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  • Summary: In Cataclysm, players witness the face of Azeroth being altered forever, as the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing awakens from his subterranean slumber and erupts onto the surface, leaving ruin and destruction in his wake. As the Horde and Alliance race to the epicenter of the cataclysm, the kingdoms of Azeroth will witness seismic shifts in power, the kindling of a war of the elements, and the emergence of unlikely heroes who will rise up to protect their scarred and broken world from utter devastation. New features in the game's third expansion include: Two New Playable Races: Adventure as the cursed worgen with the Alliance or the resourceful goblins with the Horde. Increased Level Cap: Advance to level 85 and earn new abilities, tap into new talents, and progress through the path system, a new way for players to customize characters. Classic Zones Remade: Quest to level 60 as you never have before. Familiar zones across the original continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms have been reforged by the cataclysm and updated with new quests and content. Flying Mounts in Azeroth: Explore Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms from a whole new perspective. Guild Advancement: Progress as a guild to earn guild levels and guild achievements. New High-Level Content: Explore newly opened parts of the world, including Uldum, Grim Batol, and the great sunken city of Vashj'ir beneath the sea, and enjoy even more high-level raid content than in previous expansions. New PvP Zone & Rated Battlegrounds: Take on PvP objectives and daily quests on Tol Barad Island, a new Wintergrasp-like zone, and wage war in all-new rated Battlegrounds. Archaeology: Master a new secondary profession to unearth valuable artifacts and earn unique rewards. New Race and Class Combinations: Explore Azeroth as a gnome priest, blood elf warrior, or one of the other never-before-available race and class combinations. [Blizzard Entertainment] Expand
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  1. Dec 25, 2010
    Cataclysm doesn't just make WOW better. It does something even more valuable than that; it renews it. It fires your excitement at starting on that long road one more time, and invites you to relish the journey just as much as you'll lose yourself in its ending.
  2. Dec 17, 2010
    Bravo, Blizzard, Bravo.
  3. Dec 19, 2010
    Though five new levels are fewer than 10, Cataclysm is nonetheless the most radical game-changer the World of Warcraft has seen yet.
  4. Dec 20, 2010
    Cataclysm is perhaps not quite as awe inspiring as previous expansion packs considering this is all refinement and a reworking of original content but there's no denying the sense of sheer joy you feel rediscovering old yet familiar areas of Azeroth.
  5. Jan 10, 2011
    In the end, Cataclysm is a great expansion to World of Warcraft.
  6. Dec 31, 2010
    Cataclysm effortlessly mixes the casual focus of Wrath of the Lich King with the decidedly more challenging endgame prospects of classic WoW.
  7. Jan 10, 2011
    The new expansion for the critically acclaimed MMORPG is huge and massive. While new players should try it out without even thinking about it, the old users might not find the huge cataclysm it rumored to be. The content for the new leveling bracket looks a bit too familiar despite the excellent artistic and quest design endeavors. Overall the Cataclysm is definitly what a WoW-fan should expect from Blizzard but is not as cataclysmic as it first promised.

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  1. Dec 7, 2010
    Every area has been redone, and if not completely redone, then slightly convenienced. The quest flow is amazing now! Start a Human and go thru Elwynn, Westfall, and Redridge. By the end of the three regions, each with their unique stories (well Elwynn is much the same), you will agree with me. Much better than classic. Everything continues to grow as the years go on Collapse
  2. May 22, 2011
    The game has been redecorated and redesigned to change the much needed to be changed old world areas. I will include the patch contents within the expansion because this is about the change in WoW, not necessarily the value of the product. The old world zones used to be difficult, not the fun type which requires simple skill, but they were difficult to get through because they were tedious and frankly boring. However with cataclysm these things change, and mostly for the better. Old zones are redesigned so the effects of the catacylsm (mainly lava zones) are shown throughout, however the biggest addition are the quests. There are cinematics, phasing, and most important simply more quests. The 1-60 content is often better than any outlands or northrend content, making it seem much more feasible to start the new character you always wanted. However, during the leveling process, they have made it so quickly that its very possible to skip through things way to fast, for instance, i finished Stonetalon mountains within perhaps 1-2 hours, and i had gone up a whole 5 levels. Its like this of course until the early 50s, where blizzard tends to slow things heavily, but it is still a welcome addition. Now for the 80-85 content, which is actually some of the best blizzard has ever produced. The quests are epic in scale and involving many important lore characters, and even though their mostly against the odd Twilight Hammer. This also brings up another issue, the lore is quite unfitting besides the story of Deathwing (who is a fantastic villain) and the twilight hammer. The twilight hammer simply dont fit because they were always a very small part of the previous versions of the game, and only now do they go onto par with the demons and