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  • Summary: Alien Hominid is a fast-paced 2D side scroller where players must run, jump and shoot their way across the globe in persuit of the alien's coveted UFO. This version of Alien Hominid has been built specifically for consoles and it shows. The backgrounds ooze with parallax. Shrapnel scatters all over the screen. The explosions are the greatest hand-animated explosions to ever grace a television screen. Some of the bosses are so huge that we need to zoom out the camera to show them in their entirety (it's a cool feature, kinda like the scaling in Samurai Shodown). There are 16 hot levels, complete with mini-bosses and main-bosses. We've brought back all your old favorites and thrown in tons more. This game is overflowing with enemies, and they come armed to the teeth. Have no fear, the alien's arsenal has been taken up a notch! You now have seven power-up weapons, which also upgrade your grenades. A charge shot has been added so you can hold down your button and unleash a giant ball of destruction. You can dig into the ground for defensive measures, then reach up and pull your enemies under. Enemy riding and head biting is still intact, but you can now also flip over an enemy and carry him, or throw him in eight directions! Even two-player has been added, with the classic "press start to jump in at any time" mechanics! Twice the firepower! [Behemoth] Expand
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  1. Any game that can reference Contra, GodlenEye, Fargo, Mega Man, Tremors and include two Atari 2600-like mini games (Super Soviet Missile Mastar rules!) would already be alright in my book. But to do it like Alien Hominid does it is incredible.
  2. Loaded with features and pound for pound one of the best games of the year (and it's only $29.99), Alien Hominid's a treat for the senses.
  3. A game by people that really know a thing or two about making a memorable experience, and some of the extra features will have you coming back well into the new year (especially if you have friends).
  4. Alien Hominid is a shiny, bloody cartoon you can play by a team of guys who wanted to make a shiny, bloody cartoon you can play. It works.
  5. A game that has charm, challenge and it is addictive fun.
  6. 78
    A refreshingly devious action game long overdue in the sea of 3-D platformers and first person shooters.
  7. Alien Hominid was brilliant and inventive on net browsers. On consoles, it loses much of its charm. Silly graphics and straightforward violence entertain for awhile, but the idea does not translate well enough into a full console game. [June 2005, p.66]

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  1. Positive: 3 out of 5
  2. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. G.A.
    Jul 8, 2005
    Awesome game.
  2. EdwardF.
    Jan 19, 2007
    Oldschool bloody kicka** shoot-em-up! This game is just so damn awesome!!!!!! how cool is it to jump on the shoulders of an F.B.I.-agent, bite his head off in front of two other agents then slice up one of the two remaining agents and pulling the final one down into the ground. After that 5 more agents appear and you can repeat the whole thing untill you meet an almost indestructible boss.. I mean.. THIS IS SO COOL! Only one point that's not so cool.. it has 15 levels (not much) and 6 minigames (not much) so you played through the whole game in one afternoon (not much).. BUT anyway... It kicks a**! And the graphics are totally insane!! Coolest cell shading ever! A+! Expand
  3. Analogzombie
    Feb 1, 2005
    This is a very fun, great looking game. It's not as difficult as the other reviews make it out to be. The various difficulty seetings and ability to restart on the last level played, mean you can finish this in one night. Which is too bad, because the one thing that would have made this game better is more levels. The mini-games get old real fast too. Some more weapon options, and extras would have added to the package as well. Overall, a very basic side-scroller that's not to be missed. It has it's flaws, and could have benefitted from more power ups, levels and extras, but that's the icing on this already excellent cake. Expand
  4. WeirdN.
    Oct 12, 2005
    This is a great looking game and it's fun to play in short bursts. But by jiminy is it hard! At least 50% of the time when I die I have no idea what hit me, and I end up using 3 continues at 9 lives a pop in each just getting to the final boss. You might say that this is because I'm no good at shooters, but that's not the case. I was probably playing Super Probotector before you were born! I really enjoy this game, but ultimately the difficulty has put me off and it spoils the flow to have to play every level 5 or so times before progressing. You've gotta respect the independant nature of this title though and it's great to see some innovation (and rennovation) in the video game world. Hurrah for gameplay! Collapse
  5. Mar 4, 2014
    Shooting stuff is fun, right? Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this game all that much. It's hectic and fun for a few minutes but gets a bit boring and isn't very involving, one reason could be that I simply don't like how it looks all that much. Too cute. I'll stick to Metal Slug, Contra and others if I feel like playing a game like this. Expand