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  1. gas
    Sep 26, 2012
    Im a wow player since classic, i got more than 300 days played on my main char. I played casual, i played hardcore, ive been a heavy raider in tbc, i raided more or less any content.
    I really enjoyed classic and tbc, ive found wotlk a so-so expansion, cata an immense letdown, and pandazz... i feel pandaz is just the right expansion to quit wow.
    The main problem is that Blizzard at a
    point decided that they were going for the masses,they decided they just wanted to focus on kids with easy content and uber power ranger armors, streamlined abilities, purple epazzz for anyone, and the dictat that every player must be special, making ofc everyone plain normal.
    I can understand that, game industry is business ofc, anyway they sadly ruined a great game.
    Leveling is plain stupid since wotlk, there is never a single challenge, its boring and it gives zero satisfaction.
    Everyone hate leveling in wow, Blizzard instead of makin it more challening and epic, they think that to make it more interesting it must be super fast and super easy.. damnz just stop with leveling maybe ?
    The idea that the game starts at end level and prior to that its just a boring rush, has been implemented by blizzard itself, thats crazy.
    Really i think there are not anymore gamers at blizzard developing games, there are economists in Blizzard developing games, this is the main problem.
    PvP in wow has always been not very balanced, uber geared ppl having fun in razing no geared ppl in bgs, world pvp has been completely murdered with fly mounts, and i cant get why Blizzard continued to allow pvp gear in pve and vice-versa which always created a lot of issues, especially pve players forced to play pvp to get specific rewards to go on easier in pve.
    The addition of fly mounts and million of portals since TBC ruined totally the sense of multiplayer ,as if you are out of the actual content zones or the main city, you will basically play alone and will not see any other player around.
    Actually in wow there is not anymore the feeling of doing something epic, any item/mount is rare just for 1 or 2 month at best, anyone can do anything with little or no effort.
    Maybe the player base wants that, a Kung Fu Panda toon nice and funny, nonsense pet nice and funny combat, new hairstyles, super huge shoulders, lore and quests funny and stupid, LFR to make every raid a cake, basically all things appealing for kids and console gamers.
    Wow can go on with this formula i guess even another 10 years maybe, but its not more wow, its just a dumbed down version of itself.
    Tbh i could write 20 pages of reasons why wow turned from a great game to a piece of garbage, but i stop here.
    I can say vanilla wow stays at civilization II like pandaz stays at farmville, Go Bli$$ard earn more cash!
    Adios WOW it has been fun.
  2. Feb 15, 2013
    It's definitely better than the ill-advised Cataclysm expansion, but the damage is done and the game is now too old for redemption; it has Blizzard's seal of quality all over it, it's top-notch until you realize you don't know why you're still playing this dated game at all. There's better stuff out there, just let go already.
  3. Oct 21, 2012
    I saw a blog post the other day from another MMO developer which talked about how you shouldn't make drastic changes to an MMO after launch, specifically on 'streamlining' the experience. In it, he talks about changes that individuals felt were necessary, but wound up contributing to his game's ultimate decline and demise. That dev was Dan Rubenfield, writing about the NGE patch for Star Wars: Galaxies. Now, 5.0 wasn't on the level of NGE, but over the years, things have begun to accumulate that make me question the necessity. The most obvious is the talent point system. Mechanically, it works and I understand why they did it. It is actually nice to be 'viable' regardless of the spec you choose. However, A) you are making choices for your character every 20 levels as opposed to every 2 levels, taking a lot out of the feeling of excitement for levelling up. B) oftentimes it is difficult to decide not because things are so good, but because nothing really appeals to you. C) the change did absolutely nothing to get rid of cookie cutter builds. D) things are seriously, seriously unbalanced - it's like they didn't listen to the beta testers. Another terrible decision was the inclusion of Cross Realm Zones (CRZ). Currently these only affect pre-MoP areas, but they have introduced a host of new bugs and issues, including lag spikes which crash your connection and auto-dismount when crossing zone borders. I play on a full server, and I was blown away when I learned I would have to share space with not only people from my server, but at least 5 other high population servers! Quest mobs are constantly camped, and on pvp servers there is constant ganking by high level players. Absolutely terrible decision. You now get Valor Points for dailies, which on the surface seems like a possibly good change, until you realize rewards for running heroic dungeons are cut in half, and you can only get full rewards once a day. This essentially means daily quests are mandatory, forever. I am not able to play 24/7, so the idea of doing 30+ daily quests every day really turns me off. Anyway, this review isn't so much about Pandaria as it is about the changes that came out in 5.0. I struggled with scoring it because content wise, MoP is ok if a bit lackluster. There wasn't anything that blew my mind in MoP like there was in previous expansions, and the "new features" (pet battles, scenarios) feel tacked on. You will run 4 dungeons while levelling 85-90, then find only 2 new, heroic-only dungeons at 90 (the rest are heroic versions of vanilla dungeons - ugh). I don't like to be a 'sky is falling' type person, but the only thing that can kill WoW is WoW itself, and dammit, they're trying. I don't believe I will be renewing my subscription. Expand
  4. Sep 25, 2012
