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  • Summary: Millions of light years away in the star system Theophilus, an unknown evil threatened mankind, an evil defeated by Sho- a rare human alien hybrid known as a "Vipa," and the game's main character. However, that was only the beginning. Taking place two years after the events of the original Crimson Sea, CRIMSON SEA 2 sees the IAG - the agency charged with the protection of the galaxy -in a state of near-collapse. Still reeling from a massive surprise attack, IAG Commander, Live-D organizes the remaining forces along with a rag-tag team of mercenaries and survivors. Sho's old friends from G-Squad are dispersed to different areas of the galaxy, but in light of the devastation, Sho searches for more help. More help comes in the form of a new playable character and three new modes of play! The original Crimson Sea was known for its girls with guns, and a voluptuous commander who called all the shots. CRIMSON SEA 2 introduces a new femme fatale in Feanay, a "Vipa" with her own unique Neo-Psionic powers. During the game, fulfilling certain conditions lets players switch between Sho and Feanay, unlocking new character-specific missions. In addition to the main single player game, CRIMSON SEA 2 now includes 3 two-player modes. Players can work together to bring down an enemy and clear a stage in "Co-op" mode, battle head-to-head "death match" style in "Versus" mode, or try to outscore their human opponent in "Competition" mode. [KOEI] Collapse
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  1. If you're an action-RPG fan, you definitely don't want to miss this one. [July 2004, p.6]
  2. 85
    The combat system is one of the best you're likely to see in an action game of this sort. It's so solid that Crimson Sea 2's "kill everything that moves" formula doesn't become stale or tedious until quite late in the game, which is a huge accomplishment for a game based on such a simple concept.
  3. It's all carefully honed and balanced...and, furthermore, harnessed by elegant controls that are adaptable for any combat situation. [Apr 2004, p.58]
  4. If you're looking for a game in which you can shoot up or cut up hundreds of ugly aliens for hours on end, you've come to the right place.
  5. A fast, frantic action game starring a gun- and sword-wielding fellow fighting legions upon legions of baddies.
  6. Hacking and slashing my way through legions of intelligent monsters was surprisingly enjoyable, as was the addictive challenge to always increase my combo count. Overall, the space opera mixed with kick alien ass produced a fun bout of story-driven hack-n-slash, that gives as good as it gets.
  7. 60
    A fairly enjoyable game. With introductions to new characters and enemies in every mission, the option to customize and improve your weapons, and a hardy plot, there should be enough to make a rental worthwhile. [June 2004, p.71]

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  1. RamiW.
    May 15, 2006
    Loads of aliens means loads of killing. Thanks Koei.
  2. Mar 26, 2014
    A PS2 exclusive sequel to a game that was an Xbox exclusive. Nice one. The game isn't bad though, but in order to play you should tape down the fire button before doing anything. Lots and lots of revisiting the same map shooting the same aliens can get wearisome really quickly, does have some light RPG elements, Japanese weirdness. Didn't like the camera, but the game includes a half-hour's worth of FMV from the first Crimson Sea which you can watch whenever you like (good). Expand