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  1. 90
    With Wrath of the Lich King, World of Warcraft's play style has been tweaked to be more accessible, addictive, and deeper. Any longtime player is sure to be pleased with what Blizzard's done here since it gives the higher level population a wealth of new content for play as well as improves the overall look of the world.
  2. The second World of Warcraft expansion doesn't do anything for new players, but there's plenty of great content for anyone who's reached at least level 55.
  3. While the majority of the content is geared towards higher-level players, there is still a lot of fantastic content for any WoW gamer. If you’re a fan, then there’s no reason that you should not have this expansion.
  4. 90
    It's telling of how ravenously the most devoted WoW players inhale content that level 80 Death Knights fishing for instance runs are commonplace at this point, less than two weeks after Wrath's launch.
  5. 100
    Wrath of the Lich King takes the best-of-breed MMO and improves everything about it. It's a work of supreme confidence and quality that is twice as fun and ten times as beautiful as classic WOW, not to mention anything else in the genre. But above all else - in the breathtaking sweep of Northrend, in the assured, epic storytelling, in the constellation of brilliant quests - it is a grand adventure. Perhaps the grandest adventure in all gaming.
  6. It just feels great to finally unleash all that power you built up through level 70 endgame in a whole new romping ground once again.
  7. 91
    Wrath features more than enough content to keep me busy for a while yet. And if WOW's current track record maintains, things can only get better with time.
  8. Wrath of the Lich King has all the components necessary to hold the attention of the gaming community for several years to come...or at least until Blizzard decides which game we're going to be playing next.
  9. Keeping WoW at the top of a very big pile, this is a wonderful expansion. [Jan 2009, p.68]
  10. 100
    It’s inconceivable that any current WoW player wouldn’t want to get Wrath of the Lich King. Once again, Blizzard has knocked our socks off with an expansion that expands on the original game and taken it to new heights.
  11. 100
    The journey through Northrend is one of continuous wonder, where every zone has something new to show and exploration of every detail is something that you feel compelled to partake in.
  12. Wrath Of The Lich King has ensured that World Of Warcraft remains the pinnacle of the genre in its current form. [Feb 2009, p.124]
  13. With its spectacular design, dazzling polish and ever-compulsive gameplay, World of Warcraft seems destined to remain the everyman's pick of PvE-focussed MMO for the foreseeable future, and with the implementation of new PvP mechanics, Blizzard is no doubt looking to tempt back players who jumped ship to Warhammer Online and Age of Conan as well.
  14. Seeing the innumerable changes and tune-ups to the game engine and the rules, you get the sense that World of Warcraft is a finely-tuned machine that its makers just can't stop tinkering with in an obsessive effort to keep it fresh, relevant, and above all, fun. For now, mission accomplished.
  15. This package makes for an epic and excellent expansion to World of Warcraft. It's brilliant, inspired, and a grand adventure.
  16. With a highly improved and immersive questing system, a new profession to master, a largely PvP focused zone, a level-cap of 80, and a devious new class to play, fans of World of Warcraft will be greeted with a multitude of new reasons to sell their souls and their time to Blizzard’s outrageously successful online RPG.
  17. Lich King is an impressive addition to an already compelling game.
  18. If you have a computer with internet and think you might enjoy playing games, do yourself a favor and try it.
  19. If you are an experienced WoW-player, you should go for Wrath of the Lich King immediately. If you are a newbie and not interested in PvP-battles, there is no need to hurry.
  20. 90
    Wrath of the Lich King is an epic gaming experience that will suck you in and never let go. A must for WoW veterans.
  21. With Wrath of the Lich King Blizzard shows the world how a MMORPG should look like. The add-on offers enough for both the casual and the hardcore gamer and is a must for every World of Warcraft player. We predict that it's gonna be a long and cold winter.
  22. If you’ve got that 70 collecting dust, now is a good time to unfreeze that account. The king is back.
  23. The second expansion to the most played MMORPG ever is here. New weapons, new armors, new abilities and a new class. But is it enough? Wrath of the Lich King is a great game, a great expansion, but do not expect to like it if you didn't enjoy the old World of Warcraft games.
