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  1. Nov 15, 2013
    I have played for about 2 hours now and these are my initial impressions.

    Game play is clunky and designed for Xbox and PS3 and has been just dumped on the PC making things very problematic if you do not have a controller. Mouse and keyboard are poor second place to a controller.

    Graphics are for a PC title very poor. Characters are badly animated and have more polygons than you
    would expect given the year. 5 years ago these graphics would be acceptable today not. Space and ships look OK at a distance but close up you can see the lack of textures.

    Given the poor graphics even with a top of the range PC the performance is poor with numerous random pauses and slow downs.

    Story line is like something written by a child of 10 and less said about the voice "acting" the better. The opening part of the story is clearly the tutorial which is a great idea. Sadly the guidance on what you need to do is most of the time hard to decipher and at times very unclear.

    Overall I would honestly like my money back. Was a huge fan of the earlier X titles but this is a poor relation indeed. Paying £10 for this would make the score maybe 6/10 but for the amount of money being charged 2 is a fair score.

    Stay clear unless you are a huge huge fan of space trading and even then think hard before spending your hard earned cash
  2. Nov 18, 2013
    This is for Revolve, who has insulted all those who rated the game below 5 (as is my case). I'll start by describing the status of my last X3:TC saved game: 200 million credits (2 million credit profit every 5 minutes) Over a hundred factory complexes (over a thousand factories) Over 600 ships. Most plots finished. Maximum rank for all races. So no, dear Revolve, I'm not stupid or a noob, and the savegame above proves I have patience and know my X3:TC pretty well.

    I find it funny that you delude yourself by thinking that peolple like me are posting biased reviews...
    I guess your statement "so please take these idiotic nerdrage reviews as the useless spur of the moment rage induced rubbish that they are, and read the 5 to 9 reviews for a more balanced viewpoint."
    isn't biased at all, right? You basically said this: If you fail X:Rebirth here, you are some nerdy idiot full of childish rage.
    LOL, I'm amazed that your review is still posted here...
    Do you know what I don't do? I don't usually reply to comments like yours, but I will make an exception this time, same as you seem to have done.

    I won't insult you just because you rated this a 9, you are entitled to your opinion, that's the point of this space. I could start trolling you about how could you rate a broken game that high, and so on, but I won't.
    I had to restart the campaign 3 times because, at some point, X:Rebirth decides to get stuck and not to activate the scripts that, theoretically, make the campaign advance, plus, savegames become corrupted pretty easily. I don't discard another campaign restart, by the way, because I think it got stuck again.
    But that's just me and thousands of others, don't worry, we are just idiots, right?
    So X:Rebirth runs fine in your rig? Congrats, there are plenty of people who aren't so lucky, it's not that they are what you called them, it's that X:Rebirth has many bugs and it crashes regularly, more easily than it should.
    Are you willing to rate this broken game a 9? Go for it, but don't insult me just because I'm not willing to pass a game that I can't play properly because it crashes and gets stuck at some point.
    I can't use my joystick, by the way...oh,but of course, as long as I can use keyboard+mouse, the game is absolutely great, right? The ship panel doesn't respond/disappears too often, the interface is limited, uncomfortable and it hides commands instead of presenting them in a clear way. Have you tried to trade? I've tried over 20 times during campaign play. When I do, the game gets stuck or crashes 80% of the times.
    An X game that doesn't allow you to trade and you expect me to pass it? Who the hell do you think you are? I really expect extensions will greatly improve UI, remote ship/factory management, etc. that's my hope, otherwise I'll be demanding a refund.
    Now let's talk about graphics. Exterior graphics are acceptable, but not great (most textures are average to low res and polygon count is too low in too many models). Environment models and textures are the best of the game from a visual standpoint, and yes, Egosoft made this one thing right.
    Interior and character textures/models, however, are a crime considering it's 2013...they were good in 2004, but that was long ago.
    What about performance? Do you even know what's my rig?
    Here you go:
    i7 2600k overclocked to 4.4Ghz
    gigabyte z68xp-ud4
    OCZ vector SSD 128gb (aligned,optimized, AHCI enabled)
    16gb ram
    gtx560ti 1gb

    I don't know about your rig, but mine runs pretty much any demanding game without incidents, it freaking flies.
    Well, X:Rebirth runs a little bit below par most of the time, but in hazy areas it starts lagging too much and, sometimes, it suddenly starts lagging for real (around 10 fps or even less) then it's time to relaunch the game. This is, clearly, some bug within X:Rebirth, for I've never experienced this kind of lag with any other demanding rig has seen a lot of those and it always makes me proud.

    Is everything wrong in X:Rebirth? Thankfully no.
    -Ambience is, in my opinion, its top feature. Sector visuals are astonishing.
    -There is a high level of traffic in almost every sector and you have plenty of stations (station sections) to scan and explore also in 1st person (although interior graphics are bad and interaction is limited). I'm not sure it comes close to X3:TC/AP scale, though.
    -You can dock with your cap ships. You can watch the cap ship travel/fight from the dock while it gives you a ride to the desired sector. Also, now you can target/destroy/hack specific systems of cap ships, the same way you could do in the X-Wing sim saga.
    -While this is not necessarily a good thing, SETA has been replaced by powerful boost engines with limited duration. Now it takes much less time to cross a sector. Roads/highways have replaced jumgates, in case you like them.

    Regarless of these positive elements, I give it a 4. X:Rebirth has serious bugs that break the game and, for now, it doesn't deliver as promised.
  3. Nov 15, 2013
    This game isn't ready for release. It might look great on trailer but trailers are made to look great. The game industry standard is to release half finished content with game crashing bugs and hope to patch it up later.
    This game does not deserve a 0 but I only gave it one to counter the 10 's and 9's it got. Best case, it'll drop down to 5 or,maybe 6, no more.
    Do not get this game
    until it's properly fixed. Expand
  4. Nov 15, 2013
    X-Stillbirth would have been a more appropriate name. This game is truly awful, it takes the cake of worst PC release of 2013 by a mile. Yes, it's even worse than Rome 2. Sadly it will capitalize heavily on Star Citizen hype, it doesn't deserve your money or your time. Avoid at all costs. Terrible performance, terrible gameplay, terrible UI, terrible game.
  5. Nov 15, 2013
    This game deserves around a 3, but there's too many people jumping up and down holding 10/10 cards. I am bitterly disappointed.... Having fallen in love with the X series since X3: Reunion, I was greatly anticipating this said rebirth of the series, the rebirth brought: - poor performance - lack of joystick support - horrible graphics, Half Life 2 has better visual presentation, and that came out 9 years ago!
    - awful voice acting
    - console style settings page.... For a PC exclusive
    - stupid gate highway system
    - a sector map consisting of thousands of clumped grey squares
    - overall terrible game decisions that have not been justified (the story is horrible, yet because of this story we are restricted to only ever flying one ship)

    I look forward to awakening my Paranid and OTAS combined arms fleet in albion prelude, time to kill some Xenon the proper way
  6. Nov 15, 2013
    Game is not ready for release. It is bug riddled, performance is atrocious even on Core i7 GTX780 and there is no proper joystick support, only gamepad! The graphics are dated, I'd place this game somewhere about 5 years ago, and the character models are awkward. The dialog is stilted and delivered by very poor voice actors.

    There is a tutorial but it is unintuitive.

    It is great
    there are so many buildings with different modules to inspect etc, and the game is clearly brave in terms of scope, but the implementation is very weak indeed.

