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  • Summary: [Also known as "Pop Idol"] Complete with a computer generated Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, with trademark insults, American Idol is a music-based, rhythm -action game that will allow you to style a contestant for the competition. Once you have created your Idol you?ll see your contestant through the auditions, various heats and then fingers crossed make it to the grand finale. However, if your contestant squeals and howls out of tune then prepare for heartache as Simon delivers one of his famous comments before you get booted off the show. Expand
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  1. Is it the next "DDR?" No. Will a 13 year old girl love this game? Yeah, I think so.
  2. Nothing more than an unpolished, but promising, rhythm title. [Feb 2004, p.103]
  3. It’s a very simple concept, if you’re a Pop Idol fan then you’ve probably already put in your pre-order for this game, if you’re not then it’s better left staying away from this game it’s simply too shallow and doesn’t last long enough to warrant more then a rent.
  4. There's a decent selection of songs, but the frequent loading, limited game play and repetitive nature of the title just make it too boring for most to handle after a handful of sessions with the game.
  5. Overall it seems like the production attitude was, to quote the Simon Cowell-managed Westlife, "Hey, whatever." A very poor cash-in, and one to avoid.
  6. The recipient of the "Coaster of the Year" award. Beer steins everywhere are smiling.
  7. One of those rare games that make you wonder how it is even authorized to be sold for a profit.

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