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  1. 80
    All of it looks fantastic. If you can get past its silly "Pokemon with fairies" premise, Zanzarah will provide you with a fun, long, and challenging quest.
  2. While you could say that the game plays like a Pokémon clone, Zanzarah has some surprisingly great production values in terms of both art and music, though it could certainly have benefited from a better plot and more character development.
  3. In spite of the lovely world, the complexities of managing fairies, together with the difficult fights, brought this down to a thumbs up rating.
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  1. Oct 12, 2013
    This game was a very good one and i liked to spend tons of hours to collecting and teaching my faeries. The story was simple but not teribble and this game have potential in a sequel with improving the base ideas. I hope someday a studio will adopt this game concept to a sequel i really want it. Full Review »