    I've actually asked for a refund for my game as this is not the game that Egosoft are advertising.
  7. Nov 15, 2013
    I played X:TC and X:AP, both fantastic with really great freedom, non-linearity gameplay, many ships etc.
    I played these games for many days, sometimes even eight or ten hours by day. Now, I bought X Rebirth and I lost because of that 1,400 CZK for NOTHING!!! Its unbelievable this game was so long developed and is such great step backward... pity I can not refund.
  8. Nov 15, 2013
    lol... its so bad you have to laugh after paying £40 to play it.. they kept it secret and only showed certain for a reason and now we know why. Stay clear at all cost.
  9. Nov 15, 2013
    Awful graphics, awful animations, textures from 2005 even on max adjustments. All of those, who rated it >5 score obviously developers from egosoft. Play for two hours get three crash. Have not even autosave all progress is doomed.
  10. Nov 15, 2013
    On a good note, they finally released the game, on a bad note its is shambles
    -- No Joystick support
    -- No head tracking support

    Didn't move the franchise forward, except make it maybe portable to a console in the future. Thanks for abandoning all things pc users want in a space sim.
  11. Nov 15, 2013
    The game has huge potential, and has everything you love from the previous X games.
    Unfortunately, the experience is marred by terrible performance, blatantly bad graphics for anything that isn't a spaceship or backdrop, and a UI that is even worse than the dated one used in previous games.
    Add the frequent crashes, and other numerous odd design decisions, and this game is sadly best
    avoided for the time being. Expand
  12. Nov 15, 2013
    I am a disabled gamer. I have no finger dexterity, and very limited hand coordination, but I can play everything from Skyrim to Call of Duty--though I'm a lousy shot. Control customization means everything to me, especially for the mouse. Egosoft has ignored-- almost, purposefully, it seems--to allow even something so common as inverting the "y axis" in flight. Yes, you can invert walking about in first person, but not in flight. You can't even choose to fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Or unbind the mouse wheel from throttle.

    These are game breaking issues for me.

    I wanted to love this game, too. Hell, I could've overlooked almost any kind of bug to this.
    It's just a shame. I really thought this would be the one.

    But, hey, they got the xbox controller working for a PC game. I guess that's something.
  13. Nov 15, 2013
    I`m really into space games. Was waiting a non indie project to be cool and good looking, but what i get? Horrible optimisation, only 1 ship to fly, horrible looking npcs,
    i can run bf4 on high, but this 10-15 fps.
  14. Nov 15, 2013
    This game is inferior to its predecessors in every way. It's full of flaws and bad design decisions. It's not worth even a tenth of its retail price.

    The horrible framerates are inexcusable. Given such crude graphics, the game should run a lot faster.

    There are numerous Bugs in the game, ranging from annoying things like highly fluctuating FPS, to showstoppers like the interface
    becoming unresponsive until you restart the game, or a story mission becoming impossible to solve because the mission target simply ceased to exist.

    the gameplay has no depth at all. There is very little activity for the player himself. at all times, you feel disconnected from the rest of the universe because your crew does all the interactions for you. Is this social anxiety simulator 2013?

    The interface is horrible. Anything you do, you do through crew members. And Every time you want to do something, you have to listen to their single line of dialogue until you're allowed to continue, which gets annoying quickly.
    You're not allowed to move your ship while using a menu, so you spend most of the time standing still because to even look at your cash balance, you have to navigate through several submenus

    Navigation simply doesn't work. at all times you lack a sense of direction.

    It all mess makes you wonder what the devs were doing in those 7 years they took to regurgitate this junk heap of a game.
  15. Nov 15, 2013
    people rating this a 10? get some standards. Played all the x games and truly X Rebirth is horrible. 7 years of development for this? what the hell were they doing? Pc gamers have the best controllers available, keyboard and mouse, joysticks, hotas, etc and you design an entire game around a console controller? Complexity? only a console owner would find this complex. Criminal. I'll give this game a 1 for trying to release something for the PC. Expand
  16. Nov 17, 2013
    Unfinished game, initially designed and developed for consoles, but for some reason they changed their mind somewhere halfway through the development and decided to make a PC game.

    Literally every aspect of the game is dumbed down or simply cut out from the X3 series. There are a lot of plot-breaking bugs. The interface is terrible and even some extremely basic features are missing
    (fleet command being dumbed down to "follow me" command that cannot be even undone). The entire walking in stations part looks as if it was made in 2000 and it's not only ugly, but also makes a lot of simple tasks a chore.

    The two positive things about the game as it stands now are the graphics (as long as you don't leave your ship) and space combat. That is, assuming you can actually enjoy this part which is pretty random with the nonexistent optimizations and generally a lot of people reporting 10-20 fps on fairly high end machines (or at least, way above what the developers recommended, think of i7 GTX780).

    Generally, while the plot-breaking bugs can (and most likely will) be solved, I'm afraid that the number of horrible design choices cannot be recovered from in predictable future.

    X3 fans should really stick with X3TC/AP. It would take years for XR to come anywhere near the complexity of modded X3TC (eg. xTended). In its current state it's hard to recommend this game to anyone, at least wait until they fix the plot-breaking bugs and the price drops to $20.
  17. Nov 15, 2013
    "After playing x hours the game is fantastic!", "Awesome game, don't listen to haters!"... 10/10
    Hey, you Egosoft guys just try to randomize your pretty reviews a little bit!

    This game is horrible. If you are X series veteran, just stay away from it. It shares nothing with previous games. Primitive gameplay mechanics, dumb space combats, fiddly in-game menus and interfaces, ugly NPC
    and station interiors, horrible dialogue sounds, just_one_ship_to_fly (Skunk what a stupid name for space vessel), tons of bugs, very bad performance even on Corei7/280x/SSD.
    The only nice things are pretty space backgrounds and music.
    I assume that Fail of the Year trophy goes from ACM to X:R.
    You dissapointed me, Egosoft.
  18. Nov 15, 2013
    A console port in the making. Way to support the PC demographic that has supported and fixed your games for 15 yrs, Egosoft. this game should be refunded to people who pre-ordered, and it should be sold at $30 for full price. This is a complete joke on the fanbase.
  19. Nov 15, 2013
    Game has huge potential but completely destroyed at this point in time by horrific performance issues rendering the game unplayable. The graphics look really good, however texture quality up-close is very bad. Hopefully the performance issues can be resolved so we can actually play the game and give it a review based on actual gameplay.
  20. Nov 15, 2013
    This is not X
    It's a total disappointment. All features that make X Universe solid are cut out or oversimplified. When X3TC was true sandbox, where you could do whatever you want whenever you want, this is just scripted rail-straight stuff, just like singleplayer campaign in CoD.
    Horrible optimization and bunch of bugs. Needs some serious patching.
    Better stick with Terran Conflict,
    which is more playable then this Expand
  21. Nov 15, 2013
    After playing this game for several hours on PC I was disappointed in the character models, the UI is terrible and the graphics are overall dated. The tutorial in campaign mode is sparse and I found myself looking up the keybindings in the control settings just to find out how to do things. The menu system is vague and it takes time to hunt down where certain actions are buried within. Docking at space stations and your ship is like entering a small instance and is uninspiring seeing the same graphics with the same objects in different places. This is my first X space sim to play and honestly i'm pissed for blowing $50 and never again will buy a game without checking reviews first. Yes I've only tried the game for several hours but I have no incentive to see if it gets better. Expand
  22. Nov 15, 2013
    My initial review was a 5. It was mainly due to poor performance/graphics ratio. In any case. the graphics look like they are from 2006 (except space). Space in this game is awesome though and it is probably the only thing that keeps me interested. But here are objective bad parts of the game:
    1. Why is there only one (maybe two) types of female npcs? Moreover its an old hag with saggy
    boobs who is in tights and speaks in a young schoolgirl Whenever they try to put some glasses or hats on any of the npcs, they look crooked and out of place...cmon. Moreover, NPCs just stand in stations and ships like statues, not doing anything...immersion breaker.
    2. The stations are all pretty much the same (found 3 varieties one of which is the inside of a ship u dock into). The loot that you might find on the stations is always the same and in the same location. Finding anybody in the station feels like a choir and doesn't add anything towards immersion.
    3. Poor UI, very poor. Kill it with a spade, stab it in the brain, get rid of it...makes me want to cry.
    4. Your companion is annoying...her "Shut up Betty" needs to stop. She needs to be vented out of the ship.
    5. The MAP! Just look at this blinking horrible zone/sector/galaxy...ugh...cant call it a map.
    6. Bugs. Many of them. I couldn't complete the tutorial when i had to buy and sell some energy cells. At least in X3 AP if NPCs cant do it, you can do it for them. Here though, you cannot do it any other way but through an NPC and when its bugged....cant complete mission.
    7. No proper controller support.

