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  • Summary: With over 325 NCAA Division I schools, College Hoops 2K7 defines the college basketball experience. True College Atmosphere - The most immersive college game yet, College Hoops 2K7 puts the fans in the game and makes them a part of the team. No "I" in Team - Revamped defensive AI and defensive controls means that better teams come up with the big stops. Leadership Matters - Team chemistry becomes an important factor in the game as teams with strong leadership tend to get the big upsets come tournament time. Improved Legacy Mode - Legacy mode gets a complete upgrade in College Hoops 2K7, with improvements in everything from a new simulation engine and recruiting tools to bracketology, NCAA record books and new broadcast shows like College Hoops Tonight. More Customization - Make your own schools with customized uniforms and uniquely designed arenas. With an even more robust player creation system, you can bring your own NCAA team to life like never before. [2K Sports] Expand
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  1. Here’s my guarantee to you. Rent this game first and play the hell out of it over the weekend. If you don’t find that it’s totally derivative of "Hoops 2K6," then go back to the store and buy it. That way nobody gets hurt.
  2. That basically sums up College Hoops 2K7--it plays well enough, but it's basically no better than "College Hoops 2K6", and it pales in comparison to the next-gen version. [Mar 2007, p.86]
  3. College Hoops 2K7 is a good college basketball game, but it's nearly identical to "College Hoops 2K6."
  4. While a few of credits shy of an A, it's a good value at $20 even without the bonus content. Unless you've already got NBA 2K7 and an empty wallet, College Hoops NCAA 2K7 deserves a spot in your rotation.
  5. 65
    There are too many blown buckets because the shot stick seems a bit inconsistent, especially right around the hoop where players should be more willing to roll in a layup or go for a dunk.
  6. The game is smart to tease fans its way with its great price($19.99, which is $10 cheaper than last year), but it features very little in the way of updates. [Jan. 2007, p.78]
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  1. AustinD.
    Mar 13, 2007
    It is a very good game I think the gameplay is great the sound is ok i only say that because the announcers say a lot of the same things. Umm presentation is awesome with shows including college hoops tonight! Well this is a very good game if you like great games. Expand