undead. It also marks the departure from the warcraft 3 lore, meaning blizzard will have to crank the creativity wheel soon enough to add to the lore anymore. The two new races Goblin and Worgen, are also a slight disappointment, but not because its blizzards fault. There simply werent enough players wanting new classes, and it resulted in very little amount of the new races. However their starting zones (especially the worgen) are great, and show the races homeland get destroyed as they take sides with their new factions. Now for the last part, and arguably the most important part, the endgame. The endgame is much better than Wotlk's easiness. The heroics, especially at the beginning of the release, were extremely hard and required teamwork and crowd control not seen since the BC days. It marked a return to the old days of classical wow, and was a huge welcome addition to many hardcore players. The design of the dungeons are great as well, with bosses being very flashy and numerous, and the diversity being good between them. Not much can be say about the raids however, mainly because they simply are not very good. There are three raids in total, and they are all much harder than WotLK beginning raids, however they are not memorable much at all. Over all i rate the game an 8, because the redesign of the old world is ultimately amazing, but with not much different to bring to the picture, wow's age marks are beginning to show. Expand
  3. Jan 4, 2013
    Haven't played on the official site yet!!! But a pretty good one!! Amazing ideas used!!! I guess the best online game till date!!! Gotta see the latest addition!! Expand
  4. Aug 19, 2013
    I started playing WoW a few months after release and continued playing fervently up until WotLK was released. I still played on and off casually during WotLK, however, still thinking the game was fun, but I just didn't have enough time to play as much anymore. I bought Cataclysm on the day of release to try it out and had a few thoughts on it. First of all, the game became a total joke (even more than before) where every quest or NPC was some silly pop culture reference, which I found to be a turn off. An entire zone was based off of an Indiana Jones movie! I made it to level 85, and quickly found myself bored by the PvE content. On the bright side, they added a talent to fury warriors that allowed me to pull aggro constantly during normal 5 mans and not die because of the increased chance to parry. This was very useful and enjoyable while DPSing, as paying attention to aggro became too tedious. In fact, it was at this time that the best part of Cataclysm stood out to me: huge explosions of large yellow numbers, more yellow numbers than I had ever seen on my screen before as a warrior. Maybe years of WoW playing just burned me out, or maybe Cataclysm sucks. If you really want to buy the game and try it then decide for yourself, but I'd say its worth passing on unless you really love the WoW universe. Expand
  5. Mar 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. And then there is Cataclysm. It's THE borderline of WoW. Your experience with this game will really depend on whatever you played from Vanilla or you jumped on the train not long ago. I wasn't as excited as I was at previous Expansion Packs because I knew what summarily they bring. The new areas are really good and the stories are good, I'll sing that. I played Western/Eastern Plaguelands and Westfall which were pretty good and of course the 5 new Cataclysm zone (Yes, only 5 since the maximum level was pushed up with only 5!). I hoped they have made it harder since 3.2.0 but I soon realized how foolish I was to think this. It became so easy that you barely need to think anymore. The abilities became extremely overpowered (for Warriors at least). And Questing/Leveling was like surfing on small tides, It didn't have difficulty at all! I thought at level 85 I might find some challange but no. The heroics were again using the same system but with Points (why Points now?) and Battlegrounds used the same system with points too (at least this mostly remained like it did). So what did I do? Try out the new species (Goblin and Worgen). Wait. What are these classes? Tauren Paladin? MAGE DWARF? Orc Mage? I understand now. They killed half of WoW with the Badge system in 3.2.0 and now they killed the other half with messing the whole plot up, but this half was the one that was with Warcraft at its RTS roots too. Why would suddenly Taurens turn to the light? Dwarves are immune to magic in this way (they couldn't become mages). Even Dragon Age 2 could keep this rule. And Orc Mage.. Who thought that picking random class combinations out of the blue was a good idea? Why did they even do these combinations that completely DENIES THE LORE!? And there are the "merely a setback" characters. In Burning Crusade this was a great idea and it might made you smile in WOTLK, but It's extremely overused here. Hogger, Ragnaros, Nefarian, Onyxia, Cenarius (Yep, It makes the orcs' victory at Ashenvale completely meaningless). Oh, and Cairne is dead who was the leader of the Tauren since Warcraft 3 and got killed in some quest. Ultra Great,really... And what's with the constant instance repeating? I mean, Naxxramas was a great idea. But now they use Zul'Gurub, Zul'Aman and old bosses up again? I hope you were happy with your Amani War Bear because soon everyone will be running with that one all around. At least there are some more positives, It makes puts some character into the story which haven't done anything before : Matthias Shaw of the SI:7, Prince Anduin and It welcomes some new ones. I don't know what this expansion will bring up later but I'm not sure I'll resume playing it during the summer because It's so nerfed (they made it so easy) that I might play a week if I resumed It and then I would be jumping and talking in a Capital City. So to sum this one up: If you are new on the train, you might like it but if you are a veteran, you'll want to deny this as being part of Warcraft. For the later one I can only say what i said before, go to Vanilla or any private server that is before the 3.2.0 patch. And if the previous got bored of It or doesn't like it too, They might wanna check the previous games too. Expand
