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  • Summary: Four years have passed since the aftermath of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and a great tension now smolders throughout the ravaged world of Azeroth. As the battle-worn races begin to rebuild their shattered kingdoms, new threats, both ancient and ominous, arise to plague the world once again. World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe. Players assume the roles of Warcraft heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across a vast world. Being "Massively Multiplayer," World of Warcraft allows thousands of players to interact within the same world. Whether adventuring together or fighting against each other in epic battles, players will form friendships, forge alliances, and compete with enemies for power and glory. A dedicated live team will create a constant stream of new adventures to undertake, lands to explore, and monsters to vanquish. This content ensures that the game will never be the same from month to month, and will continue to offer new challenges and adventures for years to come. [Blizzard Entertainment] Expand
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  1. 100
    There’s always a hesitation in giving something 10 since you are essentially saying that it’s perfect but as things stand now that’s exactly what World of Warcraft deserves.
  2. Incredibly addicting... They’ve just cleaned up your standard Dungeons and Dragons style online RPG and made it super fun, extremely refined, and exceedingly accessible to gamers of all levels.
  3. Part of what makes this game so remarkable is it doesn't assume that all you have to do in your busy life is play this one game, and so it delivers a high-quality experience regardless of how much or how little time you're able to invest...A stunning achievement that will make you feel privileged to be a game player.
  4. Broadly speaking, in MMOs you hit things, then fashion things to make your hitting more effective. World of Warcraft does that better than anything else on the market at the moment. [Jan 2005, p.96]
  5. This game has kept me glued to the screen longer than any other MMORPG and that's down to the fun-factor.
  6. 90
    Like "Warcraft III" before it, World of Warcraft is less about cataclysmic evolution and more about refinement.
  7. Fix your game, Blizzard. Listen to your players, actually cater to the high end, fix bugs that need fixing, and don’t leave your playerbase hanging for months on end. Then I will give your game a higher mark.

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Score distribution:
  1. AlexR.
    Sep 28, 2007
    The game is a good wide range game it has PvP normal and RP realms the graphics are worth the monthly pay also to alex s get a better computer also this game has female and male players so dont just use the male players as an example becuse i know many couples who have 1 or both partners play WoW and to paul G clicking on monsters? its also a community you talk to people make friends make guild on RP realms you act do drama and as for combat you have to think tactics and survive it tests your mental and reaction speeds also only people who dont play the game in modaration waste there life i play 4 times a aweek for 2 hours aday then i am outside the rest of the time its a good game simple and easy to use interface. Expand
  2. ArenM.
    Nov 3, 2004
    I'm part of the final stress test beta right now, and this game is badass. The world is ENORMOUS! This is the first MMO game I have played, and I can tell you I'm definitely a fan of this genre now. I would highly recommend to anyone! Expand
  3. Mar 23, 2011
    The time when World of Warcraft was THE MMO. It wasn't the down-booted bantha crap that is now. This was the time when the game made you actually think about tactics, professions and others. Hell, if you compare the mounts' level and prices, you should know what I mean: Vanilla: Lvl40: around 100g,normal mount. Cataclysm/WOTLK: Lvl40: less than 100g and EPIC mount. Getting Items was another thing. When I got my first epic item, I was incredibly happy (I still remember which item it was). In newer expansions: Completely unexperienced kids running around in Full Epic because they did a heroic with some other kid who MIGHT had some XP in the game. I even had a full-epic off set from the stupid Triumph badges that dropped from heroics. To sum up, If you feel yourself as a beginner in MMOs, you might wanna try the newer Expansions first, but when you're tired of the no-challanges, you'll defineatly wanna try one of the Vanilla Private servers. Collapse
  4. LuisS.
    Aug 18, 2006
    Would have been a perfect 10 if not for too many down times. For $50.00 + $15.00 a month, there should be little to none. I have free Massively played online games which I purchased for much less and experience very little if any down times. Expand
  5. Mar 4, 2014
    I played World of Warcraft for 1 year. I played also first extension Burning Crusade.
    I played Wow because it was published by Blizzard. It
    was the first time I have played an MMO RPG.
    Players that know only WoW would like it. But if you played Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 or Guild Wars 1 you can't like it. It success is based on franchise and the image of Blizzard.
    I think it was a good game in 2004 like Everquest 2 and Lineage 2 for a certain category of players.
    the first Lineage had 40 millions players, WoW had 13 millions players

    Good things : community, more than 8 races and starting points, battle fields, cities, dungeons, big boss, if you like farming and playing always in group, mounts, craft, world, can swim, classes, skills, attributes, arena

    less : graphics, background, scenario, leveling up, quests, potions between fights, exploration, duel pvp, factions vs factions

    Game play : 4/10, graphics : 5/10, back ground : 5/10, lifetime : 8/10, sound : 7/10, community : 9/10, world : 8/10
  6. StevenM.
    Jun 16, 2007
    Terrible, waste of time, money, and your life. Seriously the worst game ever made. Nothing original and nothing a rational minded gamer would like

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