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  • Summary: In the distant future, the X universe faces a period of profound and irrevocable change. While the universe stumbles towards an uncertain future, countless adventures await as new enemies rise in search of power. Enter a young adventurer and his unlikely female ally traveling in an old, battered ship with a glorious past - two people alone against the galaxy, playing a key part in the events to come. The fate of the universe rests in the hands of the player... Expand
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  1. Nov 20, 2013
    To top off a growing tower of gripes, navigation around space in Rebirth is an astounding hassle.
  2. Dec 2, 2013
    No matter what happens with stability and bug-fixing patches, its poor controls, awful interface, and dull pacing ensure that X Rebirth will remain unpleasant for all but the most forgiving, die-hard space jockeys.
  3. 40
    X: Rebirth will get better over time, and anyone who’s open-minded enough to look past the ‘X’ branding and see the ‘game’, may even find many hours of entertainment.
  4. Dec 3, 2013
    You can (barely) fathom some good ideas about offering the players more accessibility in a saga that surely needed some, but they soon get lost in the utter and complete mess of unfinished mechanics and bugs that, sadly, is X Rebirth.
  5. Dec 11, 2013
    Long story short: In its current state, X Rebirth is just a sad affair.
  6. Jan 7, 2014
    Patches may stop the glitches, but I think this space sim is far beyond repair.
  7. Nov 25, 2013
    Somewhere in this mess is an X as you know and like it: Smaller, but prettier and with a solid foundation. But with problems like game-stopping bugs and bad design decisions all the ambition goes down the drain.

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Score distribution:
  1. Nov 15, 2013
    The game is awesome.
    When you read all these review, don't forget that it's the vocal minority, all the people that like the game, are busy
    playing it.
    Graphics: 9
    Gameplay: 9
    Sound: 8
    UI: 4

    There are occasional bugs, but I didn't experience a single crash, or low FPS. I have: GTX 680
  2. Nov 15, 2013
    This game is great, and does run well contrary to what others have said. I have an I5 2500 with Radeon 6870 and 16 GB of RAM and the graphics look great with smooth frames-per-second. I imagine some people either just like to complain or they have so much spyware/bloatware on the system that that is the cause of any slowdown.

    Gameplay wise there is a length tutorial to the campaign which does mean you follow a linear path for a while but this is a good thing as it teaches you the mechanics of the game. The developers stated they wanted a complex game but not a complicated one. They have delivered on that, the interface is much easier to use but there is a lot of depth still. You may only directly pilot one ship, but you can command massive fleets still.

    Die hard fans who are actually aware of the gamelore can see good reason to sticking to the one ship "Albion Skunk" which was originally the "Pride of Albion" a one of a kind ship that any military would have loved to mass produce. Other ships of a similar size would be a DOWNGRADE. There is plenty of room to upgrade it, and as mentioned you can still buy/build massive flights.

    The graphics in space are amazing, but I will be honest the in station and character graphics are not as good as the rest which is why I give this game an 8/10 not or 9 or 10. That said being able to walk on stations is a welcome addition, you can explore ventilation shafts and fine hidden items (usually illegal contraband goods) which is great if you love the smuggling side of the game.

    Very happy with my purchase.
  3. Nov 16, 2013
    I played for about 3 hours, got through two combat scenarios as well as fiddled with the maps, the trade interface, and pretty much every feature I could get my hands on in the first section of the game.

    Graphics are quite bad. The backdrops and some of the artistic aspects are done nicely, however poor lighting effects and textures that came out of someone's rear end really dampen the experience. The graphics while docked in station or large ship are simply unacceptable.

    In terms of your actual ship control it is quite enjoyable. The ship reacts well to joystick inputs and shooting is similar fun to previous titles.

    Targets... oh boy. You can no longer cycle through targets, select only enemy targets, or shoot at other ships while keeping target elsewhere. In it's current state you feel quite lost in space and navigating or fighting a swarm of enemies does not feel as immersive as a result. You would have to have played previous X games to realize just how important target management is. We'll see in time how it plays out, as of now I do suspect it will be a major problem.

    The interface is perhaps what could become the ultimate gamebreaker here. They have basically reduced functionality by a large margin all while making the interface more clunky and bonky than before. Where as before we had grid-like interfaces with many options available, what we are left with now is a very dumbed-down, overly flashy, unintuitive mess. The maps are borderline unusable, providing a fraction of the function the previous maps did. Ship commands, fleet commands, trading, bartering and such used to be a simple matter of a few clicks or a hotkey, but now involve pointless waiting and navigating through tedious menu options.
    The real kicker: They've stripped away the vast majority of the hotkeys from previous titles and removed the ability to assign more than 1 key to a function.

    Ability to progress time has been removed it seems. I did enjoy simply progressing time quicker for game environment purposes. Stargates have been changed with a super highway. It's a nice way to travel between zones, you can slipstream and even shoot ships on the highway.

    I have not checked out much about the trading mechanics so can't speak too much to that. However having to walk around pathetically textured, identical stations and interact with poorly voiced, HL2-esque NPC models does not seem like something enjoyable in the long run no matter how fascinating the trade mechanics may be. Leaving my ship honestly makes me want to pluck my eyes out; interacting with the NPCs makes me want to pull out a gun and end it all.

    Inability to use more than the one ship you start with is a big let down, I prefer the slower boats that handle more poorly and for a game that is primarily, for many players, about enjoying the engine in combat, a true sandbox game in 2013 would offer the ability to use different ship types as X2/X3 did.

    Overall it feels like many of the core features particularly in how they present themselves via the interface have been dumbed-down with functionality reduced or removed entirely.
    I do believe there is a solid underlying game here. Whether or not the ridiculously awful interface, targeting system, and other setbacks can/will be fixed will likely decide how playable the game is in the long run. I will be giving it another chance tomorrow and we'll see how it goes!
  4. Dec 12, 2013
    Hey, it's more accessible than earlier X titles!
    ...which would be nice if it ran at more than ten frames per second on high end systems.

    The performance is a bloody atrocity. A machine that can giggle its way through Assassin's Creed IV should NOT be showstopped by this game. It's pretty, but it's not THAT pretty, particularly at minimum bloody settings.
  5. Nov 23, 2013
    This game is fun when it works, but the constant need to find a work around after each crash or game stopping bug is too much for me. I give up on this game offering any enjoyment in the near future.
    This game does not deserve a score based on what it could be, fact is without looking for work around you cannot finish it.
  6. Apr 8, 2014
    Uhhh this game is really bad. It really tries to be worst game this year i think. This game is so mega bugged that i cannot believe that they released such a broken game. Expand
  7. Nov 16, 2013
    Total disappointment.

    I have played all the previous games. This one is nothing like before. Horrible design, full of bugs. Totally not
    worth the money. Expand

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