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  1. Nov 11, 2014
    This is by far the worst expansion. The story was not very interesting. The game was way too simple and I could barely play the game because of a lack of interest in the topic of the expansion. I like the Asian theme and the Pandaren, but an entire expansion devoted to the topic felt very unnecessary and a bit much. I felt as though it was all nonsense except for the parts regarding the Celestials and the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. SoO was the only good part of the story in the entire expansion and it was exciting to take down Garrosh for the first time after almost tearing apart the Horde. I wish Thrall would have played a bigger role in this expansion. Hopefully, Blizzard can fix all their mistakes in Warlords of Draenor. Expand
  2. Nov 4, 2014
    It's easy to see Blizzards game plan. Make money, for as long as it's possible, and spend as little effort as possible during the time. Mist of Pandaria brings nothing good to the table. They have dumbed down exactly everything. The talents are no longer any talent tree. There are just a few abilites where you can chose some of them. Sure it makes the game easier to balance, cause you can't do anything. But it's boring and bland. A grey nothingness of choices.
    The instances where easy before, but now they can be done with two people of low item level (poor gear).
    The heroics which should be the "The instance is now in hard mode" are so easy that they can be done with three people with average item level.
    This results in a party just running through an instance as fast as possible, just to try to get some loot (That will be disposed of within 3 playing hours, so it doesnt really matter anyway)

    The raids are plain stupid. Learn where the ground AE hits or just stand in it. It does not matter. The raid will win anyway.
    After you've done the braindead and boring raids, you will have to wait a week to be able to do anything at all.

    Of cource, this is at max level. But it takes roughly 20 hours to become high level. So it's basicly the whole game.

    There is no longer any reason to play this. It's a scramble of button mashing and shiny colors, nothing more. It lacks all weight and all sort of challenge to anyone over eight years of age.

    (My daughter is currently playing it on my account, and she is performing excellent, and she is eight years old. That is saying a lot of the game)

    This is no longer an mmo, this is a kids color splash with low ambitions.
    I believe that Blizzard will have to change their company policy or die slowly, cause after World of warcrafts latests fails and Diablo 3 it's clear that they no longer want to create good games. They want the games to be as easy as possible to reach out to as many kids as possible, to get more cash in the bank.

    It's sad for a hardcore warcraft/starcraft/diablo2 fan to see the company turn to this. I guess it's money that control their actions, and the vision to become a good game developer is long gone.
  3. Oct 23, 2014
    Played this game since BC, the game is designed for kids now. Everything in this game is so simple now and requires no skills at all even a monkey could play it. Do yourself a favor and buy guild wars 2.
  4. Oct 19, 2014
    Pre-Wod patch 6.0.2 dropped recently... Turned the game into something slightly under passable into complete GARBAGE!!! they nerfed classes that didnt need it, many specs are no longer viable in anything EXCEPT RAIDS! Oh god if you have a cast bar, in heroics, when everyone else has the same ilvl, you will do no damage, at all... Druids have yet to have a much needed balance. They half implemented a new bag system, however, they forgot to include the most important part, assigning a bag to "Trash items"... Oh wait, nvm, trash items somehow get stored in EQUIPMENT BAGS!!! Absolutely no redeeming elements, now. Its GARBAGE!!!! Go play a better game, ffxiv, swtor, hell even ESO is better than this trash. Expand
  5. Oct 15, 2014
    People hate this expansion too much while I admit its not the best it diffidently does not deserve this. Issue one people have is talents. Talents are a lot better now back in BC and Wrath people just copied talents so each class had the same setup now each class has to change there talents depending on the boss. Its too easy outside of PTR the normal and heroics have a low completion rate.

