + Huge variety of distinctive tanks
    + Varying events on a regular base (at least once a week) keep the daily playing experience fresh
    + Games last only 3-15 minutes
    + Certain "Missions" are available at all time which are completed during normal gameplay, feels very rewarding

    - Buying Pressure ruins fun after some time
    - Some tanks are balanced in a very disappointing way (way too strong way too weak)
    - Playing with more than 2 other friends at a time gets complicated due to restrictions, except you play with 15 people (one team's size), then it is easy again.
    - Graphics are a little outdated.

    I recommend giving this game a shot. It is pretty fun, and it takes quite a while before the buying-pressure in this otherwise free-to-play-game kicks in.
  87. Oct 14, 2013
    Excellent free to play title with lovely g, new patches every month and great future ahead. I really enjoyed the lower tiers and i recommend starting with the American or Russian heavy tanks, the t29, t18 or the whole kv line are a real pleasure to play
  88. Oct 13, 2013
    At first glance this game offers a lot of fun you go right into battle with one of many tanks WoT has to offer. Later it gets more difficult to climb higher in tiers, especially with a free-to-play account. Training the crew, unlocking modules and gaining credits take awfully long.
    The urge to put money into this game constantly becomes higher, while the problems remain the same: the
    maps are much too small, the matchmaking is more or less awful (fighting tanks 2 tiers higher is quite common), and there doesn't seem to be a real development in the game itself. The only main improvement since the beta was the implementation of in-game physics, besides that only more and more new tanks raise the level of addiction, thus bringing in more money.
    All in all this is probably the most frustrating game I have ever played!
  89. Sep 25, 2013
    I've been playing for a long time, I will tell you so before you could play and now a continuous imbalance errors and bugs sama interesting rudeness developers highlights SeRB Now the game is so Tailor pulling money! They boast themselves of their achievements shout 65 million players! That's just not the players and Accounts where 80% of them are empty or they do not go nearly
  90. Sep 19, 2013
    This is an MMO-style game.
    If you have ever played any you will know that grinding is a part of gameplay unless you have a big team (in WoT's case, 15 people minimum).
    Game has 10 tiers of tanks, and as you might expect, the higher you get, the longer it takes to 'level up' (or... 'tier up'). Personally, after good 2 years of half hardcore half casual gameplay, I have just 2 Tier 10
    vehicles, mostly because top tier's are not always the most entertaining ones. On top of that I own ~20 vehicles between tiers 5 and 9, often unlocked out of curiosity.

    To all beginners: this game may be similar to LoL, but it's much more maths/estimation based. You have numbers: armor thickness, penetration, damage, angles weakspots etc that you have to all take into consideration when fighting against stronger enemies. It has a fairly steep learning curve, and it takes time to memorize characteristics of most common tanks in the game.
    Also, if you came here for historical battles, you will be disappointed. This game is actively balanced, meaning Tigers and even King Tigers are just Tier 7 and 8, meaning 20+ tanks can roflstomp you easily if you don't roll your armor using at least a little strategy.

    Lastly, the only reason I am giving it 9 out of 10, is because I did experience the feeling you get when you keep getting vs 2-Tier-Higher-Tanks style battles (which used to be up to 5 Tier higher in early days). Which can and will be annoying until you get to know the armor you fight against
  91. Sep 18, 2013
    Becoming better and better as it stops being P2W. The only issue I used to have was the P2W nature of the gold ammo and such, now that you can earn gold without real money it's awesome!
  92. Sep 18, 2013
    The gameplay is fun, the grind is... long. Very, very long. But since the gameplay is fun, as long as you're not grinding out a crappy tank, you can enjoy the time you do it!
  93. Sep 15, 2013
    WELCOME TO WORLD OF UNBALANCED TANKS! I have played over 4k games and i can definitely say this game has nothing to do with balance. It is a beta product a so called "free to play" that becomes shorty the most expensive game you ever bought. I waited and waited ...but to no avail. This game is taking the wrong path. The Soviet Union is having the most number of OP tanks followed by the US and at a great distance by other countries. (as of patch 8.8). The dev team primary priority is adding new tanks instead of balancing the ones present. Most people are only playing OP tanks like Matilda, KV1-S KV1 T29(american) T34(american) and selling the ones that are weak etc. In this game it doesn't matter how good you are as you are mostly inserted in retard teams just to satisfy Wargaming's MM algorithm and keep your WR down. But not only tanks...MM are a terrible show of Minsk's incapability for a FAIR game. Take a Panzer III and go against a Matilda. You will have no chance.They should balance TANKS not TEAMS! Everyone should have a fair 1 vs 1 not team vs team. The game forums are full of retards and trolls that defend their "fun" tanks (a.k.a OP-ness Lower tier are full of retards and higher tiers like 8,9 and 10 are full of wallet warriors with gold ammo that will make your angling and armor tactics irrelevant. Gold ammo sixth sense just a elevated and legal form of cheating...and this game is full of people taking advantage of Wargaming's lack of balancing .

