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  • Summary: In the year 2050, the United Nations and NATO have been replaced by the United Peacekeeping Force. Freshly recruited to the ranks, you must utilise a range of ground and air combat vehicles (including fighters, tanks and armoured assault vehicles) to enforce peace around the globe. Dropship's unique gameplay is a new take on the action genre, where your tactical decisions influence the success of the mission. A tense plot of political intrigue must also be negotiated if you're to succeed. From the mountains of Colombia to the wastelands of Kazakhstan, Dropship will call on all your battle skills in the struggle for victory. [SCEE] Expand
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  1. We've played "Starfighter" and "Ace Combat 4" and they are both excellent titles, but if you want to be engrossed in a battle that looks great and plays like you always wanted a game to play, Dropship is certainly for you.
  2. Stunning visuals, spectacular gameplay, and a realistic plot.
  3. Innovative, exciting, and once you look past the visuals (which aren't really awful, just plain), a truly great game to play.
  4. 79
    In essence, as military combat games go, Dropship is the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none kind.
  5. Much like the plane you pilot, Dropship isn't a very pretty or elegant beast; but if you want some good airborne action, it gets the job done. [August 2002, p.78]
  6. A rather enjoyable, if not totally innovative, experience. [June 2002, p.39]
  7. 60
    The occasional high difficulty will alienate most players, though for those who can take the heat, Dropship is a great buy.

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  1. BigB.
    Mar 10, 2002
    I love thing game so much that my girlfriend gives me dropship nights each week cos she knows if she comes round she'll be ignored ;-)
  2. PaulA.
    Jun 14, 2002
    It totally rocks man?
  3. AndrewB.
    Aug 29, 2002
    Absolutely excellent, enough challenge, enough action, graphically amazing!!! Please help I just can't stop playing this damn game!
  4. Sep 13, 2010
    Very steep difficulty curve, but makes you come back for more. A unique premise that is done fairly well. The game tends to lean towards being unfair towards the player at times, but they are pretty few and far between. A unique game in a genre dominated by Ace Combat and similar titles. Worth a purchase. Expand