  6. Apr 30, 2011
    I *may* still be a WoW addict, but it seems less likely by the day. I haven't even downloaded the 4.1 patch. Why? I'm bored. Cataclysm revamped all the old world zones, redoing most of the quests! Cool, but they also made it absurdly easy to fly through them in a bare minimum of time. Why spend so much effort on giving the leveling process a facelift, only to be done with it so quickly? There is this persistent rush to end-game, and when you get there... there's very little left to do. Particularly if it's with the same character you've reached end-game on in previous expansions. There are achievements! Got 'em on my main, minus a fair bit of the ones requiring a raid. I really have no desire to get them again on another character, just for the sake of having them. Dungeons! Heroics! Have all the gear I can possibly use for an upgrade from them... on 6 or so toons, and their offspecs. PvP! Okay, really. I *know* Blizzard is in a constant struggle to balance PvP, but I just don't see it ever actually happening. Ever. Happens I have few-month-long moods where I really want to PvP, so I do it anyway, balanced or not. Well, since the massive battlegroup merger, and the faction changing for a fee thing, my beloved Horde *massively* outnumbers the Alliance. This leads to absurdly long queue-times for battlegrounds, and the inevitable sitting in Orgrimmar, waiting, that goes with it. Gets a bit old. Raids! Yes, I enjoy raiding, but you can only raid so many times per week. What's left? Professions? I have all of the professions maxed on various characters, except for archaeology. Which, as another reviewer quoted, involves staring at a stick with a blinking light, and *massive* amounts of travel time. /Yawn. So, we're left with leveling another character... again. Well, I've definitely got that covered--I have two accounts with max character limits on one server alone. Leaving me with absurd things like 3 priests, and 2 lvl 85 prot paladins, etc. Why? Well, not counting the fact that it's about the only thing left to do, I actually *like* leveling. Well, yay, there's new content for leveling up to 60. I've done all the new quests, on Horde and Alliance toons. It goes by too quickly, and I just end up with yet another 85 that I can't bare to delete, but probably won't play very often. As for the whole concept of "cata dungeons are hard!", they were moderately difficult initially, especially in comparison to the ones in Wrath, but, last I was playing they were easy mode again. Really, the dungeon-finder hp/healing/damage bonus is nice, but with 208k hp (with that bonus) and good avoidance and mitigation, I really didn't need CC any more. Yes, you still have to do appropriate things to compensate for various boss mechanics, for the most part, but it really had gone right back to "tank grabs a group, we all kill it, next!" from Wrath. For a little while, there was a hint of challenge. Now I don't care if you're hitting my target or not, I'm not gonna lose threat to you. That's just the tanking standpoint. With two accounts full of toons on one server, I *do* do other things, and I'm still bored. The new zones are interesting the first time through. Vashj'ir added in the element of needing to look above and below you, instead of just around you on a plain, but it loses its shiny luster of newness rather quickly. Most people find the zone pretty, but annoying. I only know of two people who don't hate it. The constant chain of cinematics in Uldum is an interesting twist the first time through, but after that, it's incredibly annoying to try to skip the cutscene, and find out you don't get the quest update, and have to go back and actually sit through the whole thing again. Also, an annoying facet of questing in the lvl 80-05 zones is that, with the ability to fly in the old world, the new zones were designed for you to fly in them. That doesn't sound problematic at first, but it massively affects mob spacing. You kill one mob, and then run just a bit too long to get to the next one, or you have to mount up, hop a short distance in the air on your flying mount, and then kill the next mob. Over all, the content is visually appealing, in the same WoW style, but the "new" parts get old pretty quickly. That's a gripe I have about the game as a whole, actually. Content gets outdated *fast*. Sure, you can do a Vanilla raid at lvl 60, because you can actually zone into the raid zone, but good luck finding other level appropriate people to do it with. Everyone wants to zoom through them on 85s. For luls, I soloed most of Kara shortly after Cata came out... on a holy priest. Sure, it's got the amusing "look what I can do" factor, but like everything else, it loses its appeal rapidly. If you don't mind using WoW as a giant chat room for weeks on end while waiting for major content patches, then you won't have a problem with Cata. It's pretty, but it's nothing truly new. Expand
  7. May 22, 2014
    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm SUCKS!
    -more than 40 minutes waiting in a queue to play random dungeons
    -bugged quests and dungeons

    -mobs that never die
    -lags that disconnect you from server
    -piece of **** gameplay
    -never get an answer from customer support/ticket system
    -and many lies


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