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  1. Sep 27, 2012
    Same old boring world of warcraft now catered for even younger kids in the 10-12 year age, god what has happend to MMO's these days...Blizzard is panically milking the last money possible out of their costumer base before everyone leaves.
  2. gmx
    Sep 27, 2012
    From bad to worse. Blizzard has hit a new low. Anyone giving this a 10 must be a blizzard employee or completely delusional. After seeing what people in-game are saying, there's no way there are this many people who actually think this garbage deserves a "10". Whatever, I'm done with WoW for good. Enjoy your pandas and 8 year olds.
  3. Sep 27, 2012
    First of all just want to say that Iv been playing WoW for over 6 years and I have experienced the game from the beginning. First thing I dont like about MoP is the whole simplified formula Blizzard came up with for new / bad players. To be this totally beats the concept of a game, where game should be changeling with some kinda learning curve, I hate hope WoW has become a no brain game that requires minimum skill to play.. I mean damn watching TV is more fun than MoP.. Second, the PvP is imbalanced, the worst it have been so far, there are classes doing too much dps / healing, and classes that are doing too little..I dont know why would Blizz want to throw away 8 years of developing pvp balance and then just throw it all away with the new talent system... Third, the new content is the same old cake, just different icing.. I think Panda's where a bad idea also, I mean there is nothing " Fantasy " about Fun Fu Pandas, WoW is a Fantasy MMO after all.. Oh well, I want give them my money for that junk, Expand
  4. Sep 27, 2012
    Been playing since vanilla and I can honestly say that this is the worst expansion ever. Loads of bugs, lagg, disconnects, rude customer support, the list goes on and isnt worth my time. They have lost me as a customer and I will boycott anything this company sells.
  5. Sep 27, 2012
    It's sad to see how far World of Warcraft has fallen. WoW used to be an amazing game. Even up until the beginning of Cataclysm it was still the best MMO and the obvious choice for serious gamers. Now it's just not the same game we fell in love with over 7 years ago. "Jumped the shark" can't begin to describe what Actiblizzard has done to the masterpiece that was World of Warcraft.
  6. Sep 28, 2012
    "Everyone gets a trophy for showing up".
    This unfortunately is Blizzards mantra on their game design these days. In an attempt to staunch the loss of subscribers Blizz has decided that content needs to be easy, unchallenging, and provide rewards regardless of effort or skill. The leveling process, which is a huge part of any RPG MMO has slowly but surely been flattened and dumbed down to
    little more than a themepark ride, where mashing your buttons randomly will reward you with success, and never once will there be any danger of failure for poor decisions. Even the traditional challenge of needing to learn the mechanics of your class to succeed in group content; such as dungeons and raids, has been removed in favour of sleepwalking through content to collect shiny loot at the end.
    Another huge part of any MMO; the social aspect, has been gutted and left to rot in favour of appeasing the lazy anti-social loot-hungry players. While forming a group through actual social interation and discussion was time consuming, it created bonds with fellow players, it opened up opportunities for guild recruitment and just good old fashioned making friends. But crucially it created a sense of value in other players when teaching each other and sticking with a group meant something. Now with the auto dungeon/raid finder other players have zero value. Its far easier to abuse another player and kick them out the group knowing that the automatic finder tool will happily keep replacing that player for you until you find someone that meets your exact required numbers.
    Groups are just silent anti-social loot farming expeditions, where kicking for the slightest of perceived mistakes or shortcomings are the order of the day. Friends lists are all but dead and empty, guilds have dried up and disappeared in favour of the mega-leveling guilds which are used only for their guild level benefits. The social aspect of the game has been inadvertantly destroyed for the sake of ease and laziness. Just because players want the easiest route doesnt mean its actually good for them and the community, just as children who only want to eat icecream but we know that making them eat their vegetables is good for them in the longterm.
    The dungeon and raid content has also been a victim of easy no-effort rewards. Players who have no interest in learning about their class, learning how to player more effectively have found that its much easier to complain to Blizzard and demand easier content. In the belief that making content as easy as possible will prevent further subscriber loss Blizz happily keep dumbing group content down. Now Raid Finder is nothing more than a loot distribution tool requiring a half-asleep raid group to hit a cardboard cutout boss before watching it fall over so they can pat themselves on the back for completing a "challenging raid and getting hard-won loot".
    All of this while the core game has never brought any real innovation to the genre. The age old hamster wheel of fetching 10 boar spleens and killing 8 kobolds to level up, so you can farm the same handful of dungeons to get gear for raiding so you can farm the same raid to get gear for the next expansion, all so you can then farm to replace all your gear for a few more +1's and wait to do it all again in a couple months. No meaningful character progression outside of farming gear over and over again. Proffessions that are meaningless other than providing a couple of minor stat boosts. PvP that relies on tedious endless point grinding to get gear just to be able to compete. Daily quests that are nothing more than more hamster wheels to deperately keep you paying your monthly fee while waiting to farm more dungeons.
    Lastly the talent system that has been reduced to a simplified system which is terrified of letting anyone make a mistake. The idea of making a poor decision and learning from it has been deemed unacceptable. Everyone needs to succeed all the time, regardless of skill or knowledge. As such its a system with no real choice, since there are no "wrong" choices. Its a theme that is repeated throughout the games design. When everyone is a winner, then nobody wins.
  7. Sep 28, 2012
    It's sad to see how far World of Warcraft has fallen. WoW used to be an amazing game. Even up until the beginning of Cataclysm it was still the best MMO and the obvious choice for serious gamers. Now it's just not the same game we fell in love with over 7 years ago. "Jumped the shark" can't begin to describe what Actiblizzard has done to the masterpiece that was World of Warcraft.

    talent system is a joke now. You can close your eyes, pick random talents, and end up with a viable character. Customizing your character and creating that perfect build is one of the most basic and fundamental aspects of playing any RPG. Even if that spec came off of a website, it still took some work to figure it out and tweak it to your needs. They've essentially removed talents altogether and made the specs all cookie cutter.

    No new content. Sure there's new dungeons, raids, zones, etc., but it feels like Blizzard is just going through the motions and this point and milking the game for everything they can. It's all the same rehashed content with no real substance or innovation.

    The game is old. Mists of Pandaria would have looked impressive back in 2004, but for a 2012 release the graphics are pathetic.

    Pandas...Yeah yeah they predate Kung Fu Panda, Blizzard can retcon whatever they want, and there's already other animal people in the game. But still, it's Kung Fu Panda. The game doesn't have the same "serious" feel to it like in past expansions, and that's important when you're investing 20+ hours every week playing it competitively. Although extremely nerdy, there was something cool about spending 40 hours a week with your guild trying to kill the Lich King. Now that feeling is gone. It's more difficult to justify the same hardcore playstyle when you're dealing with Pandas.

