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  1. What's here is well polished, and it works. Much like a favorite food, the DDR series has settled into a comfortable groove. Perhaps the next outing will be a bit more daring.
  2. Although SuperNOVA 2 is an instant party in box allowing me to find a new appreciation for this type of game I can’t help but think it maybe too much of the same for DDR veterans out there.
  3. 73
    When my time on the mat was done, I felt like I had just gotten done with one of the 173 other versions of the game. There's nothing that makes this one stand out.
  4. 70
    DDR: SuperNOVA 2 doesn't bring much new to the table, but it does execute some of the tried-and-true series staples better than its predecessors. As a first DDR or a workout tool, it's a great place to step in, but series veterans should consider it yet another slight tweak on a game that's nearly played out.
  5. This series badly needs to learn some new moves.
  6. Overall, it seems as though the PS2 is on its last legs and this is one last way for Konami to cash in.
  7. Suffice it to say, DDR SuperNOVA 2 is exactly what you expect: even more of the DDR you know and love. [Dec 2007, p.79]
  8. SuperNOVA 2 won’t engross those who have yet to be turned on by DDR’s catchy, rhythm-based gameplay. But if you’ve enjoyed the series and still want more, you can’t go wrong with this sequel.
  9. Bluntly, you should already know if you're going to like SuperNOVA 2.
  10. In the end, SuperNova 2 really doesn't do a whole lot to add anything new or fresh to the dance game scene, and is thus “just another sequel.” Fans of DDR will have fun with this one, but may feel that the price tag might be a bit much for what comes down to a glorified song expansion off of SuperNova original.
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  1. JennaS.
    Jan 6, 2008
    I think the game is great. This was my first experience with one of these dance games and my 9 year old son and I both love it. We had no I think the game is great. This was my first experience with one of these dance games and my 9 year old son and I both love it. We had no idea what to do at first but figured it out within a few minutes. My 5 year old daughter can't quite get the hang of yet though. It is a lot of fun and I love that you are getting good exercise while having fun! What a perfect combination! I am now using it to do my daily workouts (in workout mode) and find myself continuing to play for several hours after my workout is complete just because I'm having so much fun! You sure don't see that happening on a treadmill! The only complaints I have are that commands are somewhat hard to understand because you can get any kind of mat to go with it and the symbols don't always look alike. The way we found to combat this is by hooking a regular game controller up to the "player 2" slot and navigating with that. Works great. I also don't like how sometimes it doesn't register your steps even when you did hit the right key but that is a mat issue too. The game itself has no problems and we are thrilled with our new toy! We can't wait to buy a second mat so we can battle against each other! We already tried that on the online option which was really cool. Enjoy! Full Review »