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  • Summary: Zombie Pirates is a mobile tower defense style game with an equal emphasis on strategy and story. Players take on the role of Captain Smilin' O'Hurlihan and his merry band as they attempt to stop an invasion of zombies on the Shimmering Seas.
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  1. Nov 11, 2012
    Very fun casual game. Had lots of fun. If you played Plants Vs Zombies - the gameplay is similar, only you command a flotilla of pirate frigates versus the zombie's ships. The voice-overs gets on the nerves at times :) but is still fun to hear main character's remarks. Story is light and fun - as the game itself.
    Take it for what it is - a light, casual, cartoony strategy zombie killer, with loot, and items to buy :)
  2. Jan 10, 2014
    Well basically Zombie Pirates is one big mini game where waves and and waves of zombie ships come from right side of the screen to attack you and you have to defend yourself using various items like powder kegs, parrots and other ships.

    Game is quite fun in small doses (like 10 min ) since it's very repetitive and can get boring really soon.
  3. Oct 27, 2011
    PROS: I only paid 3.74$ for this game (-75% on steam). CONS: Abyssal production values. If this were a (free) flash-based browser game, it'd still be incredibly bland and boring. I played for 5 minutes and I did not have fun; not even for a second. If this was a free game, I'd give it a 2/10 only because it's functional and it shouldn't harm your computer. But since this game isn't free, I'm flabbergasted at how shallow it is. Sincerely not worth a single penny (this game's full price is 15$: unbelievable). I'd rather play Pong for 5 hours straight than 5 other minutes of this empty shell of a game. Expand