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  • Summary: Chief O?Leary has mysteriously closed the summit of Mt. Garrick to all boarders and is trying desperately to drive them away. As the young and rebellious Naya, players will shred, jib and stomp sick tricks in the first ever mission-based snowboarding game. Free ride this vast mountain and unlock restricted areas on your way to the summit. But be prepared, Chief O?Leary will not go down without a fight. [THQ] Expand
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  1. The reasonably slick framerate is compromised somewhat in the slightly lacklustre two-player sections. Ultimately, Dark Summit takes a fairly tired genre and breathes some new life into it.
  2. Somehow, THQ has managed to pull of an interesting feat--designing a game that takes a different approach to the snowboarding genre and that is actually quite fun.
  3. A good game that has a few problems--which range from minor control issues to placement of challenge points--but none of them are substantial enough to ruin the overall experience.
  4. This game features such pretentious bad taste that you'll first wonder if the developers are really stupid or really smart. [Jan 2002, p.126]
  5. Has the 'I've gotta see what's next' feeling of excitement around every corner.
  6. It's not as good as Shaun Palmer or Tricky, but it does a good job of extending the playability with the mission-based levels.
  7. 40
    Dark Summit is rated H for half-baked...Though pretty, [it] manages to be both repetitive and too short.

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