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Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
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  1. While hardcore PC fans will find this game too simple for their taste, there is a tremendous amount of appeal to both men and women, and players of all ages.
  2. 90
    While a multiplayer mode is sorely missed, with Zuma's Revenge PopCap has given gamers exactly what they wanted, a new title that's even better than the original.
  3. True to its predecessor, Zuma's Revenge is overall an entertaining game.
  4. PopCap's games seem to be hit after hit, and Zuma's Revenge follows the trend nicely by taking a successful existing formula, tweaking and adding to it while being extremely careful not to wreck it, throwing on a nice slathering of solid artwork and a little sound work, and offering it for a reasonable $20.
  5. PC Zone UK
    Addictive and it's fun, but it is more frustrating and rage-inducing than other PopCap efforts of late. [Feb 2010, p.85]
  6. If you're a newcomer to the series, this iteration is well worth the investment. It's a highly polished game with instantly accessible gameplay, a smooth difficulty curve and some fun new power-ups. There's scope for both long-term strategising and mindless ball-blasting.
  7. 80
    Did you enjoy Zuma? Of course you did, and you'll enjoy Zuma's Revenge; just don't expect a reinvention of the wheel. And if you haven't played Zuma: welcome to our planet. Can I interest you in a fun match-three game?
  8. Puzzle fans, expect to be engrossed. One of the best and most addictive puzzle games ever has now become even better and even more addicting.
  9. Total PC Gaming
    Improvements and flourishes make Zuma's Revenge a lot of fun. [Issue#25, p.50]
  10. Edge Magazine
    Zuma's simple ingredients have once again brewed up a surprisingly powerful brand of magic. [Nov 2009, p.104]
  11. AceGamez
    There's very little in the way of any problems I could really find with the game, few criticisms beyond possibly the £15 price tag being a little steep, but ultimately Zuma's Revenge! Is everything a good casual game should be, simple yet challenging, basic looking yet somehow still displaying a graphical quality that makes it's 2D looks spectacular, just like all Popcap games then, this sequel may not provide much new over it's predecessor, but it still has that addictive charm that makes it worthwhile investment for anyone with a few hours to kill.
  12. If you have played the original, the game is almost a copy of the Zuma, however if you're a fan and want something a little different, or if you're after a good puzzle game, than Zuma's Revenge is the perfect indulgence to both casual and hardcore gamers!
  13. PC Format
    The game's also beautifully presented. [Nov 2009, p.101]
  14. PC Gamer UK
    PopCap charm permeates the experience - the dialogue and tool tops are hilarious - but the halfway mark signals a massive surge in difficulty, and you'll frequently get pinned for hours on a single stage. [Dec 2009, p.117]
  15. And while it might not have the longevity of some of their other titles, it's certainly a step above PopCap's recently released Bookworm Adventures 2.
  16. PC Gamer
    Hey may look a lot nicer, but this terrifying toad is still breaking balls in the same old way. [Nov 2009, p.82]
  17. The right game for five minutes spare time. Like Solitaire you can always have a shot at the game but there is nothing that makes you stick to it.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 36 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 7
  2. Negative: 1 out of 7
  1. HenrikW.
    Sep 22, 2009
    Popcap doesn't disappoint like always, another good game from popcap and good way to spent your free time.
  2. Mar 25, 2016
    A fantastic puzzle shooting game for everyone to enjoy! This game has charm, excitement, crazy bosses, and a lovable heroic frog! If theA fantastic puzzle shooting game for everyone to enjoy! This game has charm, excitement, crazy bosses, and a lovable heroic frog! If the adventure mode isn't enough for you, there's plenty of challenges and heroic mode to complete. For all those people who are fans of Bejeweled, Peggle, and other PopCap games, this is a must have game with your collection. Full Review »
  3. Sep 10, 2015
    This game has two areas of play: Adventure and Challenge. In both areas, the game is amazingly inconsistent.

    In the Adventure area, each
    This game has two areas of play: Adventure and Challenge. In both areas, the game is amazingly inconsistent.

    In the Adventure area, each level has a time factor that allows you to Ace the level. Sometimes the game provides a game environment in which Acing the level is possible, other times it provides an environment in which this is not possible. For example, a yellow ball becomes a bonus ball, yet the game fails to provide yellow balls (to make a match and obtain the bonus) until after the yellow ball ceases to be a bonus ball.

    This same variance occurs in the Challenge area. I have, on several occasions, played a Challenge puzzle at the Very Hard level and scored over 100,000 in the first try. Then deliberately switched to the Medium level and been unable to even reach the challenge score. I have made the experiment of playing the same puzzle repeatedly, and found the game varies widely in the environment provided and how scores are tabulated.

    Having played Zuma's Revenge, and experimented with it in various ways, I'm convinced the game algorithm is faulty. It does not provide an increasing level of challenge. Instead, the level of challenge is random. So the puzzle at Adventure level 3 may take 90 seconds to solve, and the puzzle at Adventure level 10 may take 28 seconds to solve.

    Overall, Zuma's Revenge is disappointing by being inconsistent. Play the free version, but do not purchase the paid version of this game.
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