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  1. 100
    In a genuinely striking move, The Burning Crusade simultaneously gives World of Warcraft veterans the swathes of new content they've been crying out for, and makes the end-game experience vastly more open to casual players or new players.
  2. Lush and vibrant, it is everything an expansion should be: a furthering of a much loved and honored world. We found ourselves barely able to stop playing long enough to write this, and plan on delving right back in as soon as we can.
  3. Burning Crusade is the kind of game that single-handedly lowers a school's attendance record, and would have business managers everywhere handling sick-day calls, if they weren't stuck at home trying to reach level 70 before their boss finally fires them.
  4. 100
    The Burning Crusade is more of a resurrection than an expansion, a vast and munificent span of content that both refines and totally invalidates what came before it.
  5. Though lore fiends may be beating their heads against solid objects thinking about all the new directions The Burning Crusade takes the continuing saga of the World of Warcraft, they really should learn to relax and enjoy what Blizzard has set before them: perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed expansion set ever to be released for an MMORPG.
  6. The new zones are huge in comparison to the original game and graphically lush. But it’s the content inside them, the quests and the instances, that make the whole game tick.
  7. Blizzard has really added a lot to the game – a ton of new quests, flying mounts, the ability to hit level 70, fun new zones and more.
  8. World of Warcraft has never been better, and while you don't need the expansion pack to continue playing, it's hard not to feel like you're missing out in Azeroth without it.
  9. It runs well, it’s almost completely bug-free, the servers are good, the game scales mob spawn rates to keep up with demand, the quest log always has something for you to do and the instances are brief and enjoyable. There’s no clearing of crap before you get to the Dead Mines or Maraudon proper, you no longer need to get 40 people together for a raid... it’s not next-generation, but The Burning Crusade is as good as this generation of MMOs is going to get.
  10. Along with the new races and their respective areas, flying mounts, jewel crafting, and persistent player versus player maps, the Burning Crusade ends up being more than a mega-patch, and justifies the cost well beyond the hope of a glacial grind to the next level cap.
  11. 88
    Few World of Warcraft players would consider their experience complete without the additions that The Burning Crusade brings.
  12. Nothing else is this slick, this viscerally impressive, this overwhelmingly addictive.
  13. Burning Crusade's most grievous crime is that it totally invalidates the years of work you've put into pimping out your toons, but if you can handle looking like you can't dress yourself in the morning, the new equipment you'll be earning will be a salve on the wound.
  14. 100
    One of the most solid expansion packs I have ever seen for any game. While you may find a few bugs here and there, it's a thoroughly polished package. It simply delivers where many don't, and it's easy to see why its already having so much success.
  15. games(TM)
    With The Burning Crusade, Blizzard has yet again raised the standard by which all MMORPGs will be judged. [Mar 2007, p.112]
  16. The Burning Crusade is a must-have, both for ongoing players of World of Warcraft but also the players who got bored at level 60 and stopped playing.
  17. AceGamez
    Everything is new again, it's exciting to discover new areas and exhilarating to conquer new dungeons, and given that Blizzard have already confirmed an expansion every year (quite a lofty goal to set after the delays for this one) there's already an excitement about what they'll include in future updates.
  18. 80
    The fact the game continues to expand, with a new patch on the way which will include more Outland endgame content - including the chance to fight the Big Bad, Illidan himself - only makes it that much more exciting and World of Warcraft’s continual evolution will ensure its continuing popularity for quite some time to come.
  19. It's clear that the TBC really just serves one purpose. That purpose isn't particularly subtle, nor is it a masterstroke from developers Blizzard. But the important thing is that this purpose is achieved with a kind of wonderful self assurance you only really get from a developer confident in the knowledge it is responsible for the most popular MMO in history. If it 'aint broke, don't fix it.
  20. With new content for newbies and veterans alike, The Burning Crusade is a complete expansion and one that no WoW player should be without. Hell, there’s enough here to make a whole separate game.
  21. 95
    Simple. If you own a PC and are willing to devote your life to a great game, you need to buy this.
  22. The overall quality of The Burning Crusade is simply astounding.
  23. With plenty that’s new to see and do, even without seeing what the new continent has to offer, The Burning Cruisade looks like a fantastic expansion set and comes highly recommended for WoW veterans as well as players that have gone into hibernation (like me), or newbies looking for something fun to take up 88 hours of their week.
  24. PC Zone UK
    "Must-buy" doesn't seem strong enough. There should probaby be some kind of law forcing every player to have it. For their own good, of course. [Apr 2007, p.73]
  25. It’s teeming with new loot, better opportunities to stick it to your fellow players and has even richer music to fit the mood.
  26. Another thing worth mentioning about the expansion is definitely the inclusion of flying mounts. This is clearly more than a simple cosmetic addition to the game, as it adds a whole new dimension to world exploration.
