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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 80
    The game has all the things that have made "Battlefield" a PC favorite. In particular, the vehicles work well, maybe even better with the controller. Flying a helicopter with two sticks feels natural and the ground vehicles, like tanks and humvees, are a snap.
  2. Despite the fact that online this game rivals even the most successful net play titles since its introduction some years ago, not everyone is as yet online enabled. Therefore, despite the single player campaigns being enjoyable, they would struggle to warrant the forty odd pounds needed to purchase this title.
  3. Same killer and addictive online gameplay you’d expect from Battlefield.
  4. There's a lot more to war than just moving about shooting at the enemy. Fortunately Battlefield 2 ignores that fact and gives us action junkies just what we crave.
  5. A brilliant game whether you buy it for the single-player, the multiplayer or both. [PSW]
  6. Little more than a shooting gallery, especially in single-player mode. [Feb 2006, p.88]
  7. A must have for fans of combat games, multiplayer games, and games in general.
  8. The Battlefield series makes a smooth transition to the console, offering new ideas to spice up gameplay. Pity the online play is surprisingly weak.
  9. Most of the game's controls worked smartly for me. Targeting is easy, whether you're shooting a bazooka-type weapon or a sniper rifle. Problems arose, though, with the vehicles, which are maneuvered with just one control stick.
  10. From its overpowered weapons and gormless AI to its pedestrian objecctives, the singleplayer game is as dumb as it is misguided – an embarrassment to the rather splendid mulitplayer game that, fortunately, represents all that's really important. [Dec 2005, p.101]
  11. The A.I. is occasionally suspect, but getting a fun solo game in addition to the legendary multiplayer just helps round out the experience.
  12. Whereas Battlefield’s previous entries have benefited from deep realistic multiplayer experiences that bordered on wartime simulations, Modern Combat’s strength instead lies in its solo arcade-style gameplay that, despite some questionable AI and homogenized weapon selection, still does the franchise proud.
  13. 60
    The beefed-up single-player is nice, but when the main focus of the game comes up so short, it’s hard not to feel disappointed.
  14. The game's lack of polish is also another problem. The graphics and textures aren't impressive at all. [Dec 2005, p.158]
  15. It suffers from several obvious shortcomings, but accomplishes what only a week ago seemed impossible by providing console gamers with the full Battlefield experience.
  16. 85
    Offers the same overall experience as the PC version which is good news for console gamers specifically those looking for a new shooting game.
  17. The true value of Battlefield 2 is in how nicely it panders to a crowd that may never have cared for the military shooter genre before.
  18. 70
    You'll find your comrades oblivious to gunfire mere yards away; facing an enemy gunner, with their weapons conspicuously inert; and haplessly running into your line of fire. Getting penalized for losses incurred like this is annoying enough; having a mission terminate prematurely because of it is downright maddening.
  19. A great game. However, if you were planning to buy this game for its campaign, you might as well forget it. The campaign mode becomes tedious and shallow quickly.
  20. Modern Combat doesn't really look, sound, or play like any of the PC Battlefield games, which might be a little disappointing for those looking for more than just another arcade-style shooter.
  21. 70
    Pales in comparison to the beloved PC games. On its own, however, the game is an enjoyable, if unspectacular, first-person shooter.
  22. The game controls smoothly enough offline as well as online and HotSwapping is a wonderful feature you’ll make use of quite often.
  23. Worth picking up if your trigger finger is itching to blast away at something new, and even if you find yourself bored with the genre, the “Hot Swapping” feature is worth checking out at least once.
  24. Simply put, the game blew me away in the first mission. It's not perfect, no game is, but for all of the minor problems the game's got, it's still a hell of a lot of fun.
  25. 85
    We really like the new singleplayer mode. Though the AI is a bit too ambitious (because it'll run forward to its death at all times), the emphasis on shooting down large waves of enemies within the confines of some taxing mission of high priority is pretty exciting, especially considering how diverse our arsenals are and how varied the enemy's attacks can be.
  26. It’s odd, but Modern Combat is a much better single-player game than it is multiplayer.
  27. I expected more from the single player than I got. Weapons upgrades and unlockables are cool, but a storyline that really doesn't go anywhere or suck you in, combined with lackluster computer AI bring the experience down. Almost like it's an afterthought.
  28. An unashamedly entertaining surprisingly strategic shooter. [Nov 2005, p.112]
  29. Modern Combat loses some points for its lack of realism (some guns don't have any recoil, for example) and forgettable story line (something about Kazakhstan), but it still serves as a decent war game for those of us too fragile to enlist.
  30. An excellent multiplayer FPS. The different soldier types and vehicles keep the game fresh for a long time. Too bad tanks cannot drive through small fences and over small rocks. [Jan 2006]
  31. A solid translation of the Battlefield series to consoles. It doesn’t quite recreate the experience perfectly but it does it well enough to make it a compelling purchase.
  32. Its soldiers may be dumber than buttered toast, but Combat's missions cannot be impugned. [Dec 2005, p.60]
  33. 71
    Ultimately Battlefield 2: Modern combat gives PC gamers another reason to feel smug. Despite their best efforts the current generation of consoles can't compete with the capabilities of today's high-end PCs.
  34. A jaw-dropping arcade shooter - think "SOCOM" with drivable tanks and vehicles. [Dec 2005, p.112]
  35. The addition of hotswapping makes the campaign mode a pleasant diversion for a few hours, but after a while you’re going to want to go online and you’re probably going to be let down by the lack of gameplay modes and technical problems that EA is working on, but has yet to fix.
  36. 95
    This PC war-tastic juggernaut comes to a console near you sporting a surprisingly meaty single-player experience, as well as its trademark clusterf..k multiplayer.
  37. A fast-paced and accessible combat game, far superior when enjoyed online with players working together during epic, frenetic battles.
  38. Overall it's a very well-developed package with decent offline play and a great overall purchase, and is well worth a buy at the current cheap prices you can pick it up for.
  39. Despite the fact that the weapons fail to pack a punch, and the enemy AI is just as weak, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is fun with a level of frantic action that's emphasised by the addition of the hot-swapping functionality.
  40. On top of making an online experience that rivals the PC version (though again, the two really exist in their own respective worlds and should stay that way), the single-player game can absolutely make you better when it comes time to take on someone online.
  41. It is fast, fluid, mostly stable, and offers more fun than any military shooter I've played since "Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear."
  42. It's definitely a Trim Spa version of the absorbing, deeply time-devouring PC gem, but Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a solid, balanced action game that lets players fight the battle on their own slightly conceded terms.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 55 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Nov 17, 2013
    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is okay i would not give it 10 because it is not perfect. The Story is nothing to special nor the multiplier. To me i think the newer ones are better. Yes i know they came out ages ago but Battlefield 2 is very good compared to this.

    -Story/Campaign is not very good
    -Multiplayer bores me
    Score: 43/100
    Full Review »
  2. Oct 9, 2013
    Best online experience on the PS2, hands down. Single-player is eh, but you don't play this game for the campaign. Playing this game online regularly was my favorite period of gaming. Full Review »