    The story, the poor poor story. Not much to say besides the writers have clearly lost their touch when it comes to creating interesting and at times logical lore. To be fair it's been in steady decline for a while now, but Pandaria is a new low.
  8. Nov 7, 2012
    I have been playing it since it's release and it's really boring for someone who is new to the game. It has too much "questing" collecting things and getting reputation, something that is not Warcraft and it's not fun at all. I'm still trying to understand what's so interesting about this game, what keeps the player base in it, but it's only the "item race" to get the best items on the game before someone does. It doesn't worth 15USD every month or paying for the Battlechest + Mist of Pandaria if you could get a lot of fun from other games that are cheaper and interesting (like GTAV, COD, GW2, etc.). For a game that is supposed to fell like a MMO it fells like a Facebook game.
    The story line is really childish focused on young audience, I don't even recommend it for young children because of the addictive level the game has. So far, the worst game to play right now.
  9. Oct 14, 2012
    Waste of money, i did not like anything about this "pvp expansion" The leveling was fun i guess but its all the same old same old with dumbed down game mechanics this does not truly feel like a MMO anymore.
  10. Pk8
    Oct 28, 2012
    I came here expecting to find a low score, but what surprised me the most is how many 10s this game got! There is no way these 10 point reviews are written by actual gamers. The expansion is a complete bust, and I don't know a single person who thinks adding pandas and lowering the difficulty of an already mindless game was a good idea. You know why people call it kiddy? Because it feels like you're playing something geared towards very young children. I would also like to add that as an Asian-American I found the stereotypical and overdone voices of the Pandas to be very offensive. Expand
  11. Nov 3, 2012
    New expansion - it's a joke! You grind more than ever - reputation, justice/valor points etc... You still have the same stupid quest types - kill xxx mobs, gather xxx plants, save and escort xxx npc's... New class - "yeah! let's make it overpowered and nerf all the other classes, so every raid must have a monk!" The glitches from previous expansions still aren't fixed - when gathering quest items, You still have a chance that mobs won't drop it for 1h, eventually dropping more than needed in quest. Personal loot tables? Yeah, right... LFR = no loot at all, 10/25man - there still is a chance that boss will drop something for a class/spec that isn't even in the raid group! Too bad Blizzard again serves us reheated meat instead of cooking something new, especially when Guild Wars 2 showed how new MMORPG should look like. It seems like Blizz just want to make MMORPG for casuals - easier talent trees, "legendary weapon for all" and expanding LFR (item upgrades coming in 5.1) so that players won't cry when their items will have Raid Finder addition in tooltip and giving purple items for everyone - now raid level items from quests! Guild Wars 2 - new, fresh look at MMORPG and questing/grinding playstyle, WoW: MoP - the same things that was in earlier expansions, but made easier for casual players, and not so rewarding and demanding like, in example, ICC/Ulduar - for semi- and full hardcore players. Expand
  12. Nov 4, 2012
    Yeah Kung-Fu Panda... seriously? Blizzard it's time to show the world your project titan.

    World of Warcraft has a special place in my heart, and I was thrilled by the original, Burning Crusade too, but then it started to loose it's self, and this expansion only proves the point.
  13. Nov 5, 2012
    Sparkle ponies, bubbly bouncing pandas, gnomes, and faeries. Pink swords and glowing purple shoulder pads. Angry 13 year olds who can't hack it in a real skill-based mmo. The worst gaming community on Earth. Severely outdated graphics and game play. Pop culture references aimed at pre-teens. Grown men playing one of the most simplistic and easiest mmos out there - and taking it seriously. Sad expansion for a sad game for sad people. Expand
  14. Oct 3, 2012
    Activision was the death of blizzard as we once knew them. Everything they release is an obvious attempt at getting as much money from the consumer as possible. This isn't as bad as diablo 3, but it's a very close second. Nothing innovative with this expansion. Hit the level cap in a day or two, and back to the same old stuff. Sorry but this wasn't fun during WOTLK and it isn't now.
  15. Sep 28, 2012
    honestly, i didn't expect any better, just another pointless expansion with no texture or graphics updates, i think WoW has had it's time and needs to rethink there style and what makes an MMO fun. gameplay is dull , nothing new brought to the MMO genre. However, i did enjoy the dungeons.
  16. Oct 2, 2012
    Every expansion has breathed new features and new life into WoW. This one doesn't. It simplifies the game to the point of absurdity, offers nothing to improve on the dated, now-ugly graphics and effects, and offers nothing compelling we haven't seen and done before. The new race isn't interesting, the new zones aren't interesting, and the new class is slightly interesting. Once you get to the new level cap, which takes practically no time whatsoever, you'll be treated to...easy end-game that, frankly, isn't very interesting. If you're addicted to WoW, you'll undoubtedly buy this. If not, just pass. There are so many MMOs out there now offering different features and playstyles, there's really no reason to play this one anymore. Expand
  17. Oct 15, 2012
    First: a copy of Asia in WoW? That's not cut, that's not creative - that's simply cheap. Same with the whole armory. Compared to the gear and level design in Cata, MoP is simply crap. Next thing: the talent "tree". That's no tree at all. It even doesn't have talents. It's just choosing 6 skills. Some of them are pretty cool, many are just copies of old talents - the real ones. That sucks. Next: the PVP. They all call it the "PVP Addon". Did anyone of these guys even play PVP in GW2? WoW never was a PVP-MMO and it never will be one. PVP boring as always. Last: the endgame content. Well, the only reason I give 2 Points for: it's a bit harder to beat. But I bet they will patch it easier, as they always did. I really loved WoW, but it's old and boring now. The world and the whole gameplay are so stiff like an 90 year old guy and its simply ridiculous how WoW tries to copy GW2 and other MMOs with it's scenarios and Pokemon stuff. That's simply cheap. Expand
  18. Sep 27, 2012
    I am not sure what happened to WoW and why it happened. The game DOES not feel like WoW anymore. The player graphics are just horrid and you really notice this when your Night Elf is standing next to a Panda bear. They should not have released the game without updating 10 year old models that we see every second we are logged on. The monsters and instances are so dumbed down. I feel no real accomplishment at all. Not sure about you but I don't play video games to run around naked in Org / SW turning people into bunnies. I play for a gaming challenge. It's Blizzards own fault that they have catered to and spoiled gamers into their current shape. Players weren't this terrible in TBC, we ran very tough Heroics because people had to L2play. Now? I guess learning to play is too hard and too much to ask for.

    There is nothing exciting or new about MoP, imo. It's just a gear reset, here comes the mindless gear grind all over again.