    Now here are justified complaints

    Lore there is none its all made up outside stormstout
    Raids are range friendly and leave melee out in the cold.
    raids are forgettable for the most part.

    its not the best expansion hell its probably last on my list but its not TERRIBLE!
  6. Oct 6, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really love this game, specially when they added the Flexible raid patch. I think that if they use this type of flexible raid technology blizzard can revamp old content to adjust according to player (character) character level. for instance, level 80 raid will not accept lower level players however, a level 80 player will not difference in the content. But when like now a level 90 or a 100 when WoD releases, if they enter a level 80 instance, the bosses with the flexible raid technology will adjust their Health difficulty so that players that are higher level would not easily browse through the level 80 content solo. I mean, I like to solo content, but being lonely all the time takes a toll on you, so I recommend this technology to fix the solo content problem that the game currently has. I give it a 10 because blizzard while they have their down side, they also strive in making vast game. While not spoiling the fun, I do currently play in WoD beta, and I love my garrison. It could be better but blizzard will get there eventually. Expand
  7. Oct 4, 2014
    For any new player thinking of giving this a go my advice is to stay away unless you want to spend endless money on a Pay to Win game.
    Once upon a time you payed your $15 a month and that was it. Now you have to pay your $15 PLUS endless micro transactions if you want to experience everything in the game.
    You pay for everything. Want a good mount - you pay. Want to change server to play
    with your friends - you pay. Want a descent pet - you pay, want a hat - you pay, lol want a haircut - you pay. Want to play a lvl 90 - you pay ($60)
    And these fees range from $15 - $60!!!!! each.
    Stay away from this money grabbing rubbish.
  8. Oct 2, 2014
    Love the game and the lore, absolutely hate the players, and the people who play it, you can get harassed and mistreated badly on this game and i would not intend on letting younger kids play it because they have a realm just for erp, which is where people have cyber sex, and it is disgusting if you do play do not go to moon guard and i would not recommend having your child being able to communicate/chat with other players at all i have played for 9 years and this game has really lost it's touch due to it's players which i would not have a problem with if the GAME MASTERS didn't treat you like a number, which they do of course because there are so many players and they don't care about you or how much money you spend, also the game is way to expensive 14.99 a month A MONTH just to be harassed and mistreated by other players... no thanks.... i stopped playing period and have found a different game to play because of the players on this game.... i do not recommend this game to younger kids or suicidal people because ... the players are so mean and disrespectful on this game that it will be the last game you ever play.

    this is coming from a person who has played for 9 years.
  9. Sep 29, 2014
    still the best mmo there is and i have tried them all, very nice graphics even its old, and very good music. to bad i dont have time to raid anymore, that was just so fun :)
  10. Sep 12, 2014
    Pros: N/A

    Cons: "Pandaria" is obnoxious and didn't exist in the lore until Activision-Blizzard wanted to contrive another money-grubbing expansion for the game; the Panda-China theme is unneeded and annoying, and probably shows Blizzard's new market bias; the game lore was destroyed after Deathwing came back to life for the "Cataclysm expansion; highly inflationary economy; terrible
    leveling and gear systems where for example a level one character cannot even harm a level 80; each new expansion effectively resets the game, making your previous achievements through time invested worthless; game is deliberately designed like a giant money-generating hamster wheel for the players to run on, that is it rewards time invested very much and actual skill very little; once a new expansion is out, you can really no longer play the older versions of the game you had paid for.

    Score Breakdown: Sound Effects and Music 9/10, Game Stability 8/10, Graphics 8/10, Loading Screens and Frame Rate 5/10, Voice Acting 5/10, Background Story 1/10, Plot Development 0/10, Realism 0/10, Gameplay 0/10, Replay Value 0/10, Game Publisher's Ethics -100/10, Total Score 0/10

    Conclusion: Ignore this game instead of playing or buying it.
  11. Aug 9, 2014
    Mists of Pandaria provides a nice and enjoyable storyline and from that perspective the game is quite a bit of fun. The renovations to the class skill trees takes a bit of getting used to, but it does simplify things considerably.