    Warning: (Tears incoming).
    I want to like this game...i really want to, I still cannot believe we all got ripped off so hard. I feel cheated and if i had a chance i would have refunded my game...I would not recommend it to anyone ever and egosoft...I lost all the respect i had for you. Never ever ever i will buy a game from you.
    (Tears Over).
    Guys, I know i told you to wait for the patches and get it when its on sale...but, now I got to say stay away from it entirely. Do not buy it.
  23. Nov 15, 2013
    Grief! Slop graphics with horrible optimization with fecal epic animation and muddy textures! Where physics? What a shameful shooter in space with elements of monopoly? How to return my money back? Give me back my money!
  24. Nov 15, 2013
    Really....REALLLYY!! ....this cant be the game I've been waiting years for. All they had to do was improve on what they already had, but this a monstrosity of a game. All the things that made the early games great have been stripped...I absolutely hate it.

    The first person sections are un-needed and are grotesque in their simplicity...the models are terrible by the way, every where you
    looks is a horrible cropped haired woman with a face like a smacked arse.

    I cant believe I paid £40 for this, I feel betrayed.
  25. saz
    Nov 15, 2013
    It's a console port and the menus shows it. The graphics are a step down from X3 and I have everything maxed. I can't remove the that covers half the screen and blocks what's going on in space. There's a game console for all the lists now and it sucks. It's like I have to pause the game to do trading and it's ugly. I'll play a few days on Albion Prelude to get over the space sim in me and move over to AC4. Expand
  26. Nov 15, 2013
    Game has too many bugs to be considered for proper release. Controlling your own ship is easy enough, but the obtuse menu structure and "conversations" to be had with your employees make it next to impossible to actually achieve anything. Be prepared to spam the quicksave button as well, played for a few hours and crashed multiple times with a "Extreme UX error". The tutorial is garbage, no way to review the mission logs, no autopilot, no way to directly control other ships, no fun. The developer lost the soul of X3 by taking out the grittiness of directing an armada of ships and replaced it will a bloom-riddled series of mini-games.

    Save your money, this game isn't a good value at half the price right now. Hopefully they get the user interface in order and work out the kinks.
  27. Ugh
    Nov 15, 2013
    i7-4770K 4.5Ghz
    16GB RAM 2600Mhz
    GTX780 SLI
    Less than 40FPS at max settings.

    Poorly optimised and rushed to release. Advertised as an X game and is clearly not an X game.
  28. Nov 15, 2013
    the game is what i wanted so far but the performance are horrible at the present moment, less than 30 fps (10 fps in battle) with a gtx 670, which make it painful to play.
  29. Nov 15, 2013
    Where is the game they advertised? How do I buy that game instead of the game I have now? Total disappointment, the X3 name has been ruined by this release. Shelving this and will wait for patches, going back to the previous versions of X3 for now.
  30. Nov 15, 2013
    X-universe is totally ruined. Never imagined that Egosoft can release a game of such quality. Menu controls are unusable, graphics totally outdated.
    I can barely imagine that patches can make this product playable.
    No more pre-orders for their releases.
  31. Nov 15, 2013
    I have played the X games for years and spent a lot of time in them, wonderful, immersive games. This is not X I dont know what it is but it's awful. I am bitterly disappointed. Terrible voice acting, terrible graphics (mainly inside stations), no camera views, silly minigames . There is no immersion for me here whatsoever. I can only assume the people giving it a 10 are somehow linked with the company because it is nowhere near a 10 my 3 rating is an honest rating I tried to find some good points, but there are few. Expand
  32. Nov 15, 2013
    You are going to waste your money the 10/10 people are ABSOLUTLY lying to you. They WANT you to make the SAME mistake WE all made SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!! If you bought this game DESPITE our advise you DERSERVE it HAPPY GAMING!
  33. Nov 15, 2013
    kinda shocking how unfinished the game seems
    i got stuck twice in a station
    German voice act is for ****
    terrible interface
    no clue how to open the map with the game pad
    being locked to the one ship is a annoying
  34. Nov 15, 2013
    DO NOT BUY! it looks likes its made for console and game play feels that way also. Joysticks do not work Graphics are horrible even on a 770 very buggy does not live up to all the promised the devs made.
  35. Nov 15, 2013
    As a gamer from the 80's brought up on Elite I was very excited about X Rebirth and today shelled out £40 which I now wish I had given to a homeless person and watched him/her walk into an off licence and buy some spirits and then tell me to p*** off, I would have felt so much better.

    This game is broken thankfully because if it actually worked properly I would see that it is probably a
    lot worse than it actually appears at the moment. When I saw the NPC's I actually did spit out some tea with a spontaneous laugh, they are so bad. The UI is so complicated when trading that you literally have no idea wtf u are doing, did I just buy something? Checking your cargo is another joke.

    How is it possible for people to make a simple game like this so utterly complex, they should all play Elite and see how it's done.
  36. Nov 15, 2013
    I'm ashamed to be an X fan.
    Don't buy this game!
    X-universe is totally ruined, gameplay in terrible, price is too high, this game isn't ready for release at all.
    Lots of mouse actions, ugly menus, terrible performance, no map!!! Lots of stupid minigames and arcade style gameplay. ONLY ONE SHIP TO FLY!
  37. Nov 15, 2013
    Base standard for my review... FIX IT, FAST!.
    I've played a lot of buggy games in my time, and I didn't think a early release (Actual) would be worse than Sword of the Stars II which was a pretty bad early release, those of you who have played and know what I am talking about will get the idea, but its worse in X Rebirth, a lot of the control systems are buggered, no joystick support
    unless I use Pi, damn near a crash bug every 15 20 minutes, a lot of graphical command problems where you'll see twitching or fizzling in the graphics and I am not talking about combat. (And before anyone tells me otherwise, all my graphics drivers are up to date, my directX is upto date, my Sound is upto Date, and yes my C++ Redistributables are current with 2008, 2005 effectively as well). I would recommend this game after a stern redevelopment point kinda like what CDProjectks and Kerberus do when they say: Enhanced Edition. Because this has 1.2.1 Worth of patches written all over it, and its only 1.0.0. Expand
  38. Nov 15, 2013
    This game is not ready to be on the market. It's as if they didn't even bother testing it but on a single specific machine. Tons of glitches, horrible frame-rates with even the best hardware on the market. And the textures, and character models remind hail back to the early 2000s. This game is not a finished product, and there is no way to believe they didn't know that.
    They have taken us
    for a ride, and we fell for it. Expand
  39. Nov 15, 2013
    This is an unfinished product no matter how you slice it. Unoptimized game, not ready for release, character models are awful, sound and character dialogs make my ear bleed. Good try from egosoft, has potential, but sucks really bad at the moment. Don't buy.
  40. Nov 16, 2013
    So far, I've been unimpressed by this game. As others have said, I was drawn in by the superb trailer and with a universe to explore, what's not to be excited about? Sadly, it's execution is insanely bad and such a disappointment. I have literally counted the days for release and even bought a Nidia 770 so it would play fantastic. It's frame rate is choppy, the graphics (excluding space) are average at best, the voice acting is sub par, the controls (keyboard and mouse) are clunky, the in game text is tiny, the combat is nothing like the demo is saw it's simply a mess and shouldn't have been released in this state. It needs another six months in development to finish the job. I'm lost for words that it took seven years to reach this standard. Were there only three people on the team? So, so sad.

