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  1. Dec 31, 2012
    Having grown up on the hit TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender, I also bought and played this game. I recently replayed it and I must say that it doesn't live up to the show's standard of quality, but is by no means terrible. This is obviously the closest we'll ever come to a good Avatar game (which would be amazing, given the spectacular setting) so it might as well be enjoyed.

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  1. The only thing that proved to be memorable about this game was how terrible it was. From the broken controls to the mysteriously disappearing audio, this game should definitely be avoided, even for die-hard fans. Although it might be tempting to play a game based on such an awesome series, the game channels none of the amazing spirit of the show.
  2. 50
    It's super-simple in terms of gameplay, puzzles, and graphics, but it's a kid's game specifically aimed at fans of the show. Sure, I don't really know what the hell is going on storywise in this title because Into the Inferno doesn't explain anything, but a fan of the show won't need to see a well done cutscene to understand why Aang and Toph are attacking such and such place.
  3. "Sigh" The game missed so many opportunities, I think the Wii version is the way to go, but only if you are a die-hard fan.