    Crafting this time around leaves a bit to be desired. I do like the idea of the "research" mechanism, but I believe that the patterns that you research
    should provide more "bang for the buck" so to speak. I've leveled up two professions that require the use of this research component, leatherworking and tailoring. What I have found is that there are a great deal of blue level PVP patterns that you will acquire through research. This is great for the players who are just beginning PVP, and as they acquire honor will quickly replace this gear. The downside, is that well after you have earned a full set of Purple PVP gear, your toon is still learning even more blue PVP patterns. This gets in the way of learning the PVE patterns which will be needed for PVE content (upper level dungeons, heroics and raiding). And since you can only research twice each day, this will become a very long drawn out process, and by the time you have obtained the PVE patterns you need, you may have already acquired better gear. This almost makes the crafting professions somewhat obsolete (with one major exception being the item enhancements you can craft...such as armor kits and Linings for leatherworkers and Spellthreads for tailors).

    PVP, one area of the game that I enjoy since it's something I can do anytime without having to form up a group, has it's own challenges. Blizzard has been increasing the degree of Crowd Control (CC) mechanics in the game with each new release. They believe the counter for this is the "Trinket" which is a one shot every couple of minutes.. Unfortunately, when you are fighting classes with multiple CC mechanics, you are essentially locked down for the fight without the ability to actually play your character. This renders PVP for some classes the equivalent of watching a cinematic rather than actually playing the game. Unfortunately, Blizzard has consistently ignored the multitude of posts on the forums regarding this issue, and you will often find the players who play these classes responding with the out "L2P" (learn to play) response or referring to the not so helpful trinket. I've enjoyed many aspects of WOW, but I have a good feeling that as long as blizzard keeps going down this path and not addressing problems such as this (items that prevent players from playing, and therefore enjoying the game) World of Warcraft will eventually begin to fade as more and more MMOs come onto the market to steal away Blizzards thunder.
  12. Jun 22, 2014
    I really hated panda/asia theme, but I suppose that subjective. When I saw huge rabbits and carrots I wanted to puke and asked myself if this maybe is korean mmo?

    Besides that I missed lack of end-game 5-mans (I played from 5.2+), PvP got neglected as usual by Blizzard (so much potential wasted...), island-zones were nice as expected (TBC players remember), LFR was nice (until
    introduction of Flex).

    Blizzard of course as usual mismanaged content updates and soon we will have one year of 5.4 path which I find unacceptable in monthly fee game - but if people pay then I do not blame them for that.

    Let's hope WoD will return this game closer to golden era (TBC/WOTLK).
  13. Jun 5, 2014
    The definition of dropping the ball, World of Warcraft is as of today the biggest misguided MMO I've ever seen. Class & race balances are shuffled around with the same kind of care and thought as a rabid wolf trying to eat a bloody stake and I don't mean any puns with that due to the ongoing balance right now having hunters be the masters of DPS, burst and manouverability all at once.

    All that is left of this soulless game is meaningless grinding in the form of laughable "daily missions" which was Blizzard's trumphcard to try and make people come back to the game but ultimately only served to reinforce the notion that blizzard priorities income>fun instead of making genuinely fun and enjoyable products.

    I can only hope that they will not also screw up Heroes of the Storm.
  14. Jun 5, 2014
    I felt like this expansion started out VERY strong. I was impressed with the story and all the zones. That is, until I finished the quests and was left with dailies. This is the first expansion that I felt had not a single fun raid boss fight. Every raid was hard and tedious for the sake of being hard and tedious, nothing was made to be fun and challenging a the same time. Hell, even the previous expansion had enjoyable fights and people complain about those being hard all the time! The sheer amount of daily grind that I had to do prevented me from fully enjoying PVP and raid content and was pushed out of raiding and PVP for the first time in any expansion. Many of my friends came back to this expansion excited but quickly left after 2 months. Failure to keep players is not the fault of the player! The community has utterly destroyed this game's enjoyment for me and I'm sure many others.
    Final thoughts; Game grinds to a painful stop once you hit 90 and have to grind (even after all the changes made), getting into normal pick up groups (what I considered to be a staple of wow raiding) is impossible due to a toxic community. The community being toxic is a strange side effect of the internet an while I can't say WOW invented the problem (it's a problem in every mmo) it ruins the game!
    At the start of the game it was going to get a 10; -2 for grinding problems -2 community -2 for ending the expansion on a grind island. -1 for being unable to keep players interested (lack of innovation?).
  15. Jun 3, 2014
    This game has so many features that it is like owning several games in one - player verses player, player verses environment, pet verses pet, players working as teams to accomplish goals.