    PvP is atrocious. I have already reached 90 and the same classes blow you up in seconds while your healer is in a 30 second CC chain. I love PvP, but have given up on WoW PvP entirely at this point and will sate my PvP thirst over at GW2.
  19. Sep 27, 2012
    Not the worst expansion, but definitely not the best either. The Pandaren starting zone is boring and very slow paced, especially since you are unable to send over your BoA items straight away. The art style and music in Pandaria is great. Cross realm zones hurt the game more than they add to it. Pet battles are an absolute joke and are a prime example as to why Cory Stockton should not be a Lead Content Designer. Level 90 class talents are not balanced at all in that some classes only get meh abilities. Expand
  20. Sep 27, 2012
    This game completely sucks now. WoW was once one of the best mmos on the market, but now it's one of the worst. There are free to play games that trump WoW these days, and paying $15 a month for this terrible game just seems stupid after the MoP debacle.
  21. Sep 30, 2012
    Once you get past the initial visual wonderland of Pandaria and reach 90, you will find just how shallow this game is. Not only is the game shallow, it is also schizophrenic: On one hand, Blizzard has made it ridiculously easy to complete content with the nerfing of talents and linear structuring of quests. Likewise, responding to complaints from Cataclysm, Blizzard has made Heroic dungeons mindnumbingly easy to the point where a decent tank and healer with 3 mediocre DPS can chain pull entire dungeons. Yet, while they've made dungeon crawling insanely easy compared to early Cataclysm, they've reverted back to Burning Crusade design for reputation grinding. There's even two reputations you can't touch until you've gotten a third, separate, reputation to revered. If you are like me and enjoy having reputations at exalted, prepare to endure a hellishly slow grind of daily quests where you gain only 100-500 rep per quest. They even did a nearly direct copy and paste of the Netherwing Ledge grind from Burning Crusade and called it "Order of the Cloud Serpent" (complete with sky races and rare spawning eggs). Then there's the Tillers, where you have to get reputation with *individual NPCs* in order to get overall reputation. |||| Professions have become markedly easier with most of them easily completed to level 600 well before you reach level 90. On my main, I had enchanting at 600 by 87 and tailoring at 600 by 88. Never in the past have I had all my professions at max *before* I hit max level cap. |||| Pet battles and the Tillers (aka Farmville or Harvest Moon) are nifty but gimmicky and a poor excuse for content. They're nowhere near as good as their original sources so they won't have staying power over time. |||| Frankly, it feels like they don't know where they're going. They've made too much of the game overwhelmingly easy and are trying to use reps as the hook to keep people playing. Unfortunately, it's not 2007 anymore and this isn't Burning Crusade. I struggled through Cataclysm and was actually excited for Pandaria but I find it to be as lacking, if not moreso, than Cataclysm. It would appear, then, that after 8 years, I will likely be bidding adieu to Azeroth as I just don't see the game getting better any time soon. It's sad when pet battles, WoW's version of Farmville/Harvest Moon/SIMS, and the complete trashing of the RPG elements of talents are considered major sales bullet points. Expand
  22. Nov 6, 2012
    Is it me? Or am I the only one who thinking the next expansion... if there ever is one. Will be World of Warcaft: Rainbow Pony Friendship? Even when i saw the WoW commercial on TV. I thought it was a trailer for the next Kung Fu Panda and that movie is seriously where I think Blizzard got their ideas from. 0 creativity, 0 thought, and 0 respect toward their loyal players. This game is NOTHING like what it once was. Classic, and Burning Crusade looking back feel like and are a totally different game. It seems like their idea of business is to take your money and for you to shut up. I even tried to give my account to my girlfriend so she didn't haft to buy it. She wanted the account name changed to hers. Customer Service told me we needed to submit 2-3 copies of each of our LEGAL Identification to get a name change. What is this? Here in the US to vote for a President you don't even haft to show ONE piece of ID. LOL and this is for a VIDEO GAME account. But, that didn't end there. The client then proceeded to threaten to ban my account since letting her have/play it was a violation of the EULA. As a BIG leader in the gaming industry i expected more. Collecting millions and billions if revenue a year, they would be the most polished company on earth. But to assume that, you would be DEAD wrong. Expand
  23. Sep 28, 2012
    This game deserves nothing higher than a 0. It's graphics are dated back to the stone age, the lore is **** and the community is made of children. The class mechanics are all blending together in a horrible mush.
  24. Sep 29, 2012
    Blizzard really needs to re-learn how to make fun games. Nothing new, same old stuff with more ilvl, same old crafting materials, and questing is still boring.
  25. Sep 28, 2012
    Pandas... Excellent, here's a 0 for blizzard. If i could I'd give it -1000. The graphics look like a turd, I have seen PS2 games look better than WoW. Good job blizzard.
  26. Sep 28, 2012
    Now, I used to raid in WoW for over a year but real world time commitments have forced me to stop playing so hard. WoW is years polished and I love playing as a healer but I've simply burnt out on this model. It's fine if many other people have not but I have. I find myself frustrated compared to playing say Guild Wars 2, and while a 3 is pretty harsh, I'd say this feels like their least inspired work to date. Bring on Titan Blizzard if you really want to set the next standard again. Expand
  27. Sep 28, 2012
    This game is horribly disappointing. I felt like a 10 yaer old girl playing it. Really, pandas and pokemon? After Diablo 3's rip off Blizzard really needed to hit a home run with Mists of Pandaria and they failed miserably. Never buying another Blizzard game. Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me. Off to GW2 I go.
  28. Sep 28, 2012
    I played WoW back in 2006 and was surprised when I resubbed that the game did not age well at all. The questing is dated, the graphics look terrible, and the community is probably the most vile I have ever seen anywhere. Got my refund after one day of playing.
  29. Sep 28, 2012
    Have the people leaving 9s and 10s even played this? "Beautiful scenery" and "immersive questing" or how about "fascinating storyline" WTH??? Seriously? Are we talking about the same game here?? The positive reviews have got to be from bitter fanboys or blizzard corporate shills. Seriously this game is trash through and through.
  30. Sep 29, 2012
    Ummm no. Just no. Huge waste of $40. All I have to say to anyone who would actually pay $15 a month for this game after MoP is: BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WoW is now the joke of the gaming world!
  31. Oct 1, 2012
    horrible just horrible

    say bye bye to wow u knew once

    this is the worst expansion blizzard has ever done to date

    i wont bother explaining whats wrong and whats good.
  32. Oct 1, 2012
    Pet duels? Pandas? What the heck is this crap. After the fiasco that is DIablo 3, this game seals it for Blizzard's demise. The collector's edition is ok, but the included digital addons for their other games are just a major disappointment.
  33. Oct 6, 2012
    After playing a vanilla wow private server and then playing this and comparing the two games, I can really say Blizzard has completely ruined wow, this game really sucks now and there's no point playing it. I used to be so addicted to this game , I would play every day and it was all I thought about, now it's a piece of crap.
  34. Oct 1, 2012
    Once again Blizzard goes backwards. World of Warcraft mist of Pandaria has been dumbed down so much it feels more like Kitty online then actually world of warcraft. If you are between 2 and 6 years old this game is for you
  35. Oct 1, 2012
    Blizzard must have lost all of its competent employees, because the games they are putting out now are awful. Diablo was a thinly veiled excuse to funnel real money out of the auction house. This expansion for Wow is just a further dumbing down of the franchise to maximize cash whilst minimizing actual substance. This poor MMO needs to be euthanized and Blizzard's IPs need to be rescued before they are all destroyed. Expand
  36. Sep 27, 2012
    Please do not listen to the fanboys on here. This expansion is awful. The same people that are giving 10s are the same people that will be whining about how much they hate it an a few weeks. Same thing happened with Cataclysm (which I didn't think was all that bad), except Pandaria is waaaayyyy worse. What a trainwreck! Blizzard what were you thinking?
  37. Sep 27, 2012
    Mists of Pandaria sucks! The Pandaren suck, the quests suck, pandaria sucks, talents suck, monks suck, pvp sucks, crz sucks, ect. ect. Fun fact: Pandas are so lame they won't even mate with each other to save their own species.
  38. Oct 1, 2012
    Everything about this expansion is sub-par. Can't believe they put this much effort into making WoW worse. It's obvious their target demographic is now children and those who aren't used to playing games of any kind. Thankfully there are much better mmos out there for the adult gamer. The Pandas look EXTREMELY stupid and out of place.
  39. Oct 1, 2012
    A lot of people are comparing the new pet battles to Pokemon.......well that is insulting to Pokemon! The pet battle system is like an ultra dumbed down version of Pokemon. Of course rest of the xpac is pretty lame, but that's obvious.
  40. Oct 4, 2012
    The new talent system is terrible. Sure, the majority of people used cookie cutter builds with the old system, but at least you had a choice. Now you are FORCED into a cookie cutter build. The monk class is boring. The new quests are dumbed down to the max (just like everything else). Graphics are terrible. Story is laughably childish. The pandas look ridiculous, and again extremely childish. A very sub-par expansion, and not the quality you would expect from the Blizzard of old. Expand
  41. Oct 6, 2012
    Blizzard as we knew it in its respectable glory days, is dead. I sure am glad WoW is getting more intricate and complex, OH WAIT, it's a simplified kiddy pile of crap. "War" "Craft" "Panda" YEAH real interesting collection of ideas for a game. Diablo III was amazing too. LOL