    So, how can we reduce even more content for our players? Oh I know! How about we take away good story elements (or any story for that matter), refuse to innovate more on the game play and reduce areas of content just a bit so that we are giving less and less (I will get into that in a bit) people might say I haven't played it enough since it was mainly just beta that I was most likely to have played, but,, for now, i'm talking about content, and there really isn't a lot in this game. From what I understand, there is no new world BG, Tol'Barard was horrible because it had nothing different or new about it, it was basically AB but dumbed down to a game with literally a few strategies that people couldn't understand (at least on my server) just mass attack one place while defending the other in a repeating cycle. Also, this game seems to have no story, so you would thing that they would add more or better BGs right? Well only 2, and they aren't anything too new in terms of other games that have come out, mine cart garding, really? Whats next blizzard? Oooh ooh, kill confirmed? How about a Co Op mode where you fight zombies or robots? I know i'm kind of being a d*ck at this point, but really, there is nothing new and to make matters worse, you are getting less from the expansion, this wouldn't be so bad if it had an epic PVE story mode, but I have yet to find something intriguing. I think the biggest flaw since cata was creative designing,,,, where the hell is it? Everything since Cata feels like anything good stripped down to something extremely basic yet so bad that improving it wouldn't really make the core game play (Like TB) any better, it would just be masking it. I'm also rating it on the fact that I can't even install the freaking optimization patch, i get internet errors from blizzard telling me to check my connection, I have, and guess what, I'm fine, my friend is having the same problem, we both got good rigs and good internet, today the download bar moved to 0.5 before giving me this error, that only took a week... Look,,, iv'e been playing WoW since Burning Crusade, I was one of the first people on my server when it was starting, I have enjoyed WotLK because it had brought in cool new mechanics, but when Cata came, the quests were good in my opinion but the raiding and the dungeons were terrible, they started recycling more dungeons from the past to improvise extra stuff, we have been on a decline on brand new dungeons/raids/arena maps/Bgs since cata, we are paying 15 bucks a month and 40 dollars for each expansion that brings less and less, this needs to stop blizzard, stop being so high and mighty, and listen to your players.... Have a good one... Expand
  5. Oct 2, 2012
    Every expansion has breathed new features and new life into WoW. This one doesn't. It simplifies the game to the point of absurdity, offers nothing to improve on the dated, now-ugly graphics and effects, and offers nothing compelling we haven't seen and done before. The new race isn't interesting, the new zones aren't interesting, and the new class is slightly interesting. Once you get to the new level cap, which takes practically no time whatsoever, you'll be treated to...easy end-game that, frankly, isn't very interesting. If you're addicted to WoW, you'll undoubtedly buy this. If not, just pass. There are so many MMOs out there now offering different features and playstyles, there's really no reason to play this one anymore. Expand
  6. Dec 23, 2012
    I unsubed from the game yesterday and its running out today. I will not be returning to WOW again. Why? Because I dont play games that consider waiting in queues for more than an hour to be the best way to gate content. Thats not acceptable and every 10 mins of waiting lowers the score I give the game by 1. So... 4 it is.
  7. Sep 25, 2012
    After their Cataclysm expansion, where the main focus landed onto the casual players, i get the feeling after playing about 5 hours that also this expansion will all be about playing as little as you can, but get as much profit and loot as possible. Due to the fact that the previous expansions held on to the core mechanic of the original world of Warcraft, the more you play the better the game becomes. Because of this change i get the feeling, why should i keep paying for something that is not rewarding? It sure is fun don't get me wrong, if you want the hours to keep flowing away. Expand
  8. Sep 26, 2012
    Same stuff. The exacly same stuff after years and years.No revolution. No evolution. The same heated soup we served up every year. Game world beautiful to look at but poor in content.
    The pokemon version of wow is an insult. Surface and no reason to exist in Azeroth.
    I find it outrageous that Dreamworks has not sued for copyright infringement of Myst Pandarian. Leaving aside the comments
    from fan boy that the Pandaren were present in the game since the dawn (Where? Warcraft1-2-3? Where?) The whole universe of Pandaria is a vile copy of the film Kung Fu Panda.
    After the month-long trial I will return on the blessed shores of free to play. WoW is an old game that fails to keep pace with the times. His legend is over.
  9. Sep 27, 2012
    I hate when ppl downvote a game out of principle, but I do empathize with them in this case. At the moment I speak, this game doesn`t deserve more than a 4, from a couple of reasons. First, the game is 10 yrs old, with no major improvement regarding graphics and gameplay since it`s launch (it`s getting dumber, and the playstyle is highly repetitive). Second, this game costs 70% the price of Torchlight2, every month, adding to this is the cost of the expansion(180% the cost of T2, only for an exp). This is OUTRAGEOUS. And don`t lie to yourself that a mmo needs monthly to sustain servers etc. GW2 does it only with the initial cost of the game. For those that get into this money eating machine, you have a major fault in the stagnation of the game industry. I am sorry to say, but atm Blizz just reached the EAjunk business model and the community has a major fault for this. I have played a couple of hours on a friend`s account, and I can state that the game has passed it`s time, a long time ago. I will stick with the memories that I have with wow from BC and WOTLK.
    Please don`t support this game. You are not only supporting Michael Morhaime to buy another city or so, but you are also sending a clear message to the game dev community that you enjoy monthly subscriptions on utterly foolish games (see swtor).
  10. Sep 26, 2012