    Great graphics and back stories

    Parental controls - including language allowed and time played limits. It will even send a parental report. I am an adult who has been playing online with my adult
    and teenage children for years. This is an easy way to stay in touch and have fun together as a family. Expand
  16. Jun 3, 2014
    4.x User score?? ...its ok, but how many of ya play WoW MoP? I think you are a fanboys of other game and try to lower WoW score, but look, atm is ... negatives. Yep 540 negatives and 10mln players online, so it's mean nothing. Great game, best MMO. Vivala Blizz.
  17. Apr 18, 2014
    Level 1: Kill 10 boars, collect 10 apples. Level 10: Kill 10 cats, collect 8 apples. Level 30: Kill 10 ghosts, collect 6 apples. Level 80: Oh you get there from level 1 since a friend "resurrect scroll"ed you. Collect 6 apples though. Level 90: Raid same dungeon over and over and over and over.... Collect 4 apples. This game is crap. The Realm Vs Realm is crap. Each server has 1 realm with drastically more people, and they always destroy. Literally ANY game with a 3 realm system is better by far.

    Don't waste your time or money.
  18. Apr 16, 2014
    Blizzard falls further and further away from the once groundbreaking and incredibly enjoyable game experience they once offered. With all the changes, this game will likely never be as good as it once was.
  19. Feb 24, 2014
    The quality of this expansion vary on where are you coming from. If you want a cheerful asian-themed MMORPG resembling Diablo III with game mechanics, then this expansion might be pretty good for you. If you played all the other expansions of WoW, you might be disappointed. If you play RPGs for story, character progression, atmosphere, immersion etc. don't even bother considering it. If you played the original WoW and TBC and have no experience with later expansions, stay away from this. WoW is no longer a game for the RPG crowd. I played this expansion briefly, finished the story-line in few days and was done with it. All the other expansions left at least some feeling in my. This one... complete hollowness. The game has become very shallow and it aims at players with no imagination, inteligence and self-respcet. One point for all what is left in the game from its original. One point for the very few people I can still meet there and have a chat with them. Expand
  20. Feb 21, 2014
    At first I was put off by the entire idea of a Panda expansion for my World of Warcraft game. It felt too kiddish. However, after playing through the new areas of content I was blown away by the rich storytelling. This expansion was an improvement in quest design, class balance, and end-game content than what we saw in Cataclysm. Still ranking slightly behind Vanilla, TBC, and WotLK though.
  21. Feb 12, 2014
    I know this game isn't exactly for adults, but I never felt that I was in a kid (targeted) game. That is until I fought a boss that consisted of a rabbit burping carrots at me while I played whack-a-mole, then I finished it off by fighting a beer monster in china town. Ugh...I can't do this any more.
  22. Jan 30, 2014
    There is so much to be said about this expansion, for better or for worse. For me, there are things I like, but more things I can't stand. The pet battles put me off at first, but it turned out to be a fun diversion.

    Things I didn't like...the horribly dumbed-down talent system. The new quests. All of Pandaria. Pandas. The massive scale of grinding. Having things to do is good, but come
    on. Having a couple of big daily quest hubs with their own faction is nice. But I don't need a rep grind to unlock more quests to unlock more dailies to rep up to unlock another faction to rep up to get more dailies. Optional stuff like the Agent Tournament in WOTLK or Firelands dailies from Cataclysm give you a diversion for about an hour a day. Finish up your quests, then move on to something else. With MoP, doing all of the dailies to rep up with factions is hours of monotonous garbage. The dungeons are so easy that very little proficiency is required to get through and win loot. They took an already easy raiding system from Cataclysm and made it even MORE easy due to people whining. It made me ask why I even bothered. Why play a game when the most interesting aspects for me were soloing old raids and hunting rare pets? When pet battle dailies are more entertaining than the rep grind dailies, what else can you say than: design problems.

