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  1. May 8, 2014
    This game is a pretty good hunting adventure. You take control of a hunter, who leads a hunting themed tv show. You visit a lot of atmospheric location in the North American area . The areas are not that big, but for a one time experience , the scripted hunting elements provide you with a lot of fun and even re-playability. Playing trough the short career mode is a huge fun with the gun customization, realistic focusing on animals with the scope. Even the bird calling sequence is made in a way, that it is fun and not just a stupid mini-game you have to do to proceed. It looks obvious , that the developers wanted to make this game feel more realistic, and it sure does. But the truth is, this game screams for a better platform, even if the graphics is great for the ps2, It just feels like the developers really had to give up a lot from this port, and it sure is a shame, but what can you do? The shortness of the game career is actually repaired by putting in sequences , where you can choose a different approach to a certain objective, which is a great way to give the game some re-playability, but unless you're up for other game challenges that are not part of the career, this game IS really short. Everything in this game is in the right place and its just fun to play tbh, you can already see that on the menu screen.
    nice graphics, short but fun career, atmospheric locations, nice weapon customization, well-done mini-game animal calls, other game challenges besides career that are also fun.

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