    As it stands, I'm giving XR a 7. It has the potential to be amazing (and I have no doubt it will be after patching), but, the negative feedback is warranted. People have high expectations and what the Egosoft said they were going to deliver is only 60% there from a performance perspective. Times are hard and financially, the majority of the public can maybe afford one or two games per month. So when X rebirth doesn't live up to expectation, they vent. We were promised space stations to explore and we have them. What wasn't stressed is that they are the same station every time with different NPC's on board. I guess most would overlook this if the frame rate wasn't such an issue. You can tell so much heart and soul has gone into this game and I appreciate programming/coding is difficult. I can only assume the devs were forced to release in this incomplete state.
  41. Nov 25, 2013
    This game is a scam. It's an early development version rushed out the door in which nothing works properly. To make matters worse, the game design itself is flawed in many areas, including but not limited to: any complexity, depth and difficulty has been stripped away to make the game playable with a game pad; there is no radar; the maps are useless; the player is limited to a single ship; the universe is tiny; the designers have made the deliberate decision to force the player to walk around stations even if this part adds nothing to the game. Finally, the game has massive performance problems even on top notch systems. Expand
  42. Nov 15, 2013
    Very poor graphics, with high system requirements. Awkward control. Often crashes. No exploration. And it just boring.
    If you like X3 as i am you will be very disappointed.
  43. Nov 15, 2013
    Next in line after

    COD: Ghost
    Total war :rome 2
    Hitman Absolution

    all the money and effort went into paying Odesk employees to sway review sites and marketing.
    The games are pretty shells with a turd inside.

    Zero points to make up for all the people being paid to vote 10
  44. Nov 15, 2013
    I have higher FPS on Valley ultra HD and X Rebirth that alone says enough. this is like Black Prophecy release only this game isn't supposed to have server lag, this is not like any other X game at all.
  45. Nov 15, 2013
    This is shameful. I have played the X series since X2 and this is NOT an X game. The user interface is terrible, shockingly bad. The textures and graphical fidelity is something you would expect from 5 years ago. The performance is dire considering how bad it looks. The game is not stable at all with regular freezes and crashes. The highway system sucks and the map/info windows are so obtuse they feel like a hinderance.

    Egosoft what are you doing? I feel this had so much potential but you fell very short, it is full of great ideas and I really wished it was the game you wanted it to be but it isn't.

    Don't waste anymore time or money on this, give up, there is too much too fix, I cannot imagine this ever being close to what it should have been.
  46. Nov 15, 2013
    Very poor indeed on PC. The game does NOT support a joystick even though the manual says it does, graphics are cartoon-ish and the HUD is less then helpful with no options for numeric feedback. I also found the HUD cluttered and unclear and the mouse is over sensitive.

    Maybe it will be better if it gets patched but for the time being save your money. I find it unacceptable that this
    game is being charged at nearly £40 sterling for the state it's in, had it been say £20 I wouldn't be so upset.

    I've played all the X games but this one really isn't fit for purpose at present
  47. Nov 15, 2013
    The performance of this game is terrible while the graphics are horrible. I'll wait for a couple of patches before I retry this game. I am a tad disappointed... other games run just fine but this game, even on it's lowest settings, is very, very sluggish.
  48. Nov 15, 2013
    I love the X games. But X Rebirth is a huge step backwards compared to the previous titles. It has great potential but is very poorly executed. I hope the developers fix those bug and improve the performance or this was the last X game I ever bought.
  49. Nov 15, 2013
    Feels like a beta. The UI is garbage. The sheer number of game breaking bugs is unacceptable. The "Recommended" specs will let you play the game at low resolution on minimum settings, which I find to be unacceptable false advertising. I'm just overall extremely disappointed in this game. It feels like it was released a year too early and wasn't tested at all.
  50. Nov 15, 2013
    What an incredible disappointment this was. No free look inside the no external camera views, can only fly one ship, joystick support is totally broken, and the interiors and NPCs look and act like 2003.

    I was a huge X3 fan and have been looking forward to this for years. Shameful Egosoft, shameful...
  51. Nov 15, 2013
    Okay, let's ignore the game breaking bugs for a moment. This is the first day of release for a PC game, bugs are to be expected. Most people can't play for more than 2 hours without getting irrevocably trapped in the campaign, but ignore that for a moment. This game has been in development for 7 years.

    Let's just go through the features this game has to offer:

    1. Five different
    upgradable weapon types that go from Mk. I, to Mk. II, to Mk. III etc. That's it. In the whole game. You have 5 different weapons.

    2. No pilotable ships: You are trapped on the Albion Skunk for all of eternity.

    3. Terribly poor AI for companion ships in your squad, no clear way of acquiring new ships.

    4. Frankly, no fun. I've played it for about eight hours now. What do I have to look forward to in this game? Turning my Plasma Cannon Mk. II into a Plasma Cannon Mk. III? Weeeee. Oh wait I can do fetch quests, delivery quests, kill quests and trade quests to my heart's content. Oh yes and I can do mining! Woo! So instead of turning my Plasma Cannon Mk. II into a Plasma Cannon Mk. III... I get to turn my Mining Laser Mk. II into a Mining Laser Mk. III.

    So I can't purchase a new ship, I can only buy incremental upgrades of my existing weapons... I'm sorry but for a game with over 7 years of development where is the depth? What the heck happened here?

    When you fly around and actually look at your options as, say, a miner... You have mining drone Mk. 1, mining laser mk. 1. And as you mine more you get Mining Drone mk. 2. And mining laser mk. 2. I'm sorry, but that is even worse than EVE mining (no offense to any EVE miners out there).

    The graphics are also pretty dang bad. But they're nothing compared to the voice acting. I pity anyone that tries to play this for over 10 or 20 hours. The one liner your copilot spews every time you dock loses its magic after you hear it the first 100 times.

    Between the gameplay, the graphics, the sound, and the music (or lack thereof)... -shaking head-

    I guess this is what happens when devs decide they need to "streamline and revamp" their game.

    I feel incredibly bad for them. I don't know what I'd do if I spent 7 years of my life to produce... this. They have my pity.
  52. Nov 15, 2013
    I was ready to love this game, warts and all. In my 15+ years of avid gaming, this is a strong contender for most disappointing release. I could have tolerated game breaking bugs, poor graphics, terrible voice acting (all true), but the design decisions have crushed my faith in this developer.
  53. Nov 15, 2013
    I would love to give the game a higher score. But some of the design choices just don't manage to grab me. For example: Stations are plastered with npcs. But they look really awkward and sometimes miss animations. Also some look like they're supposed to be holding something but dont. It would be a minor complaint if they werent EVERYWHERE completly runiing the atmosphere. Another point of critique is the very bad performance. I have a rather decent pc and even for me the framerate jitters a lot, depending on the direction i currently look at. Very annoying in combat. The campaign as far as i plaid it is not very good. More like a tutorial coming directly from the developers instead from an story writer. It's mostly really awkward and somehwat childish. But well, i didnt buy X for the campaign so forget it. Overall, it's still a good X game but by far not the "rebirth" i was hoping for. It mostly seems like the budget was going into make things fancy then really thining things trough and maybe find new approaches. The new approaches they did like the higway minigames just don't seem very well-tought. I dunno... i just can't get warm with X: Rebirth. Still a O.K. game. Expand
  54. Nov 15, 2013
    such a disappointment.. i've seen 'alpha' versions of other games that seem more 'finished' than this.
    So far my rig has played every game without any problems but x-rebirth is the first to just make t grind to 10fps. It wouldnt be so bad if changing the graphic options made some kind of difference but turning everything off made hardly any difference. I have tried to persevere for
    approx 5 hours because I love the x series and I know sometimes they are slow burners but there are just too many things not right with this game. What did they do for the whole 7 years they while they were making it...
    I did start to think maybe its my pc and maybe I should upgrade it, but I'm somewhat relieved to see that the majority of reviewers here are having the same problem. The scripting is also dodgy, the voice acting and lip synch are woefully bad, the characters arent believable.. One of the devs said it was like GTA in Space.. I think not! GTA is Fun! Very disappointed.
  55. Nov 15, 2013
    Infuriating. Gave it four hours today, and managed to hit a bug that prevents completing the tutorial. A quick scan of forums at egosoft and Steam found that I am far from alone.