    All hail the almighty $.
  42. Oct 31, 2012
    I played wow since TBC in chunks of a few months and stopped playing when Cata came out. Cata alienated the game world to me. Everything became streamlined and useless. The worgens on the alliance side were an insult. Then GW2 came out, i tried it and liked it until the first instance - it was a mess, so I dropped GW2 on the same day i went to the first instance. Then pandaria comes out, and i bought the expansion and 1-month subscription "just to check it out". Well, did 2 zones (Jade forest and Valley of 4 winds), created a female panda monk character and deleted it immediately because it looked like a fat ugly woman. I simply hate all this new asian content. It's completely out of place and worst of all, the whole expansion is about China. You can't skip it, you can't avoid doing the zones or quests related to China. It's just China everywhere, there is nothing else. Also, the game got even easier than it was before. So, why should i level up the character? What would i find at level 90? Same heroics, than raids, chaotic bgs and arenas where i will always lose because i don't have the gear. And all that now in the chinese setting... This game is gone, Wow died when Cata came out. The painful part for me as a gamer is that WoW will still earn money, but from the different audience now, from the same people who play farms and buy seeds and potions for real money on mobile platforms. This is a new generation of players. They are dumb, lazy and don't see games as challenge or mental exercise. Blizzard is just adapting to them. Pretty soon there will be no place for us "old farts". This all just makes me feel old. The funny part is that this "dumbing" did not start just recently. Even my generation is dumber than the one of my parents. So, lets see where we come in 20 years from now. Kids of our kids will see Pandaria as an impossibly hard game. Expand
  43. Oct 14, 2012
    Good Thing Rift is releasing a proper expansion soon so us MMO-RPG gamers get something decent to play since this is obviously not Blizzard any more. Hope Activision are happy with the sales in Asia since this game will be dead in western markets soon.
  44. Oct 6, 2012
    First of all, the attack on negative reviewers by the majority of positive reviewers exposes the fact that it is a select minority, perhaps even company employees, creating multiple accounts to boost the games positive rating. The whole thing reeks of self-promotion. Secondly, the expansion has dumbed the game down to ridiculous proportions. Will this appeal to everyone? No, of course not. However, those that enjoy the game? I do honestly hope you have a great time. The expansion to me feels tired, flat and the blatant rehash of game mechanics into simpler versions does little to help the enjoyment factor. While this next point is entirely down to social perspective, playing WoW now feels embarrassing due to the multitude of fuzzy pandas played by 10 year olds running around karate kicking things. As an adult, I can't take the game seriously anymore. I just can't. The pollution of the community is also offputting. Give children anonymitity and a feeling of invincibility behind a computer screen and, well, comment sections on Youtube are all the evidence needed.

    Blizzard have taken the commercial route for more money over game quality and please, trying to deny this is like trying to say fish don't swim. In the interest of being fair, the Monk class is fun. On the whole however, MoP won't win back any loyal fans and certainly doesn't put Blizzard in a great light. I'd like to say at this point, I really don't like Guild Wars 2 either. The bottom line? WoW is dying a very slow death and the injection of botox that is MoP doesn't do anything to make its ultimate demise any more graceful. Just the same old tired formula. This kind of arrogance and disregard for quality simply shouldn't be encouraged.
  45. Oct 18, 2012
    18OCT2012 - What else can I say about this expansion except Truly Awful. The kung fu pandas are way over the top to the point of being unbearably obnoxious. The panda characters and animations look stupid and clunky. Their voice acting is borderline offensive Asian stereotype. As expected, Blizzard pulled their usual lame tricks and recycled old content over and over. Very little is actually original work. Thankfully most of the Kung Fu Panda land is accessible on a trial account which saved me from purchasing this awful piece of garbage. If there was ever any doubt that Blizzard doesn't know what they're doing anymore, this expansion is proof of it. Don't trust the "professional" reviews here on metacritic because they're often paid to write a good review. I doubt any of them even know what World of Warcraft is nor how low Blizzard has sunk. Expand
  46. Sep 30, 2012
    I find it absolutely hilarious that wow fans always claim that this game is built for "hardcore gamers", yet for the past 3 years, Blizzard has been dumbing EVERYTHING down to the point where a 12 year old can keep up. It seems people don't understand the difference between being a TIME CONSUMING game and an interesting learning curve, this game is the former, not in leveling, leveling is very easy, but in farming gear.

    What's also funny is that they can't seem to deal with any criticism, claiming that anyone who gives this game a negative score is a GW2 fan.
  47. Oct 1, 2012
    Pandas? Just not fun. There are better games out there. Just an excuse to extend WOW subscriptions. Over simplified skill trees, and overly simplified game.
  48. Oct 24, 2012
    It seems that wow new extension is going in the wrong direction, many of the fun is lost by oversimplified skills ans systems, and the original feeling of warcraft is lost to me. I feel like playing a different game, but an old one. The only good point is that wow is still a good place to meet many of my friends, but not much to enjoy the game. I suggest that blizzard go for a wow2 with new graphics and back to orc vs humans rather than stretching the warcraft fluff. Collapse
  49. Oct 14, 2012
    Ok, I may lose credibility right off the bat for saying this, but pandas? really? I know they were in the warcraft games, but they were barely even covered. Why go this route when there are so many other options available, such as the emerald dream, or what happened to alleria and turalyon? Or we could have even fought sargeras and it still would have been more plausible than this BS. My second issue is that this "new" continent is just a reskinned northrend, there is no originality here people. Third, the talent tree changes are just bad, it throws off what balance the classes had, meaning that there is no class balance anymore. Fourth, the community blows ass now, it was bad in cata, but it's even worse here, and when a community sucks in a game which requires massive cooperative effort, you've got a serious **** problem. Fifth, the game brings nothing new to the table, it's just more of the same, get to level cap, grind for gear, grind for more gear, make a new character, rinse and repeat. Sorry people, but if you were looking for something refreshing and new or anything good, go somewhere else, this game sucks now Expand
  50. Sep 28, 2012
    Same old boring world of warcraft now catered for even younger kids in the 10-12 year age, god what has happend to MMO these days...Blizzard is panically milking the last money possible out of their costumer base before everyone leaves.
  51. Sep 29, 2012
    This review is by my spouse and is intended for parents only.

