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  • Summary: XIII Century is a real-time strategy game driven by an epic storyline torn from the pages of history. Players control European kings and dukes, Russian princes and boyars, and Mongolian khans and noyons. XIII Century features large-scale battles with thousands of soldiers clashing on detailed, realistic battlefields. This historical simulation recreates actual conditions of these glorious battles, taking into account the effects of terrain and weather. Wage war through 30 battles across 5 campaigns for the nations of England, France, Mongolia, Germany, and Kievan Rus' (Russia). Recreate great battles that changed the course of medieval history, including the battle of Bouvines (July 27, 1214), the battle of Falkirk (July 22, 1298), the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa (July 16, 1212), and the battle on Lake Peipus (April 5, 1242). Many of the conflicts in XIII Century have never been featured in any PC game before, including the battle of Gelheim (July 2, 1298), battle of Taillebourg (July 22, 1242), and the siege of the stronghold Salvatierra (1211). [GamersGate] Collapse
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  1. Feels like Total War: Medieval. The sad thing is that Medieval has a better battle system and a much better strategic campaign. [Aug 2008]
  2. All in all, XIII Century: Death or Glory is a must for the real-time strategy enthusiast.
  3. Attention to battlefield detail and smart AI make XIII Century a serious real-time tactical challenge.
  4. Think of it as an unofficial add-on. [July 2008, p.80]
  5. High on complexity, difficulty, tactics. Low on grand strategy. Will appeal to miniatures, table-top gamers and RTS players looking for a challenge.
  6. On top of the mediocre graphics, translation bloopers, and occasional crashes, these flaws will greatly hasten XIII's fade into history. [Oct 2008, p.70]
  7. After the release of Medieval II this Ukrainian game still had a fighting chance thanks to its radical concept, but even putting aside the chaotic AI it's completely unplayable - it runs at staggering 5 fps even on powerful gaming rigs. [May 2008]

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  1. Nov 10, 2011
    This game is amazing and underrated, not much advertisment on it, shame. Yes it can be compared to Medieval 2: Total War in general, however the battle system is different, it needs more initial planning in order to win a battle, it can be considered as hardcore version of total war battles. The only con here that the game dosent have a campign map, only series of battles, but they are tight and needs a lot of strategy and planning, a battle can last much longer time comparing to total war games. The graphics are nice, better than Medieval 2, and comparable to Empire, while the sound and voice acting are average, the AI is decent, multiplayer is very enjoyable but usually its hard to find people online to play against. I am sure the next releases will be much better especially with campaign map. Expand