    One of the biggest problems with this expansion is what drew the most ire from veterans. The downright silliness and cringeworthy bubblegum pop feeling of the quest, characters, and continent in this expansion. The game has never been too serious to begin with, but some parts of it did have some dark undertones that created a unique experience. There were pop culture references, but they were scattered about. Now, they are constantly rammed in your face.

    It takes a lot for me to roll my eyes and groan at how bad something is, and there were way too many of those moments leveling in Pandaria. Some of the quests and characters are so over-the-top that things meant to be mildly amusing make you want to laugh out loud, and not in a good way.

    Cataclysm was not a great expansion. But it was still better than MoP. Some of these problems started showing up in Cataclysm, but at least the game still somewhat felt like Warcraft. Everything about Pandaria feels completely out of place. I still shake my head unable to comprehend how turning an old April Fool's joke into a full expansion to the biggest MMO that exists seemed like a good idea. Maybe I should have expected this, given how badly Diablo 3 and Cataclysm turned out.
  23. Jan 12, 2014
    This addon ist NOT for players who enjoy to play a variety of classes for multiple reasons. Be it crafting materials that you can only gather by playing your -one same- character but not by trading, the farming of faction reputation (per character) or daily as well as weekly duties (per character) that you have to do over and over again, unless you want to be excluded from the rest of the content due to gear level.

    If you make it: still endgame is hell. Outside of raids you won't find anything that isn't dumbed down. There's just nothing to do that makes sense whatsoever. Leveling is broken (too fast, super easymode, skipping lots of content, role system broken in low dungeons because of easymode npcs). PVP is broken (item level for PVP is no competition for PVE players, no change in the world for PVP victories, no sense as of what PVP should be good for in this game). Raiding can only be done once per week due to an ID system that flags the content until reset - which is once per week. So it's like a waiting game until you're allowed to do stuff again.

    I'm looking hard, really, really hard for some kindness and teamplay in this game but it's nowhere to be found so far. Because everything has been anonymized along with the dumbing down people can and will try to do everything by themselves alone - in an MMO ! Others are merely a pest or random annoyance. Gameplay favors that by cornering the classes in their roles without any way to prove useful out of that role as well as the way classes are designed: Not teamplay is relevant for everyone. It's just relevant that YOU play you OWN CLASS well enough to survive - except for healers of course who are responsible for everyone.

    I can hardly put my finger on the -one thing- that is broken in that game because there's so much wrong with it now. Basically it's become a game of ego players that want the best items while looking down on all others and trying to do everything alone and/or start griefing on others.
    It's not the MMO with a kind community and teamplay that it once was. The thing is: I could put myself to use but because there's only raid content where that really matters I feel like there's no other place for me to be - except for once per week, of course.

    Pandas are not the problem with that addon. Just another race added. The problems are broken mechanics everywhere, a world that has content added to it, one addon at a time while the previous content is basically dead and a community that is merely centered around endgame and toxic behaviour because the game has become so boring that this is the most interesting thing that one can actually do.

    I had to take a break at the end of the previous addon, "Cataclysm", because it was long overdue to release new story content aka the next addon which took quite a long time. I waited some time after MoP before I started so that I could start my question without facing overrun zones with harsh competition but still there was just no place for me to be. As tank or healer I don't have any good options outside of instanced content. So I am forced to play a damage based class outside - or I play my -one- raid per week. Below the raiding difficult there is only very shallow instanced content and nothing that matters in the outside world.

    Just no fun. Add toxic people, have your Wow experience. That's how it is.

