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Summary: Set in the 11th Century, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence thrusts players ten centuries into the past and casts them in the role of Leon Belmont, the forefather of the legendary Belmont. Leon is a nobleman about to be engaged to his beloved Sara. However, when his young lover disappears one fateful evening, Leon sets out to rescue her. Armed with only a dagger, it is not until an unexpected ally, an alchemist, offers him a protective whip that Leon is ready to begin his hunt. The rich story of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence follows Leon through the perilous forest and into Dracula's foreboding gothic Castle. Upon entering the castle, players will step into an ethereal world that is guarded by blood thirsty guards and ruled by Dracula's wicked whimsy. Players will face five doors - each one leading into a dark area of the castle - the Cathedral, the Theatre, the Garden, the Alchemist Laboratory and the Dungeon. Trekking through hundreds of rooms, players will battle over 35 different kinds of enemies before facing the final boss. Fighting tooth and nail in each monster battle, Leon must combine his whip and five sub-weapons (Holy Water, Dagger, Cross, Axe and Crystal) to defeat the monsters. Additionally, seven orbs can be combined with 10 action relics in order to create powerful attacks and stunning special effects. Featuring a fixed camera and intuitive controls, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence delivers a groundbreaking action/adventure experience that is designed to satisfy core Castlevania fans as well as players that are new to the series.
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Rating: M
Developer: KCET
Genre(s): Action Adventure
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood, Violence
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Cast Credit
Koji Ishii Enemy Program
Masaaki Nagakura Effect Program
Atsushi Ono Castle Model
Hitomi Namatame Castle Model
Hiroto Yamaguchi Castle Model
Yuichi Kobayashi Drama
Shigeru Kobayashi Drama
Atsuya Tanaka Drama
Morio Kishida Drama Composition
Hidekatsu Shibata Japanese Voice Actor
Magnitude 8 Post English Voice-Over Recording Facility
Liam O'Brien Voice Actor: Joachim Armster (English Version)
Michiru Yamane Music Director & Composer
Michiru Yamane Music Director & Composer
Kenichiro Honda Executive Producer
Yoshie Suzuki Castle Model
Matt Lagan Drama Actor
Tetsushi Takahashi Sound Effect
Yukimasa Kishino Japanese Voice Actor
IGA Producer
Takashi Takeda Chief Program
Masayuki Kushi System Program
Shinsaku Inukai Player Program
Shuichi Hirohara Enemy AI
Shutaro Enemy Program
Jun-ichi Inoue Effect Program
Katsuya Shimazaki Map Program
Yuu Watashiba Map Program
Kengo Hama Map Program
Kenji Miura Drama Program
AKT Sound Program
Shinichiro Shinamura Chief Design
Takanori Fukamachi Player & Drama Model
Takanori Fukamachi Player & Drama Model
Yoshiyuki Suzuki Enemy Model
Makoto Moriyami Enemy Model
Naoko Minegishi Castle Model
Noriaki Yamamoto Castle Model
Asaka Castle Model
Tomonori Matsumoto Castle Model
Mihoko Hirayama Castle Model
Satoko Kojima Castle Model
Takuma Arakawa Castle Model
Satoshi Kushibuchi Effect
Kazuhiro Kobayashi Effect
Shizmon Drama
Yuko Inoue Drama
Harumi Murakami Drama
Great Matsufuji Sound Engineer
imohore imai Sound Engineer
Links DigiWorks Inc. Motion Capture
Kazuhisa Nishimura Motion Capture Producer
Hideo Saito Stunt Coordinator
Keiji Hasegawa Action Actor
Keiichi Ishiyama Action Actor
Meg Igai Drama Coordinator
Greg Dale Drama Director
Eric Bossick Drama Actor
Amy Colyer Drama Actor
Antun Percic Drama Actor
Ryuichi Yamada Motion Capture Supervisor
Shigeaki Nunokawa Recording Engineer
Shigeru Oohata Recording Engineer
Masaaki Murakami Lead Editor
Hiroyuki Wada Editor
Yasuyo Hirao Editor
ZRO Limit Producitons in association with Animaze..INC English Dialogue
Yutaka Maseba English Voice-Over Recording Producer
Haruyo Kanesaku English Voice-Over Recording Producer
Collin Mcqueen Digital Tracker
Ken Ogasawara Recording Support
Keith Matejka Recording Support
Sumiko Shindo Japanese Voice-Over Recording Producer
Yumi Toma Japanese Voice Actor
Haruko Kitahama Japanese Voice Actor
Nobihiko Kazama Japanese Voice Actor
Masaharu Sato Japanese Voice Actor
Hitokuchizaka Studio Japanese Voice-Over Recording Facility
Kenzo Miura Recording Engineer
Yui Ozawa Product Design
Ayami Kojima Illustration & Character Design
Ayami Kojima Illustration & Character Design
Sara Trantoul Voice Actor: Melissa Fahn (English Version)
Koji Igarashi Producer
Tom Wyner Voice Actor: Death (English Version)
Wendee Lee Voice Actor: Succubus (English Version)
Michael McConnohie Voice Actor: Narrator/Rinaldo (English Version)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn English Voice-Over Recording Director
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Voice Actor: Medusa (English Version)
Dave Wittenberg Voice Actor: Leon Belmont (English Version)
Jamieson Price Voice Actor: Walter Bernhard (English Version)
Crispin Freeman Voice Actor: Mathias Cronqvist (English Version)
Nobutoshi Canna Japanese Voice Actor
Hiroshi Kamiya Japanese Voice Actor
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#36 Most Discussed PS2 Game of 2003
#39 Most Shared PS2 Game of 2003