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  • Summary: In the distant future, the X universe faces a period of profound and irrevocable change. While the universe stumbles towards an uncertain future, countless adventures await as new enemies rise in search of power. Enter a young adventurer and his unlikely female ally traveling in an old, battered ship with a glorious past - two people alone against the galaxy, playing a key part in the events to come. The fate of the universe rests in the hands of the player... Expand
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  1. Nov 20, 2013
    To top off a growing tower of gripes, navigation around space in Rebirth is an astounding hassle.
  2. Dec 2, 2013
    No matter what happens with stability and bug-fixing patches, its poor controls, awful interface, and dull pacing ensure that X Rebirth will remain unpleasant for all but the most forgiving, die-hard space jockeys.
  3. 40
    X: Rebirth will get better over time, and anyone who’s open-minded enough to look past the ‘X’ branding and see the ‘game’, may even find many hours of entertainment.
  4. Dec 3, 2013
    You can (barely) fathom some good ideas about offering the players more accessibility in a saga that surely needed some, but they soon get lost in the utter and complete mess of unfinished mechanics and bugs that, sadly, is X Rebirth.
  5. Dec 11, 2013
    Long story short: In its current state, X Rebirth is just a sad affair.
  6. Jan 7, 2014
    Patches may stop the glitches, but I think this space sim is far beyond repair.
  7. Nov 25, 2013
    Somewhere in this mess is an X as you know and like it: Smaller, but prettier and with a solid foundation. But with problems like game-stopping bugs and bad design decisions all the ambition goes down the drain.

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Score distribution:
  1. Nov 17, 2013
    Just play 3-5 hours before posting a comment Some people here don't realy understand that X-rebirth is a HUUUGE game with a HUUUGE tutorial and need time to be domesticated. I put 10 to increase the general rate. Objectively for now 8... But 9 or 10 once bug ll be fixed! Expand
  2. Nov 29, 2013
    Sure, this game was released too soon. But the devs are working hard to fix it, and they just released 1.18 patch, in beta version. To install it, check the description in egosoft forums. The complete version of this patch will, most likely, be available very soon.

    Well, I don't know what they did, but everything works fine with this new version. Everything runs smoothly at max res (no more fps drops in Shady Vault, for instance), the trading system isn't "bugged" anymore, as it seems (freighters no longer stop for no particular reason), there are now plenty of drones in stock to equip your capitals in all shipyards (you just couldn't find any in freeplay mode in 1.17: trading was just impossible, you had to build your drone facility first), no more crashes... I can't believe it, but they actually did it: 1.18 is almost bug free in its beta state.

    Concerning the gameplay, well I don't understand all those angry rants... Maybe these raging guys just had no clue about what X games are all about and expected Freelancer or Elite... Maybe they expected an easy start, to understand all the game mechanics within the first hour of gameplay... I don't know. Why all this rage?

    - Trading in X Rebirth is actually the same thing as in previous Xgames. The only difference is you need a crew instead of softwares to control your ships remotely. You need to give orders to your crew, but you can do it from anywhere, so I don't understand why people hate so much the new system. Maybe it's that because you need to dock in stations in order to find crew members, first; I must admit the inside of the stations are pretty dull, and npcs are indeed hideous, but that's it. But when you're in space... it's just breathtaking. And you're in space 98% of the time. Docking in station just adds a little more immersion. It isn't well done, but it's not important at all. Not to mention they already planned to add better textures and facial animations.
    - Combat is way better that previous X games; I don't get why people say it's "awkward". To navigate, mouse control is indeed horrible, but hey! It's a space sim, dammit! Just grab your stick :D Boarding big capital ships is intense. And explosions are gorgeous Yes, it's a show. But it's damn fun.
    - I've heard/read a LOT of about joystick compatibility: the game IS compatible with sticks! You just can't bind all keys for most sophisticated sticks, and may experience problems to navigate in menus but who cares, seriously? just switch to keyboard/mouse for your menus.
    - The new building system (station building) is really improved. But again, those who spit on a such a behemoth of a game after only 2-3 hours of gameplay don't have a clue about it. You guys are really ridiculous.
    - The UI is far from being perfect, but they already started to improve it in 1.18 version. Menus are sometimes unintuitive, but Egosoft already said the whole thing will be more readable, more intuitive very soon. And actually, I already got used to it; just make some efforts, put more time into it, and you will as well. Btw, gravidar is coming soon, as well.

