X-Plane Version 7 PC


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  1. How detailed is this title? Well, suffice it to say that it has received FAA approval to be used as a training tool for pilots aiming for commercial certification, instrument rating and airline transport pilot certification...This is not a game for the casual flight sim fan. This title will require a lot of thought, and a lot of effort. For the more serious fan of the genre, this might provide the depth, variety and challenge you are looking for.
  2. But tie the high-brow nature of the cockpit-nerd content with the disconnected, unhelpful interface, and what comes up for the rest of us is a recognizable flight sim that’s very firmly grounded.
  3. Hardcore flight sim. Very hardcore.
  4. Computer Gaming World
    As a simulation of the full flying experience, this one-man project can't compete with the refinement of "FS2004," but for the tinkerer or virtual pilot looking for unique flying experiences, it's a fun toolkit to dive into. [Ver 7.40; Apr 2004, p.93]
  5. Unfortunately, the game suffers from poor visuals that can make the experience of feeling like your actually flying an airplane somewhat lacking.

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  1. CurtisH.
    Feb 11, 2004
    Best game.