    In short, a AAA (priced) game should not have blocking bugs in the tutorial. I'm an X series fan. I've been a gamer for 25 years.

    But, I have also been a software developer for 15 years: This is

    1. At a minimum, it shows that development was crunched beyond a reasonable QA effort.
    2. It shows, at best, deeply misguided priorities. Who cares about whiz-bang shaded info-icons on stations, WHEN THE TUTORIAL IS IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPLETE?

    I won't get into the other issues well explained here: The abysmal performance, the bizarre and unintuitive interface, the that wastes 50 of the screen real estate.

    If I was on a team responsible for a failure of this magnitude, I would be fired. This is not AAA quality.

    I won't buy another egosoft game.
  56. Nov 17, 2013
    This game is poor. Horrible FPS on lowest settings on a decent computer. But ignoring the performance issues.

    The game is confusing, restrictive, and boring. There are countless bugs, and there is very little to actually do in game. To be blunt, the game isn't very fun.
  57. Nov 15, 2013
    This is not a space sim, it is an arcadey simple toy. Fun for about an hour, no real hook. If you are looking for a space sim, look somewhere else. This game is designed for a console controller, not a joystick.

    The dogfighting is clunky and awkward, optimization is in the toilet lending to further clunkiness. Do not buy this game.

    Marketing a game to the hardcore space sim fans, but
    watering down everything that makes the genre great to appeal to the console crowd is not how to keep fans or win new ones. Expand
  58. Nov 16, 2013
    Bought on Steam, can't get a refund. So lets see, The map system is terrible, it makes no sense whatsoever. The view is the only view, I'd rather a seamless view with some HUD elements. At least an option to switch between them would be nice. Mission targets/waypoints sometimes vanish for no reason, and you're left not knowing what to do. Docking system is terrible and unrealistic, spoiling immersion,especially when taking off again.

    Don't expect to be able to upgrade your own personal ship, or buy/build lots of new ones you're stuck with the same one, and can only get other ships to join you're fleet and follow you.

    Walking around on stations is completely unintuitive and feels like a game made 20yrs ago.

    NPC dialogue is a chore, and spoils immersion.

    Frame rates can drop for no reason, and requires a reload even with a good pc.

    Not even gonna mention the vast array of bugs.

    So I'm completely saddened and disappointed in this game, I love space/trading sims etc and I expected this to at least be as good as X3 and much better, instead it's the opposite.

    A cross between Eve Online (without PvP) and a better X3 would've been my ideal game of choice. Too much to hope for I guess.

    All in all I feel cheated, and I can not even get a refund. Won't be trusting Egosoft ever, ever again, sorry their reputation is now ruined.
  59. Nov 15, 2013
    What a disappointment. I have waited and waited for the release of the game. Game is unplayable, too many bugs, graphics look like a 2006 game. No multiplayer. Do not spend your money on this game at least not yet.
  60. Nov 17, 2013
    I had to change my review now that I've played the game a bit more. I was originally optimistic and thought I could see around some of the problems and give the developers the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately I have now come to realize now that this game is a complete disaster. Avoid at all costs.
  61. Nov 15, 2013
    Not completely bad... but far from what I expected. The graphics are quite bad, especially the character models. One would think they'd put some more focus on the characters you'll spend much time with on the ship, they look completely awful compared to other games today, even Half-Life 2 has much better characters, and don't even get me started on the character animations... Movement in FPS mode is also bad, it feels like you're running at max speed everywhere, and the controls just don't seem to keep up with your insane movement speed.

    I can't understand why there's no joystick support for this game, the mouse controls are sluggish and feel like a bad port from consoles, which is ironic when you realize that this is a PC exclusive game.

    Combat is also completely weird, it took me ages to figure out how to kill two simple drones in the very beginning of the game. Getting killed that early in the game just felt frustrating.

    I haven't even bothered to start exploring the economics of the game, for me this just feels like a complete waste of €50. Stay away, at least until they're released some MAJOR patches to fix what feels like an unfinished game.
  62. Nov 15, 2013
    Game crashes periodically. Poor graphics. Not optimized. In the BF4 with Ultra settings at 1920px I have 120 45 FPS but in this I have only 15 30 FPS, not good at all. Jump gates now is silly arcade game. No cameras. No free look. Map can not be scrolled and zoomed. HUD design and information terrible. 25 dollar wastage.
  63. Nov 15, 2013
    I have played for 4 hours now and I like the atmosphere in space in x rebirth. I am also fine with the one ship like it was in X Beyond the frontier and some other design decisions they made. The framerate could be better but it's actually quite playable, at least on my system.

    BUT: after about 3 hours of playing I am now stuck in the campaign. There is a mission where you have to buy
    and sell energy cells, but your freighter gets stuck due to a bug. This makes the game pretty much unplayable at the moment.

    Other things i noticed:
    its really obvious that the game is meant to be played with gamepad (menus dont work well with keyboard)
    keyboard controls cant be changed at the moment
    there are many issues with the voice playback
  64. Nov 15, 2013
    I am so utterly disgusted and disappointed in this game. I have been an ardent X player for years supporting Egosoft and I expected so much more than this pile.

    There are just too many things wrong with this game, from unintuitive UI, bad lip syncing, inanimate NPCS to just bad gameplay decisions (seriously? No camera views? 1 ship? Tutorial bugs?) You've got to be kidding me.

    spent all day trying to find something I actually liked in this game to justify my purchase, and after 12 hours, it still eludes me. Needless to say, after 1000's of hours in the X universe, I can't even enjoy 12 hours in this one.

    Its not an issue of expectations being to high, but this is NOT an X game. It may be labeled as a rebirth, something new but its more like a stillbirth.

    I have never before felt so ripped off purchasing a game since the Battleship 3000AD fiasco many years ago.
  65. Nov 15, 2013
    The UI omfg the UI. I can tell there is a game here but I can't get to it because of the UI.
    The UI is bad on M/keyboard
    The UI is bad on controller
    I would probably give it a higher rating if I could get past the crappy UI and actually play it and when I do crash.
    Did I mention the UI blows?
  66. X0R
    Nov 15, 2013
    really regret buying this afterbirth, feels like I bought an MS-DOS game by mistake. the graphics are truly terrible Why are all female characters so fugly in this game? Why are the controls so clunky for PC? Great concept, but I guess I'll go back to Privateer or Wing Commander for the next two years until they patch and release an expansion to improve it to the 2013 era. Star Citizen is my only hope. Expand
  67. Nov 15, 2013
    This game is full of bugs, but even if they were all fixed, it would still only get 2/10 max for horrible design choices. They have taken X3 and tried to cater to a wider audience but ended up alienating everyone. Taking complicated menu's and making them only accessible through a controller radial menu system does NOT equal user-friendly! Forcing users to play contrived minigames like superhighway leap frog and run around stations to trade (also looting crates, WTF this isn't zelda), and asking everyone to show their skills..

    The game is very poorly designed.

