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  • Summary: Nine Breaker is the 9th overall installment of the Armored Core series, and it features two main game modes: Mission and Arena. There are more than 150 kinds of airframe to choose from, and there is a web ranking mode for players to post their results in training and missions. The game features an automatic generation function, which allows players to fight against mechs with randomly generated parts at any point. Expand
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  1. The level of customization that one can put into an AC is simply mind boggling and easily has months of replay value just attempting to find the best combination of parts that will result in the most powerful AC.
  2. 80
    As a game, Ninebreaker is possibly the best in the series and it is because of this that the fact it lacks any online mode is verging on gaming sacrilege. [JPN Import]
  3. There's a lot to play with here and the core of the game is strong, but if you're looking for a nice jumping off point into the Armored Core series, this is definitely not the game to start with.
  4. If you want to play something that feels like an expansion pack without an original game at its core, Nine Breaker is the perfect choice. [Sept 2005, p.102]
  5. Removing features from a sequel and replacing them with nothing of note is certainly an flamboyantly avant garde way to approach a franchise soon to enter its tenth year, but it doesn't exactly do wonders for your value for money.
  6. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could justify purchasing this game unless you have an extremely powerful need to wade through an assault of boring training missions so you can take down your friend in system-link.
  7. Armored Core: Nine Breaker was destined to be a poor game from the moment the developer said "I know, let’s take the story mode out!"

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