  27. If you have a high level character, it’s hard to find a reason for you not to buy The Burning Crusade. An entirely new continent filled with great content and with some really imaginative zones to explore make the expansion a must buy.
  28. The level cap has increased allowing for more spells, talents, and power for individuals with the insanity to chase them. This is a whole new world.
  29. PC Format
    The bar for MMOs has been lifted even higher - it'll take something almost sexual in nature to topple the mighty WoW now. [Mar 2007, p.70]
  30. A lot of new content clearly tailored based on the community requests.
  31. The guilty-pleasure, fast-food champion of MMO gaming has expanded their menu, upgraded their sides, and supersized everything on your tray. Eat up.
  32. Beautiful environments; new exciting quests; awesome PvP content; all sorts of goodies for WoW players.
  33. 90
    All you can ask from an expansion pack, does it improve the original game, does it offer more content and does it do enough to become essential to the core experience. The Burning Crusade offers an emphatic yes to all these so there really is very little excuse for fans not to buy it.
  34. Although the new areas are largely designed for levels 1-20, they provide a refreshing pace after going through the Alliance’s starting points about five times.
  35. Pelit (Finland)
    New areas and races are well thought out and there is tons of stuff to do. Some hardcore raiders will not love the new 25 player raid cap, though, and the guild aspect of the game could have used more improvements. [Jan 2007]
  36. Games Master UK
    This is as good as it gets for online roleplaying. [Apr 2007, p.84]
  37. MMOs are not for everyone, but this is certainly the closest they get and this new expansion just cements that fact.
  38. PC Gamer
    However, if you've been level 60 for a while and let your account lapse, The Burning Crusade is reason enough to reactivate your account. [Apr 2007, p.46]
  39. New 25 man limit dungeons in the end game open up things to most everyone but require a ridiculously expensive flying mount to get to them so there will still be some silly gold grinding when you get to 70.
  40. My overall impression is "vaguely disappointed." There is a litany of technical issues, and the lack of new classes is spectacularly underwhelming, but it's the pervasive sense of same old, same old that really keeps me from singing glossy praise.
  41. 100
    If you played World of Warcraft to level 60 and enjoyed it, you'll enjoy Burning Crusade even more. And if you never stopped playing WoW, the expansion isn't an option, it's mandatory.
  42. 90
    Launch issues aside, there's absolutely no reason why any World of Warcraft player should hesitate to pick it up. Consider it essential.
  43. Computer Games Magazine
    The Burning Crusade adds some much-needed high level content to a game that had grown pretty stagnant for the Level 60s who spent all day and night dancing in front of the Auction Houses in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. [Apr 2007, p.58]
  44. Any level 60 player has no reason not to achieve level 70, and anyone who bought their epic mount has no reason not to have a flying mount as well. Basically, if World of Warcraft feels right, so will Burning Crusade.
  45. 100
    The new locations, characters, items, and monsters are nothing short of awesome. The voice acting is perfect, the sound effects spot-on, and the score at times both ominous and uplifting.
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  1. Jul 14, 2013
    I played this game for a long time and i all ways loved it! I all ways thought that this game easily deserved a 100/100. Sadly the newI played this game for a long time and i all ways loved it! I all ways thought that this game easily deserved a 100/100. Sadly the new expansion "Mists of Pandaria" did not turn out as well as i thought but all the other ones were good and i can't wait to see what new expansion comes out next! :D Full Review »
  2. Mar 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Burning Crusade.. the first expansion. I remember I went offline in front of the Dark Portal so I can start off leveling immediately. When I went through it, I couldn't believe how much effort they had put in this expansion pack. The Graphics, NPCs, Quests (they finally had some kind of story-line), Dungeons were still really hard and Raids were for experienced players. I only got to Karazhan because it was actually that hard. The leveling itself was fun and still hard (something that can't be told for long). The professions were still hard to level ( I remember it cost me 1000 gold to get Jewelcrafting to 300). And thought the epic mount got cheaper ( I don't know if the normal got cheaper,too), but the flying mounts were really big efforts to get (normal was 1000g and epic was 5000g). This expansion pack's whole life-time was great. From Karazhan to Isle of Quel'Danas (this was my favorite part as it introduced the first kind of "phasing" and another chance to show off your teeth. By this I mean a Title that needed Exalted status and 1000 gold). This and Classic WoW were the 2 games that certainly worth the money you payed for their whole life-times. Full Review »
  3. Oct 2, 2010
    In my opinion this expansion was the peak of this game, every raid dungeon was difficult before the "nerf" and there was still a level ofIn my opinion this expansion was the peak of this game, every raid dungeon was difficult before the "nerf" and there was still a level of difficulty involved while having many things available for the casual gamer. This expansion set the perfect balance or the best balance this game has ever had. Full Review »