    Dear Responsible Parents,

    As a WOW player and a mother, I use to love playing World of Warcraft with my children. World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria brought a (feature) known as (CRZ) or cross realm zones. Our family had separate accounts for each family member. The children accounts were monitor to insure they were on a
    parental approved server. Our family oriented community (server) was ruined because of a (feature) known as CRZ.

    How was this ruined you asked? Our servers did a great job policing them and make things safe for the children. Now we are merged with M-rated servers. General Chat, Trade Chat, ETC is now filled with:

    "Hey man let's kill some F___ts"
    "Dude I just sucked a pregnant woman's ____"

    All communicated in vivid detail. I may be 100% pro-human rights, but I also want to keep my children shielded away from the R-rated parts of what people do in the bathroom stalls of a gay-bar. While I understand what Proudmoore represents (I am happy they found a safe-haven) I did not want my children exposed to the above straight, gay or otherwise. We avoided creating create characters on Proudmoore, Blackrock, ETC for a reason.

    To make things worse, currently you have no way to report players of another server for language, harassment, or discrimination. The in-game feature is bugged and does not work. If you manually create a ticket, you get an automated response of "Dear ____ please use our in-game report feature for assistance on this topic." If you write a ticket on the forum you get "This is better suited for using the in-game report feature." I am not sure why Blizzard Blue Posts have failed to notify the Customer Service Department on a now ongoing 4 week old bug.

    Because of the lack of policing, World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria is now promotes hatred, bigotry and discrimination. I implore all concerned parents to avoid purchase World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria for their children. This has changed an otherwise family friendly game (given the right server) into a family avoid game.

    Good parents say no to World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria because of the negative implication associated with CRZ.

    Thank you for your time,

    A Concerned Parent
  52. Sep 28, 2012
    From CRZ to Fixed Mana, to the "Talent" system. Game is a joke. And let's not talk about panda's. If you have a brain in your head stay far away from this horrible game.
  53. Sep 29, 2012
    super mario mmorpg. everything is so colourful, cheery and merry that i almost feel as if the game is about to send me on a quest to save a princess that was abducted by a nasty giant turtle with spikes on its shell. everything is ageing extremely bad: from the ancient quest system design to the old (but surprisingly resource taxing) graphics. i've spent countless days of my life playing this game, but i guess this expansion sealed the coffin. Expand
  54. Sep 29, 2012
    Wow, what can I say besides, really Blizz? How do you give into greed after creating what was once regarded as the greatest MMO. After the dreadful Cataclysm expansion, did you really think appealing to 12 year olds was going to make salvage your rep? Terrible expansion, really pissed off I wasted $40 bucks on this crap.
  55. Nov 1, 2012
    No more nooby WoW stuff for me, I'm sticking to the good mmorpgs ;) If you're and adult and still play WoW after Pandaria you are just creepy. The Blizzard employees coming on here and leaving generic 10 point reviews just confirms the fail. My server used to be medium pop, and sure it got a spike right after pandaria came out, but now my server is almost completely dead just over a month after the expansion's release lol. Expand
  56. Sep 28, 2012
    Holy Cow! Blizzard really jumped the shark with this one. YES people wanted more races....but that should have been done early and often- finally adding one all these years later is more like a slap in the face to the players who gave up playing because of how static the game world has become. The fact that they were too lazy to make new races for both sides (or even *gasp* add a new side to the war) also hurts the games premiss. Expand
  57. Sep 29, 2012
    This game has gone a long way in terms of instances, loot, hp, etc. But what still irks me every time I play this game is the fact 9/10 people who play wow are trollers and griefers.
  58. Oct 2, 2012
    I've played WOW since vanilla, I'm a guild leader, heroic raid leader/tank. I have already got 2 level 90's and 10+ 85's. This game is simply out of date and therefore scores 0 as its no longer relevant to the genre. The developer ruined Diablo now they are in the process of ruining Warcraft. This expansion is obviously a blatant marketing campaign to garner support in Asia. I am not a fan of Pandas nor Asian architecture. I am a fan of dragons, undead knights and a struggle between good and evil BUT I am forced to eat humble pie by a company that I wont give any of my money to. Guild Wars 2 - modern, more mature player base, sane designers. Mists of Pandaria you are such a disappointing end to whats been a great ride. Expand
  59. Sep 29, 2012
    Honestly, it is just pure stealing now. They have created something that feels tacky and dull. Honestly, do yourself a favor and buy yourself GW2. In GW2, you don't pay out the nose for an enjoyable experience and the plays so much better.
  60. Sep 29, 2012
    Let's take a $200 used car and put a $700 body kit on it so it grab everyone's attention. It's still a $200 used car. This analogy can be used for Mists of Pandaria. Let's take a used game, add something new to it in order to grab attention and sell it. It carries the bad design of Cata on it's shoulders. This gets a 1 simply because it might be good for you if: A) You are new to wow therefor less likely to be biased B) Enjoy games that will hold your hand for you C) Are a parent looking for an at home babysitter that costs $15/month Expand
  61. Sep 28, 2012
    Interesting to me that the best parts of this Xpac are stolen.... umm I mean borrowed IP from other games. Wondering if Nintendo will sue. I leveled 2 toons to 90 on the beta servers. Same old stuff apart from the Pokemon and Harvest Moon rip offs. I think the thing that really sunk the score for me is the big hardware reduction plan they're trying to sell as a feature. CRZ has made a mess of the leveling process and it will be coming soon to the 86-90 zones so have fun if you're an alt-oholic like me. Or was, I should say. I'm out and on to other (better) things. Feel sorry for the ones trying to tough it out. Good luck on Blizz fixing anything. They didn't trademark SOON for nothing. Expand
  62. Sep 28, 2012
    A lot of people at my school have been making fun of me for playing WoW! Nobody ever said anything before stupid pandaland came out. People were calling me things like "little panda ferry" and saing I was a girl just for playing WoW! WoW used to be a pretty cool game until they added a bunch of baby stuff like pokemon and stupid looking pandas. Even my dad laughed at me when he saw the MoP box in my room! I hate you blizzard you ruined my life! Expand
  63. Sep 28, 2012
    Horrible expansion. This is not WoW anymore it's one big kiddyland. Game is so easy it's not playable anymore. Good days of Vanilla and TBC are gone forever.
  64. Sep 28, 2012
    After the release of Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft players are facing a lot of ridicule. There have been reports of kids of all ages getting picked on at schools, and WoW players are now the butt of all jokes at the workplace. It's very sad because WoW really didn't mean anything to non-players before MoP, but now after all of the TV advertisements and panda-sporting card board stands in the front of stores like Wal-Mart and Target, people have learned to despise everything WoW related. It's like WoW players are the new juggalos. As far as the expansion itself goes, it's just more of the same except everything has been simplified to an extreme level, which just makes playing that much more boring. The Pandas look terrible, and when I see them I understand why people would want to make fun of this game now. Expand
  65. Sep 28, 2012
    With Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft really starts to show its age. Instead of revitalizing or revamping the existing content and core of the game, the developers have gone a different route: they're going all-in on childlike simplicity. They're adding Kung fu pandas, tacked on 5 levels to a game where no one seems to care much about the leveling process anymore, added another 100+ levels of gear grind, chucked in additional sparkle ponies, made the old (but lore-rich content) even more irrelevant, added new lore where absolutely nothing epic happens (unlike every other expansion), simplified all the talents, and thrown in Pokemon for good measure.