    Let me start by saying Mists of Pandaria is not a bad expansion, WoW itself is not a bad game, it's just not great or Epic anymore, or at least as it used to be. The main problem of Mists it's just more of the exact same thing of the past 5 years, in fact it could very easily be a DLC. 5 more levels of the same quests, handful of more dungeons, couple more BGs, raids, and a re-shuffled talent tree. That has been the motto for Blizzard and WoW every since Burning Crusade. More importantly is the direction that the game started to take back in Wotlk, which is faster, simpler, easier and grindy. Normally those are good attributes, but not in a game. It basically stripped off WoW of its epicness, the feeling of adventure, hard work, difficulty, skill and challenge. It became a very easy, dumbed down mind-numbling grind, with no sense of challenge, adventure or worthwhile reward. And unfortunately, Mists of Pandaria is more of that, the same formula of 5 years ago heading even further down the road of streamlined dumbed down games. It's clear that Blizzard is heading that direction for a reason, to appeal to the younger newer crowd in order to continue selling copies and micro-transactions, not necessarily to continue making a better, more Epic game. Mists is very mediocre, specially when you compare it to new releases out there of MMOs and RPGs. With Guild Wars 2 being free-to-play I can't believe Blizzard has the face to charge monthly subscription for WoW anymore, or to continue to butcher their customer's pockets with elevated prices for extra stuff, like transfers, etc. The new class, slightly better graphics, new race and few other additions here and there unfortunately go un-noticed due to the other things that are just mediocre at best. Conclusion: Mists is just another WoW expansion, more of the same ol', very VERY little improvement if at all, that unfortunately goes overshadowed by the very poor direction where the game has been heading since Wotlk. Mists didn't cause WoW to lose it's Epicness, sense of adventure, challenge or skill/reward system, it hasn't been a trend since few expansions ago, however Mists continues that trend, which is bad. In top of that, we are talking about a very wealthy company with a lot of resources, and comparing to other free-to play releases (GW2) it just falls way, wayyy too short. Expand
  11. Sep 27, 2012
    Not the worst expansion, but definitely not the best either. The Pandaren starting zone is boring and very slow paced, especially since you are unable to send over your BoA items straight away. The art style and music in Pandaria is great. Cross realm zones hurt the game more than they add to it. Pet battles are an absolute joke and are a prime example as to why Cory Stockton should not be a Lead Content Designer. Level 90 class talents are not balanced at all in that some classes only get meh abilities. Expand
  12. Sep 29, 2012
    Mostly Quest based expansion. Warning to those that don't enjoy questing do not buy this!! In order to do this new content you are forced to quest no matter if you enjoy them or not. Even if you just want to pvp you will not escape having to quest. Also if you don't have 40+ hours a week to dedicate to wow then you will remain casual and never see the high end raids. Not to mention the endless rep grinding to get any kind of raid gear wich also requires mass questing. If you enjoy Pokemon or farmville or mass questing then this xpack is for you. Otherwise stay clear of mists Expand
  13. Oct 13, 2012
    ......why do i have to buy this game because there no way they can do like wow 2 with HD and new look still same look toon over again again i wish they needed to do just like guild wars 2 not just patch evey time they do that i am not buy this add on game they more like DLC cost alot and game just lvl 85 to 90 it to much and go miss alll the other game too all they need to do is just remaster and renew story and remobel and better song and this time they really need add like HD video see more like forever Nintendo 64 game armor not seen good dude that waste of life time >.< come on guy look what guild wars did change to part 2 and remodel better wow did not seen bad idea to buy this game Expand
  14. Mar 13, 2013
    I played WoW for about 7 years. Getting on board about a month after the launch of the Burning Crusade. The game was incredibly different then. The world was more alive, and there was a lot of user generated content. From PvP raids, world PvP, world PvE, community events etc... There were groups of strangers always finding something to do. It was more social, which is what kept me playing for so long. However about mid way through Wrath of the Lich King came the LFG (Looking For Group) tool. That allows players to queue, and will automatically assemble a group. Indeed, it takes out all the pain of trying to assemble a group yourself, but the tool caused less people to be in the world. The interaction among players dwindled. Being that the other players are on different realms the communication is minimal, with maybe a ""hi" and "thanks for the group." Towards the latter Cataclysm, they implemented LFR (Looking for Raid), similar to LFG, it exacerbated the same problems that came with LFG. Beyond these issues, Mists of Pandaria, is rather repetitive. Since player generated content has vanished, unless you're an role-player, the only things left to, and not necessarily in a negative sense just a precise sense, you'll do quests to level to cap, once there you'll really be left with only two options. You'll either run battlegrounds to achieve honor points which will be spent on items that will make you more powerful, or you'll end up battling the "random" number generator in dungeons to obtain the gear you need to raid were you'll repeat the cycle. You'll also end up doing weeks of daily quests just to spend the currency you're obtaining while running dungeons. It can be misleading. It'll appear that there is plenty to do at "endgame" but will boil down to raiding, or instanced PvP. With the LFR, and LFG the game feels very lobby based now. Lack of reason to go into the world, and little user generated content leaves everyone waiting around for the next patch. Expand
  15. Jul 11, 2013
    Throughout the beta for this game, you could tell there was something 'off' about it, there was a lack of direction and the game as a whole has been left in odd, unsavory parts.