  24. A fresh continent to explore – what else do you need? Even with all the simplification this add-on brings lots of fun and new challenges. [Issue#173]
  25. An essential purchase, packed with great value and high quality content.
  26. With improved graphics, audio, and the return of the Warcraft lore that made the series so popular all those years ago, Wrath of the Lich King doesn’t disappoint, and shows everyone that when it comes to MMOs, Blizzard is still the king.
  27. Still the best looking online world out there. [Jan 2009, p.64]
  28. All of the new additions that Lich King provides are expertly executed and will provide hours of new content to seasoned players.
  29. Bigger, prettier and cleverer than before and for most the perfect evolution. [Jan 2009, p.90]
  30. A lot will depend on how the endgame of Lich King develops, and where we go from here. Right now, Lich King is a solid foundation to build on, with a lot to keep you occupied.
  31. Bottom line, with the introduction of the Death Knight, Blizzard has done a great job of adding another element of fun in the game.
  32. 92
    World of Warcraft may never look realistic but it will always have a very unique charm, and Lich King has certainly improved upon this.
  33. The second expansion to the gargantuan behemoth of a game that is World of Warcraft, titled Wrath of the Lich King, sets you on the quest to defeat the evil Lich King Arthas. The presentation has been improved and the overall design of the new continent Northrend is nothing short of impressive. A lot of the caveats found in World of Warcraft, and the expansion The Burning Crusade, have been removed. The only major issue is that it feels as though World of Warcraft is becoming a tad bit too easy, but nevertheless this is a fantastic expansion and a must for gamers everywhere.
  34. Compared to expansions for other games I would say that WotLK has a lot more content and this content is of a consistently high quality.
  35. With well over ten million people playing the game, any expansion is a must-have for any fan of the game. More so this release, it has more content and depth than the first expansion and brings back a lot of the feel and flavour of the original game release.
  36. Put simply, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is MMORPG gaming at its finest we've seen yet.
  37. This package makes for an epic and excellent expansion to World of Warcraft, one that will certainly keep longtime players coming back. And the increased accessibility and streamlined nature of World of Warcraft 2008 compared to World of Warcraft 2004 mean that even players who gave up a long time ago will also find plenty of reasons to return to Azeroth.
  38. Wrath of the Lich King doesn’t offer much for new players, it’s made for experienced players. It increases the scale of the game, adds a few new bits and improves the game while still using the same well known and polished game mechanics. This may sound boring, but it’s absolutely not.
  39. But by any standard, this far into the development of an MMO, and with two years since your last expansion, the envelope should be pushed a little. Blizzard could've shaken up the genre here. Wrath of the Lich King has had two years to innovate, build and refresh WOW, but all it seems to have done is prolong the same experience that people have been waiting to continue for years. Whether or not that's a bad thing is up to you.
  40. It doesn’t matter if you’re hardcore, casual or “normal” – if such a thing even exists among WoW-Players – the Wrath of the Lich King will frostshock your heart in a good way. [Issue#17]
  41. Wrath of the Lich King is a casual MMORPG. It’s a vast game, in which you can still easily get to see all content playing 8 hours a week, slipped in here and there, because of the low difficulty and free structure.
  42. 90
    Simply the most reliable gaming purchase you can make this holiday season. No other title will offer more content for the price.
  43. It’s brilliant, inspired and will easily secure their supremacy as the leader in the MMOPRG market.
  44. The undisputed champion of the MMO world has delivered the ultimate sucker punch to all its competitors; delivering a visually outstanding, totally engaging and massively entertaining new expansion.
  45. I might copy the takeaway message from the review of The Burning Crusade: the best game in the universe has been significantly improved. It's amazing what Blizzard managed to achieve in this expansion. [Jan 2009]
  46. World of Warcraft reigns supreme, and Lich King only serves to cement the lead Blizzard has in MMOs. Does almost everything right while actually breaking some new ground, even if the content is getting a bit too easy in the name of accessibility. A must buy for all existing World of Warcraft players and yet another reason for the rest to get back or join in. Resistance is Futile.