    The gyroscopic radar was REMOVED.

    The map was REMOVED.

    Highways send you to places with no visibility of the journey.

    Prepare to have no idea where you are and just follow the yellow arrow to the destination of your ONE QUEST.
  68. Nov 15, 2013
    Ein wirklich schlechtes Spiel, unvollständig und verbuggt.
    Es ist eine Frechheit sowas den Kunden zu verkaufen.

    Es fehlen sogar Sprachdateien im Spiel.
  69. Nov 15, 2013
    As someone who played every Game since X:BtF, i was incredibly disappointed by this game.

    I'm not someone who gives bad reviews on a whim i played around 8 hours and it doesn't feel like a X game at all. Here is why:

    1) I won't say it's outright broken, but they clearly delivered a more than unfinished product. So far i've encountered a hefty amount of serious bugs, every half an
    hour or so my game crashed completely. I'm really asking myself did Egosoft even do any basic bugtesting at all? I know very well, that they also released buggy games in the past, but this is getting out of control. The trend of releasing untested games needs to stop. Someone has to say something.

    2) The bad performance is also a serious issue. I have an I-7 (4.2ghz), GTX 690 4GB and 16GB Ram yet i'm getting laughable 20-30 FPS average. If i fly into busy areas i get even less FPS, same on stations. This is just hilarious and shows how poorly optimized the game is.

    3) Many of the core features from the past games were cut away or steamlined beyond recognition. They left out the Warp gates, instead you'll get some weird space highways. There is no 3rd person camera anymore and no free look inside your Many textures are simply low res and look nothing like the beautiful ones from the trailers and gameplay videos. The Story is plain childish. etc. etc.

    Also the Graphic special effects are very overused. I feel like being in that one simpsons episode, where they went to japan and got seizures all the time while watching a flashy gundam show on tv.

    4) You only get to fly 1 (in words: ONE) ship in person. Gone are the days, when you were able to fly basically any existing ship out there. Now you have to stick with this small Albion Ship for eternity.

    5) The UI and menu is simply horrible! I can't tell where the heck my ships are, let alone give orders to them. This whole "press enter and do everything from a separate screen" thing is really awful. It feels more like a console port than an improvement of any sort. Basically this is like 3 steps backwards compared to X3:TC.

    It hurts me to say it, but this game is Bad with a capital B! At least give it another 6 months so the community can fix the mess Egosoft released, before you even CONCIDER paying money for this game.
  70. Nov 15, 2013
    What do I say? The trailer made it look amazing. All the reviews had nothing negative or constructive to say. I have to wonder if these people were paid. It's buggy, unfinished and a lousy port of a console game. Frankly even if this gets launched on consoles it will flop there also. There are some good concepts, With some updates and work this game could be redeemed but right now It was no way fit for launch. 3rd game I have waited for a purchased recently in which the game was very very different from the trailer. Genuinely considering applying my consumer rights and trying to get a refund. Its a sad state of affairs considering I used adore this series.

    It saddens me. This game shows that the loyal fans who supported it simply aren't considered. This is a game designed for a console rather than a PC. We who supported this series are now forgotten.

    Things I would suggest that may redeem this.
    -HD Textures
    -Improved character models, voice acting. Some characters look like they are suffering with an ageing disease.
    -Expanded stations, Give us a more realistic feeling of a large galactic station. Same for docking with ships. Have more happening around the player give a sense of activity.
    -Re designed Menu's the current ones feel like that are akin to radial menu's on console games.
    -Optimisation, either through Nvidia Experience or Egosoft performing it themselves.
    -A 3rd person view in the Station sections. While these are unnecessary It could add an interesting avenue for game play. E.g Leading a boarding team to take over an enemy ship or raid a station.
  71. Nov 15, 2013
    If you rate this game anywhere near a 10 you have absolutely no morals or taste in games at all.

    I have been a fan of this franchise since the very first game and I must say i am monumentally disappointed.......

    The interface is horrible, easily their worst and that's saying a lot. The franchise was usually known for groundbreaking graphics, this game seems to have taken a step
    backwards of all things from the last game! I bought this game without reading reviews unquestioned because the X games were all good. This is easily one of the worst games i've played in the past few years.

    Anyone who rates this anything near a 10 must not have any clue at all what makes a good game. I cannot understand how anyone can rate this at least a 5/10 this game is THAT bad. Hope they don't expect modders to fix their game again because this is an insult to their fanbase and Star Citizen looks like it's going to be great.

    Whats most ridiculous is this is like some kind of a console port and doesn't even support DirectX 11. This game is DirectX 9....... Just shows how little care was put into this title. Despite the Windows XP era graphics the game somehow only gets 25fps on my dual 6970 setup. They always seem to have dreams of a console port since X2 and end up releasing the game on Windows screwing the fans over with a terrible interface. Now they have wrecked a once promising franchise with their hubris.

    I have been playing games since 1989, I have NOT ONCE asked for a refund. As soon as their crashed forum server is back up I will be demanding a refund from them.

    Whats funny is that I didn't get started on the bugs, broken missions, and poor universe design. Don't even need to go that far. Was going to rate this a 4/10 but immoral fanboys are rating it a 10 so here is another 0 for you guys.
  72. Nov 15, 2013
    Absolutely terrible game. Should never have been released in the state that it's in. Hundreds of game ending bugs, terrible frame rates even on top of the line gaming rigs, and to top it off they removed most of the good features from previous X games.

    They ultimately dumbed the game waaay down to appeal to non-space sim fans and in the process alienated their own fan base.

    Do not
    purchase this game. At least wait ~half a year for the true space sim fans to create some mods that actually make it worthwhile. Expand
  73. Nov 15, 2013
    3 words: worst game ever

    this is a good example, when a company/publisher needs money and forces the producer to release their game... everything is unfinished... just poor
  74. Nov 15, 2013
    Before you read the following, understand I have played X games for 10 years, I have 1000's of hours played. This is a constructive synopsis of my feelings towards Rebirth.

    Reading the egosoft forums over the last 4 months, there have been three camps of players, those who moan and besmirch the game and everything about it, the players who think positive and say everything will be
    great, and those who sit on the fence with the wait and see attitude.

    I did my best to not get too excited about Rebirth, I erred towards the wait and see attitude, for me its better to have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised, instead of high expectations and be sadly disappointed.

    So after seven years waiting, 1000's of hours played in the X universe, the day of release comes to pass. Time moves along a few hours of playing and what do we have. Even with my low expectations, am I pleasantly surprised? Sadly not, I feel numb inside to what has happened to X in its current incarnation of Rebirth. It feels like a chore to play, not an entertaining open ended sandbox universe its meant to be.

  75. Nov 15, 2013
    Should have been called 'X Afterbirth', as that is exactly what it feels like. A game that was developed for consoles and then aborted to be back ported shoddily onto the PC. An insult to every fan of the series.

    Teach me to buy something on day of release. I will drop for now and wait for (potentially) them to fix it. Frankly, I want my money back.
  76. Nov 16, 2013
    All of the 10 ratings are lies and obviously paid reputation management personnel. I was so excited about this game like so many others only to be shocked and disgusted at the total and epic failure.

    Although the game has alot of ships and feels alive in a sense, thats the only thing it has going for it. Every other aspect of the game is horrible, garbage and invokes an indescribable
    sense of RAGE at the fact that Egosoft would take a dump on its loyal fan base.

    1.No joystick support
    2.No Controls Settings WTF
    3.Game barely functions above a 15 framerate with SLI 550Ti Enthusiast editions on lowest settings.
    4.Graphics in stations make me want to puke all over myself.
    5.How can the developers release the poor NPC models without laughing so hard they cried?? Must have been some good weed they were smoking...
    6.The UI is the worst I have ever seen... EVER. Clunky, Buggy... and difficult.
    7. no keyboard controls for targeting, no external camera views, no freelook??? WTF WTF!
    8. No real control over ships??? How am I suppose to have an empire exactly??? TOTAL FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!

