X-Plane Version 7 PC


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 11
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  1. Only true flight-sim enthusiasts will appreciate with what you get for the price, but given how large the X-Plane community is, even the casual joystick pilot can find a fun and easily accessible experience despite its research and development roots.
  2. I was treated to an excellent flight simulation, a deep level of customization, nice looking graphics and a sense of accomplishment when I was able to perform satisfactorily in some of the more challenging elements of the program (try formation flying).
  3. It does it's job incredibly well, creating a hard core totally realistic flight sim that puts the player in full and total control of everything. Perfect for a flight sim enthusiast, or someone who wants to become a pilot. However, the game losses a point for having such a difficult learning curve due to an over-abundant number of options and controls, and the lack of a nice training mode to get players accustomed with the game.
  4. For serious and hard core Flight Sim buffs, you won’t find a more detailed or authentic learning tool.
  5. Computer Games Magazine
    The combination of fully adjustable flight parameters and complex 3D plane-editing tools turns X-Plane into the best "what-if" sim on the market. [May 2004, p.67]
  6. PC Gamer
    This content-rich general-aviation sim is built for serious flight buffs. [Mar 2004, p.68]

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  1. CurtisH.
    Feb 11, 2004
    Best game.