    Take this rating as a 3/10 instead of a 4/10 if you play on those servers that have technical problems quite frequently or such a low Horde / Alliance population that the auction house and guilds are quite empty.
  24. Jan 12, 2014
    I played it for 8 years and I was, at different times, role-player with quests, profession farmer, gold farmer, explorer, serious raider and a sad veteran in the end. Its just not what it used to be. I put some things that players might remember or want back:

    1) Mounts became useless and easy to get, you can summon and wait EVERYTHING. You pet may get one any of these days.
    Professions are easy and good for I don't know what anymore...
    3) You may get lvl 90 without questing and using LFG/LFR easily
    4) Epic items are easier to get when compared to common and uncommon. The hardest to find are the gray items that we use to sell when questing.( prove is that enchanting mats from epics most times are the cheapest available in AH)
    5) Classic dungeons are so dead...
    6) The old expansions have no value AT ALL. They are needed because they are pre-requisite for the new one. The old raids have no real value.
    7) Old areas have no real value, they are totally dead
    8) World pvp for resources, dungeon summon, fun are GONE forever...
    9) BARRENS CHAT is no more...
    10) STV pvp have vanished...
    11) Auction house, well... I won't even comment...

    That's it...we need to wait for the next real good MMO, because right now there is no heir to WoW in the market.
  25. Dec 18, 2013
    I don't understand why people are so hating this expansion. In my opinion its great. Maybe not that good as Wrath of the Lich King, or The Burning Crusade, but still. There are a lot of new content with every patch. Yea game became easy, but... who cares
  26. Nov 18, 2013
    I've played World of Warcraft since Vanilla. Albeit, I did stop playing TBC the start of Cata, but that doesn't stop me being able to give my impressions on the current expansion, before the new one comes out and changes everything.

    Now I know many onlookers to WoW are like: "Wow, look at the pandas. What this, Kung Fu Panda?". I know we're kinda past that now, but it still comes up in
    a few places, here and there. Out in real life. "Oh, you play WoW? Didn't they add Kung Fu Pandas?". You look at the ground, frowning. Pandaren, as they're referred to in-game, weren't the massive flop many expected them to be. A lot of people rolled a Pandaren, and you see quite a few flying around their respective capital city. The new continent, Pandaria, looking graphically striking compared to past zones, with its giant world bosses and impressive rolling hills and ancient structures. The land itself is beautiful, and a joy to explore.

    We'll start off talking about Pandaria then. As I said, Blizzard opted to update the graphics significantly in Pandaria, making the land one pretty place. Pink-blossomed trees blowing in the wind, the light breeze of background music it all creates a very nice atmosphere of an ancient time-lost land that you're exploring. The decision to not let you fly in Pandaria until max level (90), was a great choice. It means that you get to actually experience the environment instead of flying high above, not caring in the slightest what's down below. It also gives way for World PVP to occur the enemy faction attacking you, or you attacking them. Only if you're on a PVP server, of course. And its likely that the enemies you find from the opposite faction are actually your level, making it a fair fight. You do get the occasional maxed out ganker, but those moments are few and far between. The new continent itself is a joy to explore and level in.

    But what happens when you 'ding' 90? Yes, you've done it! Max level! The game really opens up. You can now do raids get together a group of 10-25 people and take on some of the hardest bosses. Or do LFR, and get grouped with other similar players to take on a 25-man raid. In terms of raiding, MoP shines. The raids are varied and very interesting, and the bosses are epic in scale. However, I do feel that LFR is too easy in most circumstances if you have a non-braindead group you can easily faceroll through all the bosses no problem. This is LFR though, so that's to be expected. The real challenge comes in Normal or Heroic versions of the raids, pumping up the difficulty substantially. Also, there's one more option Flexible raiding. This allows a group of anywhere in between 10 and 25 people to do a raid and the difficulty scales with the amount of people, as well as the loot. Flex is harder than LFR, and provides just the right amount of challenge for many players. In terms of raiding and endgame, MoP gets a big fat golden tick.

    But what of the new class, the monk? I've played the monk for a bit, to around level 25, and it seems very fun. Talking to a 90 monk, they seem to really like this class, for all it's worth. Monks can choose all 3 positions Tank, DPS, or Healer with their 3 specs. At lower levels, monks do seem to be very OP, especially in BGs and Dungeons, but this levels out in the higher levels. Overall, the monk class is a worthy addition to the current classes, and you have to admit punching people in the face is bloody cool.