    I could go ON and ON literally about how BAD this game is compared to any other X game, or just about any other space sim... even the BAD space sims from 2002 are more fun that this game and at least they worked!!

    I have engaged in a chargeback through Paypal against Valve (STEAM). This game is a total and complete fraud... I will fight for my refund until the bitter end!

    Moral of the story: I'm Fu**ING PISSED OFF.
  77. Nov 16, 2013
    It should be a crime to release a product that so many people cannot play due to game breaking bugs.

    Only reason this game has any score at all in the fan boys and the very few that can actually play it.
  78. Nov 15, 2013
    Bitterly disappointed with this. Horrible story, juvenile characterisation and writing, truly awful npc models pointless filler animations when docking, no external ship view, and top it off a truly woeful user interface. Only positive I can think of is the beautiful space and station graphics and massive world but despite this why do I feel so shut out from an immersive sandbox experience and find almost all design/story elements cringeworthy to the extreme? Expand
  79. Nov 15, 2013
    Hello, i just tried X Rebirth and as a long time x series fan, i will say that this is a horrible and unforgivable poor game that deserves a downright abortion.

    I never seen such poor graphics combined with such a horrible GUI, and mix this with only one ship to fly, allot of dumb down consol features, poor combat, and a "walking in station" that has the worst texures in history of
    modern gaming.

    This is the worst game in the series, and due to my high expectations only dragon age 2 has come close to making me this sad

    Avoid this game like the plague if your a X fan, Great Story lover, Fan of Graphics,Fan of Games, basicly anyone with a working braincortex.

    i played almost 50 euro for this on steam. and due to gamebreaking bugs.. i cant play it even if i wanted to... My 5ghz Watercooled 8 Core CPU and my dual GTX titan cards will keep it on a stable 40 fps ??????

    Dont ruin your memories of X series... let this one go
  80. Nov 15, 2013
    Having loved ALL the previous X games, I was SO looking forward to this one. The trailer looked absolutely amazing and got me drooling. I was willing to spend all those hours flying through the massive space, having on auto-pilot, being able to zoom and scroll through maps, flying all the different ships. Sadly, none of those features exist. You are completely locked with a full view, no auto-pilot, having to walk around space stations that all spawn from the same template. Talking to 2 different NPC's throughout the game.

    Sadly, I'm afraid I wasted my money and so will you. I'd rather play X3 at the moment.
  81. Nov 16, 2013
    I have been anticipating this game for months and have been bitterly let down. It has few of the good qualities the previous games in the series have, I would not recommend it to anyone who enjoys the older x series games.
    It deserves a 4/10 from the standpoint of a player new to the x series.If you are really desperate for a space fix and dislike X:AP, X:TC and X3 then maybe you should
    buy this game. The graphics in space are fantastic when your not forced to look at your copilot.
  82. Nov 16, 2013
    Utter crap, 9 year old visuals, insanely boring gameplay, silly story, and those PC controllers *shivers*. Avoid at all cost if you're a fan of the X franchise.Or if you even thought for a second to spend money on this game.
  83. Nov 16, 2013
    Has the joke "X rebirth defect" been taken?

    constant crashing!

    i should have waited for the reviews first, but got drawn in by developer BS

    10 out of 10 difficulty to learn!

    Sloppy controls!

    cannot roam about the ship as promised!

    cant dock with ship!

    sloppy animation, people are wooden!

    $50 down the crapper!

  84. Nov 17, 2013
    this game is only alpha- buggy stuff. DO NOT BUY! Spend your money on Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen. Do not believe the nice-video-lies! This game has nothing to do with the old nice x-universe.
  85. Nov 18, 2013
    Changing my rating from 3 to 0, because it came to light that Egosoft tried to use the PC customers for testing some XBOX360 stuff. No wonder the game is that bad.
  86. Nov 17, 2013
    I just can't describe how dissapointed, sad and angry i am.
    Egosoft just ripped out every single awesome aspect of previous games and left a dumb spaceshooter for easiely satisfied kids....

    I fear there won't be a coming back from what they have done.
    Our loved X series high likely came to an end.
  87. Nov 16, 2013
    Fistly: im not the "its bad because they changed it" kind of fan. I was really looking forward to this game because I liked the changes they planned (faster game focused on new players. More accessible but still complex). So far Im very dissapointed. Controls are not intuitive and very slow (most of the stuff is done by talking to npcs. This will get old very quickly. And then looking for new captain will just slow you down). And the game is buggy too much. Keeps crashing (great combination with no autosave). And there are mission breaking bugs. Me with many other players am not able to finish even the tutorial. Stuck on energy cells mission. Until there is some serious patch or two, avoid this game. It is Simcity all over againn Expand
  88. Nov 16, 2013
    I have to play it more to understand how this game is actually meant to be played. First impressions after a couple of hours:
    1. Very low performance (15-20 FPS on AMD 6950, LOD and view distance settings make no difference at all).
    2. ITERFACE. It is AWFUL. All of it. Just look at the map...
    3. Combat is incredibly hard, dunno why.
    4. This is not an X game. Only a single ship available???
  89. Nov 15, 2013
    After 4 hours of playing the game and reading through a lot of comments stating that the game "is in shambles" or "crap" "worst than Rome 2" I've come to the conclusion that I have to write a first impression review of this game.

    First of all if you are a veteran of this series and have played several other X games before you may know that it is a little bit different than what you
    know. Either new player or veteran you will need to invest time into the game in order to actually enjoy it.

    Graphics :

    The "old" parts of the game look gorgeous. The space ships and stations are very detailed and it's amazing the world "living and breathing" of its own. The "new" parts like the character models and the insides of the stations look rather disappointing. The textures are clunky and it seems to be a different world. It just does not fit. The new aspects of the game as said above are at the moment like the dark side of the game. You don't really want to set foot on the dark side enjoy the bright side as long as possible. 6/10

    Sound :

    Same as the graphics. Outside really amazing and inside not really that good up to a point where it gets rather annoying. The music played while flying through the sectors and systems was composed by an orchestra I think a fits really well to the space theme. 8/10

    Game-play :

    The controls for flying the ship and walking around are intuitive and especially the ship controls are very responsive. It's overall really comfortable to fly around with the ship. The combat system is not that different from the previous games of the series. The combat system is fine as it is.

    The menu controls are terrible. At least for me as someone who played the games before the new "easier" menus are just more confusing and nested. It is really hard to get the necessary information required for the current mission or if you just want to command your transporter to buy some energy cells good luck with that it will take you a while.


    Performance Bugs :

    I have ready many complaints about having performance issues (low FPS and crashes) but I have not encountered any of this mentioned issues. My game runs fine on 60 FPS without any crashes or FPS drops.

    The same goes for bugs. People are complaining that there is a considerable amount of bugs preventing them to play properly and that the bugs are as major as the bugs in Rome 2 for example. I have not encountered any major bug until now so that's definitely not a point to use against this game.

    Sadly I can't really write an in depth review because the game was just released 4 hours ago. This are my first impressions and with the way Egosoft has handled their previous games I'm sure bugs and issues will be fixed in a few weeks so that everyone who bought the game is at least able to play it.

    Should you buy this game ?

    Well that's a tough question. I would not recommend buying it yet but I would also not advise against buying it. I did pre order the game ,because I really enjoyed the previous ones. Egosoft also does seem to be a company listens to their community so if you want to support Egosoft enjoyed X:TC or X:AP I'd and if you are fine with having a not perfect game (atm) then I'd say give it a shot. You could also wait for the price to drop.