    All the gimmicks seem like a play for younger gamers (who don't play MMOs, generally) and/or Asia (but the Asian themes are silly caricatures). In any case, I'd have preferred fundamental improvements to the combat system, leveling process, and story, modern character customization options, and a move away from nothing but max level loot grinding. That didn't happen here.

    Ultimately, the highly addicted WoW player base will quickly level to 90 in a few days and then begin their new, long slog to nab up as much loot as those contestants on the old game show, Supermarket Sweep. The world will be desolate again quickly, filled with old, obsolete content. PvP won't be any better than it is now, which is to say the worst in the industry (WoW with its stark gear imbalance and grindiness actually may have the most imbalanced PvP of any major video game, in any genre).

    The developers didn't fix any of the old, increasingly obsolete features of the game. And it saddens me to see what used to be valuable content thrown by the wayside in the entire focus on max-level gear grinding. The result has been a virtual world that's not very alive outside of instances, and everyone will eventually tire of the treadmill. The gimmicks and 5 levels feel like a poor substitute for the overhaul the game needs to keep pace with newer competitors.
  66. Sep 28, 2012
    Who would have thought the king of mmos would be taken down by pandas?? Blizzard has sent a clear message to their players: this is no longer a game for us, it's for the kids now. After spending some "quality" time with mists, I can tell you without a doubt that it 100% deserves all of the low scores it's been receiving here. Well $40 bucks down the drain but no worries - I'm off to play that *ahem* other much better game. Bye wow it was fun while it lasted =) Expand
  67. Sep 28, 2012
    Anyone giving this a 9 or 10 is out of their mind. Biggest gaming disappointment in recent history. I'm gonna give this what it deserves.....a big fat 0!
  68. Sep 28, 2012
    This game is totally for little kids now. Complete with immersion-breaking pop cultures memes EVERYWHERE. If you're looking for deep gameplay, or an immersive world, you certainly won't find it in pandaria. The questing is some of the easiest and most boring content WoW has seen to date. Oh and update the graphics already, they were sub-par in 2004 and now they are just plain hideous
  69. Sep 28, 2012
    This expansion shows how far the World of Warcraft has fallen. From childlike comic book characters, to pokemon pet battles for children, its apparent that this game has become a marketing tool to draw in children and console kiddies. Gone is the sense of accomplishment from wandering in dangerous lands where elite npc's await you, gone is the fun of discovering new flight paths. It's all given to you on a delicate simplistic silver platter. The talent system is dumbed down to almost meaningless, and the whole game seems to be a fischer price product geared toward ages 6-10. So sad, so very sad... Expand
  70. Sep 29, 2012
    Worst score for the worst expansion of a great old game. Pandas killed wow. If Blizzard wants more oriental players on this game than they will lost many more european and american one. Good luck for this crazy choice. Bye bye wow!
  71. Sep 30, 2012
    If you are an old WoW player from the Vanilla or BC days and are thinking of getting MoP, please do not. You will forever taint your good memories of WoW. It's sickening what this game has become. Do yourself a favor and pretend that the game you used to play was shut down completely, just like Tabula Rasa or AC2. If you have a small child who is interested in playing WoW, you should probably tell them that they are too old for this game and they should play something more mature like Free Realms or Wizardry 101. Expand
  72. Oct 2, 2012
    Bad terrible awful lame sucks bad horrible lame awful this sucks sucks susck soooo baaaaaaaaaad! I hate you blizzard! boooooo hisss booooo WOrst expansion ever!
  73. Oct 15, 2012
    My 3 rl friends and my entire guild quit because of this expansion. Blizzard really screwed up this time. Panda world sucks even worse than cataclysm. I never had a problem with pandas before but they look soooo stupid in this game.
  74. Sep 29, 2012
    Sad to see WoW fall so low. A little background about me: I played vanilla when it first came out, cleared Naxx, did mostly arena in TBC, and only got to level 78 in WotLK. I returned for Cata briefly but quit at level 69 (I lost my old account).

    The game that was once tough and fun is now just casual trash. Once, the game catered to people who had played Warcraft III, StarCraft,
    Diablo, and just real gamers in general. Now those demographics are entirely alienated in favor of Farmville types of players. They should just make it free to play at this point; I am not coming back to this and I don't miss the game at all. The game has been oversimplified thanks to incessant whining from the lowest common denominator. The game assumes you're so stupid it's offensive. It's a stark betrayal of the fans that propelled this game in the beginning. Every decision Blizzard has made since TBC has been to expand its user base and dumb down the game at the cost of anything. At this point, they have polarized their audience and squandered any vestige of good will they had left. I, personally, will never buy another Blizzard game. I am glad I just played this at my friend's house and not myself. Expand
  75. Sep 29, 2012
    Terrible xpac. The cut scenes are atrocious and truly has started catering to a new generation of kids out there with pandas. They have removed skill trees from the game and they pretty much spoon feed you your skills now. No longer are there skill trees that you need to think through and try out.

    The graphics are a decent update but the core content of the game is what drives me and
    this falls flat on its face for sure. For those that are giving high scores for this game, I'm not certain what game they are playing but this is not a great game. Such a shame that once a proud and great company that produced quality games and make tonnes of money are only concerned now with making tonnes of money and not quality games. It's time to shelve the WoW series as Mist of Pandaria is a nail in their coffin for enjoyment. Expand
  76. Sep 28, 2012
    Looks like Blizzard is in full damage control mode right now sending their employees out to give 9 and 10 score ratings. There's also some fanbois making multiple accounts trying to up the score. Pretty sad they have to do this just to justify playing this turd. They have made forum posts telling people to come here and make multiple accounts just give the game 10, so most of the good reviews here and just the same group of people doing it over and over again. Pathetic. Sorry Blizz and Blizz fanbois, too many people are upset about wasting their money on this lackluster expansion. You can't hide the truth! Expand
  77. Sep 28, 2012
    I was playing Mists of Pandaria on my Pandaren Monk when my wife peeked into my office, looked at the screen, chuckled and muttered "you're not a man" and walked away. I am not very impressed with Mists of Pandaria thus far.
  78. Sep 28, 2012
    I tried to like it, but in my heart I knew wow had jumped the shark when I saw the pandas doing karate. Beware. Avoid at all costs. You will regret it if you fall for this like I did.
  79. Sep 29, 2012
    Have a child, pre-teen, or grandparent that you want to introduce to MMOs? World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is the perfect game for them because there is no thinking involved!

    Quest rewards and talents are perfectly streamlined for children/grandparent that don't understand what they're doing. Plus limited questing zone options and gigantic arrows keep them focused on what to do
    next. As a bonus cross realm zones ensures your child or parent will always have someone to possibly play with! Grouping for dungeons is also incredibly easy. With just a touch of a button they will be taken to places and able to fight off all kinds of monsters with strangers whether they like it or not.

    Do you remember loving Pokemon as a child? Do you like playing FarmVille occasionally as an adult? Mists of Pandaria offers something similar but much simpler than either game has to offer! Think that's impossible? Well think again! The ridiculous amount of easy but time consuming daily quests will keep your parent or children entertained for minutes on end!


    This is a most definitely starter MMO for children and grandparents that find Pokemon and FarmVille games too difficult. This is not a good MMO for those that play games regularly, you will be bored and frustrated with how easy it all is very quickly.

