• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jan 17, 2006

Generally favorable reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 51
  2. Negative: 0 out of 51
  1. Grab your net and get to it. There be monkeys to catch!
  2. This is the best and most spirited of the Ape Escapes, which is faint praise if you're only familiar with the recent half-assed PSP version. [Apr 2006, p.91]
  3. Ape Escape 3 works simply and beautifully because it’s just a well-made game that’s funny as hell when it needs to be and bizarre the rest of the time.
  4. This game is downright hilarious, rarely offering a moment where you won't have a smile on your face. [Feb 2006, p.107]
  5. The cartoon-like graphics are colorful and nicely rendered with plenty of depth and detail. With lots of wacky sound effects, fast-paced, non-stop action this is one seriously busy game that is guaranteed to hold even the most deficit of attention spans.
  6. Ape Escape 3 is arguably more of the same, but there is nothing wrong with that when the original games have already achieved cult-classic status.
  7. The game is so off-the-wall and original, that it is worth a look even if you’re not usually into platform games.
  8. It's the best Ape Escape game in the series. Sure, it borrows most of the weapons and tools from the previous games, but the morph gear outfits and level designs are both great, and there's really no reason why everyone shouldn't give it a try.
  9. Ape Escape isn’t a graphically impressive game, it more than makes up for it in its gameplay. You will have a blast trying to catch the hundreds of monkeys in the game, and you will really enjoy some of the solid platform gaming that Ape Escape 3 provides.
  10. You simply can't deny the charm and light parody afforded by these monkeys. Besides, the action does get quite good near the end; the rest of the game just needs to catch up.
  11. Just simply charming. After playing all those solemn first person shooters on the market, it is a nice change of pace to find a game that doesn't take itself or life so seriously.
  12. The game is great on so many levels including wonderful controls, a great look with solid graphics, plenty of replay value, well-developed mini-games, hilarious pop-culture jokes and of course great platforming that has been a staple of the series.
  13. 83
    The sheer amount of parodies and flat-out absurdity make for a nice amount of humor throughout the game, and its action/platforming mix is wholly enjoyable.
  14. It simply tightens up the whole package, adding a boon of new content, new abilities, new minigames, and lots and lots of those loveable monkeys. It's no giant step forward for monkeykind, but it's pretty much exactly what you would want from an Ape Escape game.
  15. The action sequences combined with the platforming elements really create a unique experience, especially with the different Morph modes and Gotcha Gadgets.
  16. The videogame equivalent of a giant, involuntary grin: fun-seekers must rejoice. [June 2006, p.69]
  17. It may not be everyone’s game of choice but for me I enjoyed the vast level types and the actual storyline isn’t half bad either.
  18. Light-hearted and surprisingly solid.
  19. A solid, well-played, highly original adventure.
  20. Monkeys have taken over television broadcasting and are feeding the masses an endless torrent of stupefying garbage. [Mar 2006, p.42]
  21. Ape Escape 3 won’t change your mind on the series if it hasn’t captivated you yet. But if it has, you’ll find a lot to like in the latest monkey expedition.
  22. 80
    It has the appealing cartoon cutesy humour, the controls and gameplay we all know and love, plenty of extras and a few new surprises.
  23. 80
    The hardcore Ape fans will jump right in and feel right at home, never skipping a beat.
  24. The game is packed to the gills with content – the story mode only accounts for about half of the included features, and players would be hard-pressed to find much at fault with the game in terms of value.
  25. It looks the same and plays the same, but once you've started chasing down those cute monkeys you won't want to put down the control. Ape Escape 3 gets nearly every element right, it's just not very ambitious in its goals.
  26. 80
    Ape Escape 3 marks a real attempt at progression for the series, but seems like it may have come a little too late in the PlayStation 2's life cycle.
  27. 80
    Ape Escape 3 runs smoothly and is worth your hard earned dollar. [Mar 2006, p.79]
  28. 80
    Despite the relatively minor faults, Ape Escape 3 is a heckuva lot of fun, and continues to live up to its two predecessors.
  29. The gameplay, while child-friendly, is still challenging enough to keep veteran players interested.
  30. A solid title that delivers your money's worth, but I can mostly imagine younger ones having fun with it.
  31. Ape Escape 3 contains more than 400 monkeys and three mini-games to keep players occupied. But despite all of that, it may feel like monkey-see-monkey-do-all-over-again.
