Bionicle PlayStation 2

  • Publisher: EA Games
  • Release Date: Oct 20, 2003
  • Also On: PC
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Summary: Playing as the Toa, Toa Nuva and finally the 7th Toa, you must explore the six elementally-themed regions of Mata Nui - a tropical paradise of high mountains, great lakes and mighty volcanoes - rescue the scattered Matoran and break the spell of darkness sent by the evil Makuta. In doing so you will face danger in equal measure from the islands many environmental hazards (including falling rocks, rainforest winds, icicles and lava falls) and the foul minions of Makuta. So whether youre a skilled player or a young gamer, the time has come to emerge from behind your mask. The fate of Mata Nui is now in your hands... Toa, you must explore the six elementally-themed. Choose any one of the six Toa characters to begin your adventure. Use the unique elemental powers of the Toa and summon 'blasts' of elemental energy to defeat your enemies. [LEGO/EA]
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Rating: E
Developer: Argonaut Games
Genre(s): Action
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Fantasy Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Cast Credit
Leon Brazil Artist
Lynsey Bradshaw Lead Design
Karin Griffin Music
Justin Scharvona Audio Manager
John Gay Coder
Jon Taylor Artist
Gavin Wood Programmer
Steve Noake Lead Art
Carl Graham Coder
Will Brayden Artist
James Parker Lead Designer
Chris Sweetman Sound Effects
Rich Aidley Concept/3d Artist
Tim Page Programmer
Martyn Bramall Designer
James Moore Designer
Stephen Robertson Designer
Darren Anderson Producer
Kevin Mullard Executive Producer
Ella Diffley Producer
David Nulty Assistant Producer
Pete Heywood Lead Coder
Giles Tuck Designer
Paul McGuiness Designer
Paul Saunders Designer
Herman Serrano Designer
Will Carter Designer
Osman Nazlivatan Artist
Enrique Barahona Artist
Tolu Shofule Artist
David Gear Artist
Bryan Verboon Artist
Carl Ross Artist
Darren Harden Artist
Jason Cunningham Artist
Simon Garrigan Artist
Ollie Smith Artist
Aaron Fothergill Lead AI Coder
Oscar Gillespie AI Coder
Tom Garrard AI Coder
Alan Yuen AI Coder
Aubrey Murray AI Coder
B.o.B Music
Barn Music
Olly Nicholson Sound Effects
Jonathan Ashcroft Programmer
Chris Swinhoe Programmer
Mark Swinhoe Programmer
Craig Wright Programmer
Richard Bentley Lead Artist/Animator
Paul Clayton Animator
Paul Sinton Level Artist
Mark Wainwright Level Artist
Tony Gowland Designer
Tom Waters Designer
Peter Jones Studio Director
Derek Johnson Lead Programmer
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Awards & Rankings

#75 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2003