    If you are bad at games in general this is a perfect MMO to start or continue playing.
  80. Oct 1, 2012
    Great graphics, great quests, WTF are you talking about! The questing is so horrid then I might as well watch "my little pony: friendship is magic". Nothing really new on the xpac. If i wanted to play pokemon, I would rather bust out my DSi and play my pokemon white. I'm not paying 15 dollars a month so i can farm when I have farmville, which is free by the way. Even the skill tree was dumbed down, as if blizzard would think I'm incapable of making my own choices. The pandas are alright, but having mine standing by a human makes me think I'm playing a disney game. Expand
  81. Nov 26, 2012
    Been a loyal Warcraft member since day 1. This xpac made me cancel my subscription for the first time. The game has been turned into nothing more then daily quests which are WAY too repetitive. The whole pet battles thing also seems very immature. The game always seemed to be more of a live action puzzle the way every class had unique abilities and encounters were designed. Now every class has every ability with a slight variation to make it feel "unique." The pandas make an already borderline cartoonish game way too cartoony. I'm 29 so maybe I'm just getting too old. I don't know. Expand
  82. Oct 7, 2012
    Isn't this like Diablo3 simplified talent system for kids between ages 7-12 cartoony graphics. Cute panda bears for kids and of course you are able to play monk class. Similarity kung fu panda children movie is obvious. All time favourite is of course is implementing pokemon pets to game another feature that is bound to draw 7-12 years to play. After wotlk game has just been steadily been simplified cata was crap but at least had 10 points of talents to distribute "freely" ill bet pandaria is even more crap with cookie cutter abilities easily seen from really limited abilities. Really not worth about 60 euros to even test for month. Expensive and there are loads of better mmo games in market atm. Expand
  83. Oct 14, 2012
    Oh boy, now I am a fan of WOW, but not this debacle. I like the new addition to the game, but none can forgive credit to BLizzard anymore, they have lost the magic it once possessed. I don't want to bash the game, because it is still a social monarch on the scene, but the gameplay and surprise is once lost after a week of questing. The QUESTion marks are this games downfall, it brought to the scene a way to simplify an MMO and takke the immersion one would once get, when you wandered around and LEARNING what the game was about. It is now nothing more than a strict mother telling you what to do. It is a good expansion pack, but I think maybe the AGE of the game is showing. I want to make clear, if you enjoy WOW, please don't read the reviews, they are for honest biased opinions only. If you are a fan of the game, get this XP now! If you are thinking of returning, will have the same disappointment you had when you quit the last time. Blizzard needs to revamp it's developers and seek out young creative talent instead of patting themselves on the back for taking chump money. Expand
  84. Dec 21, 2012
    I have been loyal to blizzard since Pre-BC. I loved BC. WotLK...that's when I stopped.

    However, CatA came out and I said "Hey why not!" It was an entirely different world of warcraft. When I was 15 - I said "LFG VC!" No one knew what I was talking about. It wasn't until an older player messaged me saying "umm..he's dead." and gave me a full run down of the new WoW. Leveling up to
    85...I was shocked at how easy tanking was now. It was pathetic! People would storm into mobs and not care about aggro! It was going against everything I learned! Remember "tanking" lessons back in Pre and BC? Yeah - apparently that went out the window in WotLK. Remember good old Nax? It was floating in the air!!! Ok, so I got to 85, did the entire "gear thing" which was REALLY easy (seriously). I was disappointed...then Pandas. Ok. Blizzard said it's fixed things and made things fun.

