• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Mar 11, 2008

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 22
  2. Negative: 0 out of 22
  1. Buzz has done it again - fast, frantic, accessible family fun with a huge range of questions, Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz promises great fun for many gamers and non-gamers alike this winter - and not just the film buffs either.
  2. If you liked the first game and you like movies, this one's an absolute no-brainer.
  3. Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is another fine trivia game and a great addition to the Buzz! franchise. If you’re a movie buff or like movie trivia, you’ll love the game.
  4. 83
    Just as deep and fun as "Mega Quiz," and it is a bit more polished in terms of its award show presentation and smoother textures.
  5. 81
    In terms of features and rounds, it’s business as usual.
  6. So, if you have friends, you like movies and you’re in the 25-35 age range, this game is pretty much tailored for you and about five million other people. Clever Sony. And as for that rivalry, well sometimes you just have to know when to throw a fight.
  7. If you aren't a fan of the silver screen steer well clear, because the pleasure inherent will be alien to you. Otherwise, the return of the Jedi of quiz games is of Oscar winning quality.
  8. An excellent game for the casual gaming crowd. It is a great alternative to movie board games due to its simplicity and interactivity.
  9. If you like keeping a roomful of people shouting at the TV, it's not a bad investment at all.
  10. If you own a PS2/3 and love movie-based Trivia, The Hollywood Quiz is a must-buy.
  11. Buzz: The Hollywood Quiz is a fun time and appropriate for gamers of all ages, but it is rated Teen because some of the stuff the announcer may say can be somewhat risqué.
  12. All in all, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is a fun trivia game.
  13. Good. Replayable, fun, but nothing innovative or amazing. The game potentially has large flaws that, while they don't make the game bad, prevent it from being as good as it could be.
  14. Buzz is perfect for people who plan on doing a lot of entertaining in the near future!
  15. A fun family experience that tests showbiz and movie trivia, supporting it with solid clips and graphics. This is a party game and/or a family game that while it would appear to be a niche title, actually should have broad appeal.
  16. Just as enjoyable as the previous Buzz! titles - or just as tedious, if you're that way inclined. And that's assuming you're not expecting to be seriously tested if you're a real film fan.
  17. 70
    The Buzz! series is still undoubtedly good value and Buzz! Hollywood Quiz! is a game that Buzz! fans will definitely enjoy.
  18. An ideal first game for Buzz! virgins or film buffs, but seasoned contestants will soon tire of it. [Dec 2007, p.88]
  19. Deserves an award for its ability to reduce four supposedly mature adults to giddy yelps. [Christmas 2007, p.112]
  20. Overall, if you like the concept, often gather a group of friends at home, and have a passion for movies, then Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz comes highly recommended.
  21. Buzz: Hollywood Quiz deftly straddles the line between budget and quality, and if you're hurting for a movie-based trivia game, you can hardly go wrong here.
  22. Unless you and your friends adore movie quizzes, you might play once, then never take Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz off the shelf again. [May 2008, p.81]

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