    There's so much more I could say about this expansion, but... wait a second. There's one thing I've got to talk about. Pet Battles. Just seriously, hear me out. Pet battles are like Pokémon, but in WoW. When you're not raiding, or doing anything else, you can summon out your pets and battle other players in a Poké-like experience. You can even catch Rare and Epic rated pets. Seriously, it's really addictive and a lot of fun a worthy addition to this expansion.

    As this review and expansion draws to a close, it's a perfect time to say that I've really enjoyed this expansion. The new Warlords of Draenor expansion is just around the corner, and that looks to be some of the best WoW times yet. I look forward to the future of this game and have truly enjoyed my time in this expansion.

    8/10. If haven't before, pick up WoW and give it a go. I'm not kidding.
  27. Nov 14, 2013
    Lol there is no reason that this game on user score schould be this low this is my love my happyness this is world of warcraft and all they do with each expansion is just enhance the game to make me even happier yes it has some balancing issues blizzard always do but you cannot deny the greatness and the new additions timless isle and more just keep enhancing the experiance i am a pvp player and oldschool raider and nothing is changing in me as a player each time i play it i just want to play more i have 4 lvl 90's and i think that shows the time and dedication i put into this game the only game i play right now.
    They have enhanced on the graphics remade some of the raids recreated the character models Pandas look great the new monk class is brilliant the new raids battlegrounds are great the new secrets monuts and rewards are awsome.
    Blizzard please keep doing what your doing as this game has made me and my friends happy for years and every year you just make it better Please capture this again and again and again your so good at making great games for me this was one of the easiest 10 out of 10's my fav game ever and my fav expansion!
  28. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: Gear has been updated, new mounts look good, more lighting, the game constantly upgrades even though this expansion hasn’t seen the most. WoW still has amazing graphics for its artistic style. New environments look good as well. 10.
    Sound: Amazing new themes that put a new kung-fu sound to WoW. 10.
    Gameplay: The game does a good job of mixing up its quests so that they
    don’t feel like a chore. Not many new gameplay elements were added in this title, and raiding seems more casual than before, as well as the heroics when you first hit 90. The game remains similar to previous expansions with this one having more of a focus on gaining rep just to buy gear. New battlegrounds are a nice mix taking a page from Rift’s library, and a cart mode that I like to compare with Team Fortress, although the carts always move and it’s more like a king of the hill/carts. New hero class added, look out for panda monks! 10.
    Story: The focus of this expansion dives real deep in this expansion, too much to explain, I wasn’t to particularly interested, but lore fans won’t be disappointed. 10.
    Lasting Appeal: Worth the hours you get! 10.
    Overall Score: 10 out of 10.
  29. Nov 6, 2013
    graphics 6/10 visually it was stunning but this is 2013, you should be updating the way the game looks and plays at least a little bit 10 years after launch

    story 10/10 I thought I wouldn't enjoy pandas, but the story line was actually enjoyable.

    pvp 9/10 I played arena and battlegrounds quite a bit and I have to say I enjoyed all of the new maps and game modes. Warriors were a
    bit overpowered at first, but I assume they were making up for the season before that in which warriors were the "lame ducks" of pvp.

    raiding 5/10 I do not like the "find a group" raiding system. It takes all the fun out of raiding.
  30. Nov 6, 2013
    I believe it has come to a point where no expansion can satisfy me. I no longer play World of Warcraft for the content, but for the memories. The game has been a huge part of my life and to be honest, it's quite hard to let go. Many times I have cancelled my subscription only to subscribe yet again in less than a month, regardless of the fact that I log on to the game so rarely now.

    for this particular expansion, I must say I love the design and graphics behind it. They really surpassed their previous expansions in that regard. I absolutely loved exploring Pandaria and the Pandaren starting area. Had they allowed flying mounts in Pandaria right off the bat, I would've missed out on so much. The dungeons did not impress me, though they also had great design behind them. I believe this is because I have become too familiar with the game and lost any sense of adventure there used to be.

