• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Jan 24, 2006
  • Also On: PC

Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. With the new tweaks that make it more accessible, and the abundance of new content, you really have no reason not to pick this up - especially at only $20. [Feb 2006, p.72]
  2. 95
    The game's kinder, gentler learning curve means that you'll actually get to kick some ass this time around. In addition to new bosses and game modes, the special edition also lets you play as Vergil, Dante's less tight-lipped and far more fashionable bro.
  3. Sure, many of the bonus features could’ve been beefed up a bit more, but considering you’re getting the same masterful Devil May Cry 3 package with solid new content at a bargain basement price, there’s absolutely no reason not to go out and treat yourself to this action classic right away, whether you own the original already or not.
  4. It's one of the most intense action games available on the PS2 and it's just begging to be opened up and shot (figuratively of course). Even if you've beat the original; heck, even if you own the original, it's money well spent.
  5. Has everything an action game fan would like: Incredible relentless gameplay, great graphics, and this time a bunch of new features including playing as the powerful Vergil.
  6. 92
    A superb game and a fitting swansong for Dante on the PlayStation 2. [JPN Import; Issue#139, p.104]
  7. It's a win-win situation for gamers no matter if they've done all there is to DMC3 or have never picked the game up in their lives. And now, the wait for Devil May Cry 4 is on.
  8. Recommended unreservedly if you've not played it before. Otherwise, it simply fixes the ludicrous difficulty of the first one and broadens its appeal. [Aug 2006, p.60]
  9. An excellent game is now cheaper and better than it was when first released.
  10. You’ll get to control one of the most skilled, dangerous, and downright spunky heroes to ever grace the PS2. There will be tons of intense fighting, a wide assortment of weapons and abilities at your disposal, and an incredible amount of challenge all wrapped up in a wonderfully presented package.
  11. Sure, many of the bonus features could've been beefed up a bit more, but considering you're getting the same brilliant Devil May Cry 3 experience with new content at a bargain basement price, there's absolutely no reason not to go out and treat yourself to this action classic.
  12. 90
    Great upgrade that this might be, it's hard to justify picking it up again unless you're a diehard fan of the series or someone who has never played it before.
  13. New modes such as Turbo Mode and Bloody Palace, are definitely something that should attract hardcore gamers to try out. Using Vergil is great but he’s overpowered quite a bit.
  14. Far more than a new skin for the same action, playing as Vergil drastically alters the way you approach Devil May Cry. [Feb 2006, p.106]
  15. 90
    Director's cuts rarely come as fleshed-out, exciting or generous as this one.
  16. 90
    Devil May Cry 3 doesn't do a hell of a lot to earn its Special Edition label as a new playable character and boss encounter aren't enough to justify a repurchase. [Feb 2006, p.68]
  17. The Special Edition probably won't be for everyone (namely those who already destroyed the game on hard), but it's still recommended for its abundance of additions, including the ability to play as Vergil and the insane Bloody Palace mode.
  18. DMC3, but easier. If you don't have the original, get it. [Oct 2006, p.87]
  19. This time around the normal difficulty of the Special Edition version is equivalent to the easy difficulty of the original. Of course, this adds an even easier difficulty to the Special Edition version, which almost makes the game a little too easy.
User Score

Universal acclaim- based on 134 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 27
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 27
  3. Negative: 2 out of 27
  1. Snachez
    Jun 28, 2009
    A good game, a damn good. I actually played DMC 3 first, since it is the first in the story (just like in Star Wars) and I found the game very enjoyable. I hate button masher fighting games, but this DMC 3 is nothing like it, even on normal difficulty you really have to dodge attacks and keep a close eye on what's going on, and that IMO gave the game more "depth" and intensity, since you have to concentrate on every battle. At "Dante Must Die" the game turns very hard, but that is expected. I love challenging games and this one is definately one. There are some very bad dialogue, I'm pointing to Dantes dirrection, although most of the stuff coming out of his mouth is funny and just awesome. Vergil is actually my favorite DMC boss/characther in any DMC game, if not counting Dante, although Vergils campain was very rushed, since there were no cutscenes, it was still solid and fun. All the parts, from older DMC games, come together very nicely when thinking about the story. A good game, though it's definately not one of those games that you can just pick up and play at any certain moment. I miss young Dante and I really hope for DMC 5 to be made. BTW stop making charachters that try to replace Dante, like the pussy Nero. Full Review »
  2. Jan 25, 2013
    Better than DMC2, DMC4 and of course DmC, but still only decent compared to DMC1. It can get pretty fun at times if you don't stick to one style or move to play the game but instead find different ways to beat it. Full Review »
  3. Jan 20, 2013
    I came into this game with fairly high expectations after laying in bed one night realising every boss fight in video games i had ever played had been to easy. i wanted a challenge, well what better game then dmc 3 i thought. well lets star out with this games positives. The controls are solid and the game play is without a doubt amazing. the guns seem fair and all the weapons have there ups and downs. The boss fights were just as i expected which was simply amazing and stunning. i loved this game... for the 1st half. Dear god the 2nd half , you literally are running through copy pasted levels again and again and again and it seems that they had half a teem who knew what to do and half a teem sitting on the couch complaining about how long it was taking. the boss fights remains constant, but not much else does. Moving on the story is laughable. im seroious, ive never played a game with a story this bad. In one scene Dante just drives a motorcycle up a wall and jumps off and kills a bunch if guys, while in others he's just a flat out douche. while im complaining i might as well talk about my arch nemesis, the fixed camera, which you can "control" at certain points but ends up just moving 2 inches right or left and cant move up or down. One last thing is the game after replaying it twice( the 1st half and 2nd half) it says you can replay on a harder difficulty or as virgil the brother of dante, but his problem is hes supposed to be the bad guy and his story seems to play out in the exact same levels as dantes did. But with all that, i still liked dmc 3. I was a little dissapointed after the halfway point but considering what it set out to be it reached that, but it seemed to set its sight to low and could of been so much more Full Review »