  32. Its relatively short playing segments paired with its huge overall scheme gives a lot of bang for the buck. However, those with more than a tamarin's attention span might find this monkey a little under-evolved.
  33. With its charming sense of humor and great gameplay, Ape Escape 3 is probably the best Ape Escape yet. It is short though, easily beaten in the span of a rental.
  34. When you realize that a mini-game is better than the actual game, it kinda sends off signals that something is a little bit wrong.
  35. There's enough to keep you busy for a while, but ultimately there's not enough to it to keep you going. [Apr 2006, p.74]
  36. By far the most slickly produced and gorgeously rendered version of the series, the pacing this time around is even more fluid than its predecessors – less an open-ended matter of hide and seek, and more focused on the stylish, dramatic pursuit and capture that its TV and silver-screen themes would seem to require. [Oct 2005, p.89]
  37. 70
    The main game, even in it`s short life, will provide enough entertainment for those who love this quirky, unique series for what it is: unabashed fun. [JPN Import]
  38. Not much new for Ape Escape veterans, but if you want to get a youngster a game that's actually good, this is the monkey business. [May 2006, p.92]
  39. It's bright, easy to play and no one's going to get offended or upset by the events portrayed. It's a fun game for kids, or larger adults who want a big, stupid thing to have a laugh with.
  40. While Ape Escape 3 provides for an entertaining time, its age is showing through, even with the charming sheen a large army of monkeys helps create.
  41. It's still a pretty good game, but the series needs to jump off the banana peel it's riding toward mediocrity. These chimps deserve better. [Feb 2006, p.79]
  42. Truly a textbook case of how one major flaw can bring down an otherwise outstanding game.
  43. 70
    Sneaking up on unsuspecting monkeys, cracking them in the head with your stun club, then scooping them up in your net, we confess, is still as much fun as drinking six happy hour-priced banana daiquiris.
  44. A fine return to form for the series. It's nothing revolutionary, and it won't change the fact it still needs a little tinkering, but considering what depths Ubisoft sunk it to with the last two chapters, it's a nice step up.
  45. Terrific fun for youngsters, while amusing pop-culture satire will also have older players giggling like chimps.
  46. Still a solid, fun game and fans of the series are probably going to enjoy this installment too. On the downside we have a game that has not seen much innovation, is not that aesthetically attractive and has fairly annoying camera problems.
  47. 65
    The costumes are a nice step in the right direction of adding new gameplay, but what a hypothetical fourth game really needs is an entirely new set of gadgets to play with.
  48. The "GO-GO-TURBO Japanese cheerleaders on speed" mood and shallow, stupid puzzles are the sort of thing shut-in "Naruto" fans thrive on, but I found them irritating. Thankfully, it was short. [Feb 2006, p.108]
  49. It's not badly done - a good, clean, simple, average game.
  50. 60
    If you’re looking for a great platform game then you’ll probably be disappointed by Ape Escape 3’s sometimes simplistic and repetitive gameplay. However, if you’re looking for a game with a unique feel and a carefree tone then you’re likely to enjoy this title and overlook its shortcomings.
  51. But Ape Escape 3's presentation is what really hurts the whole package. The graphics are mediocre, especially for a first-party game late in the PS2's life cycle. The voice acting is painfully stilted. And the translation is woeful.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 13 Ratings

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  1. Dec 12, 2012
    I felt like the level design was uninspired, the controls were **** up. This is the most uninspired of the Ape escape series. This is the dummies Ape Escape. Allen is stupid, he likes ape escape 3, he doesn't mind stupid ass controls and he thinks snake plissken isn't cool. Ape escape PSP is undeniably better as they added a whole new level, redid other levels, updated the audio and visual, added new minigames. Anyone with half a brain knows going back to Ape Escape's roots was the best direction for the series. That mohawk is from 1994, his triceratops dinosaur like hair was goddamn awesome. You probably don't even like dinosaurs.
    Close up on me.

    **** YOU
    Full Review »
  2. Nov 15, 2011
    WHERE IS NUMBER 4??? This game series is loved, sells good and such. But this is so far the last made. What is sony thinking? They made this year ape escape move which is a horrible game. Where is number 4??? i would buy it in a heart beat! Full Review »
  3. Dec 23, 2013
    this game is really really awful. i've never played games as bad as the ape escape games and this one is the worst game out of them all. why do people like this game? its really crappy Full Review »