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  • Summary: The world has finally succumbed to the once-lauded technology of Virtual Reality. Young and old, rich and poor now use this technology for leisure and business. No one need leave the comfort of their homes. Virtual Reality is about to be updated, and there is something very wrong. Tyler knew what, but EuroDream Technologies found out. Octavian, an Artificial Intelligence, knows how to stop them, but needs a human. Jade Cornell knows what to do, she's armed and ready. In a dual bid to track Tyler and activate Octavian, Jade blasts across the United States of Europe. The deeper she gets, the more ruthless EuroDream security becomes. And Jade still doesn't know the secret behind the security chief's identity, or even realise that Octavian is more complex than he seems. [Empire Interactive] Expand
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  1. It looks sharp and provides a good degree of challenge. [July 2002, p.83]
  2. 80
    It could've been called "EndCrisis" or "TimeGame," but there's still enough of a difference to warrant interest from light-gun gamers.
  3. It’s an average gun game that fans of the under-supported genre who are tired of "Time Crisis 2" will get some fun from, but it’s no classic.
  4. A light gun game that falls flat on its face.
  5. People without a passion for shooting fake guns at their television sets probably won't find much to like.
  6. Fans of light-gunners won’t find all the bells and whistles in "Time Crisis 2," but they will find a game that is thankfully much longer than TC2 with just as much action.
  7. A tamer, single-player "Time Crisis 2" with fewer unique enemies and lamer bosses. [August 2002, p.124]

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