    Whilst they have rectified the errors made in cataclysm by adding more endgame content, they have further reduced the leveling time and now they want to bring an ingame shop with which to buy further EXP
    bonuses, so you never actually see more than half of a zone before you are rushed off.

    The Endgame content is lacking, and all though the raids are plenty, Blizzard is making fights more and more complex, which doesn't necessarily mean a more interesting counter but more of a tedium to learn and do. There has only been 1 additional raid release throughout it's 3 patches, with a 2nd coming in 5.4, and the fact that it is almost over after 1 year of release, makes you wonder whether they are pushing out a greater quantity of content rather than a select of quality content. They have added a new raiding system, which is an improvement, but it still feels like a huge 'drop-off' point for players who want to raid, as you can still get 0 loot from your raid finder, or normal raid, and as soon as you get gear that out-scales the raid finder's current loot available to you, you can't help but feel that it becomes a pointless waste of your time. Blizzard have removed the daily quest limit, so instead of paying careful attention to which faction you'd like to make some friends with, you basically have no reason to not spend 3 hours doing them all at once, which feels very overwhelming and necessary to retain an edge in the game. Challenge mode dungeons are underplayed, and are still pretty much ignored on the whole.

    New features such as the Tiller's farm and Pet battles added some interesting flavor and value to the game, but they quickly lose their novelty and your farm seems like more of a chore, and pet battles just lose any sort of charm after you get beaten by an enemy-troll team.

