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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 44
  2. Negative: 0 out of 44
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  1. A great game and worthy sequel. It keeps the core gameplay intact, but improves on it significantly, and then adds a plethora of new additions that only enhance what’s already on offer.
  2. It’s highly polished in every way and offers a lot more content - it just doesn’t offer many new features nor does it fix some of the game’s original problems.
  3. 90
    The quest is absolutely enormous, especially for this style of game, with tons of lengthy missions and a few character-specific side-quests. There’s also a great weapon-and-item customization feature that vastly increases the already impressive equipment possibilities.
  4. Just like the first one, but there's more of it...It isn't going to win any new fans over to the genre, but it is very good at what it does.
  5. Somewhat linear, but boasts a lot of eye candy and solid gameplay. This is a good title in solo play, but much better in cooperative game play.
  6. Support for three or four players would have been nice, but an online component is far more conspicuously absent.
  7. Even though it doesn’t offer much improvement over the original in terms of gameplay and presentation, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II stands as a solid role-playing game both sides of the gate can appreciate.
  8. Its lack of online multiplayer, and the fact that you can’t control an entire party at once hamper the overall game a bit, but as a whole, it’s an enjoyable fantasy romp.
  9. As much as I enjoy the online play and random dungeon generation in "Champions of Norrath," Dark Alliance II's quest has a better flow to it, the stages show more variety, and the hack n' slash gameplay is more dynamic. [Feb 2004, p.100]
  10. 84
    The workshop feature creates a bit of an added experience and some new weapons to play with, but if the system was opened even further to make the weapons and armor more fluid, it would have been a better choice.
  11. Definitely better than the first game. It's better than "Fallout." But it loses points on the biggest component it needed to compete with the upcoming "Champions of Norrath"; online gameplay. The fact is, if you have two games of similar quality, chances are you're heading for the one that's online.
  12. For some it will be just a bit too much of a mindless button-basher, but for those with a bit of imagination it's a compulsive, if short-lived, fantasy world come alive.
  13. Play Magazine
    No less than the new king of the dungeon crawl, easily beating the upcoming Norrath in my opinion (although Norrath is online, so if you so desire, its allure is obvious). [Jan 2004, p.54]
  14. Entertainment Weekly
    While the game's top-down perspective doesn't make axing the skeletal demons any more realistic, working your way through this adventure can be a magical experience. [13 Feb 2004, p.L2T 18]
  15. Great for hardcore Forgotten Realms fans as well as a tasty prospect for those of us who would rather read real books and have never played a single game of Dungeons & Dragons, but still want a decent dabble into an agreeable world where numbers aren't as important as your ability to slay hordes of evil monsters and find keys.
  16. The lack of four-player co-op is regrettable, and the lack of graphical sheen is disappointing, but the highly addictive gameplay is fully intact.
  17. Its story and character development options kept me more involved than Champions’ linear quests, weak story, and more limited skill system. Still, it’s impossible to overlook DA2’s lack of online play or multitap options.
  18. A wonderful example of how to craft a fun and exciting game out of a genre that is ageing poorly. This game shows that there is still some life yet in the hack and slash RPG, and for that I am grateful.
  19. The boys and girls at Black Isle Studios put over 100,000 hours into the development of Dark Alliance II and it shows. Dark Alliance II is a great experience to enjoy either alone or with a friend and greatly improves upon almost every feature available in its 2001 predecessor.
  20. PSM Magazine
    It's big, it's beautiful, and there are few games available that are more fun for two players. Don't look for an epic story or any kind of online support, though. [Feb 2004, p.28]
  21. Ignore the nonsensical story—centered on Mordoc, the vampire king, and his Onyx Tower of Eldritch—and stay on course with your barbarian, dwarf, cleric, or elf, traversing time and eerie environments.
  22. 80
    But with a friend, Dark Alliance II's polished, addictive and comparatively deep gameplay, along with much improved replay value, makes it one of the best cooperative games around.
  23. Though the ending is a little unsatisfying, and the actual adventure is a little short, the game offers plenty of replay value with five appreciably different character classes and a really satisfying cooperative mode.
  24. 80
    Some may say that Dark Alliance II is an average hack-'n'-slash outing with minimal replay value. We wish these critics the best with their crack habit.
  25. Another RPG game that dives straight into action territory, yet without sacrificing all of the depth. It is undeniably entertaining and well presented.
  26. netjak
    Little more than a full-price expansion set. Nevertheless, with fifteen to twenty hours of gameplay and cooperative play, there is plenty to like.
  27. An action game for people who don't usually play RPGs.
  28. While it does have its share of bugs and bad points, overall this game is well worth buying if you enjoy the genre. The multitude of items and armors keep things interesting, while socketed items and armor take customization to higher levels.
