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  • Summary: Features all 42 characters from the original Dynasty Warriors 4, with new gameplay elements. Engage in randomly generated skirmishes in Xtreme Mode. Live the exploits of all 42 warriors in Legends Mode. Engage in endurance style duels in the Arena Challenge. Play it by itself or Remix with the original. [KOEI] Expand
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  1. Packs the well known Dynasty Warriors formula into some new and unique game modes that are truly a lot of fun.
  2. What hasn't changed, however, is the series' incredibly addictive and impressive-looking wall-to-wall action. [Nov 2003, p.92]
  3. Best recommended for those completely new to the series or feverishly devoted to it. [Holiday 2003, p.48]
  4. Despite some new modes and rules, deep down it's undoubtedly more of the same and definitely targeted at hardcore Dynasty Warriors fans who already own DW4. Given that, it's definitely a quality product.
  5. 73
    It's great fun, and I don't know how Koei does it, but they manage to keep this series fun and entertaining without really changing the overall mechanics all that much.
  6. The new Legend, Challenge, and Xtreme modes offer more scenarios for each character. This helps keep things fresh, even if the beat 'em up routine is the same. [Dec 2003, p.150]
  7. This closing chapter of the Dynasty Warriors series is admittedly a neat full stop, an exhausting book-end for the enthusiasts, but it offers exactly the same baby step forwards as every other sequel-cum-update. [Feb 2004, p.108]

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