    In conclusion, I think that Mists of Pandaria cured the bane of players, which was nothing to do, but now instead overfaces them with too much.

    Graphics wise it is fine, not a gem, but it's not really a 'graphics' orientated game.
  16. Jan 12, 2014
    This addon ist NOT for players who enjoy to play a variety of classes for multiple reasons. Be it crafting materials that you can only gather by playing your -one same- character but not by trading, the farming of faction reputation (per character) or daily as well as weekly duties (per character) that you have to do over and over again, unless you want to be excluded from the rest of the content due to gear level.

    If you make it: still endgame is hell. Outside of raids you won't find anything that isn't dumbed down. There's just nothing to do that makes sense whatsoever. Leveling is broken (too fast, super easymode, skipping lots of content, role system broken in low dungeons because of easymode npcs). PVP is broken (item level for PVP is no competition for PVE players, no change in the world for PVP victories, no sense as of what PVP should be good for in this game). Raiding can only be done once per week due to an ID system that flags the content until reset - which is once per week. So it's like a waiting game until you're allowed to do stuff again.

    I'm looking hard, really, really hard for some kindness and teamplay in this game but it's nowhere to be found so far. Because everything has been anonymized along with the dumbing down people can and will try to do everything by themselves alone - in an MMO ! Others are merely a pest or random annoyance. Gameplay favors that by cornering the classes in their roles without any way to prove useful out of that role as well as the way classes are designed: Not teamplay is relevant for everyone. It's just relevant that YOU play you OWN CLASS well enough to survive - except for healers of course who are responsible for everyone.

    I can hardly put my finger on the -one thing- that is broken in that game because there's so much wrong with it now. Basically it's become a game of ego players that want the best items while looking down on all others and trying to do everything alone and/or start griefing on others.
    It's not the MMO with a kind community and teamplay that it once was. The thing is: I could put myself to use but because there's only raid content where that really matters I feel like there's no other place for me to be - except for once per week, of course.

    Pandas are not the problem with that addon. Just another race added. The problems are broken mechanics everywhere, a world that has content added to it, one addon at a time while the previous content is basically dead and a community that is merely centered around endgame and toxic behaviour because the game has become so boring that this is the most interesting thing that one can actually do.

    I had to take a break at the end of the previous addon, "Cataclysm", because it was long overdue to release new story content aka the next addon which took quite a long time. I waited some time after MoP before I started so that I could start my question without facing overrun zones with harsh competition but still there was just no place for me to be. As tank or healer I don't have any good options outside of instanced content. So I am forced to play a damage based class outside - or I play my -one- raid per week. Below the raiding difficult there is only very shallow instanced content and nothing that matters in the outside world.

    Just no fun. Add toxic people, have your Wow experience. That's how it is.