  29. 80
    While it’s fun to watch the dwarf hacking away with his ax, the death spells cast by the necromancer make for far more enjoyable viewing.
  30. Rent this and "Champions of Norrath," since they compete against each other, or just buy both if you're rich. Both are fine games with something great to offer.
  31. With plenty of characters to choose from, solid combat, and the ability to customize items without the whole process becoming overwhelming the game manages to be highly accessible to a wide variety of gamers.
  32. Though it's definitely the low-carb, low-cal version of a traditional role-playing game, Dark Alliance II is a stellar sequel to a great title.
  33. 75
    While some of the areas are bigger than the ones found in the original, almost all of them are less interesting. The game's dungeons and outdoor areas are, for the most part, boring.
  34. It might not be the fanciest bong [don't you mean water pipe? ~GR-Ed.] in town anymore, but it still delivers the drug.
  35. The levels and quests are less interesting than other RPGs, with less of the puzzle solving and interesting characters that appeared in the original.
  36. 70
    There's just something about raising hell and experience points in Dark Alliance II that makes it more addictive than any of the Dark Alliance clones out there.
  37. Edge Magazine
    What was once a pleasing console compromise now seems overly restrictive post-"Knights of the Old Republic." Despite hints of moral choices and a dusting of side-quests, it soon boils down to a straight slog, mashing the 'A' button as you wander through prettily rendered - if largely linear - dungeons. [Feb 2004, p.100]
  38. games(TM)
    It's possible to sit through the game in one (admittedly long) sitting and this comes dangerously close to ruining the game. Fortunately, with five initial characters to play as and the typical Dark Alliance secrets, you'll still find yourself going back long after the main adventure is finished. [Feb 2004, p.100]
  39. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    If incessant hack-n-slash doesn't bore you, Dark Alliance II has enough solid gameplay to entertain you until "Champion (of Norrath)." But you're better off waiting. [Feb 2004, p.105]
  40. Additional equipment and spells are nice, and the characters are now much more versatile, but design and pacing problems abound.
  41. I’m not entirely sure where it happened, but somewhere during the development of the sequel, the magic that had permeated every refractive chunk of ice and rippling pool of water in the first game gave way to tired, monotonous trudges through vaguely different environments explored on endless fetch quests.
  42. Although there are plenty of missions to complete and mosters to vanquish, even die-hard D&D fans might struggle to stay awake throughout this game. [Mar 2004, p.84]
  43. New characters and the ability to customize your weapons and armor add to the title, but it's still very much the same game.
  44. If Dark Alliance II were a creature in the "D&D Monster Manual," it'd be called the Yawnisian Mind Borer, and it would lure victims into repetitive dungeons, make them wander until they fell asleep, then swipe 50 gold from their wallets. [Feb 2004, p.111]

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 53 Ratings

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  1. Mar 14, 2013
    Almost identical to the first game in terms of gameplay. But, Dark Alliance 2 is to Dark Alliance 1 what Diablo 2 is to Diablo 1. More or lessAlmost identical to the first game in terms of gameplay. But, Dark Alliance 2 is to Dark Alliance 1 what Diablo 2 is to Diablo 1. More or less the same just amped up, perfected and done allot better than before. BG: DA2 is perhaps the best hack-n-slash game on the PS2 and demonstrated its engine to perfection. Overall a brilliant game. Full Review »
  2. Dec 6, 2012
    My all time favorite game for the PS2.. Just as good as the first but with more characters, and in my opinion a much better story. Of course iMy all time favorite game for the PS2.. Just as good as the first but with more characters, and in my opinion a much better story. Of course i wouldn't recommend this game for story alone; it is a decent story but nothing compared to bg1/2. The gameplay is what really got me hooked. I enjoy playing one hero more than a party. Playing this game with my brother was the most fun i've ever had on a console. I don't think it would have been nearly as fun solo (i have played it solo) because the teamwork involved in the classes makes everything feel more rewarding. I played the necromancer and he played the barb, and when i casted haste we would steamroll over anything in our path. It was a lot of fun finding gems and gear in this game as well. The boss fights are still some of the most balanced i've had in any game. I highly recommend trying this game, and with a friend if possible. It's just a shame it was never released on PC so that you could play with your friends online :( Full Review »
  3. Dec 24, 2011
    Action/RPG perfection. Awesome game in every way. Excellent replay value, with all the different characters, and the unlockable extreme mode.Action/RPG perfection. Awesome game in every way. Excellent replay value, with all the different characters, and the unlockable extreme mode. Love the first game, love this one even more. Full Review »