    World of Warcraft is still, undeniably, the best MMORPG there is and I'm likely to continue buying future expansions to come, but the game will never feel the way it used to. But it's not Blizzard's fault, it's just the way things are.
  31. Jan 22, 2013
    Once again, I have to re-write my review, as I've had a lot more time in Mists of Pandaria and I really want it to be accurate. I've unsubscribed once again for the same reason I left Cataclysm. There's more to do, yes. They've made, uh, cooking more complex (annoyingly so) there's a lot of daily quests that up your secondary levels more quickly's all just...WAY too easy. I just got bored. I'm not a big raid person, but I did run dungeons/heroics a lot and once you know the fights, it's easy. There's no challenge, so when you get a reward, it doesn't FEEL rewarding anymore. Blizzard's attempts to appeal to the mass market by taking the challenge out of the game has taken out what made it so addictive in the first place. Back in the day, it felt GOOD to get that rare drop or to down that horrid boss - now it's just grinding, and you could play this game on autopilot once you figure out the dungeon mechanics ("Don't stand in the fire, the black stuff or the AOEs!" LOL!). Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to do - but there's almost too much to do, and the majority of that is busy work and routine stuff (I don't give a crap about cooking - I mean, I like it, but it's not THAT important to me). It's become a monotonous, uninspired grind with a few new ideas here and there, usually lifted from other MMOs. There's nothing profoundly innovative about this game anymore, especially when compared to the next generation of MMOs that have come into the market that subscribe to the Free to Play model. As much as we'd like to say, "Guild Wars 2 is just another WoW clone!" it's not. Of course there are similarities - every developer (including Blizzard) lifts ideas off of others, especially when dealing in the same genre, but each new MMO that has come out has added innovative ideas and mechanics to the MMO genre - WoW has a few new things, but nothing all that original or exciting. I think we're seeing an end to sub-based MMOs. Though WoW is a behemoth in the industry and still has several years to go yet, it's an old model being propped up by consumers who are extremely loyal to their brand and very invested in their avatars, but that will only last so long before they get enticed by another. My hope is that they'll do what Guild Wars did and come out with a new WoW2 MMO with updated and innovative mechanics, gameplay and graphics, since they already have a huge fanbase for that franchise. As it stands, Blizzard developers seem to be half-heartedly copying innovations from next generation MMOs in order to extend its life (more cut scenes, AOE looting, and, rumour has it, jumping quests, since they're so popular in GW2). Let's face it though - new content for WoW has been coming out at a sluggish pace. Is Blizzard even trying anymore? It was a great game in its time and is still a GOOD game, but it's in decline, which is to be expected because it's an older game. Blizzard will probably lift innovations from these new MMOs for their new Titan MMO project and eventually dominate the market again, though if Diablo III is any indicator of what's to come, Blizzard is losing it's touch. Players get that gaming companies have to make money - but we are loyal to the ones who hide it with the smoke screen of great customer service and exciting features. As it stands now, the only thing that makes me THINK about going back to WoW on occasion isn't the phat loot or the dungeons - it's the in-game holidays, the few friends I have left in the game and a re-living of the great memories I had while playing. Whenever I've gone back in the past, it's just to be able to log in, say hi and putter around...I pay to visit - it's like taking a vacation to Azeroth - but I don't want to live there anymore. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 86
    An expansion worthy of the franchise’s legacy that, according to sales and subscriptions data, pulls the series back on the right track, in a spectacular way. On the other hand however, the limitations of the World of Warcraft platform are similarly underlined. There’s no room for fundamental restructuring of the game. [November 2012]
  2. Nov 25, 2012
    The fourth World of Warcraft expansion set is trying to get back all of those souls lost in last months, even years. At the end of the day it manages to get them back, letting them forget Cataclysm that's been dull as ditch water.
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    Another great excuse to delve back into this massive world, though archaic gameplay grates. [Christmas 2012, p.92]