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Mixed or average reviews- based on 13 Ratings

Summary: Long ago, the power of alchemy allowed people to travel between different worlds through dimensional gates; however, with the collapse of the first great civilization, people lost the means to "jump" worlds. A long time has passed since the great destruction and now people once again are unlocking the mystery surrounding the dimensional gates and adventuring to unforeseen territory, seeking the magical book of infinite wisdom. With the fast paced ACCB system, battle sequences are ordered by cards that represent the characters' action order. The quicker the character, the faster their action turn comes around. An innovative change for Atelier Iris 3 is the introduction of a symbol encounter system. Players no longer randomly encounter enemies, but visually confirm and engage them. Unlike previous Atelier Iris titles, this game adopts a guild quest system through which players can easily accept quests and missions that the guild posts. [NIS America]
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Rating: T
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Developer: Gust
Genre(s): Role-Playing, Console-style RPG
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Fantasy Violence Mild Language Suggestive Themes Use of Alcohol
Cast Credit
Jennifer Sekiguchi English Voice Of Nell Ellis
Tetsuya Kakihara Alvero
Haruka Shimotsuki Vocals Of "Schwarzweiß ~Kiri No Mukou Ni Tsunagaru Se
Haruka Shimotsuki Vocals Of "Schwarzweiß ~Kiri No Mukou Ni Tsunagaru Se
Jun Futaba Character Illustrator
Miwa Kouzuki Noella
Kunihiro Kawamoto Crowley
Sayaka Narita Phenyl
Matsuki Miyu Iris
Nosomu Sasaki Edge
Rekka Katagiri Vocals Of "Flowers In The Rain"
Rekka Katagiri Vocals Of "Flowers In The Rain"
Noriko Mitose Vocals Of "Lorelei"
Noriko Mitose Vocals Of "Lorelei"
Yuko Ishibashi Vocals Of "Taisetsu Na Kotoba"
Yuko Ishibashi Vocals Of "Taisetsu Na Kotoba"
Natsumi Yanasa Nell
Satoshi Katougi Ewan
Daiki Matsubayashi Ash
Hazuki Nishikawa Yula
Junko Ueda Anna
Kirk Thornton English Voice Of Ash F. Abenstein
Derek Stephen Prince English Voice Of Crowley/Alvero Kronie
Wendee Lee English Voice Of Yula Ellis
Michelle Ruff English Voice Of Iris Fortner
Vic Mignogna English Voice Of Edge Vanhite
Sandy Fox English Voice Of Manna
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#60 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2007
#58 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2007