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  • Summary: Experience a car racing game unlike any other. Combines the elements of a deep role playing adventure and intense racing action that will ensure hours upon hours of gameplay. Race on tricky, whacky and extreme courses that only Choro Q could present. From earthquake country to zero-gravity space, from haunted castles, mid-air highways and even underwater, there are over 160 adventurous races. Participate in over more than 100 events to earn 200 kinds of vehicles. Fully customizable vehicle bodies with tons of interchangeable parts and colors! Race head-to-head against a friend or compete in over 30 mini-games. [Atlus] Expand
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  1. 78
    Choro Q is delicious sugar coated fun for the child deep down, or not so deep down, in everyone. Just don’t attempt to drive a real car any time after playing it, the urge to speed past other cars is almost to strong to ignore.
  2. For me, it became much more enjoyable as something to pick up and play for five or 10 minutes at a time rather than for prolonged sessions, but this is somewhat contrary to the way it's designed. [Nov 2004, p.130]
  3. 70
    While the graphics and sound won't be winning any awards, their strong, primary colors and simple but clean approach come across with a Hello Kitty feel that wraps everything up perfectly for the style.
  4. 50
    The racing action can be a kick, but it just doesn't compare to other racers -- gameplay or presentation-wise -- available for the system. The accent on racing also takes away from the story-driven RPG elements that made Road Trip so unique.
  5. If you don't already have an established love for Takara's customizable line of toy cars, you'll find that ChoroQ has little in the way of redeeming qualities.
  6. A mundane experience that is probably best forgotten. If, however, you’re still curious, consider a rental first, and see if you like it.
  7. While the fanciful racetracks are cute, they don't redeem the atrocious racing and so-bad-it's-good-oh-wait-it's-just-bad dialogue. [Dec 2004, p.170]

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  1. Jul 20, 2012
    I love the Choro Q games. Maybe one day the serie will be back on smartphone. Many clones already exist and sell fine. And why not on 3DS or Playstation Vita ? Expand

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