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  • Summary: What if you could change the past? What if you could control the future? What if time was on your side? Play as Wilbur Robinson and experience the thrills of time travel adventure. With a ton of crazy gadgets at your disposal, battle enemies and solve puzzles while in pursuit of the dastardly Bowler Hat Guy and his diabolical robotic hat, Doris. It's up to you to thward their evil plans and save the future! Explore ancient Egypt, the Robinsons' mansion, The Hive and other supercool locales. Break out the Charge Glove, the Disassembler, the Scanner, the family Album, the Havoc Gloves and the Leviathon device. [Buena Vista Games] Expand
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  1. The game is a lot of fun, makes great use of the license, will definitely appeals to the children.
  2. While Meet the Robinsons is nothing revolutionary, it does provide an enjoyable experience all the way around. If you are the type of gamer that loves platform games and loves the movie sub-genre just as much, then this game was designed with you in mind.
  3. Some issues with the control system can't stop this being a fun and surprisingly enjoyable game for fans of the film. [May 2007, p.86]
  4. Disney's Meet the Robinsons is a fairly satisfying movie tie-in that borrows heavily from a number of classic adventure and action games.
  5. Taking out the trash, I kid you not: 30 minutes of mundane pre-scripted yawn inducing tedium. They even mark where to go to on the map. [May 2007, p.65]
  6. Meet the Robinsons already fares tremendously better than its kiddy-fied brethren mainly due to its witty and sharp script. The game has some great ideas and gets points for at least trying to separate itself from the pack of bargain bin mother-friendly games. If it weren’t for the awful aiming system and cumbersome objectives, it might get an extra [10 or 20 points].
  7. 49
    Meet the Robinsons is the archetypal licensed game - it just exists to push the license, it does nothing new, it derives much of its gameplay from other, far better and more popular games, and doesn’t need to be played by anyone outside of the license’s fanbase.

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  1. Oct 5, 2014
    Harmless. That is all I can say. Harmless. The movie, while being a great underrated movie, is nothing spectacular. The game is... not. I wish I could say more, but it has... nothing. Give this to your kids and they will probably like it. But as the average adult, just don't. Expand