    Take this rating as a 3/10 instead of a 4/10 if you play on those servers that have technical problems quite frequently or such a low Horde / Alliance population that the auction house and guilds are quite empty.
  17. Sep 30, 2012
    Once you get past the initial visual wonderland of Pandaria and reach 90, you will find just how shallow this game is. Not only is the game shallow, it is also schizophrenic: On one hand, Blizzard has made it ridiculously easy to complete content with the nerfing of talents and linear structuring of quests. Likewise, responding to complaints from Cataclysm, Blizzard has made Heroic dungeons mindnumbingly easy to the point where a decent tank and healer with 3 mediocre DPS can chain pull entire dungeons. Yet, while they've made dungeon crawling insanely easy compared to early Cataclysm, they've reverted back to Burning Crusade design for reputation grinding. There's even two reputations you can't touch until you've gotten a third, separate, reputation to revered. If you are like me and enjoy having reputations at exalted, prepare to endure a hellishly slow grind of daily quests where you gain only 100-500 rep per quest. They even did a nearly direct copy and paste of the Netherwing Ledge grind from Burning Crusade and called it "Order of the Cloud Serpent" (complete with sky races and rare spawning eggs). Then there's the Tillers, where you have to get reputation with *individual NPCs* in order to get overall reputation. |||| Professions have become markedly easier with most of them easily completed to level 600 well before you reach level 90. On my main, I had enchanting at 600 by 87 and tailoring at 600 by 88. Never in the past have I had all my professions at max *before* I hit max level cap. |||| Pet battles and the Tillers (aka Farmville or Harvest Moon) are nifty but gimmicky and a poor excuse for content. They're nowhere near as good as their original sources so they won't have staying power over time. |||| Frankly, it feels like they don't know where they're going. They've made too much of the game overwhelmingly easy and are trying to use reps as the hook to keep people playing. Unfortunately, it's not 2007 anymore and this isn't Burning Crusade. I struggled through Cataclysm and was actually excited for Pandaria but I find it to be as lacking, if not moreso, than Cataclysm. It would appear, then, that after 8 years, I will likely be bidding adieu to Azeroth as I just don't see the game getting better any time soon. It's sad when pet battles, WoW's version of Farmville/Harvest Moon/SIMS, and the complete trashing of the RPG elements of talents are considered major sales bullet points. Expand
  18. Sep 26, 2012
    This is a review of two things, actually, so take it as such. MoP is...another xpac. With pandas. Is it fun? Yes, of course. It's still the same gear treadmill and the same fetch quests, but that's always been WoW, so I'm used to it. The new zones are beautiful. The music is great. Monks are a fun class, even if they did **** with them a bit so as not to offend people because they're doing drunken monkey style kung-fu like Jackie Chan and we can't offend people who don't drink. Or something. The pandas are charming enough, even if the females are really just a mildly altered redo of the female dwarf. Ji Firepaw is a fun addition. Aysa is...meh. The problem is with CRZ, which has absolutely destroyed the game if you're on a low-pop PVE server. If I wanted to PVP, I would do so. If I wanted to fight with a thousand other people for mats or spawns, I'd have transferred off my low pop and gone to a place where that sort of thing went on. My economy on my server sees no benefits from this amazing new 'feature'. Make no mistake, if you are on a PVE server and you rezone, you will get griefed, heavily. This is unbelievable and stupid. I transferred off my PVP server five years ago so that I didn't have to deal with it. To those of you who enjoy PVP, I'm glad this feature has revitalized your experience playing the game. It has ruined mine. I have friends on my server. I don't need realID either, by the way. I've been playing since vanilla, I can make pals just fine. I can't believe that Blizz would implement this right before MoP dropped. I can't believe they aren't listening to the thousands upon thousands of players on both US and EU servers who are telling them they want to opt out. If Blizz adds the ability to opt-out of CRZ, I'll resub and play again. As it stands now, I'm done, and a lot of other players are too. Bad, bad move. MoP would have gotten a six and fifteen bucks a month from me if it weren't for CRZ. Bye Blizz, it was fun. Expand
  19. Dec 18, 2012
    Tons of BORING dailies to remain competitive.
    Dailies, Dailies, Dailies, all the way Dailies, again Dailies for rep, Dailies for epics, Dailies for extra loot coins, Dailies for recipes, Dailies to cook, Dailies for titles, Dailies for Mounts. Dailes to unlock factions.

  20. Sep 26, 2012
    Graphics are better than the old WoW but the fun factor has left. There is absolutely no challenge whatsoever. It feels like a game for simplistic children. What happened Blizzard? Where are you?
  21. Oct 6, 2012
    First of all, the attack on negative reviewers by the majority of positive reviewers exposes the fact that it is a select minority, perhaps even company employees, creating multiple accounts to boost the games positive rating. The whole thing reeks of self-promotion. Secondly, the expansion has dumbed the game down to ridiculous proportions. Will this appeal to everyone? No, of course not. However, those that enjoy the game? I do honestly hope you have a great time. The expansion to me feels tired, flat and the blatant rehash of game mechanics into simpler versions does little to help the enjoyment factor. While this next point is entirely down to social perspective, playing WoW now feels embarrassing due to the multitude of fuzzy pandas played by 10 year olds running around karate kicking things. As an adult, I can't take the game seriously anymore. I just can't. The pollution of the community is also offputting. Give children anonymitity and a feeling of invincibility behind a computer screen and, well, comment sections on Youtube are all the evidence needed.