    Almost every tier 1,2,3 is full of noobs witth OP T18's that one shot everything. In the hands of a pro-player the tank in unstoppable.Try to put a pro player in a LeichTraktor and let him fight a noob in a T18...and you will see the noob will own that pro player everytime. Talk about balance...

    The russian bias is true. Why does the SU have the largest number of OP tanks in the game if it wasn't Why is the pro-stalin propaganda now in place with "For Stalin" stickers? Why the keep nerfing the already weak german line (one of the hardest line in the game)

    The dev's like most russians are pro-stalinists. I am just amused of how many polish people play this game made by people that sympathize with a mass-murder.
  94. Sep 3, 2013
    I just love the tank just seeing them tanks makes me all happy inside, I love the tanks.

    Shiny tanks, funny tanks, free tanks. I just love dem tanks. Whenever I see a tank I just want to drop to the floor and clap. I fricken love the tanks, just gimmie some tanks.
  95. Aug 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An interesting concept which is spoiled by redundant play and unfair match making. The customer support borders on awful and the Moderators seems to be the type you could only find in a Stalinist fan club. The game is server side based, and frequently has issues with frame rates and bandwidth.

    This is a pay to play game, which seems constructed to suck money out of it's paying member, while treating those members like trash.

    The more you play World of Tanks, the more you will grow to hate it. It is the worst online game I have ever played.

    I would give it a negative rating, as a warning to those who may be tempted to try the game, but the scale only goes down to zero.
  96. MiQ
    Aug 29, 2013
    Horribly long grinds from tank to tank, forcing you to buy gold to minimize the boring game play.
    You can't choose which maps you'd like to play or choose not to play. Community is awful and developers are not listening communitys opinions about the game.
  97. Aug 22, 2013
    I have to say I love the game, and sure it has its faults. It is based around grinding, which appeals to me. You grind from tank to tank to get the top tank of a tech tree. The only real problem I have with it is the gold. It is somewhat overpriced for a year of premium, and gives too much OP-ness with the gold rounds. But, I have had the game for months now with only getting premium from the invite code I used and during special events. It is very survivable without it, it is just more of a challenge. It really just contains basic MMO elements used in the wrong way, and is being bashed upon for it. It is very fun, and includes historically accurate tanks, with some being prototypes or blueprints come to the digital game. Don't avoid this game, try it out if you are interested, and see how it is. Sure, you get the "WOW, Matchmaking!" battles sometimes, but those should be looked over at how fun really is. Expand
  98. Aug 21, 2013
    This is the most addictive game I've played in the last months. I've known the game for a long time, but never tried it out until now. It's fun and tactical, and even more tactical and fun when played with friends over a mic. I need to end this review to get back to battle.
  99. May 11, 2011
    At first it's fun but then it's constant struggle and frustration. I played closed beta for 4 months then stopped. Now I started again and after two weeks I must say that it still has many flaws. Sure, it's free but playing without premium account is a pain. Additionally, developers are trying desperately to encourage players to spend some money by forcing you to fight against higher tier tanks. Believe me, after playing countless battles in which you can't damage anything you will hate this game. Some may say that it's a challenge but I think that fun factor is important and this game lacks it.
    Next con are maps. There are too few of them and some are really badly designed. Another important flaw is imbalance. Some tanks are much better then others of the same tier, eg. infamous Russian T-54. Avoid this game, not fun.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. Dec 18, 2012
    Bucketloads of depth and surprisingly simple to jump into. It's free, too! [Jan 2013, p.84]
  2. Dec 12, 2012
    World of Tanks is the ultimate tank battle game, and with a price tag of 0 whatever your currency is - there really isn't anything major to complain about.
  3. Apr 10, 2012
    It combines aspects of great RPG games and first person shooters, wraps them into a package that will appeal to the historian, and tosses in a dash of addiction to combine into one great final product.