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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 47 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. There is no better value for your buck than getting a game that supports HUNDREDS of hours of play time, and Disgaea 2 does that. The sheer amount of character building and fantastic humor all make for a game that you WANT to play for that long too.
  2. Disgaea 2 is certainly a game that stat whores will waste hours on. You can get to ridiculous levels and do attacks that would make Final Fantasy lose it's lunch.
  3. 98
    Nippon Ichi has done the impossible with Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories – taking a successful game and improving it on every count for the sequel. The battle system was tweaked in just the right ways, the graphics and sound were improved, and the new story is deep and faithful to the style of the series without copying too much from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The result is what will probably be best game of 2006.
  4. It comes to gameplay Disgaea 2 is far superior to any of NI’s previous works.
  5. This is a solid contender for RPG of the year (along with "Oblivion" and the unreleased "Final Fantasy XII"), and is easily the best SRPG to come along since Disgaea itself, if not Final Fantasy Tactics.
  6. It is proven that if you give Disgaea 2 a bit of your time, it can swallow your life. Submit to its will.
  7. The bottom line is that if you loved the original Disgaea, chances are you will love Disgaea 2 with a burning passion.
  8. 92
    Better sound, more strategy and more of those lovable psychotic penguins is what you’ll find contained in this single disc game.
  9. A SRPG player’s dream. A person could spend hours just wandering around the item worlds leveling up characters and items, or one could just go straight through the game without turning back.
  10. Disgaea 2 is ultimately about the characters you create, the battles you fight, the equipment you improve, and the party you level up and kit out. Like many of the best games -- Civilization, X-Com, Diablo, Pirates -- Disgaea 2 is about the story you create in the playing.
  11. Nippon Ichi's games are good but Disgaea is undeniably the best. While some might begrudge the ostensible dumbing down with the return to grids and more tightly controlled play (there's no chucking enemies off the maps into oblivion or picking up map furniture as impromptu weaponry here) in reality this makes the game more accessible, more easily understood and ultimately more fun.
  12. Putting an estimate on how many hours you would need to devote to the game to complete everything is both pointless and a little scary to imagine, but we dare say that someone out there in a very dimly lit room will be attempting it. Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is a joy to behold, you can dip into it for a short time or lose several years of your life.
  13. This is an intimidating prospect for the casual PS2 gamer, but a worthwhile purchase for anyone who derived any pleasure from any tactical RPG on any platform. [Oct 2006, p.122]
  14. You know what the weird thing is? I hate RPGs with a passion. Yet there’s something about this game that just works.
  15. Anyone who’s played "Fire Emblem" or the original Disgaea must know by now that this is a must-own strategy/RPG.
  16. Fans of the original will need little convincing, but for the rest of you, trust me when I say this game's well worth your time. [Aug 2006, p.57]
  17. Its difficulty and sometimes confusing nature continues to keep the game from being appropriate for newcomers to the genre itself, but memorable characters and dialog, deceptively deep mechanics, and a promise of future sequels make this series, the flagship of Nippon Ichi and NIS America, one of the crowning achievements of this console generation.
  18. If you are a serious player then another slice of deep role-playing may be appropriate, personally I didn’t feel devoid of this in my life (God knows I felt I could still squeeze more out of the original instalment!) enough to need Disagea 2, but then again I do also review a wide-ranging portfolio of games, those who purely RPG are likely to see this as a second coming.
  19. If you're not having fun, you just plain don't like tactical RPGs.
  20. Like its predecessor, Disgaea 2 isn't for everyone. If sinking 40-plus hours into a game just to see the basic ending and none of the secret or hidden content doesn't appeal to you, feel free to pass on by. But if dropping dozens of hours into leveling up for the sake of having obscenely powerful characters sounds good, or you're looking for some fun tactical battles and a clever story, I can't recommend this highly ennough. [Sept. 2006, p.92]
  21. Even though the characters aren’t quite as interesting as those seen in the original, Disgaea 2 remains one of the best strategy-RPGs out there.
  22. It’s a fantastic game, to be sure, but it’s catering to a very specific set of gamers.
  23. 87
    If you want a short, fun, quirky, and sometimes sentimental Strategy RPG that knows its market and takes jabs at it with impeccable humor, you should get Disgaea 2. If you'd prefer a game that allows you to play for hours on end (like, over 200 hours) with new events to keep your interest now and then, but you don't want it to be an MMORPG, then get Disgaea 2.
  24. Does not offer anything drastically new compared to its predecessor. An excellent strategy-RPG, nonetheless. [Jan 2007]

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