    Blizzard have taken the commercial route for more money over game quality and please, trying to deny this is like trying to say fish don't swim. In the interest of being fair, the Monk class is fun. On the whole however, MoP won't win back any loyal fans and certainly doesn't put Blizzard in a great light. I'd like to say at this point, I really don't like Guild Wars 2 either. The bottom line? WoW is dying a very slow death and the injection of botox that is MoP doesn't do anything to make its ultimate demise any more graceful. Just the same old tired formula. This kind of arrogance and disregard for quality simply shouldn't be encouraged.
  22. May 28, 2013
    I fear MOP is a reflection of when the whining masses get their own way. Let me be up front and state this: just because people want something in a game, does not mean it's good game design.

    Do you remember when tanking and healing used to take skill and some forethought? You won't find that here. Healers cannot go OOM and tanking takes very little attention.

    Characters have
    become very homogenized and the differences between the classes are small.

    Blizzard cannot balance PVP. This is the worst pvp I've played in any wow game. Sure, people used to get gibbed in vanilla, but at least you could see it coming most of the time IE stuck in a seduction while a warlock fired up a soulfire with a 6 second cast. Combine this with boatloads of instant CCs and instant heals and instant everything else and I'm left wondering who finds pvp fun anymore?

    Many of the raid fights I've been in had hard enrage timers. Many fights aren't about mechanic mastery, but about pumping out as much dps as you can. This made for some of the most boring boss battles I've done yet, and the most frustrating.

    Blizzard has taken an approach to eliminate all aspects of socialization or need to communicate and coordinate. Why CC a mob? Looking for raid is pants on head stupidly easy. No longer is there any mystique because all raids are cleared on day 1 with a raid full of people who don't communicate and are not punished for standing in the fire the whole fight. How is this even a game? There is no challenge to be found here. Just because I'm a casual player doesn't mean I want to be treated like someone who has never seen a computer before.

    Grinding has been replaced with daily quests. Remember how in vanilla or TBC you could log on and go kill mobs for drops to get rep with the scryers or timbermaw? Yes, it was a grind, but what we're offered in place of this is daily quests. Now the ability to accumulate rep is throttled instead of being something you could do on your own time! Just because it's a daily quest doesn't mean it is not a grind. You are still killing mobs or picking up items. I miss being able to farm twilight texts and selling them to other players who wanted their rep grind quickly. I also miss how grinding mobs in an area for drops usually meant players were going to be in the same area for a while and provided good opportunities for PVP.

    Cross realm zones have ensured that the low level crafting materials are going to be extremely rare. This is opposed to the mop lvl zones where you literally cannot go 2 seconds without seeing another resource node to loot. Have fun lvling that new character's trades!

    I'll conclude by saying that I stand in the group that firmly believes Vanilla and especially TBC were the pinnacle of wow. I still play on a private vanilla wow server and I find it infinitely more enjoyable than mop. It is not the nostalgia factor at all as many mop supporters would like to think. Wow used to be simple to learn and hard to master. It used to require team work, communication, and some struggling which just made the rewards that much more enjoyable to get. There used to be a reason to go out into the world, and you could make real rivalries and get a reputation for yourself. Blizz made wow so people who want to be anonymous jerks or are really bad at the game are able to accomplish just as much as everyone else in the same span of time without ever leaving the main cities. There is no challenge to be had here. This is the last Blizzard game I will ever purchase (I said that when I got D3 and I should have stuck to my guns). The worst part is that much of the community supports the direction WOW is going so I really do think we are going to see WOW fizzle out and die because the people who made the community good, enjoyed a challenge, and didn't want everything handed to them on a silver platter have been alienated.

