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  • Summary: Based on the Sylvester Stallone film, Driven features eight teams, 12 drivers each with distinct personalities and driving styles. Surrounded by fast cars, fame, money, and women, drive as Jimmy Bly and Joe Tanto of 'Team Spirit'. Pitted against their archrivals, Beau Brandenburg and Max Manley, gamers will fight for survival. [bam! Entertainment] Expand
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  1. The first cinematic racing game ever made. It does things that have never been done in a racing game before, things that we're only used to seeing in "Metal Gear Solid."
  2. More fun than watching the movie that inspired it. Of course, so is watching your inbred Uncle Eddie pick lint out of his navel. [Feb 2002, p.85]
  3. Have you seen the movie Driven? Neither have we. But this game, which I based on the movie, gives us so many clues as to what the movie was like that we don?t feel like we have to watch the movie to know what it's about.
  4. Rent "Driven", along with Square's "Driving Emotion Type-S", as it's suggested in page 47 of Dr. Jack Kevorkian's favorite book, "Final Exit".
  5. You can accelerate up to 200mph within seconds and survive a brutal wall impact, but a low-speed scuff on the turf sends your car spinning.
  6. 20
    The good there is in the game, as far as its structure and design are concerned, won't ever be seen because the core of the game -- the racing -- is so poor.
  7. The only way to be entertained by this game is to throw it in the microwave and watch it spark.

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