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  1. But if you want a serious butt-kicking good time, then this game Roars.
  2. Final bonus: Unlike most games of this sort, Bloody Roar 3 allows you to knock your opponent through walls instead of just into them.
  3. Lacking in some story elements, BR3 is nonetheless a good addition to any collection, one that I can easily recommend.
  4. This overall sense of quality, its accessibility to all levels of player, and the simple, visceral thrill of using a were-lion to maul a bunny rabbit in an abandoned museum, transforms BR3 an animal that is more than just the sum of its parts.
  5. Those seeking a new challenge to rival "Tekken Tag" should steer clear, but for fans of the series and players just looking for a quick fix of frenzied and fantastical fighting should sign up now.
  6. 80
    The animal changes are more than a simple gimmick, but it alone cannot provide the level of depth BR3 needs if it wants to be a real contender.
  7. 80
    Newcomers will be pleased, but for rabid fans, this is a mute Roar.
  8. So it's not as pretty as "DOA2," and probably doesn't play quite as well as either that game or "Tekken Tag," and there's not much strategy in the game either, but hey, if you're looking for a game that will let you literally rip your opponent to shreds, this is the one.
  9. 79
    Where it fails as a fighting game (which is not to call it a failure in any general sense -- it's definitely a well-made fighter), it bounces back on the strength of its personality and unique visual presentation.
  10. Weak story mode and ear damaging sound are the only minuses in the game, but these can be considered major categories.
  11. I've come to the conclusion that if there is even a glimpse of something with even the tiniest bit of fur on it, peeps will flock to it in droves, and it's to this I also attribute the success of "Basic Instinct."...BR3 is best left to the novice.
  12. Scratch beneath the glossy visuals and you’ll reveal an uncomplicated affair that’s fun to play but may not appease the fighting purists.
  13. Despite its terrific particle-effect, motion-blur visual doodads, it’s a rather simple game system, pointedly geared toward casual and even first-time gamers.
  14. As a pure fighting game it doesn't hold a candle to such hits as "Dead or Alive 2" or "Tekken Tag Tournament."
  15. Victory goes to the guy who can jam on the buttons faster. [Aug 2001, p.109]
  16. The game is visually keen, and its pacing is marvelous, but its fighting system is remarkably slim, emphasizing one-button combos and nearly instant-kill supers.
  17. It’s sad to watch as the Bloody Roar series goes to hell. It has a decent gimmick to make it stand out among other fighters. If only the minds behind this game actually sat down and figured out how to implement the gimmick properly, it could have the makings of something great.
  18. The voices in the game remain on the horrid side though that almost doubles back into a kind of lovable ugly dog type of thing.
  19. Unless you've got a thing for mediocre fighting games with half-animal women dressing in shamelessly whorish outfits, there's not much to see here.
  20. Even with all of its faults, Bloody Roar 3 still has its moments. There's nothing like chomping on a little bunny or mauling a lizard for the win. Even getting a 50+ hit combo is usually a good reason to celebrate.
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  1. Aug 14, 2013
    This is a straight-up, pick-up and play arcade fighter that has a polished engine. The animal transformations are a bit creepy, like a bunny in a mini-skirt or a reptile in a bikini. The music is exciting and sounds well mixed. The animations are also dead on for a 2001 title. Colorful graphics, but not incredibly detailed is how I'd describe it. The game is as fast as Soul Calibur and about as easy to learn. There are combos and super moves that do extra animations. The story doesn't seem to be here, and maybe extra game modes, but thats okay. If you find this game its worth picking up for PS2. Its probably going to be better if you have a friend to play it with though. Maybe they should have included some more game modes. I think this game didn't become as popular as it could have been later in the Playstation 2 days because of Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat's influence. There were a lot of fighting games that were trying to get our attention. If they had stylized the characters and gave them more personality I think people would have gotten into this more. Definitely better than all Tekken games, SF EX3, and even Rumble Roses. Probably not as good as Soul Calibur 2. But none of that should stop you from buying this. Try Bloody Roar! Full Review »
    Jul 13, 2005
    Bloody roar 3 is a master piece and it is has its own originals. my favorited character is shenlongThe only disapoint in br3 is shenlong acts like wimp.But i reccomend shenlong on br2 & br4. And the best place to hang out is the BEAST LEGACY this you will feel this game. Full Review »
  3. K.Harris
    Apr 22, 2004
    The story mode is lacks, but who cares? I don't. The other thing is trying to pull off their second rage moves. Other than that...PURE BRILLIANCE... Full Review »