    The few good things, challenge modes, and improved graphics, are the only pros I can think of. Even challenge modes though are just a race against the clock however and only provide aesthetic rewards. Not worth coming back for IMO.
  23. Sep 26, 2012
    Your time and money is better spent elsewhere. Blizzard once again continues to dumb down their franchises while gouging $ out of their customers. The setting is awful and the class changes are even worse. It is clear that the talent truly has left Blizzard and all they care about is making money. It is sad to see that a company that was once the best in the industry has fallen so hard.
  24. Sep 28, 2012
    Now, I used to raid in WoW for over a year but real world time commitments have forced me to stop playing so hard. WoW is years polished and I love playing as a healer but I've simply burnt out on this model. It's fine if many other people have not but I have. I find myself frustrated compared to playing say Guild Wars 2, and while a 3 is pretty harsh, I'd say this feels like their least inspired work to date. Bring on Titan Blizzard if you really want to set the next standard again. Expand
  25. Sep 26, 2012
    I really wanted to like the game but it seems to be trying to draw in a very young crowd with this last expansion. I played a panda through level 30 and had to stop. The combat seems clunky at best and the quests are just a thousand more of the same "bring me 10 wolf pelts" or "kill 10 murlocs" Nothing new, and definitely nothing to be excited about.
  26. Sep 26, 2012
    Besides the same boring questing (was hoping they'd change this after 8 years), the talent changes are a joke. I understand that they felt that the old talents were meaningless since everyone pretty much had the same builds for their classes, but the changes make me wonder why they didn't just remove talents altogether. Getting one talent every 15 levels just feels lame, like why bother? Next expansion will probably just have a check box for pvp spec and one for pve spec. Expand
  27. Sep 27, 2012
    I bought this game because I have been a fan of the series, but it was a mistake. You don't get the same feeling that you did with Vanilla Wow. It feels stale, boring, and not much fun at all. I've only leveled to 86, but the hours I spent doing so felt like a chore. It's just not a fun game anymore. Same old tired formula from 2004: kill 10 boars and come back for xp, rinse and repeat x 2352362136. It was great then, but I prefer the likes of GW2 these days, and the fact that GW2 is f2p makes me wonder more and more about what blizz has been getting away with. Expand
  28. Sep 27, 2012
    Overall, I like the game. The Jade Forest has been amazing. I have loved the changes to my druid main. However, leveling my panda monk has been a painful experience due to CRZ(Cross Realm Zones). It kills the experience for me. I can not in good conscience give MoP a good rating until CRZ is removed, or we are given an option to opt-out. Overall, good game design. However, CRZ kills the overall feel of the game for me. Collapse
  29. Sep 29, 2012
    super mario mmorpg. everything is so colourful, cheery and merry that i almost feel as if the game is about to send me on a quest to save a princess that was abducted by a nasty giant turtle with spikes on its shell. everything is ageing extremely bad: from the ancient quest system design to the old (but surprisingly resource taxing) graphics. i've spent countless days of my life playing this game, but i guess this expansion sealed the coffin. Expand
  30. Sep 29, 2012
    Wow, what can I say besides, really Blizz? How do you give into greed after creating what was once regarded as the greatest MMO. After the dreadful Cataclysm expansion, did you really think appealing to 12 year olds was going to make salvage your rep? Terrible expansion, really pissed off I wasted $40 bucks on this crap.
  31. Sep 27, 2012
    Overall, I like the game. The Jade Forest has been amazing. I have loved the changes to my druid main. However, leveling my panda monk has been a painful experience due to CRZ(Cross Realm Zones). It kills the experience for me. I can not in good conscience give MoP a good rating until CRZ is removed, or we are given an option to opt-out. Overall, good game design. However, CRZ kills the overall feel of the game for me. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 86
    An expansion worthy of the franchise’s legacy that, according to sales and subscriptions data, pulls the series back on the right track, in a spectacular way. On the other hand however, the limitations of the World of Warcraft platform are similarly underlined. There’s no room for fundamental restructuring of the game. [November 2012]
  2. Nov 25, 2012
    The fourth World of Warcraft expansion set is trying to get back all of those souls lost in last months, even years. At the end of the day it manages to get them back, letting them forget Cataclysm that's been dull as ditch water.
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    Another great excuse to delve back into this massive world, though archaic gameplay grates. [Christmas 2012, p.92]