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  1. Positive: 4 out of 25
  2. Negative: 7 out of 25
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  1. 55
    Nine Breaker does not offer fresh content, nor does it deliver anything to accommodate new players. It's just kind of there.
  2. For better or for worse, Nine Breaker is a pure arena combat game with absolutely no frills.
  3. Terrific graphical elements play against gameplay that is simple to jump into and get to the business of battle. This game is entertaining and challenging.
  4. Game Informer
    If you want to play something that feels like an expansion pack without an original game at its core, Nine Breaker is the perfect choice. [Sept 2005, p.102]
  5. A catch-22 kind of game. If you're new to the series then you're going to be left out in the dark as there is nothing but the most basic of online assistance, and if you already know how to play the game, you've already played this one since it's not altogether different from Armored Core: Nexus.
  6. It’s like, “Here’s all the mech parts and a bunch of random mechs we’ve created to fight in an arena, have fun.” Uh, I don’t see how that makes for much of a game.
  7. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could justify purchasing this game unless you have an extremely powerful need to wade through an assault of boring training missions so you can take down your friend in system-link.
  8. Removing features from a sequel and replacing them with nothing of note is certainly an flamboyantly avant garde way to approach a franchise soon to enter its tenth year, but it doesn't exactly do wonders for your value for money.
  9. Games Master UK
    A meagre, mostly unjustifiable package whose ambitions plough the soils. [June 2006, p.70]
  10. The only real complaint is that after more than a half dozen iterations, it’s about time that From Software stopped resting on its laurels with the game engine and upgrade the quality of the models with some visual panache.
  11. For those who already know what they are doing and what all the weird numbers signify this might be a ripping good time. Those who may be younger in age or looking for some sort of PS2 equivalent to MechAssault are going to be sorely disappointed.
  12. Some of the more hardcore fans of the series may decry the lack of a plot in the game, but it really serves to get the player more involved and may also be a good draw for people who have never played the game before.
  13. This latest AC continues to cater for hardcore fans, as casual gamers will be turned off by the absence of a story and online multiplayer support.
  14. One-on-one battles were a great way in the past to offer quick diversions in the middle of a longer AC campaign, but they are not enough to sustain a game all by themselves. Toss in the fact that the game's graphics are still as bare-bones as they were five years ago, and that there's virtually no new content with much of the material being recycled from previous games, and you've got something that would be a $20 add-on at best.
  15. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Its cold, sterile presentation and crazy list of components for the armored core itself make it, in reality, a game for veteran AC gearheads. [Nov 2005, p.101]
  16. PSM Magazine
    If, on the other hand, you truly do prefer meticulous tweaking, clunky controls, and no story to interfere with your mech combat, here you go. [Oct 2005, p.88]
  17. There's a lot to play with here and the core of the game is strong, but if you're looking for a nice jumping off point into the Armored Core series, this is definitely not the game to start with.
  18. Technically solid throughout, the game provides a severe test for those dedicated enough to see it through.
  19. The level of customization that one can put into an AC is simply mind boggling and easily has months of replay value just attempting to find the best combination of parts that will result in the most powerful AC.
  20. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    As accessible as a David Lynch film dubbed into Russian and probably about half as much fun, Nine Breaker might keep mech lovers happy, but it'll leave everyone else cold. [Apr 2006, p.98]
  21. 80
    As a game, Ninebreaker is possibly the best in the series and it is because of this that the fact it lacks any online mode is verging on gaming sacrilege. [JPN Import]
  22. 63
    Sure the new single player experience is a nice change of pace, but there isn’t anything revolutionary added to the franchise that will make you ponder ‘why did I miss out on this one?’
  23. Armored Core: Nine Breaker was destined to be a poor game from the moment the developer said "I know, let’s take the story mode out!"
  24. Weekly Famitsu
    7 / 7 / 8 / 7 - 29 [Oct 2004]
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  1. JackH.
    Sep 16, 2005
    This game honestly sucks, it's like Nexus in all aspects, save that this has no purpose, no objective, it's just training for This game honestly sucks, it's like Nexus in all aspects, save that this has no purpose, no objective, it's just training for nothing and repetitive 1 on 1 fights. Sorry guys. Full Review »