  47. 90
    Wrath of the Lich King offers the game’s 11 million-plus players more of what they love, with new areas, quests and character types focused on frigid northern climes, all highly polished and designed to compel. But Lich King particularly stands out for the ways it welcomes less experienced players into the fold by making the best experiences easier for them to access immediately.
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  1. Nov 10, 2011
    Very veeeeeeery bad expansion. It's here where all the catering to bad players took it pace. Game was so easy even monkey could level to 80 and clear raids. Only thing good about Wotlk was Ulduar, one of best raids ever, everything else was crap. Full Review »
  2. Jul 14, 2013
    I played this game for a long time and i all ways loved it! I all ways thought that this game easily deserved a 100/100. Sadly the new expansion "Mists of Pandaria" did not turn out as well as i thought but all the other ones were good and i can't wait to see what new expansion comes out next! :D Full Review »
  3. Mar 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. This is the game I'd like to give a 10, but if I look at Its whole life-time, I simply can't. This was an expansion pack I waited with great fun too. It was really good to catch up with everyone's favorite heros' story from Warcraft 3 and 2, Ner'zhul and Arthas. When I started a Death Knight (Former recruits of the Argent Dawn who got raised as the Scourge's "shock troopers" by the Lich King to serve his needs), I was shocked and not in a negative meaning. The linear and good story, the characters, the phasing and especially, the music was so damn good that I had to play the Scarlet Enclave again. Then I went back to my main character and started leveling. The same could be told here too. Good and linear story, great characters and music. Getting Items felt easier here, though u still needed the time or many gold to do the crafted epics. But it was still hard here. Heroics in the beginning were pretty much hard. But they meant a lot of fun, as did the new Achievement system. Naxxramas and Sartharion were only for really experienced players. This was the time when I was on top in WoW. I had full epic from crafted items and from Sartharion/Naxx. This was my favorite time. Unfortuneatly, It all ended in a damn patch that introduced the finished Argent Colisseum and the new Badge System. This was the Patch that murdered the half of WoW. Unexperienced players with full epics running all around and the only way to know what they MIGHT know was to check their Achievements. This was the time when I was only heroicing, playing on battlegrounds, and doing daily quests because I simply couldn't stand ToC and also didn't need anything from there because I got everything else from crafteds and heroics. You got everything from heroics and didn't even needed to raid! ToC was like standing in one place and killing waves. Great. By Icecrown came out I was barely doing anything beside doing the first daily heroic and getting money because it gave you 2 Emblem of Frost and from those you could get everything you needed to get on the same level as those who actually went to Icecrown Citadel. About the money, this was the only thing that was still challange to get, much little challange, but still a challange. I was saving the money I got for a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth which was 16000 gold and a Dalaran Signet that cost 6800 gold and the 3 upgrades were 1000 gold (I was exalted with Kirin Tor, which meant 20% discount for repairs and prices). With Miner-farming i got the money for the rings and the mammoth, well, a little trick was needed for the mammoth, but i got them all. It was 22000 gold, but I got it. After this point, I found no other challange, so I started doing 2 alts. A Death Knight and a Paladin. I did some heroic with the DK at lvl 80 but I got bored with it so i leveled the Paladin. It was so overpowered that it was disgusting. I could solo a raid quest with it on lvl 60 and leveling was a laugh, especially when the enemys were undeads. After both alt got their Cold Weather flying skill (1000 gold) and epic mount, I stopped playing this game until Cataclysm. I simply didn't find joy in playing this game and I was hoping Cataclysm would bring back that. I still checked the World of Warcraft Wiki on what happened to the Lich King and I thought that It was really stupid to butcher two of the most popular character from the original Warcraft trilogy. They had put the adventurers in a far larger role they should have. That moment was really a punch in the stomach for those who played Warcraft 3 or 2. So, it was a long review. To sum up: It was the greatest expansion pack until 3.2.0 patch, which completely destroyed challanges in the game. I'd really like to give it a 10, but I have to consider the part which happened after 3.2.0 so with a kind heart it's an 8. Full Review »