    I will NEVER EVER play a blizzard game again! I do not trust them! D3 was a disaster...but this panda BS is terrible! The community is rotten, the gameplay is good for a 5 year old, and RP is dead.
  85. Dec 19, 2012
    WoW is dead to me Blizz refuses to accept Cross Realm Zones are the worst features they have ever implemented, not only for the ganking and griefing it is causing, there's also a huge lag since CRZ implementation wich never happened before the implementation of this infamous feature.
    I have heard that attunements in BC were frustrating but the level of grind with dailies rhis expansion
    brought has no comparison, and even tough they may be "optional", they are only if you don´t want to have any progression with your character.
    The most alt unfrienly exp that has ever been made, much needed resources to adress WoW critical issues wasted on the development of cheap copies of pokemon (pet battles) and farmville (tillers faction).
  86. Sep 28, 2012
    WoW was a fantastic game in the past. It was filled with adventure, discovery, and most importantly, teamwork. However, the game has been going downhill recently with the release of the new expansion, the Mists of Pandaria. It has become too simplistic, and plays like a console game. There is no sense of accomplishment and adventure anymore. Clearly, Blizzard is now targeting a different demographic - the game is now for kids. If you enjoy paying a monthly fee AND playing with (other) children, this game might be for you. Expand
  87. Sep 29, 2012
    The now mega international corporate that made 3 billion in profit over the first 7 years now develops its game like its a small production house making F2P rpg's. Like all other big game companies, the emphasis has been firmly placed on do things as cheaply as possible for maximized profits and propagandizing the faithful into thinking they're playing a game with depth and substance. Makes its customers pay full price for a title that's a blatant marketing ploy geared towards a specific demographic. Despite the repeated blows to meaningful character development and the dev staffs love affair with homogenization they still can't balance classes in a way that makes pvp less of a bad joke or lets raiders "bring the player not the class". More new forgettable zones, more ez mode and turn your brain off questing, more uninspiring and boring dungeons, more gimmick 101 raiding. Immersive and challenging content has been replaced by frilly things like achievements, pokemon and farmville. For the third straight expansion, they are relying on addictive ploys like that, to go a long with the all time giant, the gear carrot, to keep people playing instead of making it interesting enough to warrant what amounts to be a pretty large investment over years of play. Expand
  88. Sep 29, 2012
    Mostly Quest based expansion. Warning to those that don't enjoy questing do not buy this!! In order to do this new content you are forced to quest no matter if you enjoy them or not. Even if you just want to pvp you will not escape having to quest. Also if you don't have 40+ hours a week to dedicate to wow then you will remain casual and never see the high end raids. Not to mention the endless rep grinding to get any kind of raid gear wich also requires mass questing. If you enjoy Pokemon or farmville or mass questing then this xpack is for you. Otherwise stay clear of mists Expand
  89. Oct 1, 2012
    Cross Realm Zones makes up 95% of this low score. The fact that Blizzard is effectively ignoring the immersion and playability bugs as well as the 20,000+ posts detailing the issues represents the other 5%.
    Once CRZ goes live in Pandaria, a "dailies gated rep grind", expect more low scores as players jump realms & fight over the few resources available... The MOP music was very well done
    anyway... Expand
  90. Oct 4, 2012
    Mists of Pandaria is a very nice looking expansion. After getting my hands on a beta copy though, I discovered that I ran out of original play content within three weeks of very casual play. There is a lot of padding to the game, but if you are interested in seeing new things, and not just the same things at higher difficulty, repeated daily, or with a stop watch, then this expansion offers under a month of new content. For a game with a price tag of approximately 65$ for a month of play time and the expansion I expected much more.
    Ignoring the excessive play time padding measures that launched with the game a potential buyer should also consider changes in customization options. Talent trees are gone replaced with a small amount of mostly cosmetic ability decisions, I recommend looking at their online talent calculator to see if it provides you with what you are looking for in customization. Gear selection has taken another hit as well. After the decrease in options introduced back when players were given a strong incentive to avoid the gear types of other classes took a major cut in to gearing options, Blizzard has decided to push even harder in to that ideology. Now, gear choices are made for you throughout leveling, often giving you one reward option, that can be changed if you change specs before turning it in. Afterward leveling, there is one correct loot choice for each slot for each class that can be easily determined by checking item level armor type and main stat. It looks like Blizzard took the old joke of having one stat "power" and ran with it, making that only the second joke to become a major offering of this new installment.
  91. Oct 13, 2012
    ......why do i have to buy this game because there no way they can do like wow 2 with HD and new look still same look toon over again again i wish they needed to do just like guild wars 2 not just patch evey time they do that i am not buy this add on game they more like DLC cost alot and game just lvl 85 to 90 it to much and go miss alll the other game too all they need to do is just remaster and renew story and remobel and better song and this time they really need add like HD video see more like forever Nintendo 64 game armor not seen good dude that waste of life time >.< come on guy look what guild wars did change to part 2 and remodel better wow did not seen bad idea to buy this game Expand
  92. Nov 19, 2012
    More time consuming than ever, unrelatable and weak storyline, and just aggravating... I loved the game before even Cata was ok but MOP is just a grind fest. Unsubscribed and won't be coming back
  93. Dec 28, 2012
    This is a game for little kids.
    Full of cartoony things,they removed real talents,gave nothing to the storyline,ni epicness.
    It has some good things,but its literally worth a **** 0.
    i dont wanna watch pandas dance,i want to see sargeras,azshara as nage,or even the past kalimdor or draenor.Im sorry for the world of warcraft,it's dead,now what you can play is a funny action game without
    storyline.I hoped the realise and fix their mistakes of cataclysm,but 2bad they ruined 2 games,only starcraft franchise remains,and they made me not buy that after what they did with diablo and wow.
    thanks for reading have fun on cracked servers or **** up yourself with pandas playin pokémon.
  94. Sep 28, 2012
    Mists is awful, disgusting visuals, bland new areas to "explore" and dumbed-down new dungeons with childish stories that take you through the "content". Peoples hatred for Blizzard is understandable, and the fact that the fanboys rate this game a '10' just shows immaturity, even when they are crying themselves to sleep because they want a more simple game? I think Blizz did a horrible job, the old talent trees were ok because everyone at least had some sort of choice, now it actually requires no thought at all. Anyone who is praising on the game is just bitter because their childhood has passed them by and they want to relive it. Expand
  95. Oct 4, 2012
    Evrything about this expansion screams low quality. Super dumbed down, and obviously for the under 12 crowd. Very dissapointed in Blizzard. TERRIBLE graphics and sound!
  96. Dec 15, 2012
    With each expansion this game is getting worse. I think that WoW should be finished on Lich King. Mists of Pandaria show a much lower level of quality. In such a way, Blizzard even ignored the plot and story of the game. They started doing some nonsense content, indirectly related to the history of the game, like pandas.
  97. Dec 18, 2012
    I concluded to buy MoP. I started fresh, levling was boring as always. When i came to pandaria i was at first extremly impressed. This feeling was short, as i progressed it grew less and less fun. When i dinged 90 i was so happy that the levling was finally was over (was extremly easy). I thought that it would be thons of things to do in lvl 90. But i found nothing fun. There is no world pvp in this game anymore. They try to get people out in the world by indirectly forcing them to do it. The dailiy quests suck and are extremly easy. Everything in the game is extremly easy and doesn't give any kinds of competition. PvP is also broken. Battlegrounds are full of botters. The battlegrounds are also destroyed, some by the players and some by blizzard. Though bgs have been destroyed for a while now it has gotten even worse. I actually spent thons of time walking around looking for something to do. Everything is about farming. Me and some friends also made a guild. We got about 50 active players before my friends starting transfering/faction changing to the alliance. My server was like 5% horde and 95% alliance. It was also "full". Pve content is also extremly easy. Community is destroyed. Bgs have been turned into zerging fiest. The idea of Pandas weren't that bad, but you screwed it up Blizzard.
    The thing that made me finally quit was when i saw thons of blue posts on the forum where people were complaining about different problems like unbalanced servers, destroyed bgs and more. The problem was that most of the posts were about 1-3 years old and are stil extremly popular topics. It shows that even though Blizzard promise to fix problems they wont do **** Also anounced that they are never going to make vanila,tbc,wrath servers since "they were looking forward". Why look forward, when everyone loves their previous stuff and hate their new content? It's time to look back. Blizzard, you screwed up.
  98. Dec 20, 2012
    Came back to play after being away since TBC. Early WoTL content was fun i suppose but Cataclysm felt like a dumbing down and now even more so with MOP I tried MOP till level 87 and grew incredibly bored. The focus on gear and removal of many game mechanics makes the game so dry. For some reason I was uninterested in exploring any of the zones, possibly because of the lack of a interesting story (or any story rather). The whole thing feels pointless. In the early days I found it fun exploring the zones you knew existed from previous warcraft games and got to learn about the people and it all felt like it tied so well together. This expansion is just fodder. I wish I could get a refund. Expand
  99. Dec 30, 2012
    Lets cut straight to the issue. Wow was once a game for adults, based on a great story. Pandaria is a childrens game produced by second rate game designers (top ones are working on titan). I used to be addicted to Wow, so i can only thank blizzard for releasing me from my chains and saving me £10 a month. The only reason to play this game is if you are a child who enjoys trolling chat channels and facerolling quests. Next expansion will be Wow: In the night garden....... what a joke......... Expand
  100. Feb 9, 2013
    The economy is inflated, the amount of gear is inflated, the stats are all inflated and an amazingly still on-going stream of bad design choices. It is truly sad to see that World of Warcraft is now on life-support in the form of being spoon-fed yearly expansion-packs that is gradually dumbing the game down in order to slow down the amount of subscribers they're very rapidly losing until they can release their next pile-of-turd MMO known as Titan. Being disappointed far enough by Diablo 3's "Pay 2 Win" auction house I will give everyone this advice from now on: Stay the hell away from Blizzard's new products. They aren't themselves anymore. R.I.P Expand
  101. Oct 24, 2012
    It seems that wow new extension is going in the wrong direction, many of the fun is lost by oversimplified skills ans systems, and the original feeling of warcraft is lost to me. I feel like playing a different game, but an old one. The only good point is that wow is still a good place to meet many of my friends, but not much to enjoy the game. I suggest that blizzard go for a wow2 with new graphics and back to orc vs humans rather than stretching the warcraft fluff. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 86
    An expansion worthy of the franchise’s legacy that, according to sales and subscriptions data, pulls the series back on the right track, in a spectacular way. On the other hand however, the limitations of the World of Warcraft platform are similarly underlined. There’s no room for fundamental restructuring of the game. [November 2012]
  2. Nov 25, 2012
    The fourth World of Warcraft expansion set is trying to get back all of those souls lost in last months, even years. At the end of the day it manages to get them back, letting them forget Cataclysm that's been dull as ditch water.
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    Another great excuse to delve back into this massive world, though archaic gameplay grates. [Christmas 2012, p.92]