    For now, I've almost finished my first station in freemode, my Fedhelms are mining automatically, and they're not bugging when I ask them to sell what they just gathered, my scaldis is responding and operationnal, I haven't any fps problems in Shady Vault, freighters seem to actually trade without any issue, cargo drones aren't buggy either... Great work and thanks for this 1.18 patch guys. Forget about all these dishonest and lazy reviews coming from guys who haven't put more that 2 hours in the game, a freaking X game, which needs at least 10 hours just to understand its mechanics. Forget about all that crap and keep up the good work. I know you gonna improve the game with new content, maybe new mission types, special missions given by smugglers in bars, bounty hunter market and famous pirates to find in hidden fortified station, deep space exploration, anomalies... idk. For now, 1.18 is stable, just needs a few details to fix and it will be great.

    For those who are hesitating, I just wanted to add this: it's an X game. The more you play it, the more complex and interesting it gets.
  3. Nov 15, 2013
    Game has a huge technical issues. Main one being low frame rates. You can spend an hour adjusting settings but most people will not go above 15 FPS when flying close to stations even with pretty decent PCs. It is like the developers did not take time to install to game to a test computer and checked how it would be running. Expand
  4. Dec 12, 2013
    Most games release with a few bugs. In the bug range from simple ants to gigantic roaches. This game has a swarm of roaches. The flying kind that lay eggs. The bugs even have bugs.... Expand
  5. Nov 20, 2013
    This game is a complete disaster, well beyond repair. Its not about bugs or framerate but more about design errors.

    The UI is absolutely
    terrible, it does not display any useful informations, you can not zoom out, no external view of your ship, apparently we re in the future, have space ships but we have to fly near an object to see if there is any trade available ???

    We have the cokpit view all the time, so its really difficult to see what s going on around the ship, no targetting system, the cokpit offers no interesting information its a complete mess.

    Avoid at all costs
  6. Oct 1, 2014
    Instead of a review, I'll write my experience with this game.

    I've waited a half year to try this because Egosoft usually takes this long
    to get a new X game running. I was eager to try my new Saitek X52 Pro on this one.

    First I went into options, like with any PC game to set some graphical stuff. I found the resolution was set to 1280 which was very odd, so I set it to my native res (usually done automatically in PC games, first fears of Consolitis surfaced in me).

    I read on the net, that the "story" mode is a big tutorial, so I went with that to get ready for free play.
    The first thing I saw was this polygon puppet that is supposed to be a woman. It looks exactly like a 3D woman looked.... back in the year 2000. I'm not exaggerating here! The character animations are on the same level and look like a mixture of zombies and robots.
    The game is (supposedly) not about character interaction though, so I thought and just ignored that and went on to fly....

    ... or not.
    The entire Joystick keybinds were completely messed up. Like this game was made for a (inferior) console and not for the PC gaming master race. So there was some Consolitis in the game. I didn't even know they released this game for a console. A space sim... really? They are MADE for PC's.
    I accepted that too, though it started to bug me...

    Anyway I went on to configure the joystick so that it was able to actually fly forward (strafe up/down; left/right were set as default instead of pitch and jaw) and use some of the functions that were unbound or bound to strange keys (autopilot, map, dock, targeting). I still had to choose menu options with the mouse and run around with kb+mouse setup. Strangely there were highlighted button names like they appear on game pads (A)... hmmm...
    I was kinda pissed at this time, but I still hoped the game was at least bug free, stable and that the free play mode later would offer some fun.

    After one hour I was ready to fly. Yippee! A big universe awaits!
    First mission: target practice!

    The game tutorial told me the highlighted stuff was showing me where to go. This was nice, the only downside was that there was no highlighted stuff. It also told me it would display the distance - but it didn't display anything, not even my flight speed.
    While I was still trying to get that display of normal HUD info up and running, which is to be expected in every space sim game since the most early ones, I suddenly lost all control of not only the ship, but also the HOTAS, the mouse and the keyboard too. The ship was now drifting towards some asteroids...
    So I half heartedly tried to solve this next obstacle... I even tabbed out of the game and tried to go back, but couldn't as it was "Not Responding".

    Well okay, then I'll not respond to it either.
    0 points for this epic wanna be space sim fail.

    Wow! After a half year, this game is buggier than the alpha version of Star Citizen - Arena Commander, it surpasses all games I know in terms of unplayability and the character models and animations were directly sent here from 14 years in the past.

    In short: Consolitis, severe alpha bugs, stay away at all costs!
    This game will never reach the state X2-The Threat had, better go with that game!
  7. Nov 16, 2013
    Total disappointment.

    I have played all the previous games. This one is nothing like before. Horrible design, full of bugs. Totally not
    worth the money. Expand

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