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  1. Positive: 8 out of 24
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  1. Karaoke Revolution Country finally adds some focus to the Karaoke Revolution party games, but the focus is too strict, and there are not enough great country classics to appeal to a wide enough range of people.
  2. 72
    It's Karaoke Revolution with country songs. Any other questions?
  3. So little was changed between the two titles that it really feels like a quick hack job to make a quick dollar.
  4. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    With plenty of duets and no more story mode, this is the most party-friendly version yet. [Apr 2006, p.103]
  5. Even for a game that focuses solely on one genre, this collection of songs is too varied to please all country fans. It would probably make a fun rental for a weekend. Don't buy this package unless you're a true fan of corny songs…er… I mean country songs.
  6. If you’re not a diehard fan of Country, there’s not a chance in hell you’ll have a good time with this game – unless you’re singing a tune here and there at a party. Harmonix could have done a better job here.
  7. 70
    As a whole, Karaoke Revolution Country is another solid Konami karaoke package - one morechance to make an absolute fool out of yourself in your own home, especially if you're a country music fan.
  8. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    If you have a companion who shares your hankering for country music, indulge. If not, give this a pass. [May 2006, p.82]
  9. Put on your hats and boots, and groove to the beat - country style. Features same old karaoke gameplay, and nothing much else.
  10. Even as a party game, KR Country doesn't have the staying power of Party, the single genre restriction being more suffocating than it would appear to be at first.
  11. Take a look up yonder and read over the tracklist to see if it suits you, because it was seriously lacking for both me and Lisa.
  12. In most cases, Karaoke Revolution is only enjoyable when drunk. So if you’re drunk, you’ll have a great time with Karaoke Revolution Country. But if you’re sober, you better be a fan of country if you’re going to pick this one up.
  13. It's made for the Midwest and the South, and that's exactly the type of crowd that will eat this game up. Just don't expect it to go over well with general partygoers expecting Top 40 tunes.
  14. 60
    Even the most hardcore country fan will go through what's here in one or two sittings, and with very few extra tracks to unlock, the game just doesn't have staying power.
  15. 60
    But with only 35 songs, unless you’re the ultimate country music fanboy, there will only be a handful of songs you’ll want to sing.
  16. My biggest complaints with Karaoke Revolution Country is its lack of songs and its mix of new and old country.

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