Burnout Dominator PlayStation 2


Generally favorable reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 44
  2. Negative: 1 out of 44
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  1. So fun, that you'll find yourself addicted in no time. The controls are simple, but the gameplay is complex and delightful to play. And the killer soundtrack just adds bounty to the beautiful.
  2. AceGamez
    As a single player experience, Burnout Dominator has really hit top speed and taken down its rivals. The racing is fast paced and thrilling, taking out other cars and even totalling yours is so satisfying. The crashes are huge and compelling to witness and they are certainly some of the best you will see in a driving game.
  3. Games Master UK
    On its own terms, a brilliant racer. But it's not the most comprehensive Burnout ever. [Apr 2007, p.81]
  4. Play UK
    Dominator may lack a proper identity, but in terms of visceral action and an absolutely thrilling sense of speed, it's distinctly Burnout - and therefore brilliant. Just be prepared for more of the same. A hell of a lot more. [Issue #152, p.74]
  5. 85
    Even with the lack of a Crash mode and no online play, Burnout Dominator is a wise investment, even for the Burnout first-timer, especially with a $40 price tag.
  6. Pelit (Finland)
    May be almost too fast and furious for an arcade racing game. Although not an essential addition to the Burnout saga, Burnout Dominator definitely has its moments. Online play is sorely missed. [Apr 2007]
  7. Despite the disappointing exclusion of Burnout’s Crash mode, which in my opinion really was one of the franchise’s significant features, and a somewhat surprising lack of online multiplayer, you’ll still find your burning desire for hot racing satiated by Burnout Dominator, although it’s certainly not as dominating on the hot virtual asphalt as its predecessor, Burnout Revenge.
  8. It’s not as classic as "Takedown" or "Revenge," so it’s a step backwards, but still it’s an enjoyable racer that has it’s problems, but it can be as addictive as the series has been in the past.
  9. This game doesn’t really bring anything new to the series, but it’s still a really fun racer, especially with a lot of friends. The tracks are nice, the music is rockin’, and the graphics show what the PS2 can do when it’s being utilized at peak performance.
  10. Burnout Dominator may not revolutionize the series or even offer a significant upgrade over Revenge, but it still delivers the goods when it comes to hardcore, fast paced, killer crashing, racing action. What else could a virtual masochist want out of this series?
  11. An extension of all the things that made Burnout 3 a success (soundtrack and multiplayer excluded). The steering and speed boost mechanics, course design, and unrivaled thrill-factor come together for another addictive and surreal racing game.
  12. It may not have all the newfangled bells and whistles that you'd want from a sequel, but if you're a fan of the series who absolutely must have new tracks as soon as possible, Dominator should satisfy you nicely.
  13. A decent entry in the franchise but it doesn’t really do anything to propel it forward.
  14. Dominator is, truly, excellent fun and we've concentrated on the negatives because we're so disappointed it's not up to the stellar heights of previous games. But there's no doubt that this is easily the worst Burnout yet. Shame.
  15. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    Another cracking Burnout. It isn't for the weak-hearted because of the difficulty at later levels, but when it shines, oh boy, it dazzles. [Mar 2007, p.96]
  16. 80
    Best thought of as a "Greatest Hits, but Not All of Them" from the Burnout series. The racing is just as adrenaline pumping as it's ever been...However, the lack of standard features and modes like online play and Crash are a rather big disappointment.
  17. For fans of the gameplay found in the earlier games in the series or some one looking for a good place to jump on board one of the best racing franchises on any platform, Burnout: Dominator is a good place to start.
  18. Almost entirely satisfying from top to bottom, as the control is still wonderfully solid, the speed is still off the wall, and you still get that ol' familiar feeling of "domination" upon performing an ultra-sweet Takedown.
  19. Burnout: Dominator is a perfectly functional stopgap, and Criterion has stayed absolutely true to its game's ethos. This is about as basic a game it could produce that would still retain the series' impressive reputation.
  20. 80
    Though some will lament the missing crash mode and others will wonder why they can't compete online, the franchise's likely swan song on PS2 nonetheless goes out on a high note, cementing its reputation as the premier arcade racing series on a platform known for its racing titles.
  21. Game Informer
    Still, this has more than its share of thrills; it's a fender mangling joy that few games can match. [Apr 2007, p.101]
  22. PSM Magazine
    It's still worth playing, of course, and it's a great way to bide your time until the next-gen "Burnout" hits the streets. [May 2007, p.73]
  23. A fun and addicting arcade -racing game that fans of the series will enjoy, it’s just missing some key features that would make it a one of the series’ best, for that we’ll have to wait for the true sequel later this year.
  24. 78
    Absolutely crammed with speed and thrills, though perhaps a little light in terms of content and longevity without the inclusion of multiplayer, Burnout Dominator is still as impressive as most of the series editions, and certainly equally as appealing as Burnout: Revenge in all the right gameplay places - but that is also perhaps its one defining fault.
  25. It's a decent stop-gap if you're waiting for "Burnout 5" to hit stores, but most will be able to milk it for all it’s worth via rental. If the series continues to lumber on like this, its fans will inevitably burn out.
  26. Feels both overpriced and unnecessary in the modern marketplace.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 36 Ratings

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  1. May 27, 2016
    I throught Burnout 3 is worst Burnout, but I was wrong . Now I think Burnout Dominator is worst Burnout . Terrible Graphics for 2007, physicsI throught Burnout 3 is worst Burnout, but I was wrong . Now I think Burnout Dominator is worst Burnout . Terrible Graphics for 2007, physics is **** and only good Burnout Games is Burnout Legends and Paradise, others Burnout Games are **** . I hope I don't see Burnout worse . Burnout Dominator is very terrible on PS2, on PSP BD is betterthan on PS2 because screen on PSP is smaller and difficult discarn terrible graphics and physics . Full Review »
  2. Mar 14, 2015
    This is more of the same game. I feel like the controls or cars were simplified for the PSP although it may not be true. Burnout 3:Take DownThis is more of the same game. I feel like the controls or cars were simplified for the PSP although it may not be true. Burnout 3:Take Down is a better game with better graphics (because its PS2). There are times when I can't really say a game has something wrong with it, but I can't outright recommend it either. The first level has a lot of un-skippable cut scenes and interrupting dialogue boxes. I'd rather play this series on a big TV than on PSP. The presentation of the game doesn't make it feel much different. Full Review »
  3. Jul 4, 2013
    INCREDIBLE! SO AWESOME that did and will always be part of my childhood! EPIC I thought those graphics, and when I was speeding, and gainedINCREDIBLE! SO AWESOME that did and will always be part of my childhood! EPIC I thought those graphics, and when I was speeding, and gained more and more Nitro Boost and the race. And when you hit on something?? I kept BEAT IN EVERY THING I was CRAZY WITH THAT REALISM OF DAMAGE!! Simply, I think, that car crash is MUCH MORE REALISTIC than GTA IV! Yes, I think much more realistic than GTA IV!! Nothing more to say Full Review »