    Overall 7/10 for now. With some fixes and adjustments it could easily get a 9/10 but also with nothing being done it could drop to a 5/10 depending on the progression of the story the Game-play in the late game.
  90. Nov 25, 2013
    There are so much bad games out there and compared to them this game is a Minimum 5.0 Game Rebirth has many many Bugs Has many broken things Has Performance Problems Is to far away from X style but ist still fun and when ist getting fixed it will be a 6 -7 Game 3 is way to low for it. The only realy bad Thing is that the devs lied about the Status and charged 50 Euros way to much for the state of this game Expand
  91. Nov 15, 2013
    feels like an underfunded crowd project. 22fps avg. with a GF590GTX/core i7 setup and reduced details, npc's lost their voice...freezes very often and finally just crashes. perkiness or ridiculous, not sure yet...gfx is at level 2008, esp. the modelling of npc's and platforms. think i've to pay 100€ overall, before i can bear this, 50 for the pure download and 50 to get drunk
  92. Nov 15, 2013
    I played for 10 minutes and was so disgusted I stopped playing and here is my opinion:
    1. Terrible performance. I have a top of the line system and I get 25 fps with NOTHING GOING ON.
    2. Controls are atrocious. I have a Saitek x52 and had it hooked up and ready to go but apparently it doesn't work with this game and the game didn't even recognize the axis of my joystick so it was
    impossible to configure.
    3. low res textures and still 25 fps!

    Just awful.
  93. Nov 15, 2013
    An alpha or beta game at best, your ship has been stripped of almost all it's former features and I hope you like the ship you start with...because that's it it's all you're going to fly.

    All the more strategic elements of the x universe are now nested behind unhelpful and repetitive menus.

    Highly disappointing please I urge you reader not to reward this kind of release, don't buy
    until it's on sale if you can wait...If not at least give it a few weeks to see if any real support will be given. Expand
  94. Nov 15, 2013
    7years and they come with this?
    This game isn't even worth a in depth review,i played they other x3 series wich are far better than this piece of.....
  95. Nov 17, 2013
    Each time I play this game I like it less. Not a game for fans of the X series. Graphics are bad, performance is horrible, gameplay is awful. The interface nearly gave me a stroke it was that infuriatingly bad. You can only fly 1 ship. Which only has 4 weapons to choose from, and can only use 1 weapon at a time.

    I was really looking forward to this game, I've tried multiple times to
    like it, and it just keeps getting worse. Congrats Egosoft on this massive ****-up. Expand
  96. Nov 15, 2013
    Be honest. The game was made for a console but they clearly couldn't sell it so, thus stuffed out to PC customers with marketing how 'fun' it is to no longer own strategy, fleet and resource management in favour of sitting in one ship with awkward UX and outdated, last gen gamepad based gameplay.

    No support for your PC peripherals? Check. No resource management? Check. Piss poor attempt
    to get all Mass Effect? Check.

    Its bad.
  97. Nov 15, 2013
    I have played the entire X series and I have experienced issues from time to time in relation to performance and game play however, this is the first time I have been really disappointed with EGOSOFT. I was really looking forward to a rebirth of the series and enjoying the wonders in which EGOSOFT had in store. This game feels like....... I'm at a loss for words, I don't know if they can fix this game at this point, Such a shame, good bye EGOSOFT, it has been a good journey but now we must part ways. Expand
  98. Nov 16, 2013
    I feel I have to leave a score of 0 for this game simply due to the number of clearly 10 scores being left. Whether or not this game is riddled with bugs which may or may not be dealt with soon by the devs, this game is fundamentally broken. It is really awful, anyone who has experience of the X series is in for a big shock with it. The UI has clearly be designed with solely controllers in mind, it is horrible trying to play this thing with a mouse and keyboard, which for a PC title, is really bad. They have clearly tried to reach a larger market of console gamers with this and in the process have gimped the controls for the vast majority of their loyal fans. I really wouldn't be surprised to see a console announcement once they have eliminated most of the bugs plaguing the PC release.
    The price tag of £40 sets this game up as comparable to AAA titles, which it most definitely is not, in fact it is quite clear from this and the lack of review copies sent out prior to launch that the games release was a cash grab on the part of egosoft. Nobody is going to pay £40 for this game having seen the reactions of those who preordered like myself. The severity of the bugs this game has shipped with is frankly shocking, inability to even start the game, broken option features such mouse inverting, falling through interior maps every five seconds (that is only slightly hyperbolic, it took me literally 10 seconds into my first station walk to accidentally get caught on a vent hatch and be pushed through a wall). The minigames are a pain, though they are not really that much of an issue compared to my other complaints, they just seem cheap. The menus are ripped straight from mass effect (as is the art style for station interiors but that is something else) and is pretty much unusable for k/m players like the majority of X players seem to be. They have apparently made it very difficult for joystick users to though I cannot comment on this.
    The menus and maps are horrendous to look at and navigate thanks to a combination of design choice, th aforementioned console controls and the constant, long animations which kill the flow and speed of the game. While in previous X titles i have been able to set my ship on autopilot for a station or gate and use the instant menus to manage my ships/traders and stations/complexes, I am now required to stop my ship and wait for the menu monitor to appear before I can do anything. The autopilot has also been removed, and while the autopilot was a problem in previous games, their solutions seems to have been to remove all autopilot from Rebirth as the vast majority of ships you encounter are moving in strange arbitrary space roads which often lead them into sides of stations (I also feel that it is worth mentioning that these ships are about as real as those encountered in the highways, they feel as though they are randomly spawned to give the illusion that you are in a living universe.).
    That's all I can really think to say about this game, for me it is DOA, and it seems unlikely that the developers will be prepared to change such fundamental, yet broken game mechanics. For these many reasons it is simply unthinkable that this game could deserve a score as high as 8, let alone 10. It is certainly a shame that as a result I must give this game 0 as I cannot allow anyone to be fooled by the average userscore.
    If anyone has bothered to read this I would give this game an honest score of 3, maybe 4 but that seems to be pushing it a little. I have requested a refund on steam and hope I will receive at least credit on my account, and if, in the future, the developers manage to make this game remotely playable I will certainly buy it again, though almost definitely not at the same £40 I (foolishly) paid before release.
  99. Nov 17, 2013
    Having played all X games as they came out from X:BTF, I am very saddened by this release. I pre-ordered because I had faith in Egosoft. This game has so many fundamental *design* flaws that there really is no hope that I can see for it. Flying in space is pretty so perhaps they can take the engine and make X4, but the core game play of X: Stillbirth is so bad that I doubt any amount of modding will ever make it right.

    It is obvious they designed it for consoles, and I'd bet all the money in my 401k we'll see PS4 and XBONE ports directly. Sad, because the X series was always a pc based complex trading game. I loved them for that, spent thousands of hours of my life playing the series.

    They kept the game under tight wraps, didn't even send out review copies until release day. Now we know why. Egosoft will never get another dime from me. Hopefully Star Citizen or Elite will fill the void for a fun space sim, because this game never will.
  100. Nov 17, 2013
    in my honest opinion from playing this game and backed by finds within the game code I believe this is a failed console project of which the remnants were hastily patched together and sold to the unsuspecting PC crowd to cut the losses. in my eyes, a scam like this isn't even worth a proper review.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 24
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 24
  3. Negative: 24 out of 24
  1. Feb 18, 2014
    Rebirth lacks inspiration, purpose, good ideas. It's riddled with bugs and, even when it seems to work, it manages to be dull. There isn't any true reason to play it.
  2. Feb 10, 2014
    Instead of giving the series a new life the developers buried it and the patches are a classic case of ‘too little, too late’. There’s a lot of things you can forgive this game but not the fact that it’s boring. [02/2014, p.58]
  3. Jan 31, 2014
    X misses the spot. The occasional bit of spectacle can't save this boring, broken and charmless space simulation. [March 2014, p.60]